Dark Souls Remastered - Walkthrough Part 1: Firelink Shrine

Steamer for salesteam game overlay not working DARK SOULS™: REMASTERED review what is happening YouTube cowboy here and welcome to my walkthrough of Dark Souls remastered so initially I wasnt planning to do a walkthrough for this as it is a 7 year old game and a lot of youve already experienced it but just as many of you who are vocal in the comments asking me to make a walkthrough similar to what I did with Dark Souls 3 so here we are I recently went through the game again over the course of roughly 50 hours in staking Lee taking down the location of every item every route every enemy and boss strategy and by the time this series is done I hope it will be considered the most comprehensive walkthrough for the game on YouTube and moving directly into the walkthrough the first thing were going to be discussing is the starting class now this is your first time playing Dark Souls 1 I would highly suggest you start with a warrior this is because as a warrior we start with relatively high strength and dexterity and were gonna be aiming to build a quality build now there are a couple different builds in Dark Souls you can have you know obviously magic oriented builds or your level up intelligence or faith you can have strength village you can have Dex builds and a quality build is where we level up both strength and dexterity and we try to keep them relatively equal as we level and whats great about this is aside from the fact that there are plenty of weapons that scale off strengths and decks that are quite powerful in their own right leveling up is quality will give you access to just about every single weapon in the game so if this is going to be your first time going through the original Dark Souls leveling as quality as an excellent choice because youll have a huge weapon variety to choose from and most importantly youll really be able to find the weapons that are more niche that you really enjoy for subsequent playthroughs so start as a warrior moving on from there as for our gift Im going to suggest you take the master key you dont necessarily need the master key and I will be covering where you can find keys instead of using master key but the master key will give us a significant advantage in getting to things a little bit earlier in the game and because of that I cant stress enough how useful this is going to be aside from that go ahead and customize your character however you want and then lets jump into a cutscene in the age of ancients the world was unformed shrouded by fog a land of gray crags arch trees and everlasting dragons but then there was fire and was fire gain disparity heat and cold lie and death and of course light then from the dark they came and found the souls of Lords within the flame nito the first of the day the witch of izalith and her daughters of chaos Lord of sunlight and his faithful and the motive paid me so easily forgotten with the strength of laws challenge the Dragons we might witches Applause Applause thus began the age of fire but soon the flames will fade and only dark will remain even now there are only embers Nancys not light but only endless nights the living Ill see carriers you lets go yes indeed the dark signed brands the undead Music and in this line the undead are around and led to the north where they are locked away to await the end of the world this is your fate Music so now that Oscar dropped a corpse on and go ahead and grabbed the dungeon selkie opened the gate in front of you and start running theres a couple of basic hollows here honestly I would just ignore him theyre not really worth enough souls to justify killing up this is your first time in a Souls game take note that little things you see going on the ground our tips but do be cautious as players can also leave tips and the majority of the community or trolls so just keep that in mind anyway run this way go outside and hit the bonfire now when we open this gate well encounter our first loss the asylum demon I would say that hes significantly easier than these starting bosses of Dark Souls 2 in Dark Souls 3 however you dont want to fight him just yet now if you do manage to kill him right here youll gain access to a rather strength weapon demons great hammer however I would highly suggest that you just run through this gate right here ignore him go and get your gear and then well come back and kill momentarily if you really really want the demons greed hammer you can kill him with your broken straight sword however I would HIGHLY highly suggest that you just wait do it on New Game+ where people die pretty much as easily as he does when were about to fight him in a second year so were gonna go ahead and grab our starting items these will change depending on the class that you started the game with this way run up the stairs and then run down the stairs so if youre worried about the ball you cant always just roll off here is asking you I have no idea how he ended up here all  __  up and injured considering that just basically rescued us a moment ago but anyway hes about to die anyway put him out of his misery like a good hallo Applause you had a cool cinematic jump in he had to ruin it and open that up all the hollows to kill here and then well be fighting the asylum demon the backstab walk up behind her they meet press r1 now we can go right through here for the boss but there is a stronger version of a hollow right here around the corner this guys actually good because you can practice parrying and parrying can be a little bit tricky as you can see there I ended up flipping it right the start but basically you press the left trigger right as the weapon is about to hit you you can press r1 to do a critical attack on the enemy this is very important in Dark Souls 1 theres a lot of enemies where you know it looks like you wouldnt be able to pair you but in the fact you can so I cant stress how important it is to get good appearing now as for the asylum demon once we walked through this fog we ran a plunge down and hit him for the majority of his health if you took the black fire bombs the start of the game instead the master key those will absolutely melt him otherwise you can just stay on his right leg its gonna be the one its the left from our perspective what were facing in a circle behind him he has some wide sweeps he has a forward smash and he has this one where he hovers in the air with his little diamond wings and does a blood smash honestly the blood smash is the only real thing you need to really be worried about aside from that just dodged the smashes pokum rinse and repeat and this will be done like I said this is probably one of the easier starting bosses in a salty but if that now were just gonna know sit here move back away over there I didnt even the dodge she just missed and congratulations you beat your first boss so now that we got the big pilgrims key go ahead and open this door if the humanity gonna run on out and make a quick left up ahead here to grab a soul item right yeah and then were gonna run up to the top for our flight departure with crow Airlines only in the Asian legends it is dated and edge to leave the undead asylum in pilgrimage to the land of the ancient Lords Lordran welcome to Firelink shrine so now that were here we can actually start leveling up this is the primary hub for the game and one of the nice things about Firelink is they didnt give me the counter its so nice seeing that Im actually gonna be leveling them strength to get to 16 though it give me the requirements to use the Claymore which is an excellent quality up in and we get it relatively early over here is the crestfallen warrior you can talk to him a bit he just basically pouts tells you a little bit about the lawyer and dont attack him whatever you do so if you attack him every time you come back to fire link this guy is going to be hostile until you kill him especially starting on that can be a bit of a challenge so go here grab the humanity to run this way and go to the rightmost arch this one and down here to get some fire bombs were gonna go over here and talk to tubby the betrayer this guy has a pretty lengthy dialogue just run through it hell tell you he doesnt want to talk to you initially mm-hm and Ill say actually you know what alright here you go heres a coin and then you talk to him again and tell him yes and you will join his covenant the way of the white now were not gonna be in the way of the white for long but the main thing here is I want to get you guys access to every covenant in the game so go ahead and just join it for now in addition to that we can go ahead and get the shrug gesture from him and then if you are playing a faith orient ability you can purchase a couple of miracles from him as well as two talismans again he affected but were gonna leave here and go this way up the stairs into one of the elevator shafts to drop down and come out here for a couple chests oh we have a homeward bone next chest will be talisman and Morningstar then lastly three cracked red eye orbs which are the item we can use to invade until we get a four red eye orb and now at this point I would suggest switching from the long sword to the Morningstar if we toggle the display and stance you can see that it is hitting harder 99 compared to 96 but more importantly if you look below the parameter bonus where you have that 300 that is bleed the number next to it is its poison but the point here is not only are we getting more damage with this but on top of that it has a bleed on it which makes it a pretty decent weapon at the very start of the game here open the chest up and get Deloittes talismans now this next part is gonna be tricky there is a very high chance that you may die thankfully the bonfire is literally right over there so if we die we dont have to do a long run but were gonna be doing two separate runs through this graveyard to grab a number of items the first run were going to be aiming to get a large soul the binoculars this vie hander and then the winged spear so you ready hop on down and then start running so move on past the Skellys this part is where things start to get a little tricky go ahead and grab as I hand her way down and get the binoculars see now weve pissed off a bunch of skeletons so were gonna oh my god it hurts so bad were gonna go behind here were gonna kill up a little bit were basically gonna you know take this route thats probably the safest way to sneak past them grab the wing spear another big Skelly so keep on running at this point we are gonna run straight back to the bonfire go all the way getting back to the bonfire will reset the skeleton so even if they are following you you get here and you hit ex world set is wiped everything is reset now for run number two thankfully if you do die its not like you have souls I know I spent mine on the strength look you should have spent souls before jumping down there anyway so for this one were gonna start going for that item and this time in particular were going to drop down were gonna grab that so item then theres a shield then were gonna swing back upstairs towards the CRO except were gonna go around the back side for another soul item and then the bonfire again your reset button skeletons find them get the round shield now you cant fight these guys if you want but they will respawn and to be honest this early I would just suggest not messing with the skeletons just get the loot and get on out this way right a round thing soul to lost Im dead and drop down stick it very carefully to the wall and were right back through and once again we are at Firelink alright now this is good to happen now so if enemies do manage to get all the way back to the bonfire the bonfire will be inaccessible until you kill those enemies so in this case were just gonna Boop this place Kelley down alternatively you know if you cant beat them and you die and its not like it matters we are right here at the bonfire youll see how it just instantly rekindled as that skeleton died all right here we are going to take another little run all the way down here right here is the fire keeper youll be going to her to boost your Estus flasks and were actually going to go into an area known as New Londo for that excuse me to anor londo ruins just for a moment now if youre really comfortable with the game there is kind of a suicide run you can do through this area and the main reason to do that would be to get access to a fire keeper soul which you can use to boost your souls up however I would not suggest that if youre a new player so Im not even going to cover it if youre interested feel free to look it up but anyway going to this way just beyond this yes doc which is a decent dexterity weapon and then were gonna run back if these stairs down here is the sorcery dude old Rickard so this is where you would bring the different members to have a lot magical weapons but as you can see we got heavy Solero and soul arrow here as well as a sorcerers catalyst though if you are a mage this is going to be the dude to talk to and actually before we go back since we did pick up the master key well go this way real fast next door and grab that right that way is one of the entrances to blight town if the actual key we need to open that door a little bit later but if you had the master key its worth it just to pop it open real fast and grab the the sole item that I just have to lets forget about show that point were going to head on back to fire link cant wait to change my armor really dont like the leather armor alright and now theyre at the bonfire lets go ahead and use up some items oh my god its so nice so for those that never played the original Dark Souls when you had multiples like 2 of an item you had to go through each individual item you couldnt just go like u6 that was not a thing so this is like oh so nice this point we got a healthy amount of souls so once again were gonna level up Im gonna get bit up to 13 Durance up a bit Chuck a bit a little bit higher now when it comes for you leveling up there are a couple different things you could do here going through a couple of weapons we just picked up the wing spear is mostly a Dex oriented weapon you would need to have Dex up at a 15 for it decent choice because itll keep the enemy far enough away that you can poke we obviously have the Morningstar this is a strength scaling weapon and just to clarify on what scaling means when we look at the parameter bonus the first icon of strength then we have Dex then we have intelligence then we have faith so the number there relates to how much bonus damage that is going to get depending on how high that particular stat is so if something is a scaling and strength and you have 40 strengths aside from just the raw damage listed on the weapon youre going to get a pretty significant damage boost from the scaling and thats where you see next to the 83 how it says plus 16 that plus 16 is what Im getting via the strength scaling of the weapon on the flip side of things this weapon I have negative 62 and thats because I dont actually meet these stat requirements to use it right now so I have a huge penalty the eStock as I mentioned that is a Dex oriented weapon you can see I would get 12 damage from the current scaling of it and then we have these by hand err which is 24 strength very very fun weapon if you want to go for a strength build I do think its worth noting that - to hand these by hander you only need basically if you take 24 cut that in half and then add half to it so in this case you would need 18 strength when to handing it to wield the weapon so try remember I cant Im having a complete brain fart on what the term is but basically just take take whatever the strength isnt like divided by 1.5 and thats what youre going to need to use it with two-handed you obviously can still carry with one hand but you cant really swing it at all but anyway now that we have all that and weve leveled up so you know well get through well get through this little start point before I wrap up just keep all Firelink shrine in one video so let these guys come forward one easy thing to do as you saw right there is let them attack they will bounce off the shield and then after they bounce theyre basically wide open I did not think mr. firebombs was actually going to be able to to hit me all the way over here but he showed me wrong so go on kill this guy jump to jump in this game while you were a holding circle or B you would tap it again over here get our ring of sacrifice now the ring of sacrifice I would not suggest putting on right now what the ring of sacrifice does is if you die all the souls that you were carrying on you you dont actually drop them instead they spawn you still have your souls and if youre new to the series you may think well hey thats agree you know I dont want to drop my souls when I die I should put that on right now but the ring of sacrifice breaks so because of that instead what I would suggest doing to save the ring of sacrifice if you ever die while youre carrying a bunch of souls thats actually a really good time to use the ring of sacrifice because the ring of sacrifice basically it negates the drop so if I die and Im carrying 10,000 souls to say which early on is quite a bit of Souls what I can do is I can put on the ring of sacrifice and while Im fighting my way back to the souls if I happen to die again my souls will still be there for me to pick up so I find the ring much much better for reclaiming lost souls than just having it on for you anyway grab the sole item we killed the rat walking on this way we have officially reached the undead burg Perry totally connected and with those two done we are going to wrap up part 1 of this walkthrough series here so in the next episode were gonna be tackling the entirety of the undead burg and working our way towards the undead parish make sure to stay tuned let me know what you guys think down in the comments below and we will catch you next time with more Dark Souls remastered games like subnautica on steam Then, There Was Fire.Re-experience the critically acclaimed, genre-defining game that started it all. 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