Asmongold Reacts to Dunk Souls and Dunk Souls Remastered by Videogamedunkey

Roof steamersteam deck reddit worth it DARK SOULS™: REMASTERED review all right here we go so do what you do for money well yeah but what Im doing isnt necessarily stealing intellectual property that breaks the tos and the copyright laws the United States in a way that the private servers arent I mean obviously okay I mean what come on all right so the idea guide says that deprived is the most powerful class I dont believe in handicapping myself okay in the age gives a  __  its an RPG doesnt true damn this guy sounds like me because hes read dead even before the game starts oh thats the first thats the first enemy yes Jesus Christ oh wow how do you get a clause what are we a little  __  oh wow the best class is the armorsmith yeah I dont know about this oh wow hes coming after me thats the Perry that youre okay see ya you  __  amateur he just rolls right off the  __  range most people dont know how to make wow this reminds me a lot of my own  __  he just runs around and dies rock is Wow okay you cant make it out you cant even make it out of his own door you  __  idiot I was so  __  annoying the  __  amateur okay I didnt even make it out your own door you  __  wait hes actually gonna kill him this way just by pulling him out man this game I knew that  __  was gonna happen 100% doing awful hundreds  __  percent okay this is where I stop right here okay okay wait what the  __  is that axe - damage - dick wait what Wow okay oh I stabbed the born wait hes killing this okay Id be one of the most intimidating bosses and demons yeah this is a car do that oh this is the butcher Im doing this guy just butchered that guy okay for about three hours the drake sword wait whats a Drake soul man holy hecarim summons barack obama summon  __  bill clinton Chewbacca I dont give a  __  you know someone phantom since the Phantom Menace came out back in 1926 Im  __  Im the cave man walls Ill do buy myself a new bomb okay and that pause the game one second Music oh this is the thing I never used Wow what the  __  holy  __  I think I need to use that resin thats actually really good a butterfly what am i a seven year old girl a real man okay this is a heart I never played this  __  down demon sorcerer Ill summon a co-op partner for this part get it guess what the hell it worked weakly bubble this way Ill never be able to defeat molten man why really did kill that guy on one hit its broken asking wait what the  __  you just killed an egg Im waiting for my mother thats the way youre supposed to kill him wait I missed out on that youre a wizard duck so I am where I first bought the first boss thats a nice okay fight his brother straight he killed me in one hit Wow funny  __  what the  __  I never even thought that guy okay Laughter Music Music all right so you dont do that oh oh I remember that exact same  __  happen to me what the  __  okay daddy Oh 7-string finally in my possession oh wow I had no idea about this holy  __  I knew I didnt explore everything in that fortress gots the sword thats the sword no  __  dog under the dogs you just roll under my fist slice the legs oh oh oh did somebody hurt you get over you  __  thats a WoW video man what is that god damn the hell is this okay just a second somebody wants me to look at this this thing here this is a post on reddit let me see if this gets any attention it got removed ok Activision Blizzard socks found almost 50% in three months industry games wide ok so this is somebody wants me to look at his reddit post that got downvoted to oblivion ok well that thats too bad man Im sorry that happened to you 0ne Dark Souls experience watch remastered ok Ill watch the remastered one lets see if its any better ok Dark Souls remastered Dark Soul remastered so here we are back in Dark Souls 1 ok minute Internet not this time game I know all the tricks this time oh I remember this thing he throws the barrel down and it turns on fire yep yep yep in there but its everything sorry game you dont get we are gonna have to do you know every time I come back to this game I learned something new like God just now I figured out that you can Kindle the bonfire to get ten flasks you know what would have been good to know five years ago see all right I guess this is kind of funny you guys want to watch the rest of this or not like Im not III guess we can watch it its only a four-minute video thats fine I dont really like the one thing I dont like about a lot of videos is whenever like the humor in the video was like coincides with like the volume of the persons voice so like the funnier it is the louder they are no its just like kind of somewhat too much man so Ill Ill look at this but well see whats going on okay Ill take a look its know what dunkey is yeah I dont know the other one was old okay well this is the new one and well see what the new one is like wow I didnt even know that there was an invisible wall here at all you son of a  __  you sorry you  __  about this I mean oh yeah this is whatever they were ready to drink from the book I cant you say that Ive been classically trained come on do you really think you can face me be honest do you really think so my god Im surprised even survived Oh drink from my flask oh okay that part was actually good is this real or fake its real  __  everybody who plays Ill give you one munching one more chest just suck again its okay and theyre gone yeah this is the one I saw so yeah thats how you beat Taurus demon thanks for watching everybody that is impossible you cant you cant be two guys at once its a its undoable its  __  stupid  __  yeah oh that was the results to not fall for this for a second here we are in everybodys favorite place that wasnt so bad all they did was remove this one enemy people would be satisfied with this free master snake when I first came to you I was what the learner now I dont you touch that dont you pull that lever dont laugh thats it no play  __  up man now you did now you think goodbye Harold this is in my life it got me come on come man lets see what you got come on man come no this part really upsets me out of here then dont ever try to call me and borrow my Hot Wheels toys again because its not gonna happen Harold tough enemy ahead yeah yeah I just beat Harold and I think Im okay Im leaving but the back no no dont worry I remember them  __  hey see what happens now dude hit me again and see what happens okay okay wait let me yeah I dont know how to do this lets do it against you okay yeah yeah exactly exam like town this is where the real game starts I hated this  __  party its the only part of the game I didnt like this tool now the trick is you cant see anything so you have to use it you see you cant see anything and theres 100 clips but they balanced this yo with it with disorient skeletons there it is there there it is perfect perfect it is just a great level now we hardly going back go past the spike trap well come past the skeletons good okay now jump over the cliff wait what go down the ladder now watch up for these guys 101 check got it even here to see that now yours very simple just like that were back in the tomb of the Giants now lets try to follow the okay thats honestly the main thing Im nervous about we managed Music I actually thought that was really funny I I did that that was really really good point the mod that replaces every enemy with what yeah I thought that was actually really really good only afros funny Dark Souls videos by far yeah I mean there it is men like I what are you calling Mike I think that video was substantially better than the other ones okay get game key from steam Subscribe for more Asmongold.Dark Souls: Dark Souls Remastered: Mcconnells Twitch: Asmongolds Twitch: Asmongolds Twitter: can i give my steam games to someone else how does a steam engine work lol on steam deck ready or not removed from steam strategy games for steam deck