Does Dark Souls Remastered SUCK? Beta Review! (PS4/Xbox One)

Steam deck quick access menusteamed carrot recipes DARK SOULS™: REMASTERED review Music whats up gamers dreamcast guy here and I just spent all morning playing the dark souls remastered beta this is the network test and I have to say right up front it freaking blew me away I was expecting this new version of the game to be pretty but the environmental detail and new little tiny stuff about the creatures it looks magnificent this really is a much bigger upgrade than I was expecting the original Dark Souls when it came out on PlayStation 3 wasnt it all ugly but lets face it its a pretty old game at this point theyve done so many small touches here that I feel like dramatically improved so many of the little things about it like so many of the enemies now looks so much more gooey and alive and theyve done stuff like put extra textures on the environments like hanging ivy or fire effects that actually reflect on nearby walls Im getting a little bit ahead of myself though lets talk about what this little beta is essentially were given free roam in the undead parish this is a rather small section but a good spot to drop us in because it has several different kinds of monsters typical zombie is dark nights and really big bosses like the gargoyle now the reason I feel like this was a good spot as well is because there are lots of different spots you can climb up to and drop down lots of little secrets to kind of explore I covered every single square inch of this in my playthroughs I ended up running through this about 6 times just because I wanted to make sure I saw every single little tiny little upgrade and I have to say it seems like theyve done a lot more than theyre really talking about when it comes to the gameplay itself its still dark souls to the core youre swinging your axe youre trying to save your stamina and you need to try and avoid all the hits you can for a majority of this gameplay I switched between all the different classes I could but by far my favorite with the Dark Knight because he has a huge sword that does a million damage so while I was running around one shutting stuff with this super sword I couldnt help but notice that it seems like theyve made all the enemies had the same behavior but gave you just small subtle tweaks to how your character plays to make it a little bit closer to Dark Souls 3 most specifically back stabs are way easier to land it feels like so right here I climbed to the top of the tower and I get ambushed by two separate creatures at once well what do I do apparently I can chain backstab continually landing blow after blow exactly in their weak points this definitely makes it where if you at all know the weakness of a particular monster you can take them down a lot easier I found myself just trying to do strafe sand action rolls to get behind every single thought I could because I could just basically take him out in one big backstab hit I dont think this is a bad thing though I feel like theyre doing this to try and make it a little bit more inviting to people who came straight from Dark Souls 3 to Dark Souls 1 as somebody who just recently went back through DS 3 4 or 5 times I have to say that this is a nice little touch but it doesnt seem overpowered Im definitely not able to just do it from a million miles away or anything I definitely notice it though when it comes to like the bore boss the armored boar is a little mini boss who can be a little bit difficult if youre not good at this style of combat yet you definitely have to be accustomed to try to navigate around the battlefield while youre locked on his weak point is stamping him up the butt and I noticed that while I was trying to get behind him the window to land that strike was a lot easier well the reason I think thats a good thing is because in these narrower hallways it definitely made it where I could do this a little bit easier not enough that it was just easy mode but enough where I felt even though I havent played this game in so long I still felt like the master of it lets talk a little bit more about the graphics themselves because this is the main reason people are buying it and I have to say it is gorgeous I mean looking at the magic here for a second Im playing as the Pyromancer and Im just lobbing some basic spells over and over again at the zombie Knights and you cant help but notice that theres a lot more flickering and particle effects it definitely seems like theyre trying to take much more modern art and implement it here because a some of the spells would almost look like little sparklers they seem like little tiny assets that were being pasted into a better game whereas here it finally has that real actual glow to it that its supposed to have it surely looks like flames are shooting out of my hands its also clear that theyve put more glow effects on things that previously didnt glow at all like when theres a soul sitting on a body it will actually reflect on nearby objects this sounds like really tiny nitty-gritty stuff but it really actually comes together to look gorgeous especially when youre just trying to sit back and admire some of the bigger world details so right here Im just standing out in this balcony and looking out of this gorgeous view and I cant help but see all the little added stuff theyve layered on top of it it feels like theyve taken the original environments and just stacked a new stuff over the top and why I say that is because so much of this stuff just has an extra air of detail to it that I really really like seeing this ivy growing through the bricks and each little leaf blowing in the wind is a nice touch and it makes it seem much more like these are these ancient castles all of this is supposed to be almost an ageless thing that has existed for possibly millions of years and now having those little extra details that make it seem much more lived-in it actually helps now the last thing I really want to cover is the PvP because this is something that I dont consider myself the best at but I do enjoy from time to time so I dropped into several different worlds just to try and beat some people up and I noticed it was quite easy I was just demolishing people because Im sure a lot of the people who are playing this network test it probably never played Dark Souls 1 so as you see I am steamrolling fools if youve never done Dark Souls PvP you basically say I want to kill somebody and you get to invade their world you get to run around in their environments and their dungeons and ignore all the monsters only focusing on them waiting for them to make a mistake so you can take him out as I climb down this tower and tried to ambush this Dark Knights was very very clear that theyve tried to make all of this feel a lot smoother the original player versus player combat in Dark Souls 1 at times felt ever so slightly clunky it felt like something that they made at the very end of development for this new version apparently theyre gonna allow up to six person multiplayer now which means you can invite your friends to try and co-op do with the game which Ill probably be doing or have it where when you ambush people both of them will work together to try and kill you since you are an invader all of this is really fun and I feel like theres so many times when I was running around in this world both as an invader or when I was in my home world where I saw that theyve definitely been trying to make this Dark Souls 3 zero the reason I say that is because it really feels like theres a lot of small touches that make everythings streamlined while the enemies dont have any extra behavior I feel like they definitely did some stuff to try and make everybodys animation and hitboxes a lot better especially when I was fighting the big gargoyle boss it was hard not to notice that his attacks actually work properly now before even if you did the perfect role dodge apparently you could still get tapped to by this ghost of a hitbox and it would hurt you now I found myself able to duck and dodge around all of his attacks including his fire breath very very simply because it was a much more of a one-to-one transfer I could see and telegraph what he was going to do next and properly counter it I feel like this really is the perfect version of the original Dark Souls which is obviously what its supposed to be but now that I had the controller in my hands experiencing it for myself its fantastic it much surpasses my expectations and now Im about 80 times more hype to see how the final game plays it seems like they didnt move around any objects or try and tuck enemies at extra corners because this is definitely supposed to just be the same game again its not really a remake but for a remaster from this little taste it seems like it is very very good Im hoping to see how the servers work at launch because in this weve already had some problems with them randomly crashing in in a game like this well you can play it offline I feel like a big part of the fun is when you get invaded and have to defend yourself or calling it a friend to try and help you double team a really hard foe so I guess were all gonna see here in a couple weeks because the full release is coming up on May 25th and I can guarantee you Im going to be reviewing the total game when that comes out because my hype and excitement are absolutely through the roof but what did you think about it did you get a chance to actually play the Dark Souls beta yet and do you think that this is an adequate remaster or something that theyre just trying to churn out to get some extra money from people like me let me know your thoughts in the comments down below if you enjoyed this video please give it a like share with your friends and subscribe if you havent already but do me the biggest favor of all Im keep dreamin Im seriously going back through this right now I know Ive already beaten this freaking beta 10 times but Im going right back through it because these monsters just look so good I gotta kill him oh hi Im just working on the next video if you want to see what it is go ahead and click this button and you could subscribe also if you click these video links you can see my latest review and my latest top 10 now Im just gonna sit here for a minute and wait for you to subscribe well I guess I could put on these giant glasses I literally found these on a roller coaster how to make a steam game fullscreen Today they launched the Dark Souls Remastered BETA which was called the Network Test. After running around in it for a few hours I had to review some of my thoughts on the gameplay changes and great new graphics!Share and subscribe if you liked it! Consider supporting the show on Patreon: Follow me on social media: Facebook: Twitter: Instagram: Business email: All clips of audio and video used in this work are used for entertainment or education purposes under the fair use clause found in sections 107 through 118 of the copyright law (title 17, U. S. Code). If you have any dispute please contact me. EDM Detection Mode Kevin MacLeod ( Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 Dark Souls Remastered finally launches later this month on PC and consoles, and if you have downloaded the network test client, you can start trying out the game right now. Players in all regions can join the test right now on both PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, as confirmed by a variety of reports. The available area is limited, as expected, but it should be more than enough to get a taste of the experience if you never played the original before. Last month, it’s been confirmed that all those who purchased the original Dark Souls: Prepare To Die Edition on Steam will be able to get Dark Souls Remastered for a reduced price. The original release is now no longer available for purchase. Owners of the PC version of “Dark Souls Prepare to Die Edition” will be able to upgrade to “DARK SOULS REMASTERED” at a discounted price. Please feel free to take advantage of this campaign. Dark Souls Remastered launches on May 24th on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. The Nintendo Switch version will be released sometime this Summer. vicks face steamer steam community garry's mod steam unlockerd mining games on steam steam gift a game