Sekiro Is Still A Masterpiece

Steaming aheadbreville steam wand cleaner DARK SOULS™: REMASTERED review i dont think ill be able to beat the first fight i think im gonna have to take that scripted loss i havent played this since the release is the recent closure and the gift sub elderfire im not speed running though its going to be 100 bosses all boss playthrough just like the other souls games but i did when this came out and the roots were being discovered i did try and speedrun this a few times it was just really hard some of the skips were nuts shura ishin is harder are you serious isian is a four-phase boss battle its not even close with shura its just the what is it lady butterfly or not lady butterfly the nurse lady and then him two phases so much easier emma thank you all right just need to get warmed up here with timing and it should be good this is the speedrun i think right  __  i missed ill try and beat him i dont think i will though well see oh dodged the wrong way god damn it oh oh i thought it was the big one damn i  __  up i was just gonna go off his head again i thought it was safer since i cant parry that yet all right lets  __  go time for the ogre i still remember trying the ogre skip for like two hours when this game came out and i was trying to speed run but that was on ps4 where it was supposed to be really hard to pull off i imagine that i might be able to do it on ps or on pc it was the frame rate a hundred percent thats the only reason i couldnt pull off that skip human eye can only see 30 fps is that a fact wild but gamers can see 60. gamers are above humans were the next evolution of the species jesus christ as you resub feet sarah i totally forgot about that  __  mortar crew well jesus christ come on what side is it that i can get the okay it must have been the other side Applause oh boy Music what the  __  i didnt mean to dodge backwards health is an important watch posture posture yep you never you will literally never look at the bosss health its only posture how is that not fine at no point will i ever kill anything off of its health without posture being broken nope oh i didnt want to dodge right god damn it i do still remember the skip here lets see if i can get it first try  __  okay there that goes what the  __  wow this guy blasted me this time exit prime sum up in tier 1 rizzo oh boy come on you son of a  __  what the  __  there we go oh all right very good were cruising now dark souls 2 is definitely one of the weakest but its still fun refunded this game after an hour i just kept dying oh man you just gave away your  __  gamer card when a gamer dies thats when he becomes stronger like a saiyan god damn it i dont have any ninja tools i havent gone back for any oh you gotta be  __  kidding me can you i actually dont remember can you even parry his  __  i mean its a  __  bowl i cant imagine you can wow im getting blasted by this guy you can lets try well it didnt work that didnt work twice things recent spectre what the  __  im getting blasted by the ball Music  __  rough god damn it too early oh boy im getting comboed what the  __  what the  __  all right very good very good combo oh boy oh my  __  god well that bell guy is nutty he popped off yeah  __  it oh oh very good oh my god oh what is the  __  up thats the first time ive died twice to the same guy oh my god that guy just  __  got me with that shuriken okay here oh god jesus christ come on i thought oh my god well im just going to immediately rest i dont think theres any point in continuing that one there that was embarrassing he got me with a big slap okay poor guy yeah there we go looking good pretty clean okay im stuck close what the  __  okay im getting blasted what okay well he popped off i see i thought that was something i could oh my what the  __  why am i having such a hard time pairing that ugh i cant move my god what the  __  Music i really thought that would hit first i need to jump that i just i just cant dodge it i have to jump that attack easy thank you so becky well this guy is absolutely blasting me thats a real dumb boss fight no room to attack i guess all right this is guineachido i remember the speedrun strat bringing him to the door using the sugar and just attacking the door and it hits him on everything being very hard oh lets  __  get it  __  Music yes oh  __  my posture i wasnt paying attention i dodged into the wall unlucky oh my god Music lets go lets  __  get it i didnt i didnt makiri counter it oh my god what a shame okay im getting a little too uh rambunctious here okay Music what is going on i keep dodging instead of getting the counter Music why does this keep happening why do good girls like bad guys what yeah i saw that coming i panicked he did it again i keep missing the  __  counter dad i was so free why do i keep what am i doing wrong why every time when i try the counter do i end up dashing instead of just doing the counter i take my finger off of the  __  sticks that way i dont dash i hit b and i still  __  dash very good rng is this game on a cd or no no man its not the 90s anymore this is just on steam i mean you could also get the disc i suppose uh what did i do wrong there about redirecting the lightning oh boy whatever oh could not get the lightning deflection to work for me so i jump up lb and rb to throw it back right Music how in the  __  do i get up to him no i do the 10 gift subs dk Music very good there goes all my health Music there we go thank you the five gift subs green ceph thank you for the generosity well thats a lot of monk kills there i dont think they give much xp so it probably wasnt even really worth anything but we did it oh my god that guy hit so  __  hard oh my god maybe the 10 gifts of xango really appreciate it man well that guys harder than like every boss so far wow that guys  __  crazy well i definitely dont feel like fighting every monk again so ill just skip that theres like 10 more i cant think of how did that guy see me that guys got the best eyesight in all of gaming holy  __  oh my god oh my god this guys going nuts oh my god oh you gotta be  __  kidding me with that god damn it i couldnt stop in time what is going on i cant  __  counter that oh my god hes blasting me finally missed every counter except for those last two theres a prime steve oh i remember this part very well i remember this oh my god what the  __  okay the archers are comboing me you might dance Music oh thats what i needed right there oh you gotta be  __  kidding me wow what teamwork very in sync boys very impressive okay this is  __  tough two spears there we go had to work for it but we got there baby too easy im coming in hot oh oh what the  __  Music i really dont uh i have to i think holy  __  theyre working so well together i think this guys on to something what come on come on he looks so scared jesus christ come on okay very sad thanks to the gifts to begin scribble oh not like this what what the  __  is going on i really committed for it and it paid off all right lady butterfly lets go lets  __  her up are strong in this fight to make her fall out of the air ah i meant to jump  __  rough hold on hold on hold on what oh i couldnt see i thought id dodge that  __  oh my god my timings so off im tilted so Music i cant believe i got hit by the kick twice lady butterflies going wild no oh i couldnt  __  jump in time god damn it im having such a hard time jumping that Music i just cannot get that thanks theresa jackie chan wow i dont remember struggling on lady butterfly at all at any point but now i just cant do it come on  __  there we go oh come on this sends me to the monkey realm doesnt it good dont remember how to find the invisible monkey thatll teach you i remember when i was speed running this game this was always like the run killer for me i could never get the rotation right for the monkeys that was nice i didnt even see that guy is it possible to die on this boss yeah you just have to really  __  up oh  __  what what just happened did he did he die from that there we go heres the prime kenneth very good very good thats how we do it oh i remember this was a good farming location for uh skill points because theres an idol right here and this guy gives 280. theyre not 280 i think its oh 290. oh baby eggs are you said big boy what the  __  rough oh  __  i forgot about the poison nope oh  __  oh oh my god hes popping off right now i thought he was gonna  __  oh i was right he did  __  i keep dodging left instead of right i dont think i get this first try but well see i dodge left again god damn it no you son of a  __  must have had bad timing on the period i cant move there we go oh close all right i dont have spear but apparently thats really good for this face i guess well see i dont have it but well see how it goes without yeah yeah okay i didnt remember that come on oh what the  __  all right phase two is significantly easier all right not bad i forgot all about this guy Applause god damn it confetti or umbrella i think i have some confetti son of a  __  i dont have an umbrella but i do have confetti im pretty sure ill just do it on the next attempt here  __  it thank you tier one anthony yeah i forgot all about this guy and thanks to recep apollo zito well that didnt do much wait what the  __  does divine confetti do then i thought that gave me like immunity well okay oh holy  __  jesus christ maybe i really do need the umbrella for this because i dont really want to use another confetti but whatever jesus christ two confettis what a waste is this the way to um  __  whats his name its one of the snake guys i forgot his name yes yes it is i remember theres a way of getting here over that way which is like a shortcut speed runners use or at least used to here i come theres two this time right  __  oh  __  i didnt see the last one there what oh i was running into a rock rough  __  rough its okay oh i didnt get my sword up in time oh boy oh boy okay were in a rough spot were in a rough spot god damn it i got blasted back and i couldnt finish him oh come on baby please lets  __  go i didnt get my sword up in time no i was so free nice there you said apache wolf in the bits aubry yeah its fine almost first tried oh okay unlucky unlucky its okay no god damn it im committing way too hard for this now god damn pretty clean okay very unlucky no oh i couldnt get out in time why i need them to separate there oh god why okay im gonna target the other guy never mind no  __  way oh i thought that would god i thought that would be enough i just need one more mortal draw on that guy leave me alone  __  please separate you son of a  __  wait just a minute no wonder boy going for it there we go squeaked it out three tries or that was my fourth try ill take it that was big we buckled down not bad not bad now lets get some more oshina arts i can get the double whats better getting the double right now or just grabbing the last passive lets go double now okay this area sucks so much ass i dont really remember it that well i remember theres the monk at the end of it and theres like a really cool speedrun strat where you like jump off the like to get a cheese on it jump off the tombstone and you can get like a backstab on it its pretty cool try it no i definitely cant i havent tried the speed run for this in  __  i dont know over a year and a half no longer than that two years at least whoa i forgot about the terror son of a  __  thanks visa prince yeah i see i cant do much to these guys without confetti i just want to kill the monkey oh my god just let me kill the monkey holy  __  holy  __  stop being such an  __  oh no  __  way i committed too hard oh boy oh boy oh god i cant oh boy oh boy holy  __  oh god Music oh i didnt get it up in time  __  Music close call  __  that was tough jesus were cruising easiest in the series in my opinion yeah i feel the same way Music uh oh you gotta be kidding me i dont feel like using confetti Music i dont know what i was thinking with that damn it Music no too early oh my god i keep missing the meekery counter broke my posture thanks theresa blow mac im not using any items ill be fine yes i know about snapseeds like i said theres a really cool speedrun strat where you use the snapseed to get them in a specific spot and jump off the gravestone in the back and you can just kill them instantly Music i practiced it a little bit back when the run was fresh Music nope what the  __  is going on hes blasting me oh my im way too young to know this game youre literally less than two years old ill just say youre probably too young to be here in this case man i think youve come to the wrong spot hmm europe oh Music unlucky  __  posture broke at the worst part unlucky forgot about that oh Music god damn it so much poison im playing it real slow just to be safe Music you got very confused on that come on oh i didnt know what that did first try Music easy i really think owl fathers over hyped jesus christ very good very good this quick okay this guy just summons a  __  ton of dogs it seems okay that guy  __  me up oh boy the dog combo god this guys going wild on me that  __  stun duration is nuts there we go christ that guy was wild those kicks are  __  crazy oh  __  oh  __  okay get out get out oh boy oh god jesus this uh this is an unwinnable encounter ive got myself in here oh  __  up oh my god i dont think theres a whole ton i can do here to squeak out of this one maybe i can try and lose aggro what oh my god this guys  __  me up that kick is crazy thanks to the resub abby if i can just pull him alone thats fine too oh what the  __  oh what the  __  okay thanks theres some gray jacket and cobbly really went for it what the  __  oh my god oh my god very good why am i not getting any  __  death blows what huh i dont understand the  __  red circle was still up when i attacked okay hold on theres hope only the archer got aggroed i might be okay oh  __  close call  __  me i had to sweat for that oh all right we got it though all right lets  __  go theres quite a few people that say this is the hardest boss in the game why cant i talk to him holy  __  jesus christ is this a shadow fight no exit tier one undead abba i appreciate it pizza thank you man that was big he popped off so why couldnt i talk to him is that a glitch or are you just supposed to go in there swinging whoa what the  __  just happened there Music holy  __  sometimes i just cant move Music that oh my god i didnt think that would hit me wow jesus that hitbox is nutty holy  __  i cannot do much posture damage to this guy exit prime distorted even though im getting timing down pretty good i cant move oh my god getting hit one time against this guy like keeps you down for the rest of the fight okay perfect blocks or parries rather still not much posture oh my god Music okay theres Music one okay what the  __  what in the  __  just happened i didnt realize i was out of gourds thanks to the bits punk in the gift sub cantaloupe well yeah this guys nuts i just dont do any posture damage to him at all stuck very good very good all that momentum right down the  __  i couldnt get around the pole all right phase two lets go okay very good nice and quick jesus christ ah oh what makes a good sub pierre what i still dont know what to do about the giant firebird when he throws it what okay i dont understand how mine was not first thats sweet though pierre increase your attack power oh yeah thats a good idea thats a good idea cant believe it oh what what do you mean how do you what is happening how do you dodge the fire owl i tried running forward underneath it and it still hit makes me some chassis and dk or dj and wayne jump over it i tried that last time though okay before i lose all my  __  skill points i might as well just spin these or actually no you cant go below right so it just puts me back at six you cant actually fall under it can you no ill get it like this its not like damage is the problem man i just get too shot didnt make it behind oh boy well that was a really smooth run right there for dps until right then Music okay ill take that Music finally  __  jesus christ thanks the  __  fat kid should have done that five attempts ago all right lets  __  get it oh well see about that fat kids in a tree actually tier one no scar no sakura jesus christ all right it wasnt too bad orphan of coast took me more attempts that was i think like right around 15. stopped counting no im not gonna choose the demon im going to do it the old-fashioned way thanks to the prime breakfast i dont have umbrella though so well see how this goes oh you gotta be  __  kidding me i do not know how to dodge that that  __  hits every time i feel like i might need the umbrella just for that no  __  i  __  knew it i knew hes gonna have some aoe  __  okay thats new nope its not looking good i really might just want to get the umbrella so that way i can do this easier im shocked thats still hit cant parry that  __  i tried earlier no i committed too hard i thought id finish him there thank you some cauliflower oh i dont do any damage there im coming okay wasting a lot of good gourds here third phase lets go oh i got stuck no way why  __  why i got  __  stuck okay that was a huge combo from him this time great start thats what im looking for this is why i do my best work wow his combo game and that one was nutty here i come i committed very hard for that okay he was one shot away i thought i could get away with it its fine here i come that attack is  __  oh my god it is undodgeable i dont know how to where are you supposed to go im on my way i dont know how to dodge that but there it goes i dont that fireball if he uses it is a guaranteed kill on me ive tried dodging every direction and i cant get away ive tried jumping away and i still get hit i dont know that ones  __  he is hitting me every time now with this stomp in a full sprint i think im  __  here im a little tilted no you son of a  __  hes gonna do it hes gonna do the fire slam he knows is my weakness luckily i got right up in his ass for it no oh my god i was one hit away from oh i thought i could get it those two hits it turns out im debating if i use any items im using an item um oh actually i have a restore real quick let me make sure i didnt see this wrong i have a restore dont i like i i will revive if i go down again im getting nos and yess no its not full i im a little afraid to go back and check i cant decide if i use my  __  do i just use the juzo because im afraid if i use it and i dont beat it here its a big  __  waste most people are saying no i cant decide you sure chainsaw man im gonna trust you chainsaw man and you better not lead me astray oh my god i got lucky some in you were completely  __  wrong didnt need the jizo but i would have rather had it than not no umbrella no prosthetic i used rice and i didnt need the jizo okay we  __  got him holy  __  that was tough though not gonna lie total how many attempts twelve deaths not bad all right next up ishin sword saint whats the uh idol for it all right lets see how ishin sword saint treats me this time around this  __  took me three hours the first time i got to him thanks to the gift sub zoo and i got him in a bitch-ass way i played like dog  __  against him i cheesed him no i didnt umbrella cheese i literally just waited for one attack and hit him once and just repeated that for like a 40 minute fight i will definitely not beat him first try i can assure you of that its a four phase boss battle no chance oh my god too early its all right okay pretty clean oh  __  i forgot that that actually did damage i tried to jump it not bad though first try on the third phase thats not bad that is not bad at all holy  __  hes popping off i thought oh my god i thought i could interrupt oh almost i actually had a really good rhythm for that i thought two hits would interrupt  __  that was pretty good though if i ichimanji double that does it interrupt or do i just need to run away regardless oh oh that was good okay okay very clean very clean just dont get hit by this Music way i cant believe how unlucky that is i cant see oh my god that was such a clean run oh oh such a clean run up until that what i cant believe how unlucky this has become oh my god i thought he was still in range exercise baked potato in the gift of steve swift i hate that i hate that what a combo i couldnt move holy  __  that was big he felt it there hes four i think hes resub j fro oh my god that couldnt have gone worse why didnt i throw the lightning back nope how did i jump to the side instead of jumping on them how my tight little  __  ass cant okay oh this ones dead pretty clean though Music oh my god hes really going in he tanked right through it big man what a big man god damn it there we go  __  finally i got really lucky with the rng he just kept spamming it how many tries god damn 13. thats not bad 14th try 13 deaths thats not bad yeah orphan of coasts much harder so across every single souls game after doing every boss now orphan of coast took me the most tries with 27. second place was nameless king at 17 and then theres like a couple like dancer demon of hatred in this that took me between 10 and 20 or 10 and 15. there we go Music no what the  __  have fun being human loser not bad that completes our souls born marathon weve done every boss in every soulsborne game how to make a steam game download faster This is the greatest sekiro boss rush of All TimeI stream every day how to recover deleted steam games how to find my hidden games on steam steamed chicken dumplings fm22 pre game editor download without steam how to move steam games out of program files