This is INCREDIBLE! Asmongold Plays Demons Souls for the FIRST TIME | PS5 Remake

James cameron's avatar the game steamcan t log into steam DARK SOULS™: REMASTERED review okay Music boys today today for the first time in over two years today we play today we play demon souls gentlemen i am ready it is time boys we got it we got this  __  man and ill be honest until a couple of hours ago i didnt think this  __  was gonna happen about now look at that dude oh thats me dude thats me one two thats just not me id have a bigger sword not me at all Music thats a big boy right there okay all right lets go im ready get your sword bro what the hell oh my god thats a big boy right there all right ive been waiting on this for a while i never played this yes im gonna kill him today how am i gonna fit today thats a big its definitely yeah thats where blizzard got the idea actually this  __  came out before cataclysm so that could maybe be the case all righty boys lets  __  do it okay body type a body type b alright so you can be skinny as  __  or you can be a little bit beefier i think we go with a right tomorrows stream i dont know if im gonna do a friday stream or not im not really planning on it but uh you know well see what happens so we have soldier a low-class soldier that always stands in the front line of battlegrounds um with high vitality and durable armor equipped for encroaching dangers that sounds like what i want a knight a night class rather advanced of southern bulgeria sturdy armor and adept at close combat ready for ensuing situations hunter wields an axe and okay all right lets go to the next one okay guys um adept at close combat and can draw upon a restorative miracle okay i dont believe in miracles uh unless theyre magnets a commoner that officially learns spells well that sounds pathetic a wanderer a lightly equipped soldier that continues an aimless journey wheeled to phalackian and a dagger to handle situations requiring quick wits and fast reactions well i dont have that so lets move on a person from a primitive civilization though lacking in gear pure strength matched with high health wielding a powerful club i kind of almost want to go with this a thief specializes in crafty and indirect tactics uh temple knight heavily cloud for crowd control upon restorative i dont care about miracles okay uh royalty is officially learned spells commands the use of soul arrow and benefits from a rare ring okay um i dont really care about the ring i think we go barbarian oh wow dude that ship dude thats me dude oh man look at that thats 100 me im going im going this right here okay all right starting gift okay a stone that radiates a guiding light recovers some of the users hp over time elixir temporarily increases the rate of stamina recovery recovers some of the users mp over time raises item discovery poison throwing weapon fire bomb soul remains uh i think i should go with the ring uh all these other things are like one time use things that dont matter yeah like this seems like obviously the best option okay lets go foundation all right so type a type b yeah actually this guy looks a little bit more uh more dangerous i like that deeper voice thats better okay thats really good all right so presets lets go ahead and look at the presets what do we have here okay um lets see oh  __  oh you can be a viking too oh my god this is really cool okay so what are the other options here oh theres even more of these okay so lets go ahead were gonna start with this one here this is gonna be our preset for now all right so lets go with this one here i guess this is probably the palest color that we can go with and then age all right 30. this seems good to me okay wait okay let me just go ahead and look right here what does his weight look like oh i see so its his face okay um im gonna go ahead and put this all the way at one then spacing of the eyes what the what the  __  dude okay um lets go right about yeah lets just go right about here all right now were gonna go to ears lets do uh lets do facial hair okay so weve got the big beard um Music thats kind of how it is yeah this is pretty accurate right mouth okay now lets do lets do hair lets just do here lets get this out of the way okay so lets look at what we got oh we got this one here shut up no stop stop guys stop i dont want to hear that  __  okay and we got this here uh we got the afro there uh cornrows uh thats the chad haircut i like that this looks like a uh i dont know random guy uh anime haircut okay uh bowl haircut good um can i speak to your manager wheres like a receding hairline okay i like that oh thats badass dude i could go with this oh  __  yeah so wait they dont even have an option for having receding hairline this is awes dude i love this game this is kind of the way my hair looked before i cut it so i think that we stick with this okay boys i think were good finalize lets do it king alant the twelfth by channeling the power of souls brought unprecedented prosperity to his northern kingdom of boletaria that is until the swept colorless the land thats coronavirus king of land is donald trump valitaria was cut off from the outside world again coronavirus who dared penetrate the deep fog never returned of the royal twin fangs broke free from the fog and told the world of boletarias plight oh  __  hes going that the everybody king of land had roused the old one the great beast below the nexus from its entirety why hed slumber why would he do that had swept in unleashing terrible why would it demons why did the demons hunt down oh my god and claim their souls are killed one of these dudes their souls lose also their minds the mad attack the sane and chaos reigns thats crazy this is big of the enticing power of the demon souls the demon souls are human soul the demons own soul is invigorated by the life force oh  __  and the power of a mature demon soul is beyond human imagination oh  __  the legend spread quickly all righty thats where i come in by the possibility the fissure to breach the accursed land that none have returned except for now pure of the twin fangs yet the silent Music inlet and sage freak the visionary i bet these guys have been lost slowly creeps beyond boletarias borders okay humankind faces a slow and steady extinction this is a little bit too real the deep fog will eventually swallow all lands near and far i cant wait that moritaria has one final hope a lone warrior who has braved the painful fog oh has the land found its savior or have the demons found a new slave there it is boys oh  __  oh  __  brave soul who feels there he is look at those legs my controllers vibrating so i gotta kill this guy is the old one the dragon probably right i dont know oh im in the game okay all right lets go down over here read message second cams  __  its fine damn all right im pretty good at this game wow this is a its a hitless run by the way read message direction and sprint okay so i got that can i is there a jump in this game uh maybe not smooth yeah this is really smooth okay perfect okay wheres that let me try roll okay thats how my roll was okay okay easy got him no big deal there so lets go down over here okay so i took a little bit of damage there its fine just looking around trying to get away of the land dude this game looks so good all right so oh oh wait oh my god this decent thats the bonfire holy  __  i didnt even see the sword at the beginning look at that okay so lets go ahead and get this youre covered in  __  so does this respawn all the enemies wait wait what wait what Music what the hell all right lets try to parry here maybe i should try to learn how to pair this guy Music easy dude easy all right lets see the next one whats this here wield a weapon with both hands all right lets go ahead and two-hand it you gonna do that again come on see what happens see what happens get the  __  outta get the  __  out of here dude get the  __  out of here i dont want to see that  __  okay oh a furnace look at that look at that dude okay lets go through this i see him jesus dude that feels so  __  good man this guy sucks okay all right lets go to the next one lets see whats in here wait isnt this where the boss was at wasnt there a boss here on the on the trailer i guess not okay never mind i went the wrong way oh wait whats over this way oh  __  okay whats in here half moon grass all right we got a little bit more grass guys everythings going just fine and i dont think we should vault over that i feel like thats probably a bad option oh this is okay this is the boss all right here we go yep Music Music they dont like to use up all their ideas you know Music oh  __  okay this is a big boy all right now we got focus we got to stay focused lets get some more grass all right lets do this its me and you okay Music okay Music staying focused thats a fly up fatty fly up fatty ill beat your little  __  your back dick off oh yeah do it again do it again do it again do it do it a third time its actually really good for me okay come on what are you afraid of Music thats right that destroyed that destroyed that destroyed that this is really this is really bad this is really bad come on come back over to me come over to me what holy  __  okay all right lets focus here now what soul of the lost withdrawn from its vessel that strength be great i  __  died that was such an easy boss i didnt think he was gonna launch lost withdrawn from its vessel Music let strength be granted so the world might be mentioned oh  __  what up girl hey all right good thats a little bit better okay lets do this man that guy hits for a lot of damage hes the nexus it holds together the northern land of boletaria oh my god thou canst not quit the nexus but the five archstones will guide you to the outer lands all right that sounds fine the nexus has imprisoned your soul you cannot escape the nexus well thats a pretty fun game however by capturing demon souls you can reclaim your corporeal body all right whos this guy oh well you slipped through the fissure too did you i sure did you came for demon souls or to save this land and be remembered as a hero which one hunting for demons yes try one of the arch stones oh  __  now go that is why you came is it not to this accursed politaria of course it is thats exactly why i came whos this old guy oh this andre this is skinny andre youre new here are you here for my services yes i am my names baldwin im just an ordinary blacksmith okay all right this baldwin all the souls you can in trade ill give you weapons or forge the ones you already have all right lets do souls i can eke out a living and with my weapons you can go on lily not a bad deal that sounds pretty good actually okay lets uh lets upgrade a weapon how can i upgrade a weapon select the weapon to upgrade it all right so thats pretty good and lets go ahead and repair equipment and repair everything here might as well and lets see here upgrade weapon lets purchase an item so weve got crescent grass that we can buy if we want to and edge sharpening stone recovers durability of right hand weapon dagger short sword and battle axe oh i like this one right here heater shield nobody gives a  __  about that cracked uh stone eye restricts health recovery temporarily i dont know why i would want that okay damn they put you in the game yeah shut up you come back alive i need your business okay all right sounds good im stockpiled thomas yeah when the scotch came oh i didnt know what hit me when i came to i found myself its rich its fat rich yeah okay and daughter phil licked him to the demons but i would be worthless in battle yeah at the very least i hope to lend my assistance to you brave slayers of demons absolutely i would be happy to lighten your load and look after any excess baggage okay lets organize storage all right so this is basically the uh the store guy best of luck to you im not really gonna worry about him too much it doesnt really matter wheres the girl uh lets go upstairs see if we can find a girl oh wow oh wow look at this look at this place here holy  __  what is this wow look at that dude look at that dude holy  __  jump no okay so i guess this gets unlocked later on im just assuming right and lets see here lets go all the way back down to the bottom skip tendencies i dont know what tendencies are im not gonna worry about that too much oh whos this oh wow hey oh my how has this happened has god abandoned us for king of land failing to show proper respect yes thats exactly whats happened absolutely okay yeah nobody cares all right so so i feel like its time for us to take the portal back i guess i should go to the arc stone that i already used before oh gates of baltaria all right so lets try and do this here im gonna go ahead and port this over and uh well do it lets go to work here we go i cant believe i died to that boss i feel so stupid like that boss was it Music its deathwing oh no Music all right  __  hes hungry okay thats a nice looking dragon dude this is from the cinematic or like the demo they showed look at thats badass Music gates of baltaria okay were here gentlemen all right lets turn immediately all the first thing i always do is i turn immediately around and i look for things that are behind me all right theres late moon grass thats great so how do i get my  __  soul back man like i dont even know i guess well find out pretty soon okay so okay so okay got him damn this is easy wheres the harder mobs this is a joke i just kill all these guys its no big deal dude all right lets go im ready i hear him i hear him i hear him i hear him come on come on oh i see oh hes throwing  __  at me what the hell does he think hes doing throwing  __  at me so let me loot this here is this anything good man quit giving me grass man like give me a  __  give me like the biggest two-handed weapon in the game yeah i want that one that was the biggest two ended up oh wait is it like dark souls one i can go down there yes it is okay bastards okay okay all right all right were we were playing the game now now were  __  ready it too hits them now holy  __  look at that damage dude and lets go in through here so this should be the next area all right is there anything in here no oh  __  all right all right lets go  __  ass  __  ass Music this is a beefy boy man god damn yo chill chill the  __  out god damn im  __  get that  __  the  __  out of here look at that knocked out all the way over there get him out of here dude full moon grass i still think i should jump down there i still do right but im gonna go through this first okay um so this should be all be good whos mad all right so in my mind i expected that to go uh pretty much uh the exact opposite of how it went okay i thought that it would be like a chain reaction thing no i was wrong but thats what i thought okay theres one right there next okay see they try to they try to play these games dude oh okay all right lets go then oh thats my thats my boy dude i was wait you got a full set of armor you need to be saved by a naked dude with a weird-ass haircut my thanks for your brave rescue be it shut the  __  up of boletaria a brass telescope i dont want that okay i got myself another mailbreaker and i got another warrior soul as well okay great so were making amazing progress here kill him im not gonna  __  kill him  __  that that guys got a full set of armor i dont want to  __  with that did these blow up Music yep got him all right its a team effort i like this damn okay all right fine chill yo thats my bad thats 100 my bad i did not well you dont have to leave man please dont leave i i feel like an  __  now man sharp stone shard oh wait oh is that to upgrade my weapons wait a minute is that to upgrade my weapons rudimentary ore that evenly increases the weapons strengths yes dude theres something thats going to spawn here i just know it where is it Applause uh okay that im ive made so much progress im yeah im not gonna risk it by just testing the waters okay like if it was like right next to a bonfire id do it a hundred percent but like im theres no way im gonna risk this much progress like for some  __  like that okay its just not gonna happen thats a triple see the axe guys are a triple wait double dragon take care of them dragon destroy them drogon go get him oh no oh no no no oh god oh god oh god oh god Applause okay okay okay okay okay okay okay okay okay dont you come in here thats why i told him maybe ill go the other way since hes breathing fire on this one i dont know well try it out let me see how this works see this like i dont know man like i feel like im making a mistake by doing this where is he where is he where is he where is he where is he i hear him oh  __  oh god oh god oh god oh god oh god oh god oh god okay all right i think i know what to do i think i know what to do so i either have to run down there while hes gone or i run across here really fast i run across here really really fast Music are we good Applause oh i got cinematic okay i did it easy easy dude thats the gate in the front wait  __  yeah dude okay good now lets keep moving oh i forgot about this got guy all right and im not gonna worry about him right now so lets try this here okay phalanx what the  __  what the  __  dude so okay wait did it just regenerate take it out of the way okay im gonna go kill the ones behind him Music holy  __  man uh okay okay were staying 100 focus okay okay that does a lot of damage alrighty so and he just regenerated him as well okay so Music theres so many of them im trying to think what i should do here now this was a boss this was an area in dark souls 1. and i remember the way that i handled this was i went in and i killed one at the time and i never went back to that area again because it annoyed me so much okay so i did a little bit of damage to it there okay now were gonna go ahead were gonna swap over were gonna get a grass this is good grass okay so now what so i did a little bit of damage to it there and now what so now these things are moving around okay so weve got the pokey boys coming at me and its not regenerating anymore okay good so Music all right okay okay why you fall out are you kidding me Music let me try and do this uh there it is there it is oh i see so he respawns these  __  ass boys i see how it is get him the  __  out of here get him out of here get him out of here i dont want to see him i dont want to look at him i dont want to deal with them get him the  __  out of here get this piece of  __  out of my face there it is dude there it is dude easy easy easy easy easy easy so thats four sharp stone shards and that means that i think i need six more dont i in order to get my  __  dont i let me go ahead and double check i can actually upgrade again im gonna upgrade again this  __  dude im gonna im gonna double im gonna double upgrade my sword dude imagine me double upgrading my sword i imagine that im not gonna make double up into 2x or man a 2x  __  sword lets go chat reader no its not that hard to figure out man like ive already did this  __  back and this is like in a painted world of arendelle and dark souls 1. thats the same  __  thing i did there like you really think that i wouldnt have figured that out like its the exact same  __  thats been the monumental awaits the above okay what is this is this where i level up oh damn now shes taking me around on a tour i like this so i guess i have to go over to that altar oh the monumental will explain the nexus can i get that sword i want that one oh they unlocked the path okay  __  yeah let me talk to you look at that weapon the monument the monument okay let me upgrade my weapon real quick i can pull weapons okay so upgrade weapon bastard sword one bastard sword two there it is you dont have the required materials wait hard stone shards i thought i just had those sharp stone you got hard stones and you got sharp stones thats clever thank you so much from soft i really appreciate that distinction that really makes the game a lot more fun is this am i gonna go up to talk to jesus is he gonna tell me that uh he didnt really like the fact that ive been oh Music here it is oh theres this guy here we have long awaited you slayer of demons me too i have also awaited me one of the monumentals we preserve the fabric of reality wait what i thought you were the statue i thought i was supposed to talk to the statues the tale i wish to tell you oh wow cinematic in the distant past under benevolent rule the world was united owing to the soul of of course absolutely those were the good days and then what happened until a lust for power caused the awakening of the old one that so you shouldnt have done that oh that was a  __  up and the world faced extinction at the hands that was the  __  up should not have done that thanks bee we were able to lull the old one back to its slumber thats good he took a nap yet only after the loss of innumerable souls how do you roll them back in order to mend the fabric of what land still remained these are the arc stones we entrusted six leaders with six precious arch stones oh one to the king of a small yet industrious land thats gwen one to the king of the boroughs underground its a dwarf one to the wise queen of the great ivory tower i bet these are the bosses one to the chieftain of lost and elf this guys cool i like him we contained the old one here below the nexus and prohibited the soul thats smart finally we became monumentals half living sentinels of the fabric of reality alas the other monumentals are perish and only i remain monumental to rule them all one monumental to can you please level me up or something by the power of the monumental the four sealed ark stones have been unlocked now its thats so easy a deep fog will absorb all that we know okay i do if you want me level up wait wait i can literally say no of course im gonna say yes thats easy yes we are fortunate indeed to have you i know i know thank you now go forth and destroy every last demon i will the old one without demons to feed its souls will a new servant seek and yield you to its bosom sounds good to me all right we neutralized the old one and ban the soul arts then okay thats what he said before okay the short sighted king land that guy  __  up man all right so king of land basically caused climate change which caused the uh basically global warming by the old one and it killed everybody thats pretty much what happened uh obviously you know im paraphrasing a little bit but i think thats generally where were at climate change yeah that fake  __  i mean its a fantasy game right it makes sense okay so lets go down here now i guess i talked to the girl again and ill see what she wants me to do i think i talked to the girl to level up im assuming i do since hes shes like all the way down here brave soul for whom death is no fear we our boobs shes hot dude love the old one back to its ancient side to get no drink give me a minute what is it i want you to aid me see the sound the power of souls yes seek soul power yes i do of course after all that requires strength absolutely go ahead touch the demon inside me let these vagabond souls become thine own okay all right lets do that uh lets go ahead and do three vitality lets do four vitality lets do another strength there okay so these are the two main stats that i always use i use vitality and i use strength i go i take the hits and i do the hits i take them i do them i take them i do them its just that easy all right lets go with this right here confirm all right lets go with me there we go great all right so lets go back over to the area that we were just at so were at the wards path lets go check there okay battle axe who gives a  __  about a battle axe who gives a  __  about a battle oh you think i care about a battle axe i am the battle axe like i want to battle sword ive got a battle sword why i need a battle axe wait hold on you yonda are you in jail again its me astrava who would have already got me again fenced in by enemies could you assist me this guys attacked wow man yes of course soldiers blocking this passage if it please you yeah give me your armor just over there is now a feeding ground for dragons have your wits about you all right there we go unknown heros soul thats probably going to give me a lot Applause oh  __  oh  __  lets get that i got my spear dude and i got my grass there it is okay dude i feel like hes gonna breathe this  __  down like hes gonna 100 set this on fire lets go down first oh what if i can go underneath maybe oh maybe thats maybe thats the play i go underneath oh wait yeah here he is thats a i mean guys i mean lets be honest thats a nice sword thank you thats twice now twice now so far time to forge ahead this is a token of my gratitude please accept it dark moon grass oh thats super grass black blue eye night curious whats this here armor chest okay oh thats really good 41 so how does rolling in this game work i feel like this is about the same as it was okay thats your fault that i got hit by them okay i want to let you know its 100 Applause whats this oh its wait hey my man good day to you care to look over my wares yeah sure what do you got whos telling me hey yes broadsword claymore would be really really cool uh i feel like i already have a pretty decent sword how long is this claymore though its way longer okay all right were gonna were gonna save up our money then so we can buy it okay um i guess this is gonna take me across the bridge that i was just supposed to get through right im assuming that yeah okay all right lets go up to the top first oh wow Applause okay thats easy yeah there we go okay Music so slow im not even im not even trying alrighty great so lets leave this here and ill use one more grass perfect all right buy the claymore i cant yet ill buy the claymore whenever i get six thousand dollars boss oh  __  oh my god Music this is exactly like the boss in  __  that one game okay all right im gonna go kill them this is what i didnt end in bloodborne okay lets kill these guys first okay so he shoots those at us okay lets get out of the way all right him lets avoid that attack good got him all right were working were working through them we work through their ass lets go boys easy win easiest dub of my life late moon grass i love moon grass move out of this im gonna just go ahead and just get full healed im gonna get full healed i get full healed i got full 100 healed all right lets go lets go lets go lets go lets go lets go all right we got we got six dicks six dicks boys there it is now that rolling out of that there it is do it hes gonna get me there it doesnt matter get the  __  out of here this is sparta come on  __  how the  __  do i miss that got him all right good now lets move now we fight the boss lets do this there should be maybe one more let me go ahead and double check all right this has to be a one shot so i dont lose my  __  oh god okay all right gentlemen are you ready to  __  beat this dick lets go im ready come on there it is this is going to be a long fight this guy has the anor londo moveset of the knights this is an easy one to kill hes gonna slam there it is you get his foot he can get his dick you beat it off there hes gonna jump back we hit him once do it see what happens you think you can get me nobody can get me i dont get got stuck on my dick do it again see what happens jump back okay all right i cant do that all right all right okay all right so we can do that i i tried to roll out that that was my fault i double attacked my fault my fault okay come on Music thought so im a little bit nervous i feel like im doing this wrong i feel like im doing this wrong all right lets go right in the dick right in the dick oh yeah take it you love it Music double heal double double double here Music that was my fault why did i do that i did it right 50 times but 51 i have to do it wrong i knew it okay lets get our heal there we go all there we right and there it is whats wrong bro whats wrong bro oh okay i think we learned something gentlemen step on me all you want im into that whats wrong  __  whats wrong  __  you were trying to go at me dude you trying to go at me dude you cant beat my ass get the  __  out of here now let me go buy my new goddamn  __  sword lets go what a joke of a boss do i hit it do i hit it for the sixth  __  ground dude this is crazy its like he doesnt even have a shield on all right now lets go ahead were gonna go back over to the nexus and were going to see where this is going to take us and i also can get another level oh its billy the  __  who keeps  __  everything up before the blight boletaria was a grand its a long time ago all right i actually really dont care about balataria like at all  __  it im just going to go to this one lets see where it goes smithing grounds lets see where this takes me arc zone of the digger king i had to make sure i pronounced that the right way oh okay all right oh wow oh damn this looks really nice okay lets go up here okay great oh these things this area is too high level for me im not doing full damage yeah this area is too high level i dont know should i keep going through this im only getting like four souls per mob this is not really looking good yes okay okay got him lets finish this guy off honest Music okay now whats he gonna do hes just gonna keep walking very very slowly oh wait oh they were susceptible to magic attacks and thats why i didnt do that much damage to them okay you know what never mind now i completely understand and one more all right good so these guys are all dead thank god okay spider wait spider okay Music okay i didnt see that okay good that guy did a lot of damage ive got to make sure that im careful with these guys these are very dangerous those are the uh the bobby codex okay clear stone shard all right thats great and hard stone oh a hard stone chunk thats probably to upgrade my weapon even more full moon grass great okay theres those guys and then theres these guys here all right so this is ooh thats fire okay oh i see are they up here okay theres three of them right yeah okay this is why we i cant see anything okay Music so we went oh i didnt even see this before ugh okay so i went over here and then i went down here and this should be where my body is right okay awesome everything should be fine right now theres just one of these guys its not really too big of a deal ill just kill him real quick Music okay damn it how do these guys how do they get dude im actually so dumb at killing these im getting  __  just im getting farmed by these random ass mobs okay there we go good got him got him okay good all right lets see what happens slow down  __  now what ah ah okay that explains a lot guys damn  __  this im gonna let him destroy these himself okay oh i thought i was out of that okay i think this is the big this is the boss right was this the one that we saw before during the uh the the cinematic or that cinematic oh no its not the boss okay never mind i know theres like the fire guy that we saw in the gameplay footage and im just kind of assuming thats the one that were walking towards now this is not good theres going to be somebody that comes out here i just know it come on come on all right this is the one that exploded that you had to run away from i remember this lets go okay wow okay all right lets focus here okay okay so i have to make sure im in front of him okay got it this is the thing the explosive yes yes thats right thats right thats right and then i move out of this uh okay please stop okay now lets do it right come on  __  Music okay okay Music all right Music perfect perfect this is how we do it oh im so good at this game god im so good oh my god no oh hes got longer range than i thought there it is there it is dude all right once happened yep curtis and i got my  __  health back theyre so vulnerable and weak i feel so bad for killing them like that its such a terrible thing to do i knew why did i do that i knew i knew i couldnt oh do these have more health i feel like they do why do i do that geez these things do so much  __  damage holy  __  who does damage so weve got this over here i can go to here and now what i see how the  __  do i get over there though how the  __  do i do that okay okay this sucks so much dick this sucks literally the fattest dick ive ever ive ever sucked in my whole life so far okay now if i miss this if i mess this up if i mess this  __  up um got him dude large sharp stone right there clear stone chunk we got oh man dude there it is all right we are good to go holy  __  that is so scary i am so  __  terrified right now and it keeps going doesnt it so this isnt even the end okay i love i love these man this is so fun you know my favorite part about it is using my limited at limited use uh heals in order to offset the mandatory damage that it deals thats so  __  cool man thats thats actually such a cool mechanic i love this i dont know how to jump i actually how do i jump you cant so do i have to run i guess like i dont know shut the  __  up  __  you guys thank god i got my 400 souls back oh thank god okay so if theres no jump theres no way i get over there so i have to go over there what the  __  okay i couldnt  __  Applause jesus man come on what i ill go ill go back ill go im going back for him im going backward im not no not going to happen lets go oh yes okay good im gonna heal myself up full right now i got so lucky there okay im so scared right now im so  __  scared right now man i just got 10 souls i have a feeling ill be losing those soon oh wait let me go down here first wait thats it Music alright here we go dragonstone shard are you telling me that i went all the way over here just to get back to where i was at let me go through here i dont want to talk  __  lets go the other way okay lets do it i think i should use the claymore if this is the boss that i remember it being im gonna use the claymore here we go cinematic yep this is the big boy all right lets go come at me  __  come on  __  come at me  __  im ready come on im ready ill take him out easiest boss in my life lets go hes mad i am too i spent two  __  hours trying to find you lets go come on back come on back over here lets go you like that you want to  __  do that come on come on you ready come at me  __  whats up on my dick you think youre gonna get me youre not gonna get me i dont get got come here run at me run at me see what happens roll the  __  out of it get the  __  out of here no youre not doing one of those you think youre gonna do one of those i dont think so get the  __  out of here thats right you love it eat that  __  dick eat that dick you dick sucker  __  you  __  you you took me an hour to get to do you think im gonna wait again do you think i want to fight you again i stood in the fire okay come on come on get out the fire gather the fire got the fire come on come on come on yeah thats right do it get the  __  out of here i roll right out  __  im not gonna use fire resin against the fireboss i hate how he jumps over me like thats so annoying okay okay i dont know why i tried to trade Music its too fast man its too fast i cant man Music uh okay good almost died there at the end but were good uh let me go ahead and take this here oh man im shaking a little bit i dont even know why its not really that hard of a boss but i just for some reason cant handle it okay um im done for the day im done oh thats thats it okay um thanks for watching really appreciate it guys uh thank you very much uh well probably play more this next time probably on on saturday and i will continue playing the game and we will beat the game um yeah thats about it Music you steam idle THE DAY HAS COME! Asmongold plays the brand new Demons Souls Remake for the first time ever. Enjoy this playthrough and the exclusive gameplay on the new Playstation 5!From PlayStation Studios and Bluepoint Games comes a remake of the PlayStation classic, Demon’s Souls. Entirely rebuilt from the ground up and masterfully enhanced, this remake introduces the horrors of a fog-laden, dark fantasy land to a whole new generation of gamers. Those who’ve faced its trials and tribulations before, can once again challenge the darkness in stunning visual quality and incredible performance. In his quest for power, the 12th King of Boletaria, King Allant channelled the ancient Soul Arts, awakening a demon from the dawn of time itself, The Old One. With the summoning of The Old One, a colorless fog swept across the land, unleashing nightmarish creatures that hungered for human souls. Those whose souls were stripped from them, lost their minds – left only with the desire to attack the sane that remained. Now, Boletaria is cut off from the outside world, and the knights who dare penetrate the deep fog to free the land from its plight, are never seen again. As a lone warrior who has braved the baneful fog, you must face the hardest of challenges to earn the title “Slayer of Demons” and send The Old One back to its slumber. Asmongold Plays Demons Souls Part 1 #1 - Full Playthrough - Full VOD ► Asmongolds Twitch: ► Asmongolds Twitter: ► Asmongolds 2nd YT Channel: ► Asmongolds Sub-Reddit: Thank you all for watching! Stay tuned and subscribe to the official Asmongold YouTube Channel to always be kept up to date about the best Asmongold Highlights, Asmongold Reacts and funniest Asmongold moments from World of Warcraft and other games played on stream! 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