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Rack for steaming clothescan i play a game while downloading on steam DARK SOULS™: REMASTERED review Music and Music dark souls the acclaimed game from software reaches the current generation with its new masters edition which solves some of the problems of the previous version, also providing certain improvements that we summarize in our review Music As you already know, it is a third-person real-time action title with error elements that was originally released in 2011 for the Playstation 3, Xbox360 and PC. In general, the game feels the same as it did in its day with very challenging combats, generally scenarios. Designed and full of dangers that force us to be cautious and enemies that have not changed their history, it takes us to the fictional kingdom of order, putting breasts in the role of a semi-dead human who has been chosen to make a journey that will unravel destiny. of the undead is not a plot that is told in detail or in a linear way as in other types of games, being necessary and gathering Going through the cultivated clues in each corner to get an idea of it, everything is quite interesting since it does not focus on our character but on the world that surrounds us and the enemies that we find in it, thanks to this, our interest is aroused and that we want to go through the scenarios in depth to gradually decipher the story in terms of playable mechanics there are not too notable changes in fact if you come from playing the third installment of the saga or even the raw game you will notice a drop in quality compared to these titles something that is normal as it is a remastering but dont worry in a short time it will adapt to its slower pace with somewhat rougher controls and a collision system that could be much more worked on the latter is especially noticeable in the narrow paths since if enemies corner us on both flanks it is almost impossible to escape having a button Weak attack, another strong one, and the possibility of running, blocking or dodging, being all limited by a resistance bar, turning off any mistake we make very expensive, although at the same time it is very satisfying to see how our efforts are also rewarded to make the experience more pleasant. They have introduced a series of novelties, among which we have the possibility of activating a direct access to the first object in our inventory, spending all the consumables we want at once without having to go from one to one or being able to change from one pact to another in the bonfires without the need to visit the mentor of each one but without a doubt where you will find the most changes is in the online multiplayer since the number of players has been increased from 4 to 6 that are divided into 4 allies and 2 invaders for this we will use the withered finger an item that can now be purchased early game from the merchant in undead burg for a few few souls, even if you dont forget it, this also activates the possibility of being invaded by other players, the use of healing objects having been limited on this occasion. In addition, it should also be mentioned that the password system that we have been able to see in more recent games of the saga, which makes it much easier to enjoy the cooperative with our friends, of course, this also affects the arena of ola chile where you can play 3-on-3 combat, now being much easier to find rivals thanks to an improved system of matchmaking to which must be added the best fluidity and stability of the games thanks to the use of dedicated servers the duration of the game is tremendously long following the trend of the saga with a multitude of secrets hidden throughout its world that encourage them to continue playing and a multiplayer that considerably expands the number of hours that I will dedicate jce to s It is itself very replayable, the experience with each character class being completely unique without forgetting to highlight that it also includes the art orias of the abyss expansion that adds a new region with its own bosses and history, something essential for fans of the saga already To conclude, in the graphic section, we have found various improvements such as a resolution that now reaches 1080p on playstation 4 and xbox one, reaching native 4k on pc or scale 2 in the case of playstation 4 pro and xbox one x. The frame rate has increased and a more complex lighting system has been added, more careful textures and better visual effects, making everything much more polished, although remember that it is still a title from the last generation, so do not expect changes that make it similar to other more current games while at the sound level there is nothing new, counting again with some me Stupendous days, great effects that perfectly set their world, a very good dubbing of the voices in English and, of course, less texts in Spanish so we dont miss any detail Applause In short, give sol being a master, it continues to maintain all its quality to this day of today improving the experience more thanks to the increase in resolution and frames to make it playable a delight the small adjustments that have been made make it more enjoyable although it is true that in the collision system it could be more accomplished and it could also be Other elements are missing, such as equipment comparisons when buying or changes in the box management system, but in general, everything looks much better, allowing one to appreciate more clearly the great artistic work done in this great masterpiece of video games, an essential title that no fan of the saga or those looking for great challenges should miss Music geforce now steam games not showing Uno de los mejores juegos de From Software llega a la actual generación de consolas y PC con Dark Souls Remastered, que viene a solventar algunos de los problemas de la anterior versión y cuenta con ciertas mejoras que os pasamos a comentar en nuestro análisis.Suscríbete: Web: Twitter: Facebook: dupray tosca steam cleaner control steam steam game won't stop updating mic not working in steam steam games for low spec pc