4K Dark Souls Remastered Tested on ALL Consoles: Only One Locks To 60fps!

Automation steam gamesoccer games on steam DARK SOULS™: REMASTERED review Music weve had the preview build and the network test but with retail code in hand today we have a complete picture of how Dark Souls remastered runs on console no barriers at last every corner of Lordran is accessible and while the notorious Blighttown is the first port of call for performance testing it turns out there are much better ways to push the engine in the run-up to release I called the room arses ability to run at 60 frames per second its biggest upgrade over the original game it remains the case but between ps4 Xbox one and the pro NX enhanced variants is it really a lot 60 FPS for all ok lets backtrack a bit there are four versions to test today but in essence the rendering setup is only split two ways just like the network test Dark Souls remastered runs at 1920 by 1080 on the regular ps4 and Xbox one models maximizing that 1080p output from each machine meanwhile the enhanced consoles boasts a higher pixel count to support 4k TVs with ps4 Pro running at a native 3200 by 1800 ad X plus 1x also matching that 1800 p4 perspective thats a 2.7 times increase over both regular machines which for me is enough to get a great picture out of an ultra HDTV despite the upscale add of course most of the heart and text elements are a true 4k 2 which does help with the presentation now on the surface is frustrating X plus 1 X gets the same resolution as pr4 Pro its 4.2 teraflops on pro vs. 6 on X meaning there is a power differential not being catered for at all potentially a push to a proper fork aid would be in step with that leaking power as weve seen in games like resident evil 7 but 1800 P is where its fixed for now in theory a dynamic resolution could have been a much better fit here optimizing the resolution of each frame based on whether 60 FPS is sustainable for less taxing scenes it would have meant a true 4k image as it stands though there is a performance overhead on both machines especially X that isnt tapped into at points resolution aside Dark Souls remastered takes a few key boxes in visual upgrades though there is a sense it could have been pushed much further on every format you have a 7.5 gigabyte install roughly double the size of the last gen original where the upgrade effort from developer queue lock embellishes from softwares work from 2011 you get revised lighting higher is alpha effects animated grass textures plus a new doorway fog effect closer and desire to Dark Souls threes otherwise its often the same as before textures are typically a pixel match for the original 360 and ps3 release exceptions are there though changes to materials for example like the Knights armor plating at the start and the giant doors of the undead asylum anisotropic filtering quality also gets a satisfying boost but its fair to say the change in core assets isnt consistent across the breadth of Lordran with that said the new lighting model makes for a big departure from the look of the original as a fan of the game on xbox360 I did at points prefer that brighter more specular appearance the textures in the 2011 release despite using the same assets across the undead burg stone works somehow looks sharper in the older renditions of the game here with that said the remastered does add a more logical lighting model bonfires and bright fog doorways now cast their own light across the environment which just wasnt the case in 2011 it is a technical upgrade but for purists theres no question the aesthetics have changed and it takes getting used to as for the rest technically this is a well-rounded conversion on all formats at its core you get the same visual makeup regardless of platform whether thats the base ps4 or Xbox one or the enhanced machines the main distinguishing point then is one set of consoles run at 1080p and the others at 1800 P though there are small differences worth pointing out for a start the X and Pro models run with tweet parameters for bloom and depth of field to match their resolution increase taking the base X plus one versus X as an example for bloom especially it means less light bleeding around edges of geometry Music in matching clips between a bass Xbox one and the X the two extremes of the power spectrum this generation is otherwise a match ambient occlusion texture quality and the method of lighting are replicated exactly on both however is curious to note some obvious emissions on the enhanced consoles just as with the network test peers for pro and Xbox 1x are missing effects that render properly on the standard consoles a good case in point is the lens flare effect to the top right of the screen when first meeting the red wyvern is a post effect that flashes across the screen on X +1 but never appears on X and its a similar story between ps4 and pro in both cases the more powerful Hardware cuts the effect is not a one-off either the boss battle with SIF makes moon light a major visual feature and yet looking up X and pro are missing the moon itself where both base machines render it fully its a glitch that stands as a patch 1.1 and hopefully it can be fixed besides this Dark Souls is visually complete between all four and none of these machines really miss out inevitably then the question of performance follows given the visual ambition of the remastered is so straightforward presenting a last gen game with new effects at a high resolution youd hope frame rates would hold at 60fps regardless of what youre running on and certainly ahead of this analysis testing Blighttown on ps4 and pro was encouraging showing the most demanding area hitting a lock safety ApS all the way down impressive stuff Music but Blighttown is misleading as a stress test in the remaster for modern consoles its no longer about CPU intensive areas being a bottleneck cue locks optimization for multi-threaded performance as shown in Alexs recent PC analysis is much improved over the vanilla edition heres Xbox one in isolation as an example n as the weakest of the quartet of consoles is still handles that climb down to the bottom at 60fps with no trouble whatsoever a massive surprise so it goes for all formats but putting the four side-by-side theres an angle on Blighttown that does splinter the pack turning at the far corner of the area its here that a base Xbox ones limits are revealed drop into the 50s mark were tearing to the top of the screen by comparison its just a single frame blip on the regular ps4 and a straight 60 FPS across the board on pro and X machines it would make sense to see screen to hear an x + 1 X 2 but the fact is Ive yet to see any drop whatsoever on that version to prove it Music the good news then the majority of regular play runs flawlessly at 60fps on every console version and even the new londo ruins which I had picked for being a solid stress test runs well even on Xbox one the catch is that boss battles add an extra level of strain to the engine and its there that a pecking order forms across all formats for this the boss battle against the great wolf SIF is the new frame rate benchmark in Dark Souls remastered and shows every console and its worst combining five layers of transparent textures to form a shell any close-up shot of sips fur coating hammers performance on most machines its telling of where the four stand - you get 27 FPS at worst on X +1 in that opening cutscene moving down to 30fps on ps4 and 44 on pro while the x + 1 X cant be pushed to a single drop this makes the battle a chore on the base machines where in gameplay it doesnt get much better the Reg leox +1 wavers from 30 to 60 fps all the way through with heavy tearing is bad enough that it could do with a 30fps cap and likewise for a regular ps4 which while not as bad drops often enough to 40 FPS to distract thankfully the other bosses have encountered including the taurus demon Hydra and even the red wyvern on the bridge dont give X +1 quite as much grief heres Xbox one running solo again and for the most part its the same cause and effect alpha effects buckle that performance line down to around 50 FPS so if were excluding SIF its entirely playable all the way through but again its the close ups of the tourist demons fir that stick out like a sore thumb a regular peers fault by comparison smooths out some of those rough edges with less invasive drops and its a step up again on ps4 pro the clear conclusion is that x + 1 x is the best smoothest way to play on console overall by blunt use of a fixed 1800 p resolution xs GPU overhead is high enough to run every one of these tests without issue for boss battles and for SIF in particular its a real shame a standard x + 1 full so far behind though these are hard as nails encounters that take a lot of trial and error and to have controller response jumps her erratically as a needless extra challenge it begs the question if 60fps is the preference for the Dark Souls experience why isnt the X plus one fixed at a lower 900p a dynamic resolution would be even better but with drops as aggressive as these sacrificing its native 1080p would make a world of difference if we take X plus 1 and X plus 1 X as the extremes in performance the ps4 and Pro sit in between with a passable 60fps delivery Sonys machines do struggle in exactly the same areas especially the base console but if youre jumping in with that platform its really only in select instances its going to be an issue and fortunately for pro users the push to 1800 P is actually paired with further improved performance even if it does fall short of X as a package theres more to Dark Souls than just visual tweaks high frame rates and resolution bumps the move to 6 player online co-op is a major shake-up for invested fans and theres myriad quality of life improvements and small bug fixes surrounding the project too for most though it will be that moved to 60fps that justifies returning to Lord around 7 years on the execution is practically perfect on x + 1 x and were home consoles are concerned its the definitive release for my money Dark Souls remastered undoubtedly could have been more in reworking more of its textures adding an optional score of the first scene style alternatively out for enemies or even new and expanded areas instead this release commits to faithfully bringing an older game to a new generation letting it free from the shackles of dated ps3 and 360 hardware and a poorly optimized PC code for that alone the row master is worth the price of entry the only question left then is how Dark Souls translates to Nintendo switch a delayed portable take on the game I cant wait to see in action anyway thats all from me today if you did find this useful in any way do give us a like or subscribe to support channel from there with a click of this button you can get notifications the moment any new video lands also Ive uploaded this videos original 4k source file to our patron at digital foundry or net a pristine version of this analysis and if youd like to get in touch with me or the team feel free to drop a line on Twitter but until next time thanks for watching Music steam error The final release of Dark Souls Remastered given the full analysis treatment. 60fps console gameplay is its big selling point, but it turns out not all platforms can pull of this feat. 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