ANALISIS DARK SOULS REMASTERED: El mito regresa con la fuerza de siempre: Gameplay y review

Games coming to steam deckhow to reset steam game data DARK SOULS™: REMASTERED review Music Music There are games that, no matter how much time passes, do not get old and that have the surprising ability to continue to engage you many years after their original release, even though you have played them many times without a doubt within this select group we would include dark souls a title that not only became one of the most important and influential of the past generation but that to this day, seven years after its original release, continues to entertain us and excite us as the first time we delve into achieving such And as we have been able to verify with its highly anticipated remastering in this way, this new version takes us once again through the mysterious and dark kingdom of order to explore the same locations in which we died dozens of times in 2011 and fight the same and fearsome ones. bosses that put us in so much trouble everything remains practically the same the shortcuts the level design the attack patterns that of the enemies the location of the objects the secondary missions of the characters the pacts if you remember where the things are of what you have to do you will feel at home going from one place to another at full speed and anticipating the different expected traps, the combat system has not been touched up either, so we are still facing a very challenging real-time action adventure and role-playing game in which mistakes are harshly punished, forcing us to follow the continua and to be very patient dodging and blocking while we wait the right moment to attack with some security and avoiding the counterattack all while managing our energy bar so as not to get sold out at the worst possible moment Music perhaps today the fighting feels a little rougher and slower and we come from play its sequels, although it is something that we will quickly get used to after playing for a while, despite everything, yes that there are some minor changes that have been made to make our lives a little more comfortable, for example, now we have the possibility to choose the amount of consumable objects that we want to use at once, so that is over having to use souls once To one we also have a quick command to access the first item in our inventory and you would have added a new function to allow us to change from one pact to another whenever we want without having to go to the mentor of the same the playable part that changes the most It has received has been the multiplayer which now increases its number of players from 4 to 6 with up to 2 invaders and 4 users collaborating if we use the object of the dry clear unit in which this time we can buy that towards the beginning of the adventure this increase in the number of players is something that has also had an impact in the civil wave arena, so now we can also play duels of 3 against 3 in it another very interesting addition we have it in the password system that we could already see in blackburn and in dark souls 3 thanks to which only they will not be matched with other players who have the same password as us, so play in cooperatives With friends its easier than ever. The last big change is in the implementation of dedicated servers, something that considerably improves the fluidity and stability of the games compared to the original versions, especially if in the options we decide to play with people from our region. talk about its technical section and the various improvements it has undergone to make the title much more visually enjoyable to begin with and as a good remastering we have a more than considerable increase in the resolution of 720p on xbox 360 and playstation3 now we move on to the 1080 of the standard versions of playstation 4 and the icloud one while i started 4 pro and xbox one ex the resolution increases to 1800 pp of course I started we can reach native 4k thanks to this we have a very clean and very sharp image that allows us to appreciate in detail the spectacular artistic work that was done by software with this work taking advantage of the On this occasion, texture filtering, certain effects, and the lighting system have also been improved, but in general terms it looks very similar to seven years ago, only with much more resolution and certain improved effects, so dont expect big changes since it doesnt either. It intends the most notable improvement in this sense, we have it in its performance, since the rate of images per second has been increased up to a stable 60 fps, something that greatly favors the gameplay, an improvement for console users who will no longer have to suffer the frequent jerks and slowdowns of playstation3 and xbox 360 as expected the sound when It has not undergone changes, so we will once again enjoy its epic soundtrack, its great effects to create an atmosphere and give us a clue of where the dangers await us, and its great dubbing in English with texts in Spanish. Dar Soul Remaster is undoubtedly the best. version that we can find today of this masterpiece updating the visuals and renewing its multiplayer to give it new life and make it much more enjoyable than ever, otherwise we have little more to say since it not only continues to be an essential adventure but also once again confirms itself as one of the best games in history, making us enjoy and suffer in equal parts with each step we take and rewarding our effort and dedication as few know how to do if you could never enter order, you no longer have an excuse not to immerse ourselves in this exciting dark fantasy world and if you have already traveled the path of the king before here you will find the opportunity perfect quality to enjoy it again the best possible conditions Music Applause Music Music e Music m Music Music steam game wont stop running Te contamos cómo es DARK SOULS REMASTERED, el regreso de todo un mito de los videojuegos para PC, PS4 y Xbox One. En Switch todavía se hará esperar un poco más. En nuestro videoanálisis (REVIEW) te mostramos cómo luce con abundante GAMEPLAY.Análisis texto: Guía completa: SUSCRÍBETE --- SÍGUENOS --- Web: Podcast: Facebook: Twitter: GPlus: return a game in steam steamid 64 finder steam room benefits and disadvantages how to steam cauliflower in microwave good games on steam for 5 dollars