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Download steam macbookcrisis response game steam DARK SOULS™: REMASTERED review demons souls is back and the nextgen it starts here i love making it so easy to make really nice spectacular videos for eleven years we had to shiver and fear for a remake of the game and now the launch of the ps 5 returns the gloomy and extremely demanding the ps3 roleplaying classic is finally back and the new edition is not coming from just anyone here were bluepoint games am berg just like all the girls deal ready knows from the fantastic remake the shadow of the colossus and maybe you can already hear it all men slightly enthusiastic voice but what you here you can see is actually one of the best launch titles of all time, just a quick way to plan what awaits you here in the video, first of all we want to briefly outline what this is all about for everyone who has never played demon souls, because of course you know dark souls, but you know the spiritual predecessor demons souls flight of its time in the west for many still quite below the radar then we want to tell the old wooden ceilings whether its worth returning to the kingdom of politicians and the nexus. we shouldnt miss out on how much next is actually in the game and whether the proud price of 80 euros is also a good investment for them demons souls is regarded as a pioneer of the now so successful souls livers, in short, a tough third person role-playing game usually costs a dark high fantasy setting, ingenious level design and pretty nasty very nasty bosses in contrast to blood bonn and co throw you demons souls does nt move into a coherent winding game world and says well then do it, but sends you from a hub area from the so-called nexus into five different worlds the worlds are divided into several levels at the end of which a crisp boss fight awaits you mastered what about igens also in the cup opens a new area the crux of the game is that after each death it starts again from the beginning of the level and enemies who have already been killed are back on the spot and place of their first encounter you cannot create your own save points new current progress is from play permanently as saved until status there is no way back but that doesnt mean that you always have to run through all the shell traps again and all progress is lost you often unlock shortcuts to make the way to the boss easier or invent useful armor weapons and items with which you strengthen your self-created character demons souls is at its core a classic role-playing game like its written in books he kills opponents and gains experience with which in turn increases your strength vitality skill and so on you can, among other things, acquire souls in the nexus dealers for new magic r miracle weapons, etc. exchange almost well for them on what distinguishes the world of demons souls but also from all other sounds playing is the so-called world tendency as you can see here in the menu using the wedge stones and the eye and it is an extremely interesting if also rather poorly explained feature roughly summarized decides or skill about how the game world changes you often strengthen or kill innocent npcs darkens the worlds tendency several very strong opponents appear in the areas they even demand that in return but also useful loot comes through well kills 30 1 boss after the other he keeps the worlds tendency this has the result that previously blocked areas open if the animal was standing in front of a locked door before this is now open and is demons your first game then brings a very important thing to you should be aware that the story in game by ne ben characters are told in fragments but not presented on a silver platter you get long cutscenes and sprawling dialogues including dialogue options there is not much more here the worlds tell their own past through so-called environmental storytelling which I should also be aware of many comfort functions from other roleplaying games missing that includes a map, a quest blog or the marca that lead you to your destination here you are challenged yourself and have to explore on your own proactively instead of passively is the motto you are all in the picture then we welcome the old soul routes again at this point for a very crucial question, demons souls is a genuine nexgen game do we see and feel the power of the ps 5 or does he have the whole thing well and happy to appear on the ps4 well make it short even though the game on next web does not have raytracing awaits you an optical acoustic and thanks of the dual sense also a tactile treat start yes with the graphics and the performance is played in 1044 p and 60 fps or alternatively in native 4k and 30 fps we would not recommend the latter option to you demons souls although they look really excellent in both modes the higher frame rate clearly speaks for the somewhat lower-resolution graphics there has never been such a liquid salt experience, at least on the consoles, and what we have discovered in the worlds of graphic details is simply breathtakingly original we still have a blank wall we look up here furrowed bricks we can see small scratches in our knights armor and really great light and shadow effects you still look at the tower of material that was already scary in the original awaits you now a first-class horror experience what bluepoint has delivered here is the most beautiful remake of all time the rather mediocre animated en apart from the d pcs, yes, thats really better, which will make many people happy, but in the options you can also regulate parameters such as film grain and motion blur and special praise goes to the animation team, if not for the npcs then for the combat animations because for every weapon there are new parade and backstage animations and they are so powerful and lively you will never want to carry out a normal attack again if this is the right time to learn how to parry enemy attacks then another highlight is the sound for the remake has been given a new one recorded an orchestral soundtrack, the background music of the original is already one of the best ever, which is now really carried away by the powerful boss fight melodies, but what we are even more enthusiastic about are the sound effects of the remake, which sound excellent even without a high-end home cinema system, just the sound because our sword massive on a ge offensive shield or the dirty crunching when we stab an opponent in the back with a dagger but its just wonderful itself here, among other things, the developers love of detail is noticeable continues with highlight number three that you can easily tell us even without pictures you have to believe it is about the excellent haptics thanks to the new ps 5 pence that gives back four ambient noises similar to the dualshock it then offers you a much greater added value thanks to the improved rumble function if you hit a wall with the weapon then you will feel it if you have activated an elevator and are standing nearby, you will notice the slight rattling of the gears in your hands it is such small details that raise the feel of the game to a whole new level the only downside is that the adaptive triggers are not used here, the drawing of the bow in the to feel fingers that would have been the icing on the cake a well then just in elten ringen and finally a very important point that some of you probably cant hear anymore but especially with demons souls we have to mention it yes its about the fast loading times deaths were always double in the ps3 original Punishment not only was the progress to a large extent, it also took some time to get back in. the loading times in the remake are not completely gone, but they are so short that they no longer disturb the flow of the game you died a short foggy fade and time stands for the fallen warrior back on my feet the loading times from the nexus to the worlds or from the menu to the game are briefly summarized here is a small demonstration so it can be said that bluepoint deliver a beautiful and sonorous experience with a love of detail that also shines with strong performance of course and thats what we want we also hold here acts e s is still about a launch title that does not fully push the ds5 to its limits ray tracing has been saved and especially with the facial animations there is a lot more going on nowadays the audiovisual overall package is still a audible and noticeable step forward, especially compared to the last generation of consoles but lets get away from the technology, what has bluepoint improved mechanically in the remake game and heres a list of innovations that immediately caught our eye right at the start of the game, of course, the completely renewed character editor, where the heroes of the position are marginally still well lets say it was quite spartan it could hardly be more extensive here from hair to chin you can beautify or organize your character as you want and then take a picture of it because thats the next point the photo mode is clearly not really super exciting but you can with it we now pause the game for the first time via detours en for a great game no small changes that makes for a lot of conversation in the community but our opinion if you want to pause you should stop yes that makes the game a little bit easier but it is also quite pleasant to be able to catch your breath and wouldnt like it does nt have to use it the brighter optics also caused a lot of turbulence in advance but you can adapt it as you like thanks to different color filters you want the color palette to be more grayish greenish like in the original no problem would be the floor rather in monochrome schnetzelt he can even do that and lets stay with the optics that has you can also adapt how he is funny and the world trend is now also visualized slightly better the emphasis here is on easy also bluepoint now lets you items at full send inventory to storage dodge in all directions there is only one be limited number of different highlights what is especially cool for multiplayer in strange mode the world is mirrored and some new armor three teams also made it into the remake and that was about it, so we dont find a sixth world in the new edition the last hope rests on a dlc but whether that will come we have our justified doubts and at this point we are slowly but surely coming to the conclusion that it is slightly different for newcomers and veterans, but in general it can be said that we are with them it should be expected at the start of the apps 51 of the best and action role-playing games of all time that was transferred to the new generation by blue point with a lot of love to the original are you fans of the game and wished you an awesome homage we will give you a crystal clear one recommendation you cant implement a remake much better, but at this point there is a small comment ines but bluepoint was apparently so closely watched during the implementation or the reverence for the classic was so great that the game seems to have stood still at some points in time yes there are some quality of life improvements but these are off the mark the useful highlight in the limitation and the item shipping not included in the game that may please many from our point of view that is inconsistent with a view to the gameplay revolution of the souls series why is the worlds still tending to be a very interesting feature apart from a small help texts in the menu are hardly explained at all is still incomprehensible to most players without a guide why is there no detailed explanation of the online components and why cant I heal myself while running why are many running paths of the ki still just as buggy as sooner we could continue this round of questions for a while thats the point from software has continuously developed the souls games over the years the mine is supposed to stand still compared to the series revolution but this standstill is not really bad the overall package including a grandiose look and the great feeling of the game but, for example, a leaf drilling into nothing gradually and here we finally come to those of you who want to get a breath of fresh air maybe even deterred by the salt dome but are attracted by the great graphics on the one hand is especially demons souls with comparatively easier bosses and the motivating not overwhelmed level structure of the perfect entry into the genre but you have to know that behind the nextgen feeling there lurks a merciless trip to hell for which he needs patience and for which you have to be willing to learn it is not the degree of difficulty that defines demon souls it is the will to learn from mistakes that is what drives it not being rubbed tells you that then you wo nt have any fun with 60 fps all the great details, the awful level design and the wonderfully gloomy atmosphere in the long run dont be afraid of demons souls but do nt underestimate the dark soul that lurks in it in that sense prepared to have lots of fun with demons souls and stay healthy before you go soul hunting think of the thumbs up subscribe to the channel if you havent already done so and ring the bell steam deck custom boot animation Spiele für Steam, Uplay und Co. jetzt digital bei kaufen: (*)Wer hätte gedacht, dass einer der größten Kracher zum Launch der PS5 ein Remake eines PS3-Spiels wird? 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