What If EA Games Made Dark Souls?

How to get epic games on steambeat banger steam DARK SOULS™: REMASTERED steam hey guys hows it going its me and you mouth full with um check out EA and Biowares new title today its called Dark Souls weve been playing a little bit Ive been dabbling been enjoying it thoroughly so I thought hey lets record some gameplay show you guys whats happening maybe I this could be like the star my lets play career Ive always wanted to be a lets player playing games for a living dude its the life right there you know the the world is very detailed Im amazed programmers can actually make video games these days without detail everything is you know a  __  editor that mouth so that was only a 19-minute loading screen not the worst one Ive had so far but also not the quickest so I had to cut down cut that one out I dont want to I dont know boy you guys the loading screens you know so were talking Andre here its a nice dialogue well were gonna skip it because I dont care were gonna purchase Ive been grinding twenty thousand souls it took me to get this crest of artorias this is finally gonna allow us to open the sealed door in the heart of the forest you wouldnt believe how long this took to grind these souls Im a went a little overboard but um thanks Andre heaps of dialogue options there as you can see but um lets lets scoot lets head out lets get to the gameplay forget about the story no one cares this is one of the bosses of the game we dont actually Im not high enough level and also I dont have the gear required to handle this big fella you know I tried a few times and he absolutely destroyed me so were gonna leave leave real quick and another one of these I see this is it I didnt think anything would hit one so so maybe this ones gonna be one of the quicker ones you know we loaded the inside Im gonna load the outside as well obviously you need two different lighting screens for that hes paying me up they asked for this okay hey that was pretty quick probably edit that one out too and he can actually attack through that loading screen as well so you got to be quick on the old trigger you dont wanna go get a drink to be shot in the back your diet these enemies arent too bad though a couple of grassman now I know what youre thinking in your mouth how are you playing Dark Souls already I thought this game didnt come out until 25th of March well Ill tell you fellas Im gonna let you guys into a little secret so it Bioware released this chart on their Twitter and I actually got the origin accents premiere on PC which gives me both demo access and early access unfortunately I cant play the first trial for 10 hours but I do get the game on the 15th of March but a lately different line emerged with everyone C playing the charge and XS yeah you pre-order this your best Edition that wont get you the admin you know what Ill just put the chart up on the screen you guys can work it out its really simple once you you just look at it and itll figure out when you can play it you lazy son of a  __  so Im getting caught up in like the Linguistics Im getting caught up on all the the backend stuff of the game Im not talking about the game itself so as you can see in the top right our main objective right now is to kill Great Wolf sip to obtain the Covenant of artorias thats what we just spent those twenty thousand souls on so we can get into this his room or whatever wherever he is and I know you wont you think if the demo just came out how how are you this this is pretty pretty far on the game it seems like well youre right sir theres the standard pre-order bonus which gets you the drake blade which will make the first half of this game probably the easiest thing you ever do its like you dont even have to you dont have to play the game its like watching a movie I know how people love that it also gets you the VIP access not the demo access the VIP pre-launch demo not the live trial but thats not the one I got I got the abyss edition abyss Edition the pre-order bonus this comes with all the different color sets and theyre not for my knight armor which I have yet so that gets you the soundtrack as well as what comes with the normal standard edition but it also gives you the color sets and I gained you access to the boy any Mouse youre looking good in that armor hey thank you there random viewer I appreciate that thats a weird thing to bring up cuz actually you can buy this set right now exclusively in their in-game store of course you can use in-game currency or you can its all cosmetic okay so its fine you  __  its all cosmetic all right in this game about trying to look cool we give you a total of two armor sets to go get in the game but all this stuffs cosmetic you  __  clown and you can hurt it in gasps oh there fellas sometimes I get a little too excited about these live services that keep coming out I got my Drake thought equipped I have Ive gotten to the gate of artorias I know theres a little secret beyond this stuff and this is a bonfire this is a space of their safe point were gonna save it okay then were gonna head into the gate here and were gonna finally after twenty thousand souls were gonna see whats happening beyond the game lets do it but yes on the trial of our torus odd uh the memory of artorias walk of the abyss completely miss channels unlocks the place to fight great well see if yes thats right I have to me I have to go kill with some mimic chests if you kill a hundred other players Ive never even seen a player I dont think theres a hundred people playing this damn game upgrade a weapon destroy 50 barrels that doesnt sound fun over to mimic chess and say ups into my microphone this is  __  PT play for a hundred hours and it has it log to my I have to play another hundred hours thats fair enough fine hitting walls I just found one but I guess that one didnt count cuz I didnt already have the child beat I have to bake Dark Souls 2 its not even why would anyone want to do that try it not to quit the game instead of doing these chores see thats gonna be the most challenging one of all I just oh okay alright now this is great this is great I get to play this as I get to play the game some more its fine alright lets say how do we exit out of this exit out of this menu real quick oh Im sorry - exid I exit out of that menu and I got the loading screen I give the loaders Jesus Music Music we love the body Music steam game of thrones free What if Bioware and EA Games made the original Dark Souls? 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