Dark Souls Randomizer, but you HAVE to equip every terrible item you find

Hoover steam cleaner how to useark on steam vs epic games DARK SOULS™: REMASTERED steam today we are playing dark souls remastered except were doing a enemy and item randomizer except every single time i pick up an item i am required to equip it and use it until i find an item that uses the same slot to replace it so if we pick up a really shitty weapon i have to use the really shitty weapon until we get something else if i get really heavy armor i need to equip the really heavy armor until we get something else that is the deal all the items are mixed up all the key items are scattered across the world except for the lord vessel that one is still like gwynevere after whatever replaces original spell and then the four lord souls are still granted by the bosses that replace the normal lord bosses things lets begin but wait i have an announcement for you guys ever watched a video of mine and been like that had too much cut out i want to watch all 12 hours of aggie yelling at dark souls well youre in luck introducing little aggie vods my new second channel for all your uncut video needs remember that video i uploaded three weeks ago where i single-handedly bankrupted from software by refunding my second copy of sakiro well now you can watch the whole thing without having to click on a twitch link and dealing with their abomination of a video player ill also be uploading some other random playthroughs and streams over there so look out for those as well anyway yeah theres a link in the description if youre interested in something to that and now enjoy the video you actually came here for all right three two one am i heavy man the only mod im using is the what was that is that calamity oh hes here oh thats not the actual boss i see okay so we just have to not get ass blasted by him going up this ladder and then well be fine okay oh okay i guess hes gone now whos our actual boss it was a tourist david it is you come here okay hes stuck were just gonna go ahead and move on whats this oh how much damage is this dude oh we can kill him fine one board got him baby see how it took half our arrows we fought okay give me something thats not this bow please you bro okay lets see if we cant find something a little better a mace see there we go thank god why is he carrying a purple rock im so confused were just going to sprint through oh my god get out of the way guys jesus okay hes asserting dominance you okay there yeah there you go oh crap its stray demon not asylum demon you know that was obvious in hindsight considering the staff but Laughter just  __  yeah im out of here were gonna go the other one what the  __  is that is that a vagrant yo its a vagrant holy  __  dude okay cool Music i have no idea this is what am i looking at who oh not this guy jesus god somewhere else what do we got new sith you okay why is this one not sif this is  __  oh no what what happened to sif what the hell i mean whatever ill take him oh the other one just died yo were actually gonna kill something two more lets go baby and we get a nice hat all right crystal straight sword thats more lagging heck yes please do reasonable damage oh thats not bad at all yo thats fine oh okay mule kick cool kill invader npc for draw i dont want to drop right now though ive got a great weapon were chilling i mean ill pick one up once i come across a pickup but im not going to go out of my way to find more but im already what the  __  how is that fair he  __  pre-fired our ass that was so  __  what  __  off man stupid  __  mushroom ass okay i swear to god if he just insta gibbs again thank you its still pretty not cool i hate the sanctuary guardian man i hate him so much all right we have a system going here if your rules suck just just dont roll simple solution please keep using this attack what a homie yeah that a boy yes yes all right dont grade just wait the opportunity will come there it is go yes finally get out of here oh its uh what priscilla baby girl hi sweetie wait if shes invisible yeah and theres no snow to track her oh boy this is such an awkward fight no what are you kidding me lady what is he oh its the butcher guy just working away over there all right have fun with it one more oh really okay bye bye thanks baby what have you done no you cant just kill him like that  __  you oh god hes tough oh god all right turns out he cant just kill him like that but im im not gonna be able to stop him oh lets see oh yes please not bad except its heavy as  __  holy  __  wow that sucks oh god do i even have the stats for this i dont  __  how do i get past her just get out of the way i dont all right were gonna have to find a different weapon to get through here oh god oh god am i just  __  oh okay hes  __  get out of here kid butcher knife okay that helps four pounds lighter at least  __  god thats so dumb that it does damage on on just touching the backside of it as its perfectly still dude piss off  __  why Laughter who we got for iron golem lets see please dont be too bad um okay is it just like one king hows this gonna work why are you halfway in the ground if this is just one killing this is totally fun i think it is because i dont see an individual health bar for him so i think this is it another easy w oh wait oh god no no no no wait wait please please dont kill i hate you you just sat there the entire fight bro and when youre one hit from dead you decide to do something really thats how its gonna be what was that why did he do that oh my  __  god no no no no im so fat how do i get away from that time okay as long as it doesnt kill thats fine youre just gonna do it you  __   __  all right hes dead no chance of shenanigans this time no dunzo whoa oh gwen hi bud swords a little bright there uh okay see ya jesus black leather boots and giant armor great great giant armor fantastic whats the other chest oh fire keeper soul and father mask oh im getting face set real quick okay thank you were becoming the giant dad meme is that whats actually happening right now Laughter Music see oh my god im actually becoming giant death bro what is this just about to see who big o and s is im concerned i am pretty concerned about it uh is that a gargoyle and capper david gargoyle on cabernet that seems reasonable thats not that bad that is not that bad oh yeah yo we locked thank god oh yeah i guess the second phase boss is gonna be a different person again isnt it its not gonna be whos left over from this because its gonna randomize again okay what do we got actually i dont think its going to show the boss in this cutscene im just going to show big boy capper and then hes going to be something totally different yeah yeah oh im out of this dude were actually gonna first try this this is sick we got so lucky here with the boss oh one more Laughter oh thank god the game was actually nice to us gave us a freebie confirmed not soft locked good job randomizer oh god what has happened to that poor hollow Music oh dear lord they look unwell were just gonna go up here dear lord peculiar doll wait thats what you need for painting right how do i not know this ive played this game for like several hours several hundreds of hours how do i not immediately know if thats the item for painting or not it is okay yay good is that quaalude it is can we push you off the ledge for some results perhaps im totally going to fall if i try to hit her wrong oh gosh you didnt fall  __  oh  __  jesus how do i get back up there was an item i wanted the god damn it well this is a bit of a predicament huh kind of need to go back for that item could be important you know well probably die to see that anyway right or whatever seath is though oh lets start problem solved problem solved okay well thats just c i assume maybe the cutscenes just unchanged how crazy would it be if it was just actually see-through oh great fantastic thats my favorite boss im so wait i have a  __  ton of humanities right yall sees those um okay im like clearly not touching his hand there thats questionable thats questionable oh my god i have to go all the way back there before i can even start to fight him dear lord okay i swear to god if you ends to give us not the strongest of starts im done goodbye never had a chance oh god im caught enough come on man i actually cant roll fast enough to dodge both of those oh here we go man this is wild ride i cant i cannot roll fast enough he attacks faster than i can dodge bro come on thats so  __  up one more just greet it oh no no please please please please please no no no no no come on it was the only move he could have done the only one good just play cold oh so i didnt think i would kill finally were free okay its over god what a mess i know were going the wrong way im just backtracking for items because they might be important like the crest of artorias thats pretty  __  important mail breaker oh my sword oh 3 30 to 57 now im fat and do no damage rape a spider shield yo thats not a million pounds that shield was 16 pounds dude just like that were in the mid roll  __  yes  __  yes were saved oh okay then that thats fine are you all right oh hes a bit of a tank but i mean if hes just gonna chill here oh hes active now okay he was chilling until we chopped the tail but hes still mostly chilling okay all right got him good stuff large magic ember oh good hello clan leave me alone please how am i not dead never mind whats up patches should we just kill you oh my god wait were taking this i am not above this get  __  patches scuba diver cool thats better oh bkh yes please yes please  __  yes look at this  __  rats face oh hes gone hes on the move go back go  __  you okay you died dude how do you get comboed by a rats are you  __  me all right not messing around with this  __  rat this time bye  __  you so much even from the grave the rat gets the last laugh huh yeah great all right short bow time awesome woohoo a long sword okay still a bit of a downgrade but much better uh he he appears to be red oh its quail egg booby lady good to see ya uh we appear to be at a bit of an impasse here okay these poor skeletons are just standing up and immediately dying in love  __   __   __  goodbye Music i got stick oh come on just let me get her come on all right nice lord soul number two baby someone easy please uh oh its nato thats pretty easy i think wait does that attack not even work in this arena no thats excellent news think we got him oh yeah russian nice okay well unexpectedly easy w uh not sure what im looking out there fire sage david yep wow and he is not immune to lava greatness oh im done bye wow oh nice holy  __  yo okay yeah well take that sure pretty sure this is just bed of chaos so pretty sure uh i was wrong that is not bed of chaos that is seath in a very very awkward arena if we actually manage to win this fight i will be astounded no one can ever call me bad at video games ever again okay gg the cards right here dude this zone is a  __  nightmare how am i gonna get these items oh my god we have fast roll this is a first holy  __  i can actually play the game as god intended maybe the rapier is not so bad after all would you like to fall in this hole sir thank you very nice of him black knight helm crystal shield symbol of address oh oh no oh no okay just kill me just get me out of here i only have 1200. im  __  im actually  __  for those that dont know what the symbol of avarice does it makes you take damage constantly and now im stuck wearing it and its heavy  __  eh its really its not that bad the damage takes pretty slowly oh goodbye unless you know we never did sif lets do that what the dog do with uh i have no idea what im looking at Music ill centipede demon again i already dealt with one of these that whatever not the most difficult of bosses all right im just gonna pick this up six eyed helm of the channel  __  no more avarice yes were saved Music dead all right good doggy yeah no side of the ring sadly i wasnt really expecting it to be here though that would be way too convenient yeah well go kill the taurus demon stray demon dude from way back in the beginning and go from there could you imagine if this whole time that artorias ring was just on the straight even could have had it right off the bat never worried about it oh there he goes bye oh that works slurry look a little different than i remember but i mean its bold its certainly bold to learn yeah were matching nice skirt skirt bros all right yes i knew it would be here dude i knew it oh thank god we checked what hello sugar whatever you say what the  __  we did it that was kaepernick i guess Laughter do i green no just be smart oh god dont crash dont crash dont crash dont crash dont crash three lords damn anymore yeah there there oh yeah the whole gang oh my god what what is that jesus no im not doing all bosses im just on the hunt for the seal key to finish and it could be literally anywhere so bit of a predicament no what it made the sound man oh god oh god oh god oh god what is that guy okay were good yes oh yes yes i dont even care clam kill me thank god were saved oh sweet progress um hello oh there you are whats the iron golem how did i not see you earlier did you just poof into existence now Music were just chill exciting stuff guys real exciting stuff what the  __  is that oh my god oh each king is a different boss oh wait did calamie just kill iron golem oh my god he did Laughter thanks caleb appreciate it Laughter now what the  __  okay what is the final boss fire sage well thats easy one more come here Applause got him baby g freaking g get us out of here all right good run good run that was honestly lots of fun and it didnt take too ridiculously long i mean 14 hours is a while but it could have been a lot worse Music Music you steam vr game bundle NEW VOD CHANNEL: Catch streams live at: Twitter: Discord: Outro music: Editing help from TheRealMcDan good games on sale steam how to borrow game steam steaming box 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