Advertencia sobre la versión Scholar Of The First Sin de Dark Souls 2.

Steamed vs boiled potatoescan you play with steam friends on xbox game pass DARK SOULS™: REMASTERED steam good morning gentlemen and gentlemen today I bring you a warning about the school version of the force singh of dar shows 2 motivated by the number of people who have seen my game day but are puzzled by not finding enemy objects and shortcuts where I show them has an explanation of which froome is guilty, as we will see, such is the confusion and the amount of people who write to me on youtube that I have decided to make this video to explain once and for all what happened and why from now on this video has me It will serve as a link for all those who ask for explanations of why their school is different from mine. The original game went on sale in March 2014. It got very good reviews, but hate from the users. I already explained all this controversy in my podcast dedicated to give its 2 and I am not going to extend here the fact is that perhaps trying to improve the game to appease certain criticisms front decided to release a remastered version of prematurely, a single year later, on April 1, 2015, the school version was a remaster that logically was released only on new consoles, that is, playstation 4, xbox one, as well as PC, I am going to break down everything that was included and changed this remaster to then explain the problem that many users have stay until the end the school remaster includes a resolution of 1080p at 60 fps lets remember that the original version ran at 30 fps and included the 3 dlcs called the lost crowns that included the crown of the sunken king the crown of the iron king and the crown of the ivory king represented a poisonous world, one of fire and an icy one respectively, quite a few objects were changed from the fan version and the one that is what is called in video games to the original versions of a game that It has undergone different versions, notably the cases of the key that opens the doors of the lost sinner are now much more accessible. It is possible that in the fan version and the one where it was located in the area behind the gargoyles, that made it necessary to kill the gargoyles very soon in order to kill the sinner with light in her fighting arena. Another case was that of the blacksmiths quads that now it was in the lost fortress long before its location in the fan version and the one that was in the iron keep this facilitated access to the blacksmith of the lost fortress some shortcuts were added such as the celebrated shortcut of the nobodys pier that brought the bonfire closer At the end of the level, the lighting engine of the game was improved and so that the effect of shadows and lights from the torches was more evident, several areas that were already dark as nobodys pier were darkened, an area of ​​ the forest of the giants the sewer the hunters grove the final part of the sel dora reaching the boss etc. the enemies were changed some were eliminated new enemies were put in other places and As a general rule, the number of them increased. A very obvious case was the addition of half a dozen pursuers or the annoying lone invader. An NPC that could invade us almost anywhere at random. an important decision-making component of the planning of the run since it forced us in the first half of the game to have to choose which paths to open and which paths to leave aside since the branches in our possession were not enough, together with the change of enemies, their behavior was also modified In general, their aggressiveness was increased and the aggro distance was shortened. In other cases, their aggressive behavior has been written as the turtles that fell from the roof in herds when passing a point in the forest of the giants or the dragon knights of the dragons watchtower. that now they did not attack you more than between situations if we asked for help if we did not kill the giant knights on the way to the boss or s i attack them lets go to them obviously the online game was improved a bit and allowed up to six players at the same time if i add a boss a day brother of the king would come to the one who endowed with several conversations of the parrot more lore was added in the form of conversations with would come In new memories of the past, every time he kills, we go to the final boss of a dlc and we get his crown. We can go to the crypt where he was from and enter a memory from the past where the king regaled us with different conversations, one per crown, 4 once explained. the news of the school version in depth lets go with the problem from decided to release a school version for the original consoles playstation3 and xbox 360 but this version was a hoax or rather it gave rise to all the confusion as it was a version for old consoles not it took virtually no improvement from the authentic remaster this was logical the ps3 and xbox 360 could not handle many of the things that were implemented They started in the remaster, therefore this school version was not a remaster, it was the fan version and the original one to which only the dlcs were added is the new boss up to date and the conversations will come to an end now they will understand why many people cannot find objects or enemies despite swearing that it has the school version in quotes I hope this video has cleared up all doubts and has been to your liking I say goodbye until next time does steam install games on your computer En este vídeo intento explicar que lleva el auténtico remaster del juego y por qué hay gente que no tiene el auténtico, a pesar de lo que pone en su carátula. extreme steam by conair what effects did the invention of the steam engine have top simulation games on steam escape from tarkov steam charts aoe 2 steam