The Land of Lordran | Dark Souls Remastered Pt. 1 | Marz Plays

Steam games under 2 dollarssteam whistle pilsner DARK SOULS™: REMASTERED steam hey guys welcome to dark souls remastered so i wanted to make an intro video to this um to fully explain what im doing with this play through and why its so different its gonna be different okay basically i was just gonna keep this play through as a stream series only i had a ton of support on the dark souls stream itself people really wanted me to upload the streamed videos to youtube just so you guys can watch it as i go or at least go back to it at some point and re-watch type of thing which was really awesome it was great to see so many people care so that kind of encouraged me to go ahead and make the streamed videos videos on youtube and i know some of you guys dont like that um and thats why i wasnt gonna do it as well because i dont really like to hear how its theyre just not the same and blah blah blah blah listen this is going to be a stream series only the only reason why im uploading this to youtube is just to keep you guys in the loop and because you know the support and the want for it seems to be there but yeah hopefully you guys can still enjoy the video and thank you for the support on it and also character creation was absolute hell so lets just get into it guys ill see oh my god that was loud we need to turn the sound down we need to turn the sound down oh oh oh scroll what was happening there we go wow that was scared me holy  __  yeah i kind of feel i should have watched um some lore before we did this is everything good im what theres another one oh god damn it yeah okay its recording luke is barking everything is okay in the world welcome close i dont wanna we need to turn this down wow lets enter enter name of character what do we wanna be named guys oh  __  i just exited it out im scared that im gonna mess this up should it just be mars or should we should we do something creative i feel like it should be dog dog if you all dont know who duck duck is its a damn shame wait can it be all cap can it be can it be all caps i want Music i want it to be like duck duck so like everyone has to yell the second part all right duck duck it is im nervous class warrior fearless warrior weapon expert high strength dexterity the  __  music night low ranking night high hp solid armor not easily toppled Music wanderer aimless wanderer wheels musics too loud um smitar yeah scimitar hi dex so the wonder is the dex warrior seems like strength oh oh no warrior seems like the well-rounded one maybe i should do this i think warrior is probably the best to start out with deprived come on now what does deprived even look like wow she has no hair man they really nailed like bodies you know they really nailed it cleric im just looking at the outfits now oh whoa heavy battle axe Music guilt-ridden thief aimless wander the wanderer looks the coolest but um i have a feeling that you guys are more or less going to want me to do warrior let me see vite is 11 yeah x and its 10. attunement oh man memories being stretched yeah i think we should do warrior Music because i dont want to make a decision gift divine holy water fully restores hp and status um black firebomb twin humanities tiny sprite called humanity sometimes found on carcasses binoculars pendant master key opens any basic lock initial equip for thief oh trinket no effect but fond memories comfort travelers tiny veins ring um special tribal ring grant small increase to hp i feel like that one is smart gift from a witch ancient ring with no obvious effect tiny beans rings sound smart Music master key i mean master key is smart as well small increased hp Music oh you guys are all you really think okay fine physique average slim very slim very slim physique skin and bones and bone whoa large head could be very intellectual tiny head proportionally small head but it doesnt have any information on that okay i dont know should we just do like normal slim its just too slim oh my god whats wrong with your face that is stuff of nightmares wait what am i doing face okay commoner very commonly seen facing the five finger delta oh that ones a little okay i thought i thought it was better oh no i feel like i kind of want to work with this one astora royalty okay um very oh my you know that kind of reminds me of in resident evil what did we just play three where like that guys hair carlos its like super crazy Music wave oh thats a  __  mullet if ive ever seen one straight good god man good god man you gotta i mean this game is old so i need to stop expecting its honestly great i love it pigtails oh duck duck Music the braid is kind of nice i mean the bun i mean this one could be cool its weird that it kind of looks like she might be balding though i dont know yeah i feel like her hair should be pulled back i mean youre going to be doing some dirty work and fighting um im going between these two going between these two you know what im going to do im going to click this one and then come back to it maybe oh maybe not wait what happens when you put customize is that is that how you mess with stuff Music dark red what would duck duck have i feel like my hair has got like a weird reddish color to it Music im creating a creepy avatar i am not Music ninety percent of the game you want to your face listen its important even if you wont see it you know its very important my phones going crazy great gold gold silver dark purple red red i feel like red is really cool where is theres no white thats kind of bizarre you know whats interesting is i feel like i always kind of go towards red Music when it comes to these characters Music very rare color so whats this customized face should be it yes oh no stop oh my god what am i doing random same different what do you mean Music what is semen different oh what the hell what happens when we go all the way why is her face so much more yellow than the rest of her body what is happening hormones oh Music hormones Music i feel personally attacked right now is this what it means to be feminine Music holy  __  i dont i dont like that at all man masculine means you turn orange like an oompa loopa oh dear god dear god oh im hot now i cant handle this sister in the middle i dont i i just dont Music she gets paler what is happening to your face oh i feel stressed out um this is all this is all she does look incredibly sad Music why is your face like this Music oh duck duck okay strong maybe thats why maybe she has too strong of features Music okay um maybe im gonna cry i cant okay i need to relax i need to calm down this person is  __  out of control Music i just want a normal looking character im getting hot you just click random oh so does random change the face shape and everything oh oh did i just mess up man i should i dont know if i should have done that oh dear oh  __  i felt like i could have worked with that last one even though she was kind of green were gonna keep going were gonna keep going i i dont understand i feel like these characters are scarier than the actual enemies in this game yeah music it should be a horror game at this point look i kind of want that paler colored skin like the moon but i dont know how to do that or get it to be that wait can i fix her Music oh dear god you sure as hell didnt listen we want to get as close as we can oh oh you kind of look somewhat you kind of look somewhat normal okay youre getting a little scary but Music somewhat normal i dont know okay does this look better what is this thing same create similar face what does that mean Music like if i click same and then i create it will randomize it as like the same maybe i shouldnt maybe i shouldnt even test it you know like shes kind of normal looking Music you can customize customize oh oh i didnt know that well there we go balance color tone oh or oh my god her eyes should i have done that with her hair yeah i should have its a lot better okay um back out Music i think she looks human Music ish guys Music does she look human were good everythings good some of you were saying i shouldnt do the master key but some of you are saying i should Music i know luca i know buddy Music hitting the whole table master keys for speedrunners i dont im not speedrunning this game guys i dont know why this one wouldnt be the one to do tiny beans ring i feel like thats smart im just gonna do that okay okay were going were good everythings good yes lets go okay were finally doing this i told you the age of ancients the world was unformed shrouded by fog a lack of grey crags arch trees and everlasting dragons but then there was fire and was fire lucas acting weird not right now please heat and cold life and death and of course light and dark can we stay with the light please then from the dark they came and found the souls of lords within the flame oh nito the first of the day oh youre like the one reborn i dont like it the witch of izalith and her daughters of chaos the lord of sunlight and his faithful knights when and the furtive made me so easily forgotten pygmy with the strength of lords they challenged the dragons mighty birds the witches moved oh he creeps me out and the dragons whoa see if the scale is house had like fairy wings that reminds me of like attack of on titan or whatever with the wall and only dog will remain even now there are only embers oh whos that light but only endless and amongst the living are seen carriers of the accursed dark side do i get to meet her im gonna meet her duck dog wants to meet her take her on a date i dont know something poor baby lukas not feeling well guys still yes indeed whoa shes loud the dark sign brands the undead oh and in this land the undead are corralled and led to the north im nervous where they are locked away to await the end of the world so im in here this is your fate while her voice is loud yeah volume on her voice is too loud why am i in here though im not undead where am i oh um maybe i am hi all that work and im just dead wow at least i can be like a beautiful dead person lets see yes look at those cheekbones for days okay dungeon key or cell key first lets go oh oh this is weird browse and use items change equipment lets look in here black separation crystal oh this whole layout is going to be strange for me to get used to equipment we have a straight sword all right um lets turn the voice down because that was oh wait we cant i dont think oh no we can okay 10 was just a little bit this is a bit much lets have eight because i want it to be creepy though um okay wait wait wait im not online right oh  __  better not be online no no no for  __  sake look at that dodge how can i oh what are you doing there oh its a okay just getting trying to understand all right so yeah its the same as usual open reed imminent death oh okay um  __  am i still online oh my god you guys please i cant go in there camera controls someone died here how did you die though r1 okay because this dude  __  you i aint messing around i hear oh oh my god what are you is that a dragon oh well i definitely dont want to go in there strong yeah can i open this no no youre dead okay i just want to make sure i read everything i thought he saw me l hold circle to dash okay to run its kind of dark man target lock and release gotcha what are you doing down there is that in water why is there you you are doing some  __  why are you in the water like this i think all those deaths are people going in yeah with no clothes on deprived or whatever its dark uh rest of bonbon recover hp where art dao bon von oh yeah im gonna have to get used to the fact that run is a different button lets make sure everything okay bon bon um well that doesnt help me any but now we have a little save cool my hair is so red oh this doesnt look great i dont know oh my god no  __  way no not with this i have a broken no can i go into the other room i cant im gonna die im gonna die run run run run okay were not ready for that  __  we dont even have a weapon yet oh my god asylum dragon no thank you i almost died rest dodging this is definitely different guys that is for sure get your shield i dont have a shield oh right there what a mofo oh my god can you how do we put that on whats all this work okay we need shield there we go where are you going oh you little little bish my god that seems like a trap i want to look through and make sure i didnt miss anything like this open menu arms icon change equipment yep that dude just took off oh its a specter long sword yes please oh wait there we go okay you oh is this already a boss what oh my god and i dont have any like i dont have any thing to heal myself well were going were going oh fog wells are different here oh sometimes theyre not for bosses okay well um i essentially cant go through there i guess right so what does that mean oh there we go okay its like what the hell is he down there no this is at the very beginning back step and roll thats one thing i never really got down was a quick back step oh even that is kind of slow damn damn okay theres nothing oh whats over here no nothing oh my god i am so sick of these ghosts freaking me out fun fun fun should we go upstairs before no lets lets check the other side real quick theres something glowing up there oh i see nothing right we have to go around the other side is it is it really dark guys should i turn the brightness up a bit cause its it seems dark what oh my  __  god dude why is there just a ball rolling down the stairs now that im awake your dog your dog nearly had a heart attack i nearly had a heart attack that scared me brightness its too dark oh much better oh much better oh you know what youre a piece of  __  you know that nephew god its locked oh please this the ghosts are starting to upset me i like just want them to stop yeah screw screw you push them off get the hell away from me so if thats locked where do i go can i like i dont really understand do i have to fight that dude now oh whats this oh where are you oh theres a ball here too what are you doing did you did you get hurt by the ball oh you you know hollow thank goodness i mean i look im afraid can i help listen then lose my sanity i wish to ask something of you you and i were both undead hear me out will you what regrettably i have failed in my mission but perhaps you can keep the torch lit there is an old saying in my family thou who art undead are chosen and thine exodus from the undead asylum maketh pilgrimage to the land of ancient lords when thou ringeth the bell of awakening the fate of the undead thou shalt know well now you know and i can die with hope in my heart no dont die one more thing can i have your shield here take this give me an estus flask oh  __  an undead favorite what your shield oh and this undead asylum can i ever i must bid farewell youre dying i would hate to harm you after death so go now oh hes gonna oh i feel kind of bad can i have your shield though no fine i guess you can die with your chill whatever i dont really want to do i want to heal with that how much does that use right now whatever we can go rest again anyways so but now what what just happened oh oh i think he killed himself we just got the points and everything wait i wanna go look oh hes gone hes gone im falling for that  __  again so do we go defeat that oh we got the key okay um oh my god wait i keep pressing the wrong button to block im not used to blocking guys so its gonna take me a minute wheel to right weapon two-handed huh oh yeah okay go away i forgot about that kick ill probably never use in my life did you hear that jump attack ill never use in my life um lets try it oh wait i already forgot its r1 oh stop stop stop stop stop it theres a kick kind of hmm still not like that great hello yes i know oh my god oh my god oh my god im scared i dont feel completely comfortable with the mechanics im gonna scream a lot im sorry like its so much slower i dont know no theres a dude wait can we i just want to look at the environment oh that looks like a boss youre ruining this experience oh yeah my points do you hear that it must be the dragon what what was that did someone just invade why didnt it say invader i dont want to go into a boss fight im gonna have to quit and log back in because this invader  __  oh yeah oh yeah just use the shield oh please dont hurt me please dont hurt me oh my god im paranoid now i have 360 points but i dont have a way to spend those should i just go through r1 while falling is a plunging attack why are you telling me this though oh was that oh was that a bit all right were gonna go through oh there he is oh hes looking at me hi what the  __  what kind of trolly  __  was that what was that i pressed it and he jumped up is that supposed to happen does that Music happen i took two i took took too long what the actual  __  just happened great i did try the plunge attack guys oh you you mofo well now that i i lost some of my health though  __  i should probably just rest and screw it uh what is what is happening oh he goes on a frenzy you cant hit anybody in this corridor i guess i can okay i need to get better at this because oh jesus lets try this again im glad that they put those outside of this because that was crazy oh my god oh what youre a badass oops whoops is i dont like it i dont like it oh  __  oh you are slow i want to get behind him but there we go this feels so different guys this feels so different yeah thats a tutorial boss right there humanity oh whats that we need to look at this um used to gain one humanity and greatly restores hp is this kind of like an amber how do we look at this again rare tiny black sprite found on corpses used to gain one humanity this black sprite is called humanity but little is known about its true nature if the soul is the source of all life then what distinguishes the humanity we hold within ourselves so its the opposite whoa thats weird so we should put that um here oops lets go back real quick and my stomachs about to grow out i can feel it i want to read this one the dark side signifies in a cursed undead those branded with it are reborn after death but will one day lose their mind and go hollow death triggers the dark sign which returns its barrier to the last bonfire rested at okay i see its basically an ember should i use it right now does it last forever yeah i guess i should wait till my health is messed up and stuff so you turn back into a hollow looking like this ill never get to see her face look great is that what youre telling me after all that work im never gonna look normal and human okay well now where do i go i hear someone else that is gigantic somewhere um hello good job go straight ahead oh shanks game but i want to look around first dont tell me what to do i almost died jesus christ i almost died i dont know what to do oh hey is there anything down here no it wasnt line felt suspicious game is getting weird is there any items no im surprised theres not anything over here im just double checking like this what is this whats happening theres bird eggs someone died here hello what the  __  just happened what was that oh i got an estus oh from that its an online mechanic yeah i mean the backseating is is a lot but when i ask a question its fine to answer me only in the ancient legends it is stated to leave the undead asylum in pilgrimage to the guys please every time i look over its like telling me what to do lordran that is ironic i was talking about crow pose and then a crow shows up thank you huh oh oh theres dude over there in lordran level up and kindle at bonbons let me rest please level up um i feel like right now the most important thing is probably this probably bite i could give one to attunement so i can wear better stuff maybe i dont know yet what i want to do is strength or dex oh endurance i definitely want that as well lets put it all at 13. i dont know why that feels really satisfying confirm yes uh kindle i dont remember reverse halloween should i do that is that something im supposed to do see like this is what im asking oh yeah maybe i should exit out here lets exit out um because im gonna go back back in its saved right yeah okay then im gonna come back in because then it will make sure that im not online yeah i dont want to play online im not gonna try to get invaded by a million people who are like super advanced or like way further than me yes okay continue Music i want to see this oh wait no humanity what is that why is that i guess it didnt work wait i have 10 s to splash since when oh i have to use it first okay well what do we have here you must be a new arrival he looks like hes wearing a reptile skin suit like right he looks so weird but theres no salvation here youd have done better to rot in the undead asylum but too late now well since youre here let me help you out there are actually two bells of awakening ones up above in the undead church the other is far far below in the ruins at the base of blighttown that right not much to go on but i have a feeling that wont stop you white town says it is why you came isnt it sounds um okay okay okay oh what is this yes so satisfying so we have to go this way right is there anything over here oh theres a stair ledge oh oh theres multiple different ways to go this is where i start to get oh theres the crow oh oh oh you are super jittery is freaking me out can you relax oh my god i dont like that birds are kind of theyre a little creepy like that oh that crows gonna attack me 100 percent you might have been nice to me then but hello please dont hurt me run i dont know maybe were supposed to go over here hmm nothing lets go up here see if we can poke the crowbud hi its so cool hello why dont you pay attention to me theres an item over there lets go get that soul of a lost undead cool i wonder i mean theres nothing really else in this area i wish i could react or respond or wait react wait i wish the bird would react with me i want to play with you hey look theres stuff over here too hey oh my god theres listen that must be blighttown i dont want to go there yet id rather go to the other place wherever it was they said blighttown was down um theres so many different areas oh guys who are you whats this gesture um Music what do you want to do bow hello youre not gonna react to me youre gonna hurt me oh my god um look at me look at me go whoo hello there i believe we are not acquainted i am not have you business with us if not i prefer hello there i realize that i have requested but i also want you to know that it is not meant an ill will here okay take this as a token of peace no go ahead its for you copper coin anything else you again i never left i know hes got a bowl cut how about this i have to await my companions here anyway so what if i were to teach you some miracles would that please you yeah i think you will then first a covenant with the gods join covenant abandons former way of white i didnt think i had one before whoa now let me share my miracles their ultimate effectiveness will be determined by your efforts oh and your faith which ill probably never use dont think im ever gonna use this stuff nope nope nope shrug okay cool companions are my lady and her young knights she is young but burdened by an undead mission we are her defenses to keep her from harm okay listen come again the effectiveness of the teachings depend upon your face yeah yeah oh i pressed the wrong button were gonna have to get used to that again so what else is there this is this is this game is gigantic and i feel really overwhelmed um oh thats very dark i dont have a torch yet i just realized what is this oh what the  __  did i just do oh no oh no okay oh thank god what oh no this doesnt seem it seems like a a trick are these like those breathing chests oh my god um this one doesnt look like its moving or anything hey what does that copper coin do again lets see coin made of copper it faces or its faces shows old man mclaugh god of medicine and drink even coins of great value in the world men have little value and mordred where the accepted currency is souls those who dream of returning to the outside world are fond of carrying these around okay morning star were just gonna go for it homeward bone oh thank god cracked red eye orb i didnt get eaten invade another world um where is this morning star oh okay whos this what is this like relax oh its oh its slower its definitely slower you know how i feel about that its good how do we get out of here um am i missing something oh luca i might not be able to stream for too much longer hes acting hes been acting really weird ever since i gave him his dewormer and flantic med but shes supposed to give dogs monthly but they had me give him extra since he weighs more oh there we go then a certain amount and yeah hes just been acting kind of off lloyds talisman whats this so im feeling bad for him talisman utilized by all father lloyds cleric knights to hunt down the undead blocks estes recovery within a limited area oh this is to help like probably um when people are healing and stuff like that well i think we have to go down here wow that was oh god i didnt want to go to this area yet oh  __  you do too thats like doing no damage to them really just doing a little bit more what com oh my god oh my god im gonna die take it out oh my gosh these guys are strong Music theyre really strong theyre really strong uh yeah those dudes are real strong though hmm it really does feel like in this game um  __  we gotta go back up it feels like you really do have to play with the shield which is interesting yeah theyre definitely too strong for me right now but i want my points back i want them back are they down there oh my god they are dont wake up dont wake up dont wake up oh my god dont wake up no no no no quit tapping your head i dont care oh my god everybodys waking up crow just keep running just keep running were going i dont oh what the  __  its still coming im going up here oh my god mistakes have been made mistakes have been  __  made dude okay oh my god oh we need to come back down we need to do this slowly because oh these  __  they follow you all the way here just can i rest can i reset reset reset reset i cant alright wow they follow you endlessly oh my god they follow you endlessly dont you see these people dont you see them oh my god im gonna die im gonna die cant do anything im dead oh what okay so theyre definitely way easier im supposed to go to the right so theres no running through an area is there how did you guys get through dear god like when a boss is how how you can barely dodge okay yeah i definitely should be going to the right but not i dont need to be messing with those skeletons i also dont remember um how many points or how many souls it took to level up okay 7.75 lets go up here oh i feel so bad for luca can i get a backstab oh i dont know if i can where are you going come here oh come on oh whoa whoa that was his butthole though we got one that was totally butthole come on wheres the oh baxter not so easy is it this guy i almost ran off there i want to at least get to another bonbon oh  __  theres other people lets just bring them down come here oh thats not the way i wanted you to roll there we go i just dodged right in front of him thats you oh  __  guy is so annoying i hear water um youre watery oh something is 100 in there ready tatties well theres one there it looks like yep oh am i getting cursed okay this is such bs im poisoned come out here i cant hit you because im hitting the walls oh wow oh our twos are thrust okay i didnt realize there was a thrust ill do that then in a narrow spot well im poison i dont think theres anything i can do about it either oh wait i could take what if i take this i want to take this okay i guess that doesnt do  __  wow never mind i thought it would fix that but yeah you guys please slow down on the back seating its out of control all right this is blind a dead bird i kind of want to try two handing it i might die though jesus can this poison status effect go oh oops go away yeah you guys are are kind of making the the chat unbearable because theres so much backseating you know other people dont want to read that i dont know if im gonna be able to god my health oops i do feel safer with this shield i wont lie is there anything i can take right now no jesus that is annoying make that sound go away the sound is pissing me off nope i keep pressing square because square is usually an action button im gonna have to get that out of my head whats through here please give me bon bon oh oh oh yes thank god oh my god oops theres people over there hmm oh my god that was it the hell was that for that was unnecessary dragon oh  __  why did i put that away how did you guys play this without a shield i really dont even feel comfortable doing that without a shield what behind this guy here just come down here oops whoops whats in here hello oh i hear something wait a wooden shield why would i want that doesnt sound good oh theres people over there i didnt even realize that hmm that doesnt do  __  so i need to get behind these dudes come down here Music what i cant get behind them they wont let me um i dont remember oh oh  __  so what happens if i hit them with r1 and two hand in it okay come here these stairs are a pain in the ass oh no he did too oh man i need a bonbon oh look oh kick oh yeah kick but kicking is so hard so say no its okay its kind of hard to do though is anyone down here im so paranoid my god jesus christ fu butthole man the jump scares in this game are way more intense hey who are you why are you rubbing a barrel like that thats what i think of your barrel are you a friend well now you seem to have your wits about you mm-hmm wow thats a voice customer i trade for souls everythings for sale okay repair powder oh do we have to repair weapons a lot in this game as well should only be used the grace of caution orange guidance right okay its a emote only you guys gotta calm down with the back seating calm down with the back seating so i feel like i should get the key ow i feel like i should get these key like this key oh a thousand oh my god that is so guys i dont know this is a lot purely or bottomless wooden box its origins are unknown some derided as a symbol of unbridled avarice any number of items can be just deposited into the box and items can be managed while resting at a bonfire i feel like i need that unlocks berg in the bird keep out unwanted visitors is the standard key in these parts im gonna get this box because i feel like i need to okay lets just leave it at that thank you maybe ill sleep with that for now i might try it at a later point well thank god we went down there i want to make it to the next bon bon and then i think im going to end it um the stream here oh oh  __  there it is Music but whats up here oh nothing damn oh look at that butthole up there Music you twistzz steam In part 1, we begin our journey to fulfill a prophecy as a Hollow in the Undead Asylum. 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