DARK SOULS REMASTERED Servers are BACK! - PvP in Lordran awaits

Nintendo steam decksteam game awards claim DARK SOULS™: REMASTERED steam welcome we are going to do some gaming today we are going to jump into the PVP immediately and gonna try to find some people oh my God it feels so old okay lets do it straight off the bat foreign steel use weapon with moveset swap Pac-Man um accidentally doing  __  reverse oh okay this guy down okay got this one okay foreign what you see here is just thinking ahead where the opponent might actually appear on his screen and then like predicting it and going forward for the potential backstop this is like a beauty of this game there is like a lot of reading of the of your opponents moves as the fundamental thing oh my God is that he himself or reborn with a mommy mask that is Middle link or the body has troubles finding his his proper setup I guess real oh what about it you need to heal Applause I am trying to kick but like Im queuing the  __  roll attack instead oh they bought a hill please Auto Body please you are resistance zero HP heal hes a rebel he absolutely is like Ben two HP  __  swap lets go I also I had the ordinary thing already fantastic it was even the wrong swap funk backstabu it is again lets do it holy  __  oh everybody calm down ah better at last yes oh oh okay how does the fans work they can I have no idea to be honest third Mages are op and these one is it real oh is it because we dont have magic hornification look at this prediction thank you Ive been  __  come on host you can do it get the blue someone put it okay they are partying each other on the side insane wait up he can sleeper oh he probably son of a  __  insane gwp very fun fight ah I wanted to bait with my back soap and But ultimately I I baited myself oh uh I swear to God I did it on the purpose I can assure you it was all planned oh my god oh that landed dude foreign Laughter well I  __  up I but well it still was enough but yeah I guess we are gonna go on defense character with the lower level just to see if we can catch people that going through the game but they have like a multiple teammates on the board that would be interesting but yeah sadly its kind of seems like on the meta level unless youre just going to ask correct people for the potential duels and so on there is like nothing to look for since you are going to have the same game with gray blood and covered and over and thats gonna be the whole activity of yours foreign hello knock knock hi hello  __  foreign can you like man I am the iframes from you when Im doing that foreign oh insane gcwp very fun fight I guess what happens when you borrow a game on steam Dark Souls Remastered in 2022 - Servers are back!Lets celebrate with some Duels and Invasions across land of LordranDAILY DOSE OF ELDEN RING - Best Plays - Guides - Funny Moments - Highlights 👇 ► Stream - ► Twitter - ► Discord - #EldenRing #EldenRIngPvP #EldenRingGameplay link twitch and steam bissell powerfresh 2-in-1 multi surface steam cleaner 2814 best free racing steam games planetcoaster steam how to play steam games with ps4 controller