Can You Beat DARK SOULS 1 With Only Scythes?

Black friday steam decksteam games like mario DARK SOULS™: REMASTERED steam foreign hey its lemon welcome to the backlogs you ever play your favorite game for hundreds of hours just to realize youve been sleeping on 90 of the content it has thats me right now and judging by the comments I get sometimes thats a lot of you too so in the interest of waking up together no not like that its time for another weapon type showcase todays weapon type is a weird one mainly because its not strictly speaking a weapon type get ready boys and girls things are about to get weird Music so first things first say hello to our starting build considering well be using sides I figured the name was appropriate as far as starting class goes it doesnt truly matter but Thief is always a strong Choice considering it gets the master key automatically and has 15 decks why does that matter well because our first weapon requires 14. and also a goodly amount of strength but we can ignore that fact with a little two-handing the only real problem is that our first weapon is hidden in the catacombs which I dont have to tell you is mildly annoying at best and controller-breakingly aggravating at its worst but this isnt our first rodeo and with a little two-handing of our Shield here a little sprinting past enemies there and a little leap of faith at the end we can carefully navigate our way onto what could generously be called a hidden platform and grab our prize the great Scythe one of two sides in the entire game so lets talk about this weapon class as far as Dark Souls 1 is concerned it doesnt exist you can skim through all the wikis look in the game files whatever there is no Scythe weapon class which is weird considering it has a unique moveset very clearly exists and theres more than one in the game but thats Dark Souls for you I guess so what does this weapon do well it does exactly what it was designed to do cuts down enemies in wide sweeping arcs while simultaneously causing bleed damage if whatever youre sweeping doesnt go down in the first hit the strong attack is a wide sweep that hits everything at waist level in front of you and does a lot of damage meanwhile the light attack is a vertical slice cutting everything directly in front of you and does a lot of damage theres also a single-handed move set of course but its not really worth mentioning the speed and damage take a bit of a hit and becomes a much smaller hitbox so as long as you forego defense and forsake using a shield this weapon shines I think that was what maybe six hits and a plunging attack to take out the Taurus demon and you guys thought I was taking it easy on myself when I use daggers ah well they cant all be Soul crushingly difficult runs so to keep things interesting for those of you who watch my videos to see something different Ive got an idea my character is death is she not fun fact about the Scythe while it does do a lot of damage it does very little Poise damage which means fighting against NPCs is going to get a little dangerous since they have a lot of health and can tank their way through my hits and while I can Parry them its not always fast enough to get that hit in at least not consistently but wait for the right attacks and get in a classic  __  got em backstab here and there and it wont be long before Soler finds the pieces of Desperately seeks rest now your search for light is over Embrace now the dark now then I dump our hard-earned souls into dexterity because sides love dexterity dirty my Scythe all the way up to the hilt Jesus I didnt even see that today discover that the sides have a super fast running attack that does almost as much damage as all the other moves it has then give Andre a visit to make this Beast of a weapon even stronger no death for you Andre not today I have need of you still lets see what kind of upgrade damage were looking at two shots pretty decent I suppose separate the chaff harvest the wheat speaking of Jeff could you help me I sure can my friend though its not the kind of help you had in mind youre right you never had one better you just come quietly why fight against the inevitable so much unnecessary strife and heartache its so much easier to accept what must eventually come to us all and embrace death as an old friend rather than a foe peace doesnt come easily to us all I suppose also can we talk about how logic has both tearstone Rings whats up with that in any case with the fact being acquired its time for our next boss the Gargoyles place your bets now on the number of hits required well the damage is good and with a little consecutive attacking the bleed is even better so thats five hits for the first one ow and after a little accidental staggering due to a missed attack three hits to finish off the second eight attacks eight I guess that is one reason Dark Souls thinks that the sides belong in the halberd class if you miss an attack you stumble like a doofus but I am glad theyve came to their senses and made it its own class in Dark Souls 2. thats one Bell rung one more to go oh and by the way that was a great Scythe plus four which means we probably could have shaved off two more hits had we taken the time to grind out a few more souls and upgrade to plus five absolutely ridiculous whats more despite this weapon very clearly being a bladed weapon and its doing some serious damage to the Titanite demon usually Blaze just kind of bounce off or do laughable damage against this thing but here we are doing 200 plus damage with each swing disgusting well thats an easy 2000 souls and more importantly some Demon Titanite well need that later trust me well this has been a little too easy so far lets say we jump ahead and fight a boss we normally dont bother with until later death comes on Dark Wings after all in all honesty Im expecting this next section to be a complete Cakewalk hey there stray hows the basement treating you well the regular attack damage isnt great 200 doesnt get you far with a health bar like that but the bleed damage more than makes up for it as always oh I also discovered that if youve got the stamina for it you can go full Harvest mode and just keep Strong attacking over and over again looks like the next static pump will be endurance and with a little more wild swinging the straight even goes down with little effort as expected excuse me sir but I dont want to forget the doll and youre in the way yep thats how sides worked just apply pressure dont worry if its not the sharp end and with that done its time to bring peace to another NPC come along friend its time to go oh sweet summer child all are defenseless against death herself perhaps I have sweet thing perhaps I have now then into the Lower Undead verb we go the camper Demons dogs are no issue and go down with a single swing of my scythe and with only about five more swings the Kappa demon goes down who needs a shield when the best defense is a good offense next is the depths where we butcher all in our path well well what have we here its not exactly the end game armor I had in mind but itll do for now I free laurentius because it is not yet his time free alphons from his tortured existence because it was his then get invaded by Kirk only a fool tries to invade deaths domain especially when death knows where you live Ill be paying you and yours a visit soon but for some unfinished business Tom Hall my friend its time to go well is an interesting fight to be sure while with Crystal weapons being as strong as they are but as expected they arent enough to fend off the inevitable hey friend you cant take your possessions with you leave them where they lie you have no further need of them but with the NPCs out of the way its time for our next boss the gaping dragon the damage is extremely strong when you can hit its head and because of the weapons extreme length the tail is an easy second target a few Focus swings and off it goes not a single hit taken the entire fight not often I get to say that during a Dark Souls 1 challenge run especially against this boss considering what a bully its hitboxes are I just wish my endurance bar was a little larger a few extra swings would make these fights just a little bit faster but with the gaping dragon soundly defeated thats dexterity maxed out at the soft cap which means its time to pump that endurance asking ye shall receive time to mess around in Blighttown my favorite I make a few uh questionable judgment calls but all in all Blighttown isnt all that bad for all its faults playtown has some fine Treasures for those who know where to look alright its mostly just power within but if you look really hard Im sure theres some something I do a little stretching because warming up is always important before any form of exercise remove what I assume is a direct mockery of my current build from this blighted plane of existence then Rush on into qualaks domain to tackle The Matriarch herself this uh this shouldnt take long while the fight itself isnt anything worth talking about can we just all collectively agree that whoever redid the fire effects of the remaster deserves a raise seriously the lava and the flame effects looks so good in comparison to the original oh uh first try hitless again by the way so that happened seriously wheres this weapon been all my life bleed big damage and a big hitbox that might as well be cheating but upsettingly overpowered weapons aside I think its time we got our end game Armor Set Dont You hey chief dont mind me just picking up some laundry there we are finally we can correctly look the part and there we go Grim Reaper robes acquired just a few more pieces and this build is complete ceaseless dont be clingy go on get oh and tell your mother Ill be stopping by later would you actually while I have the mind for it we might as well take out a few more members of this tragedy-ridden family ew hello my dear sorry to keep you waiting I know it hasnt been easy for you are you ready to go Ill take that as a yes ah laurentius I have need of you a glove if you would thank you and with that your time is at its end you can catch my fireman see that must be it oh my dear friend I promise you nothing could be further from the truth in fact your pyromancy is going to make my role in this world much easier now that I have power in hand and power within taking on these four should be an easy tasks Music  __  the cops okay whats next maybe a little bit of yard work or maybe some Pest Control I was gonna test out power within and see how big a difference it makes but well it only took four hits to kill the Moonlight Butterfly guess well just have to try it out at something else into Sens fun house collecting all the large shards Ill need for a plus 10 Scythe as I go I also grabbed the Ring Of Steel protection while Im here since a little extra physical defense never hurt anyone speaking of hurting anyone its time to give Carl a visit no worries friend death brings out the introspective in all of us theres no greater mystery in life than the mystery of what happens when that life ends after all wait a minute Carl do you have a red tearstone ring too whats with all the NPCs having one of those is there a bargain bin at a local pawn shop or something Music dont worry friend it isnt yet Lynns time also what the hell Carl is that a speckled stone plate ring how did you even anyway I take care of the four Titanite demons hiding in the tar pit then collect a scythe that is actually a bardish but is labeled as a halberd thank you Dark Souls then make my way to the Iron Golem time to see what power within can do against a boss yep thats about what I was expecting we can also put to rest any question that the Golem Falls from actual Damage Done to its ankles not Poise damage if he only fell from Poise damage wed never be able to put him down like we just did and while we dont get the funny haha Victory the entire fight is kind of funny in itself seriously with weapons like this in the game why do people think Dark Souls is hard a little more Demon Titanite a little more endurance a touch of deja vu and just a smidge more Demon Titanite because why not after that its just a quick tightrope walk across the rafters and weve finally arrived at the location of our end game weapon soon always soon theres only one thing I need here and the Dark Souls Community isnt gonna like it but hey when youve only got two weapons in your weapon class you do what you must hello Priscilla youre looking tall today wait seriously have you always been this tall no we cant knock Priscilla out of our invisibility with poise damage that ship will never leave the harbor but we can do excessive amounts of damage and remove her concentration that way there see just needed to remove half her health bar which sounds awful I know but in reality its only about three hits and just like that half free Priscilla is complete as is our acquisition of our true reason for being here lets Jump Ahead shall we do do you get it please tell me you get it I dont have much time please God say you get it after bullying the cheese demons a bit no its not because they killed me off camera shut up I show the inner Orlando archers my tight walking skills and make my way to the bonfire huh wheres Solaire oh yeah in any case time for an upgrade I collect the last few pieces of demon titanite I need both directly from the source and from a nearby Treasure Chest then visit the giant blacksmith to make a potentially dangerous Choice turns out the only other Scythe in the game requires that you use a plus 10 Halbert weapon to make it and the only one Ive got is my great Scythe damage is a little less at least a plus zero but that bleed boost is something else  __  it you only live once what kind of example would I be for the few remaining NPCs if I didnt live life to the fullest Oh My Oh My Oh Me Oh My now dont get too excited for those of you unfamiliar with this weapon all that bleed and damage comes at a cost every time the lifehunt Scythe hits an enemy the user takes bleed damage as well and if that bleed build up crosses the line well you know what happens next luckily for me I thought ahead turns out I lied when I said there was only one thing I wanted in the painted world I also picked up the bloodshield which true to its name increases your bleed resistance by a not insignificant amount more bleed resistance means more swings before popping ourselves hopefully its enough guess well find out and what better way to test a completely new weapon than by throwing ourselves into the meat grinder theres the wind-up and the pitch alright seriously what the actual  __  did I just kill Ornstein in three hits three and Im sure I dont need to tell you that smell is no better big guy bleeds as easily as a freshly fed mosquito oh God what a terrible mental image I am so sorry about that anyway God to your weapon damage aside I get the Lord vessel from the local catfish and am now free to move about the country I engage in a little Jolly uncooperation which goes very well then helps Shiva find rest oops cant forget the cat what a fool we have what a wretched fool we have oh right cats dont have souls dogs on the other hand dogs are too good for this Earthly plane because every dog is a good dog even when they arent rest easy big pup your best friend will be joining you soon on the other side and before you add me in the comments I know some people feel very strongly about their cats and would consider them their best friend but if you think for one second that that best friend of yours wouldnt eat your face immediately given the chance youd be anyway inevitable comment war that Ive probably started aside I preemptively take care of the Hydra free dust from her mobile crystalline prison then decide to flex and head to newlando First instead of last hello ingord this is a surprise I know exactly what your intentions are oh good its always better when youre ready to go peacefully come along then hold on a minute bud you cant go changing your mind halfway through thats not how this works right moving on a few one hit kill dark rates later and were finally home sweet home got a few Intruders to deal with first though shouldnt take long now funnily enough this is the first fight in a long time thats worth commenting on because while our damage output is plenty fine Im a little worried about the backlash turns out you cant kill one of the Four Kings without either dancing around waiting for the bleed bar to diminish or taking the hit and letting the bar burst and that bleed damage is no joke one burst knocks out about 75 of my health bar so I need to be near full health before letting it burst and need to use an Estus flask to refill my health once its gone off thankfully its not too hard to time the First with the death of each King so I can almost guarantee that Ill have a safety window to chug and Estes but this is definitely the most pressure Ive felt in a boss fight this entire run pretty neat to see how that trade-off mechanic can really affect the way you play that said its still a one and done fight not much you can do again its that kind of damage but hey it is what it is I didnt make the game I just find the best ways to break it oh hello there what are you doing down here oh right theres two of you isnt there I always forget about this ending I dont think Ive done this questline since I 100 of the game on those years ago never felt right bringing about nothing but Darkness but if ever there was a run where its appropriate to bring about the age of dark this is it Ive already begun varying souls to the Sweet still Embrace of the Abyss might as well do the job right so with a new goal in mind lets wrap up the run time to make our way through the last of the Lord Souls starting with C but first a short detour my fight with the Four Kings has me a little worried about future boss encounters so I think its time we gave Oswald a visit Auto or need all sinners Ozzy I appreciate the Hustle but death doesnt care about Sin all I care about is this ring youve got here and lets just throw this on here and holy  __  what how much has this always been here does the poison bite ring do this much damn if youre struggling with poison or bleed damage now you know can possible to visit guy has the goods no I dont think I will anyway where were we oh right seeth well turns out between power within and the bleed byte ring I had absolutely nothing to worry about seat goes down in five heads I I just can we move on please this is actually making me upset back into the catacombs three shot pinwheel without power within then withhold information from the audience because Im a little Scamp its a silly little Scamp speaking of little scamps and with that all out of the way its time for Neato time to see who deserves the title of living death its me its most definitely me and yeah credit where credit is due Neato did give me a run for the money at the end there and I may or may not have panicked for a hot minute but in the end the Lord of death was killed to death by death wait what into the demon ruins where Kirk tries his best to avenge his family to no avail and with that thorn no longer in our side its time for The Gauntlet this should be e the demon fires age takes all of six hits to kill no surprise there considering oh God the mosquito analogy the sentiment demon is much the same though upsettingly it only takes five and after banishing Kirk to the shadow realm we slip and slide down to the Bed of Chaos who as always only takes three hits is that a record beating the entire izalith Gauntlet in 14 hits I mean its definitely a personal best on my end but you have to wonder but with the Lords Souls all collected and all but two bosses defeated in the main game I think its time we completed the DLC dont worry Ill be quick the sanctuary Guardian is a complete joke taking four hits to kill without power with inactivated I love a good start oh look a talking mushroom my strength could surely assist thee in thy travels no I dont think it can hey Chester take your lumps wait hold on thats not how this works youre supposed to take the lumps not give them ow the hell why are you so strong respect the sippy break respect the sippy Brit respect the super break please have mercy anywho moving right along time to give our Tories a go the damage is great so no worries there but there is a slight problem the sites not doing much Poise damage so uh dont dont do that instead play it smart and safe weve got a whole minute of power within to work with no need to rush things just take your time wait for the longer animations and give them the old R2 whenever youre ready you is that not the soul of the man who fell on this spot would you be willing to part with it did you just ask death if she would give back a soul surely you knew how this was going to go oh the same way it happened to everyone else let me just skip ahead a bit here just uh just skip this part skip skip skip ah there we go Manus now Ill admit I died to mantis on the first try definitely got a little full of myself and considering I was dishing out numbers like that can you blame me in the end my Hubers caught up to me and I accidentally tried to use a Humanity when I meant to use a silver pendant so uh yeah oops did much better on the second go round though oh and dont worry about dust shes safe now I saved her and after letting goth ground cow meet for me now I decided it was time to put the poor guy out of his misery Goff if the entirety of Dark Souls couldnt stop death up to this point theres not much chance youll fear any better better just to let go my friend and after a somewhat dizzying and definitely lackluster fight against calamit weve done it weve cleared the entire DLC in one or two tries each easy game get good scrub you know what Ill do you win better Ill even take on the double Sanctuary Guardians like that one guy in the comments keeps telling me to do theyre incredibly annoying to fight since they constantly interrupt each others rhythms by attacking out of sync but it feels like they only have half the health of a norm of loss and once you can find a minute to get an attack in theyre not all that hard there are you happy now are you not entertained anyway time to wrap things up theres a few NPCs I missed on my first go-round and I wouldnt want to let them down so lets finish who we can the undead female Merchant if youve never attacked her is absolutely great this woman I kid you not will go on a rant for several minutes about how much she hates you when you attack her its the greatest thing Ive ever seen and Ive ruined it Ill uh Ill show you next time and then we have Bob here say hi Bob why anyone Bob and with Bobs key we can now reach Griggs who lets be honest wasnt long for this world anyway then weve got Rickard here who uh huh it would appear that Rickard has decided to wait for the ending to die kinda upset about that one but such is death then theres Andre who has the best moveset Ive ever seen he literally just drop kicked death in the chest what an absolute unit and hes dead and after upsetting the remaining God in Anna Orlando I slay not one but two Dark Moon protectors then put the giant blacksmith to bed and after all of that all thats left is Mrs lemon and gwyndolin was it how dare you produce a blade blade honestly Im just as confused as you are youll have to take it up with Miyazaki hes the one who wanted sites like this oh damn nicely done love well played as always watching the way you play Dark Souls makes me better at Dark Souls time to wrap this up all right then three hits just three hits anyway I head back to Sens fun house to finish my collection and finally can finish the Run um Thad isnt a mood come on Anastasia time to go all right never mind Ill see you in the end credits drop some Souls run down the spookum stairs and after powering up for the last time I begin the final fight with Quinn its exactly what youd expect I even did him an extra kindness and refused to Parry the poor guy and hopes that he would give me a better fight but yeah besides class op please Nerf and thats it dark souls beaten with just sides what a ride but now with Darkness fully enveloping the land the Embrace of death is finally complete my quest is over and the age of dark everyone can finally rest oh God I made a terrible mistake Music best steam games for 4gb ram SEPARATE THE CHAFF, HARVEST THE WHEAT.Dark Souls has scythes, but it also technically DOESNT have scythes...I guess theyre considered halberds now? But dont confuse that with the Scythe in the game thats actually a bardiche. ...uh...just...just watch the video. Its clearer there, I promise. Can you beat Dark Souls 1 with just Scythes? Probably. But its always fun to do these kind of weapon showcases. || MUSIC || Goron Village - Zelda Majoras Mask Captain - Topher Mohr and Alex Elena The Rain Formerly Known as Purple - Risk of Rain 2 Pirates - Zelda Windwaker Night - Bugdom Shamburger - Age of Empires 2 Pale Watchers - Bastion Pond - Bugdom Katana Zero - Katana Zero Stickerbush Symphony - Donkey Kong Country 2 Boss Room Calm - Zelda Twilight Princess || Lemons Socials || Twitter | Steam | Discord | 2nd Channel | || Support the Channel || Patreon | Youtube Members | Click JOIN below the video! || Business Inquiries || Email | #thebacklogs #darksouls #challengerun #scythe #scythes how to steam an artichoke how to copy a steam game to another pc steam mac os games steam game award giveaway how to steam spinach