How to Parry in Dark Souls Remastered

Steam user idgames under 2 euro steam DARK SOULS™: REMASTERED steam welcome back to how to souls my name is rich and today were going to look at how to paddy in dark souls 1. so first of all the main thing to keep in mind with this game is that the paddy window is really early compared to the other two games meaning that you almost want to hit your l2 motion as the enemy is thinking about hitting you theres three types of shields in this game there are the smaller bucklers offering less in the way of defense but have a much larger paddy window meaning its much easier to hit the paddy uh your normal sort of mid-range like a kite shield which has you know good defense and good they can paddy also with a slightly smaller window obviously and then you have like your tower shields like your great shields who have the highest defense the highest stability but they actually a lot of the time cant paddy at all so if you want to be the parry god i recommend going with a buckler youre not going to be using this for blocking unless youre like panicking which is i guess quite common in this game so youre gonna use it just for padding because it does have that larger window okay so you see that there like i parried as his attack was coming down so a lot of these enemies youll get used to their attacks they have a wind up and then just as theyre about to hit you you see that it has a top point and just as it starts to come towards you hit l2 you can parry most enemies your size but some that are even larger than you if youre brave enough if youre brave enough you definitely can so just as the attack is coming out of the wind up thats your window if you want to take advantage of an enemy thats been staggered after a padding press r1 or rb the attack button the light attack button whatever controller youre using once again this will only work as long as youre not blocking im using a weapon with a high critical effect the bandits knife so you can see about midway down the page it has an extra critical effect so if we compare it to this short sword which is just a hundred this bandits knife has 147 which means itll do bonus damage from ripoffs attacks and back stabs so its really good for a sneaky little thief thats learning to get good at backstabbing and with parrying theres a number of reasons why i do recommend learning how to party properly in this game one of them is these guys so these guys you can wail on their shield all you want but it takes quite a lot to get them to drop it its a really effective way other than kicking you can kick the shield but a really effective way is to parry their sphere it leaves them really open and you can crit and thats them gone so once again as with all the tanks right after the wind up just as its coming over to you thats when you hit your padding you can even parry jumping attacks which is always really satisfying thats a good point another reason why its really effective to learn how to parry is just that it looks so damn cool another good reason to learn how to parry is that sometimes you come up against enemies in a really enclosed space and blocking is just not a reasonable solution so if you can grow some balls and learn to parry the likes of this guy you will find your life a whole lot easier i was sort of hoping hed turn around and notice me by now sir it is a little scary but again i recommend using the buckler because if you hack up just a little bit it almost sort of like negates it by having that generous parry window so thanks to my critical knife this guy goes down in three patties which again makes you feel like a bit of a god gives you that little false sense of security maybe i am good at this game yeah hey let me know how you get on in the comments below ive been rach and this is how to souls please do subscribe if you want to see more videos like this it really helps me out im going to go paddy habble seeing a guy with a great big weapon me with my tiny little shield oh yeah i hope you enjoyed the video ive got a couple others on screen now if you want to check them out maybe youll like them too how to check steam games player count Parrying in Dark Souls doesnt have to be just for the pros. Here we talk about how to learn to parry early in the game and how it can help you on your journey through the game. best steam games to get on sale steam free games 2022 how will i know if i won a steam deck erro steam must be running to play this game appear offline on steam