Can You Beat DARK SOULS 1 With Only Whips?

Pompano steamedblack myth: wukong steam DARK SOULS™: REMASTERED steam hey its lemon welcome to the backlogs today were gonna do something a little different were gonna play a run thats been completed in the past now for those of you whove been around for a while you know that i dont like to do challenge runs that have already been done especially when theyre in a video format similar to mine standing on the shoulders of giants and calling myself tall just isnt my thing that said people kept requesting i do this one and i can see why its good fun so without further ado can you beat dark souls 1 with only whips four years ago a wild deathstroke made a single dark souls video just one but with that single video he started a meme that continues in the dark souls community to this day i forgot the doll yep that was him and because of him i and any other dark souls players with an internet connection have never forgotten the doll to this day so kudos to you deathstroke your pain has been our gain ill put his video in the channel links in the description now while deathstroke has already beaten us to the punch i still think its worth seeing if we can complete this run easier than him after all i wouldnt be able to call myself that one guy on youtube who sometimes plays dark souls but also other games too please stop pigeonholing me if i didnt so without further ado lets get started go to sleep so i can tell everyone else about todays sponsor chimera chimera is an online clothing company who those of you on the channel might be a bit familiar with by now they make all sorts of clothing items and all of their items are high quality without the accompanying high price tag youd expect theyve recently increased their stock with a couple new articles like these fancy joggers or if basement gaming isnt for you why not try out these new shorts theyve got live somewhere where winter is already reaching out with its cold and clammy fingers theyve got a sweater for that too personally 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as you can see our damage is not great the strong attack does a bit more damage but not by much and the animation is slow i dont think well be using that much there we are asylum demon down moving right along we arrive in firelink shrine and immediately spend our points i decided to put my levels into getting one attunement slot which well need later and a little more dexterity which well need forever afterwards i unlocked the back door to blighttown with the master key somehow managed to get both poison and toxic almost immediately then climb my way back into blighttown with absolutely no close calls whatsoever yep not a single one but now that weve got our whip legitimately we can start this run in earnest come on buddy we can draw our name with sparklers later against regular enemies the whip is fine it takes more than one hit but at least the range and the fact that my attacks cant be parried is nice no plunging attacks though and it looks like the animation is very height specific ah well well take what we can get on to the tourist demon yeah that uh thats some bad damage it takes a long time and i made far more mistakes than i would have liked since im still getting used to the whips move set but eventually taurus goes down now some of you are probably still wondering what the actual hell does sbs stand for and in order to show you im gonna have to do something unfortunate im sorry im sorry look solaire you have to believe me its for the best if anything im doing you a favor here ill even help you find your own son its right here in the form of dragonfire alright son bro even in death you were gloriously incandescent but theres no time to mourn its time for sexy party solaire Music if you only knew how much hate i got for this little joke seriously can someone get bonfireside chat on the phone they owe me at this point but with our whip upgraded a timer 3 and our sexiness at 11 its time to take on the gargoyles and all things considered things arent so bad i mean dont get me wrong i would kill for some better damage and will as the run goes on but at the very least this is manageable there we are two gargoyles whipped and low fat just the way we like it one bell down one more to go the party continues Music after a short stop at the undead merchant its time to make this build actually strong thats right its magic time baby for the low low price of 3 000 souls and 10 intelligence you can boost pretty much any garbage weapon into the stratosphere damage wise for example 76 damage without a buff 125 with thats quite literally double damage time to go show some people our new trick hey law trek look what i got now this run is really starting to whip into dont you run away from my terrible jokes anyway a quick stop for the grass crest shield later and were back in the lower undead burg honestly its not so bad the fact that the thieves arent able to parry my attacks this go around means i can just attack with abandon speaking of attacking with abandon its time for the capra demon with our magical whip the dogs go down in a single hit and thanks to our large pecks and assless chaps we can tank through their bites and get them out of the fight after that its a simple matter of wearing down capra as easily said as it is done first try you dont see that every day with my whip finally at plus five were ready to push on to the next boss i make a new friend grab the large ember pretend to be a lion tamer for a bit then finally make my way to the gaping dragon okay time out who made this hitbox seriously why is it perfect while the gaping dragon can sneeze across the room and hit me i want names as you can see even with a plus 5 whip and magic weapon buff were still not doing a whole lot of damage ive seen worse but yeah not great but hey at least we learned that whips can still cut off tails thats neat i guess it takes two tries and a lot of patience but eventually the gaping dragon goes down a few levels pumped into attunement dexterity and intelligence and were back to our good friend blighttown yay a licorice whip or two later and weve now got power within and yes that does in fact stack with magic weapon now to just use it against quail egg so we can i forgot the glove well thats unfortunate maybe lightning does more damage than magic does nope ah well you wouldnt saw me lose some but theres only room in this playthrough for one shirt this person so yeah take your lumps and get out of here two bells run disneyland awaits but before we go there we cant let deathstrokes suffering go to waste time to go get us a doll i head into battle with a stray demon with basically nothing more than my optimism and undying patience and yeah we probably should have waited it took all of my magic weapon casts and more than five minutes of constant whipping but we did it probably should have waited until after the painted world to fight him but with him being weak to bleed and all i got the doll oh and my pyroglove finally remembered to grab that too into sens house of tedium where everything has too much health and takes upward of five minutes each to kill at least the iron golem wont be so bad well the good news is that we can knock him off the bridge if we do enough damage to his heels the bad news is that even with power within and magic weapon on im doing at most 50 damage definitely doable but not easily oh come on put me down you wolf this isnt sexy this isnt sexy at all it took a few tries but eventually i convinced the golem that theres an even sexier party at the bottom of the ravine he takes the bait and after a little help from a painting guardian its finally time to upgrade our arsenal well start with a little great magic weapon deeper blue means deeper damage and after admiring some artwork like a true scholar were finally here time to get our weapon of choice there he is the party god himself with that spiked whip flame whip incantation and chiseled abs this man is everything i hope to be and despite all odds jeremiah accepts our offering and confirms that we are in fact the next sexy party lord thank you big j may your head wrap forever be phallic anyway time to get out of here miss lady in all honesty were at a really good point with this build weve got the strongest buff im probably gonna go out of my way to get this run because lets face it logans questline sucks and once i can get some bleed damage on top of that were golden oh and i can fast roll because fast rolling is best rolling you may not like it but this is what peak performance looks like after heading back to andre and upgrading my notched whip to plus 10 its time to see what were working with um so i have some questions so it turns out the notch whip really isnt that much better than a regular whip the only thing putting it ahead is the bleed damage and if an enemy is resistant to that well there you go also wheres solaire i feel like we havent seen him in a while oh yeah sad feelings aside its time to deal with these knuckleheads god i hope one of them takes bleed damage well it isnt smoke the damage is pretty significant so im not complaining much god i hate this boss i hate them so much okay looks like ornstein doesnt really bow to bleed damage either great just normal whip fight then this should go well for me wait a minute wait a minute that was bleed it does exist guess i just wasnt applying enough damage fast enough for it to proc which makes sense this fight is constantly pushing you onto the defensive i cant say im that surprised it takes multiple tries but eventually smoke goes down finally now we could be hyper aggressive wait stop my sexy abs well with great magic weapon on and my aggression through the roof im guessing this fight will oh god not again but yeah this fight isnt too bad if you actually avoid getting stabbed and after using all my estus and most of my humanities hornstein goes down the sexy party lives on sexy party solaire finds a new son to worship even though its just as intangible as the first then uses his newfound ability to warp to go give some ghosts a good time which they appreciated but no the real reason were here is to get a very large ember for our whip what you thought id make a sex joke here low-hanging fruit is beneath sexy parties solaire you dare sully his name some tense dark gray thrinding and a very large ember later and weve got ourselves everything we need for a plus 15 notched whip time to go test it out on sif wait wait did i skip the butterfly oh by fletchy i did all right hold up well take about a minute there we are all done only took a single cycle too anyway back to what we were doing time for sif good pupper not a whole lot to see here i keep my whip one-handed so its more likely to hit sips belly and without even using a magic buff zip goes down easily on the first try before we push on i almost forgot to place the lord vessel that would have been awkward come on frampt no sleeping at a sexy solaire party you can sleep when youre dead oh no well im wide awake there we are punch bowl was running a little low had to make a run to his sons quick stop to get a refill its not a party unless youve got some of solaires famous estus soup on hand for those of you wondering its simple to make just mix 12 bottles of everclear with a single drop of sunny d youll know youve got it right when your punch full explodes with the power of the sun anyway time to get some lord souls i clear out pinwheel with ease then ignore his mass drop because sexy party solaire needs no mask he has all the helmet he need all right fine lets see what it is bob right first lord of the day come on nito lets see what you got well the skeleton mobs arent going to be a problem this time around so thats good and while neato himself is a little hard to reach at times hes taking plenty of damage this go around as well a short while later and thats that first try neato lets go i swear this boss used to be harder on to gwyndolin this should be pretty easy uh yep no issues here it takes all of five cycles to decimate their health bar to zero moving on man what happened i swear we were struggling up to this point now everyones going down in a few hits honestly not sure where the power spike happened i dont have a whole lot more to say the build is done now its just a matter of beating the game oh god oh god please base god so with that in mind ladies and gentlemen raise your drink of choice its time for the end game Music very good Music Music so Music and thats it thats everyone gathered up for the party yes the soup is ready and the party gods have accepted our offering time for one last push you know i was worried initially whips have never been my favorite weapon type and the brief encounter i had with them in each game never really instilled any confidence in their ability but maybe i was wrong they do have a place in this series anyway time to give it her all one last time so im seeing some issues the damage is nice so no complaints there but the fact that i cant seem to get a hit in without getting one in return is definitely going to be a problem and theres no way im changing my armor to fight against quinns damage ive suffered too greatly at the hands of chat for me to forgo this joke in the final stretch so were gonna need a different strategy time to break out the off-brand pegba a little strategy that i like to call poor mans parry basically much like the pegba the whole point is to successfully and consistently lure out an attack that can be easily parried for the poor mans parry we just back it up and wait for that little jumping attack quinn is so fond of this method does two things one it keeps gwin at a nice range which means less dodging and less chip damage and two it gives you ample time to recognize an attack is coming mentally prepare yourself and press the parry button now its not 100 consistent theres obviously some user error that has to be accounted for but its called the poor mans parry for a reason and when youre working with limited windows of opportunity every attack you can eke out is important holy thats gotta be the one and only time ive ever dodged with a backhop carl tell me you got that on camera did you see that it took several attempts and about an hour of trial and error working out the kinks but eventually eventually gwen goes down and thats it dark souls 1 beaten with nothing but whips heres hoping you had a good time i know i did thanks again to a wild deathstroke for the initial concept and for all of you for encouraging me to give it a try i feel like i learned something today couldnt tell you what but something for sure feel free to press all the youtube buttons if youre feeling spicy and want to help the channel out and if you want some shorter easier to digest content after all that partying we just did you can find that sort of thing over on my second channel shortcut unlocked ill throw a link in the description for those of you who dont like typing other than that thats all ive got take care of yourselves be good to one another ill see you all again soon Music you please run game maker studio from inside steam Aint no party like a Sexy Solaire Party.Time to find out if you can beat Dark Souls 1 with only whips. 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