Can You Beat DARK SOULS 1 With Only Daggers?

Instant gaming steam keywhat to do when steam games won't launch DARK SOULS™: REMASTERED steam foreign hey its lemon welcome to the backlogs you know after the intense challenge run we just did I think weve earned ourselves a little break dont you so for todays challenge run rather than do some of the Wilder runs Ive got rolling around in the murky soup that is my mind were gonna find out can you beat Dark Souls 1 with only daggers all right so lets address the immediate criticism that will pop up in the comments section at least three times yes you can beat the game with daggers obviously but if youre only coming to this channel for the answer to the question there you go for the rest of us who are here for the adventure good news youre about to learn more about daggers than you ever cared to look forward to it for obvious reasons weve chosen the thief as our starting class and within one minute of starting the game weve already gotten our first weapon inappropriately named the bandits knife kinda weird it isnt called the thiefs knife but okay and after Oscar gives us some Sunny D for our travels we test out our weapon seems to work well enough Ill take 232 damage any day for anyone new to the channel youre about to find out why daggers are my favorite weapon choice in every game I play theyre quick to attack lightweight and usually come with a status effect of some kind in the case of the Bandits knife every few strikes causes bleed which as Im sure you can tell is very effective in Dark Souls and there we go first boss down move right along now for the sake of making this challenge a bit more of a um challenge we wont be using anything but daggers which means no Shields Im sure itll be fine I throw my Souls into dexterity because thats going to be our stat of choice for the entire run then get a little practice in for my parries or posts and backstabs all of which are much stronger with daggers than most other weapons yet another reason why I love daggers so much that sweet sweet dopamine Rush from seeing big numbers as a direct result of your mechanical abilities its impossible to pass up before we get too far into the run I make a quick pit stop and head into the New Londo Ruins dodging ghosts as best as my little feet can and after a short Trek we find our prize the parrying dagger the parrying dagger has the largest Perry window in the game tied along with the Buckler and other Parry Shields and considering this build is best able to handle mobs if it can Parry them this little beauty is going to be pulling its own weight the entire run I stopped by the undead Merchant to grab myself a new dagger which would be great if we didnt have a main hand dagger already but unfortunately it just cant compare to the Bandits knife weve already got not only do we have the bleed status effect but the crit multiplier is bigger as well bigger crits means less times I have to Parry the World Las Paris means less chances that Ill goof it and be forced to eat a Greatsword without so much as a single pad of butter but luckily for us Dark Souls 1 is my comfort food and pairing enemies in this game is as easy as breathing usually still get a little tense every time I try to parry-havel but with Havel defeated we now have access to his ring which increases our carry weight to the extreme and will help keep us quick rolling this entire run and with Havels shortcut now unlocked we now have access to the next big push for this build Andre and His Infinite supply of titanite shards and after popping a few souls to pay the man we now have a bandits knife plus five which means its the perfect time to fight against the Taurus demon Alpha Health bar with one attack huh not bad not bad at all as expected Taurus is no challenge whatsoever and between the decent damage my dagger already does and the bleed procs happening alongside it the Taurus demon goes down with ease and after sneaking past the neighborhood watchdog I abuse the extreme damage coming from my critical attacks and enjoy the fact that I can for once kill mob enemies with relative ease its not a luxury I usually get with these Channel drones just let me soak it in I even have enough damage when two-handing my dagger that I can kill draglings with a single strike its a beautiful thing and so without much further Ado its on to the Gargoyles yeah no Im not gonna complain about that not even a little bit and with the gargos defeated on the first try we can move on you know its times like these where Im a bit torn on one side Im having a great time the bosses are easy the weapons are doing actual damage and Im blowing through the game on the other hand though its too easy is that it I dont know man its hard to put my finger on it its like my brain is hardwired to expect difficulties at every turn and when it doesnt find them it just gets bored Ive been noticing that a lot lately actually Ive been trying to do myself a kindness and play games I havent had time to get around to you know emptying out the actual backlog a bit but every time I do that I get bored after a few hours of play and its not the fault of the game Im playing some excellent stuff were talking Hollow Knight Last of Us 2 project Zomboy all great games all of them very solid but without a challenge run behind them I just cant do it I get into the meat of the game and just go meh but a challenge run oh hell that gets my booty moving and can guarantee this is absolutely whats happening remember Grime excellent metroidvania very interesting bosses World level design The Works easily an 8 out of 10 in my book but my first try through I just got so bored so many weapons I could use so many skills and I was bored but then I decided to only use the Perry ability man well the rest is history blew through the game had a great time lets face it Im broken I forgot to check myself and now Ive wrecked myself sorry rant over in case youre listening to the video instead of just watching it I went ahead and got my Elite Knight armor killed the Moonlight Butterfly then unlocked sips Arena so I could grab the Hornet ring and now with our build looking pretty darn good I think its time I show you exactly how broken bleed can be hold on to your butts hello stray demon long time no see as you can see were not doing a whole lot of damage with the dagger itself but as soon as the bleed kicks in yeah pretty much an entire segment of Health with one proc and it doesnt take long either three swings is enough to get it going but after a very short fight the stray demon goes down let me see a dance I take a quick side step back to my old cell to make sure we dont forget the doll and hire Oscar to show off the new Hornet ring animations in case you didnt know the Hornet ring does more than just increase your critical hit damage it also gives your weapons The Old Demon Souls animations when used on humanoid enemies which is a nice touch anyway back to Firelink where Logitech gets his just desserts that damage then down into the Lower Undead Burg to clear out the imposters and doggies hiding around town you might think the camper demon would be a little tricky without a shield but have a little faith after all dogs are easily hit with a two-handed attack and go down in a single hit and if there was anything I took away from watching Predator at an extremely young age its this if it bleeds we can kill it moving on I grabbed the Large Ember ow if we are boy laurentius just in case we need them later get forced to go down the slip and slide by our friend Alphonse here and eventually find my way to the gaping dragon I mean its not incredible damage but its nothing to scoff at either the dragon must have incredibly High bleed resistance because for the life of me I cant get it to proc combine that with the fact that our guy here is feeling very jumpy today like seriously what is this Ive never seen him jump this much can you please just stay down Im trying to its not too bad of a fight nothing we havent fought before and although it took a little longer than I would have liked the gaping dragon finally goes down easy enough though we are starting to see why daggers tend to be discarded by most players the damage falloff is pretty intense but with the gaping dragon down we finally maxed out dexterity which means I can start putting some points into endurance which is good for two things with enough endurance Ill be able to wear heavier armor negating our Shield problem and every point also means Ill have a larger stamina bar which means Ill be able to swing away with abandon life goals weve got them now if I can just upgrade my dagger so it can one shot every enemy I come across thatd be great were getting there but like I said life goals after killing off the sewer parasite and grabbing power within just in case you never know I Sprint my way past all my favorite creatures in the game so I can get to grinding yep its time for that part of the run the point of this grind is twofold first we need large titanite shards to upgrade our dagger to plus 10. since we have to make at least some kind of effort to keep Pace with the boss Health pools and second if possible Id like to get my hands on some green titanite later on in the Run well be dealing with all sorts of skeletons and having something that can keep them from resurrecting would be a welcome addition to the build and with all that taken care of its time for our next boss whats up girl well it looks like shes another boss that doesnt allow bleed damage to whittle her down so thats unfortunate but its not like my dagger does no damage at all better than what were used to anyhow and with a little dodging a little tomfoolery and a proper amount of patience the spider lady goes down I am the Lord of the Dance and also the lord of the bells two down none to go which means its time to boogie on down to sons Fortress snake men never had a chance and with the Giants up above properly disposed of its time for the Golem himself hi Tom the damage has to be expected is terrible but we knew that would be the case going into this fight not terrible enough to keep him from staggering though and though my aim was off and we dont get to enjoy the comedic Genius of Miyazaki we do get to enjoy it in one of its many other forms hilarious okay okay Ive got one how long does a jousting match usually last until Nightfall look you might as well laugh Ill be here all week a little more endurance a little health and while it may not be quite the look I was hoping for weve got a respectable fashion Souls going on Ill take what I can get right moving on weve got a few friends on the Rafters we need to wait hold on you were dead how did you just you know what never mind thats not to dwell on it I make my way past the Inn Orlando Archers first try by the way God I love pairing the world then arrive at what will be likely the biggest choke point of the run so far right lets see what were oh oh oh oh hello small Buddy this wont do this wont do it all okay well one down I guess one to go hornstein is a bit more like I was expecting decent damage but no bleed oh wait never mind smoke too soon the bleed build up is garbage though but regardless despite this fight usually being extremely difficult and every other challenge run Ive done the Fantastic 2-0 go down without a hitch not sure that the Leo ring will actually help but hey its good to have options and with them down we now have the ability to warp everywhere and anywhere right on right on better make sure we get everything we need before we start the second half of the game a little pyromancy glove action in case we need power within and completely out of left field the force Miracle why you ask oh youll see youll all see but with that all taken care of its time to scoot on past all the painting Guardians God dang 901 damage almost four digits baby then gently caress the painting just the way it likes oh no and after remembering that I havent been leveling my Vitality nearly as much as I should I discovered that I can kill all the enemies safely with backstabs so thats good and now the moment youve all been waiting for Priscilla sorry boys and girls but a daggers a dagger and Dark Souls 1 only has six I need every one I can get now the first time I tested this run the biggest struggle was that we couldnt knock Priscilla out of her invisibility which led to me getting murdered over and over again by her scythe and the heavy bleeded incurred but if one happens to have Force which does zero damage but a bunch of poise ta-da invisibility problem solved now for the new problem how to get that tail off without accidentally killing Priscilla with lead damage answer by hacking at it repeatedly duh and just like that new dagger acquired now I guarantee 95 of the community has no idea how this dagger Works since you know it requires you to fight your waifu essentially this dagger is a worse version of the Bandit sagger in that hold up no one ever said this dagger could chance behold I am the Lord of the Dance All Shall love me and despair and there you go spin to win in the most beautiful of ways its a shame we had to kill Priscilla but lets be honest none of you who are familiar with this channel are surprised so yeah Priscillas dagger basically a worse Bandit stagger as far as the numbers are concerned it does about twice as much damage when bleed procs but also takes a little more than twice as many hits to get it to do so on top of that it requires dragon skills to upgrade which is a big oof I wish it were more useful that moveset is beautiful and it would be hilarious to kill every single enemy with dance but I promise Id take it easy on this challenge run so into the bottomless box it goes and with the Lord vessel placed its time we got started on the second half of the game make my way down the maze killing all the necromancers as I go and after carefully navigating down the death hole we come across Papa calcium how we doing champ be gone with you why they decided to use that audio for his voice Ill never know anyway on to the last Road bump between me and the Lords Souls Id say roadblock but well you know and after less than 30 seconds of combat pinwheel goes down not exactly surprising considering how well this build has been doing so far but still down into the darkness where I nearly one shot Vincent Neato talk about a rough deal sorry boss but with them out of the way and the rest of the darkness navigated its time for our first Lord Soul Neato now normally neatos bone boys are a real problem since they constantly respawn and give you grief but I came prepared for that this time around and with our damage being what it is a quick repost with a Divine dagger is more than enough to keep them down Edo still hits like a dump truck though and takes very little damage from our dagger much like the challenge is back on you know what lets do something fun lets get Paladin Leroy the old Perry and repost eh Lord knows hes given me enough grief in past live streams all right so heres the plan well learn him up toward the cave that way theres no risk of him knocking us off into the abyss below and then we can man wont even let me have fun when Im goofing all right lets try this again dispatch the skeletons then slowly slowly Whittle needle down with our strongest dagger as always the damage isnt great but its nothing we cant handle you do have to squeeze up nice and close to neatos knobby knees though the daggers hitbox is so small that it cant make it through any portion of his cloak it takes a few minutes but overall it wasnt too bad a fight one Lord sold Down dance like youre dead look chat Im learning but more important than learning is fashion hello paladins armor how you doing we wont need you yet but if memory serves the helmet is pretty good looking for my final build I guess well see when we get there doesnt look quite right at the moment though work my way through seats archives then show off my killer dance moves to seep see these theyre the last thing youll ever see just you wait pal just you wait right jailbreak time no weirdness with the bars this time around Red Alert Red Alert the waifu has been slain I repeat the waifu has been slain attack with extreme prejudice oh yeah no nice try moving on into the Crystal Caves past the crystal clams and into the sea boss fight Arena God I look so good Gotta Throw in a little bit of Paladin armor for this fight though the last thing we want to do is get cursed not a whole lot to say about this one just stab repeatedly and repeatedly stab if youre in a really tight spot you can hide in seats armpit so long as hes not doing his super AOE blast attack and with the age-old strategy of hit it till it dies completed seat goes down two Lord Souls complete see Thief told you this dance would be the last thing to ever oh my God I just remembered hes blind uh anyway time to get through isolith this should be fun all right steel from the ceaseless discharge oh look hes angry then just take it easy over by the fog wall until ceaseless makes his way over what you want to see me dance then why didnt you say so um Music what you dont like my dancing honestly the residents of lordran wouldnt know class if it hit them in the face repeatedly with the sharp end anyway on to the next one demon fire Sage much like his Brethren the fire stage is extremely weak to bleed damage which means this fight is nothing to really talk about I did decide to finally start using power within since I havent gone out of my way to upgrade my dagger to plus 15 but outside of that easy fight all the way around nothing to really say here lets move on on to the centipede demon this will not be different first things first we need to come a little closer to our platform and once its finally over here we just need to get to work hacking at its legs its a bit of a bully when it comes to pushing you around which is really annoying especially when it up and decides that todays the day you learn how to swim in lava but after invoking The Power Within and getting munched on a bit we Bleed It Out through its Achilles heel and finally acquire the lava ring that wasnt so bad annoying sure but not terrible and with the last of the aggressive witches of isolate dispatched easy there lemon its time for the Bed of Chaos there goes one and two and three easy boss please fix well back to New Londo and on to the last lord soul of the game now because someone is going to say it yes the female ghosts can drop a dagger just the ones with the lightning babies though the other ghost drop a jacket ghostblade which is not a dagger its a curved sword and since theres only one female ghost in this area and the dagger drop is literally a one percent chance were gonna have to let that one go I can see the comment sections tears now dont worry though theres still one more dagger were going to pick up before the run is over patience is a virtue but before we get too ahead of ourselves I just realized that I forgot to get the abyss Walker ring from Sif damage is pretty decent though the bleed proc is definitely no bueno on this fight still dagger definitely pulls its own weight and more easy fight would pet the dog again anyway back to New Londo where I finally decide to pick up the very large Ember then go around sling dark rates to get some titanite chunks and with enough chunks gathered the band is dagger the weapon that has been with us since the beginning has finally upgraded to plus 15. perhaps where theyre due not many starting weapons can boast that theyre one of the best options in their class its not without its faults of course the range on this thing leaves a lot to be desired and though it doesnt come up often when it does come up it comes up hard Ive been sitting here for like five minutes trying to hit the singular Hydro head and its driving me nuts I eventually got tricky and decided to Skyrim up these rocks over here which lured the head over just enough for me to do whatever the hell this is but yeah dagger could use a bit more range but with the golden Crystal Golem defeated and dusk rescued the broken pendant is now ours as well I bet theres at least one or two of you in the comments whose ears just perked up thats right its time to head to the DLC yes the Four Kings are still chilling in New Londo but thats fine theyre not going anywhere because believe it or not the plus 15 banish dagger is not our end game Weapon Its amazing And it served us well but its still second to one it is going to give us a solid goodbye before it leaves us though Im gonna miss the little guy itll always be my starting weapon of choice 100 what up girl you like what you see what up guy you like which oh okay guess not unfortunately Chester doesnt have any attacks that can be parried but he can be backstabbed so we got got that going for us there we are drip acquired and am I using that right which means its time to fight the boss that was so good he literally influenced how every other Souls game Boss operated artorius I dont know what everyones so excited about its not like hes that cool so bad news Artorias is not only heavily resistant to bleed but our damage is um that which is to say that our damage is the same its been for every other boss and while normally thats no problem ending the notorious fight as quickly as possible is always a good strategy because artorius hits like a freaking brick to the face and all it takes is one mistake while hes buffed up to end an attempt even with your Vitality properly invested none of my usual strategies are going to work here theres no way to pair your backstab he wont bleed and even power withins damage pales in comparison I hate to say it but when it comes to artorius you just have to get good so good is what I got turns out this Rush attack is a very long animation and lets you get in a heavy attack and its pretty consistent as far as Windows of opportunity go its extremely slow going and it requires about 10 minutes of patience and concentration but remember your training and you will make it back alive which means its time for my reward hello siren long time no see now we could face off against her and get her goodies for free but Im in a generous mood and Artorias did put up a good fight and for our troubles Syrian gives us the best dagger in the Run what no not that one that one oh you thought Id be running around using the Gold Tracer like everyone else did you well you may want to take another look at the weapon description yup its a curved sword and therefore off limits but dont worry the silver Tracer is still an amazing Weapon Its got the highest crit and dexterity scaling in the entire game which is perfect for our build its also got a fantastic moveset and feels really good to play around with thats what Im talking about oh it also does toxic damage but after that kind of damage well kinda unnecessary but with our build fully complete its time to finish the game first up the Four Kings I held off fighting this boss due to the fact that its such a DPS race and I wanted my best weapon before attempting it but turns out I really didnt need to even without power within this dagger is slicing through the Kings like a hot knife through butter each one goes down with a few seconds to spare before the next king can spawn in which is a clear sign that your weapon meets the DPS requirements and is more than enough to clear the boss Four Kings down and four Lord Souls collected we can officially end the run but weve got a few more DLC bosses to go before we do that wouldnt want them to feel left out oh hi Mark a slightly glitchy elevator ride later and were at Manus Father of the Abyss this fight is a little rough though it was mostly because its been a hot minute since I fought Manus and had to remember all of his moves much like artorius you have to wait your turn when it comes to attacking trying to go out of turn will just result in you getting smacked and usually pretty hard but with the silver pendant on hand and your Dodge game on point Manus eventually goes down one more DLC boss to go a Calamine did you know Danny kind of forgot about the iron Fleet but they certainly havent forgotten about her God that season still pisses me off I cant believe they just so time to fight a dragon that was a damage oh okay well its gonna be a bit of an uphill battle but Im sure with enough tenacity and patience we can pull through probably I wont lie to you this fight is slow and painful a bit more than the others but once you learn the movesets and all of Cal meets tells its not so bad just another practice of patience thats all it is and considering patience is all I seem to have these days its not too long before Cal meet goes down you know what this was fun I actually had fun it was still a challenge that required me to plot out my route and think about my actions but never got so bad that I wanted to bang my head against a wall well I still do runs that caused me to bang my head against a wall yeah probably I mean mans got to put food on the table somehow right but at the same time its worth remembering that not every single struggle in life needs to be epic every challenge need not seem impossible until it is done sometimes its okay to just be challenging enough to stimulate the mind just have fun do your best enjoy the ride and who knows maybe by the end youll realize oh my God I forgot Gwendolyn Laughter Music okay crisis averted yeah I deserve that lets see here yeah thats about what I expected let me just give you a few of these and there we go okay time for Gwen hope youre ready to be paired into Oblivion pal because Ive got your num we all knew how this would end we all know the meme and with my build literally being built around Perrys and reposts and doing four digit damage with each strike it only takes four hits and with those four hits Gwyn Lord of Cinder Falls to my blade and proves that yes indeed you can beat Dark Souls with just daggers thank you all for watching I hope you enjoyed the run I know its a bit lighter than our usual challenges but variety is the spice of life hopefully you learned something new about the game that you didnt know before be it a moveset a stat block or just how cool daggers are when a build is built around them but other than that thats all Ive got take care of yourselves be good to one another Ill see you all again soon Music foreign Music most expensive game on steam without dlc ...look, I needed a break, alright? Besides, who knows? You might learn something.Daggers are quick. Daggers are fun. Daggers are not very good when it comes to DPS. But if you have the proper build, know what to look for when it comes to status effects, and are willing to parry the world, who knows? They might just be some of the best weapons you can use. Can you beat Dark Souls 1 with only daggers? Probably. 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