Can you beat Dark Souls Remastered with only Archery? | (Dark Souls Remastered CHALLENGE)

How to broadcast on steammoonlight on steam deck DARK SOULS™: REMASTERED steam greetings and salutations gamers my name is kyle also known as gamers weekend and welcome back to the dark souls challenge today we sweet mother of gwynevere theres a lot more of you now today were going to be taking on the archery only challenge which is pretty simple and has some fun strats but does have its own complications down the road before we get into all that though lets first go over the rules first of all the only weapons im allowed to use are bows and crossbows this challenge begins as soon as i start the game no majors glitches such as death camera or wrong work are allowed and of course i will be at least attempting every single boss in the game also i usually do this at the end of the video but i just wanted to say that the next challenge whenever it comes out is going to be the armor of thorns challenge on new game plus as requested by you guys youre definitely not going to want to miss it so if youre new around here then go ahead and pop that subscribe button so you can be notified as to when it comes out with all of that out of the way this is the dark souls archery only challenge Music we name our character this run uryu after the archer quincy from bleach pick the hunter class and start getting to work on the asylum its business as usual until we get our first weapon the hunters starting short bow and 30 standard arrows its not a whole lot to start off with but it should be enough to get us out of the asylum we actually do fairly good damage with short bow but we need to be careful the bow functions a lot like a physical type spell cast which means throughout this run we will have to time our shots well once we arrive in lordran we already faced the first component to this challenge this run much more than any other run before is heavily dependent upon souls not only do they level us up as always but were going to need tons of souls to keep our stock of arrows supplied so throughout the run we will have to try and balance how much we spend on levels with how much we spend on our ammunition that being said after taking a few levels we can make a quick stop in undead burke to stock up on some more standard arrows before climbing the tower to take out the taurus demon we can get a few shots in while his starting animation plays and then from there its all about timing and creating distance even with an unupgraded short bow we do fairly good damage and get out of the fight unscathed one dragon later and we have the latter shortcut open once again and i bet you all know what time it is soul farming i know its probably getting tedious to listen to me explain it so ill explain this one last time for all the new people some enemies in the game can cause damage to other enemies and the hell kite dragon is one of them by baiting him into an attack he kills all the hollows on the bridge giving 555 souls rinse and repeat for early game soul farming once we have a comfortable amount of souls i head into the sunlight altar past the gate and down to andre i went ahead and purchased enough standard arrows to put me at 200 arrows and head into darkroot theres two different equipment upgrades i can grab here first one is the longbow found on the ramp ledge and second one is the grass crest shield for that sweet sweet stamina region back up to andre to buy some titanite and upgrade our new longbow to plus three which should suffice for now Music typically this is where i would go after gargoyles but first i have a plan to help deal with our soul dilemma i head through the church to grab the fire keepers soul and down to firelink i quickly upgrade my flask and start heading into the catacombs with the two shortcut jumps i can quickly make it to the bottom and into the pinwheel boss fight pinwheel doesnt have much more health than taurus demon but his clones can be an issue this early on in the game thankfully as long as they take a hit they disperse pinwheel actually manages to feel like a real boss this time around but we still managed to take the victory nonetheless thats 15 000 souls in our pocket but more importantly access to the tomb of the giants this is where i quickly make the run to the coveted silver serpents ring which will be boosting our sole income by another 20 this should help us out by quite a bit throughout our run i quickly spend some of the souls from pinwheel and levels and keep about 10 000 to spend at andre i get the rest of the shards i need to upgrade my boat plus 5 and spend the rest of my souls on large arrows Music even though i could probably take on the gargoyles right now i think i have a strategy that might be easier so this time i head down to new londo and through valley of drakes to tackle blighttown first im going to try and kill cuellar first this time around quailag is way tankier and hits way harder than the gargoyles but theres a fun gimmick that may help us out here the human part of cuellars body actually has a poise value of zero so if you hit her human body it immediately stuns her theoretically i could get her into a stun lock its a bit easier said than done but we managed to get her in the stun lock a few times she does break out of it every now and then but we still managed to defeat the chaos witch thats the first bell of awakening rung and while were at it we might as well take out ceaseless discharge back at firelink and we are swimming in souls i go ahead and grab a bunch of levels including some levels in faith and head back up the elevator once more we have a close encounter in the church and head up the ladders to take on the belfry gargoyles we hit pretty hard given the circumstances the second gargoyle does start to cause problems as expected but we have plenty of room to create distance on this roof after a fairly short fight the gargoyles go down thats the second bell of awakening rung and sens house of fours becomes unlocked before we head in we quickly head back to firelink 2. existence truly is suffering i want to clear up some more bosses before we head into anor londo were going to need to start stockpiling seoul soon so we might as well start now the dogs in the lower berg decide that theyre going to cause problems today but eventually we get through and into the kappa demon fight the dogs in this fight are clearly an issue so our best bet is to hope they get knocked off the upper archway and we can land arrows on their way back up after that we tried a 360 no-scope capper for the meme but ultimately just looks stupid Music we head into the depths for a moment to quickly grab the large ember and then we can quickly put some levels into vitality and faith now that we have the large ember we can put large titan knight to use so its time to traverse the bounce house on our way through we grab the large tight knight in front of the first arrow trap behind the serpent in the upper section and on the body on the rooftop we can buy the other three we need for a plus 10 from the crestfallen merchant and take the cage elevator back down to andre for the upgrades before we head into anor londo i remember to quickly backtrack into the catacombs to grab the darkmoon seance ring this will come in handy later Music well it would be sooner rather than later but iron golem exists and let me tell you this boss on archery is just plain rude ideally you get the iron golem locked into an ai loop by having him spam ranged attacks at you whilst you stand in front of cover and shoot back for free but as you can see he didnt cooperate at all the fight ended up lasting almost 10 minutes before he finally submitted to us out of pity at least were past the iron golem although we dont want to spend these 50 000 souls quite yet were going to need them for later so any death year could really hurt our run this giant decides to accept his fate for some reason and we grab the demon titanite behind him theres also another chest with more demon tight knight behind the elevator into the painting temple which should be pretty oh boy its gonna be one of those days isnt it if youre asking whether im a bad shot or painting guardians are just annoying its clearly both as long as we keep recovering our souls we should be you what anyways as long as we oh youve gotta be joking man once weve gotten the elevator turned we head up the stairs and quickly snipe a lightning kovit off the ledge getting past the archers is no issues and we open up the main gates to the londo keep another turn of the elevator later and we use the darkmoon seance ring to unlock gwyndolins boss fight early now i do know there is a cheese for this fight involving the hawk ring but were fighting this guy entirely for his bow so i think its proper for us to fight this guy fair one versus one and boy was it a fight we chased lady moon boy down his hall for an entire 10 minutes so long in fact that we actually reached the end of his hallway this fight took even longer than the iron golem fight but boy will it be worth it back into the and orlando keep to quickly grab the hawk ring behind the giant blacksmith which will increase our range and damage with our bows and then use his services to upgrade to the darkmoon bow giant blacksmith also sells us the best ammunition that we will be using this run the moonlight arrow however they cost 500 souls per era which is pretty ludicrous unfortunately we lost those 50 000 souls in the painting room so thats an entire 100 moonlight arrows that we just lost out on with the souls we have in our inventory we managed to get ourselves 117 moonlight arrows in total but im not entirely convinced that its enough to make much progress with our bow we quickly use the black orb to take out the legend 27 and head to the bedroom to grab ourselves another demon type knight Music thats another two demon type knight to our name six more to go were running very low on arrows so i decided to lay ornstein and smoth for just a little while longer on my way back to sends i picked up the fire keepers soul from the darkmoon fire keeper while im in sends i also quickly grabbed the rare ring of sacrifice and head down to andre to restock on standard arrows im pretty sure 830 should last me long enough afterwards i take out the undead perish titanite demon for another demon titanite and head into darkroot garden moonlight butterfly is next on the hit list and we do more than enough damage to kill her in one cycle cross another boss off our list down the firelink elevator and into the crows nest so we can take on stratemon hes not too difficult but does go on for a while since the stray demon is excessively tanky for absolutely no reason he goes down and while were at it we also grab the peculiar doll and the rusted iron ring back to andre to pick up the crest of artorias and back into the playpen of no return with the rusted iron ring we can move around much easier on the bottom floor to kill three of the titanite demons here for their demon tight knight that puts us at exactly enough demon titanite to fully upgrade our darkmoon bow now we just need the souls after restoring the firelink keeper i quickly run back to the depths to check gaping dragon off our list even with just standard arrows hes an absolute joke and another boss gets crossed off the list back into darkroot and its time to put down sith hes extremely jumpy and can be a pain to hit at times but that doesnt slow us down too much the danger doggo goes down without much of a fight weve accumulated about 117 000 souls so its time to cash in for some moonlight arrows back to the blacksmith to pick up another 235 moonlight arrows loaded up on ammo and upgrades its finally time we take on anor londo slam jam our arrows do great damage to ornstein with the amount of practice ive had on this fight he goes down much quicker than i expected smoff does tank the arrows a bit better and the ai chose some annoying responses to us doing ranged attacks but overall the fight goes about as well as i can ask for the duo goes down and for once we claim the lord vessel without killing gwynevere back to the giant blacksmith and spend the ons souls for another 120 moonlight arrows i believe its time to head into the painted world and cross the breed priscilla off our list an invisible boss fight with a bow and arrow its about as much fun as it sounds but i encountered a strange bug for some reason priscillas dialogue triggers mid-battle and it causes her to freeze in place i could have just shot her to death from here but walking closer seemed to break her out of it and i continued the fight as normal Music now comfortable with the amount of arrows i have i go ahead and put some levels into faith the damage on the darkmoon bow actually scales better with faith than dexterity so thats the primary skill ill be leveling from this point forward afterwards i teleport down to firelink so i can head into the new londo runes with a boat youre able to snipe inward from the base of the building allowing us to completely skip the ghost house and drain the water for kings time and for once we dont pass the dps test because of this we have to minimize the amount of damage were taking that shouldnt be too much of a problem though not a lot of people know this but most of the damage you take from the kings blade actually comes from the blade part of the weapon if you stand close enough so that the hill part of the weapon hits you youll take much less damage keeping this in mind helps us survive the fight claim lord soul number one and place the lord vessel two of the giants time and rave lord is next up on the list with the stone armor equipped his b-boy minions do too little damage to be of any concern and we grind down his health bar with little effort lord soul number two is ours back to the giant blacksmith to restock up on arrows back through blighttown and into the demon ruins for the izalith boss gauntlet first up is firesage and this boss is always either super simple or extremely annoying in these challenge runs unfortunately when youre using a ranged weapon it influences enemy rng to pick more punishing attacks so we get a very annoying fight where he spams magic blasts slowly but surely we take the demon down no time to celebrate because centipede demon is immediately next we aim to hit his arm this fight because killing it can get you the orange charred ring early just like killing his tail from there we have plenty of space to kite out the demon and take him out Music one last boss in izalith and its bed of chaos since we have a boat we can actually do an old speedrunner trick here we can destroy the right side first and then reset the fight with a save and quit then on the left side from the back wall we can snipe out the left orb from a safe position after that its a run through the middle and for one sped of chaos doesnt give us complications lord soul number three is in the bag back to anor londo to head into the dukes archives and into the prison we can use the grab attack of the maidens to get us to the bottom very quickly grab the giant door key and get out of the tower two stairways in a crystal cave later and its blind daddy mccrystal meth time this fight gets very weird and i end up clipping into the boss several times somehow out of all the challenges so far this zeath fight was by far the longest nevertheless we managed to avoid the curse and slowly but surely slay the dragon thats lord soul number four now its time for dlc sanctuary guardian is a pain of the proverbial twin humanities as always and wastes another seven minutes of my life before he finally submits to the reign of arrows after running through the guardians i give artorias a quick attempt to see how this fight is going to work out i definitely think the tank strategy will be viable here but i can already tell i will need to give my healing some more potency before i can give this a real attempt so a new londo is in blighttown trip later and i have a plus 4 estus flask now its time to give this a real go the fight is long and with the tank armor strategy its all about learning which attacks you should face tank which attacks you should dodge and properly spacing your healing between the two slowly but surely we burn through most of our estus in some humanity but the abyss walker goes down its finally time for the battle with the father of the abyss himself menace see his health bar thats no mistake lets reverse the footage shall we Music with the hawk green we can damage manus before even entering his arena with the correct angle its super hard to find but it is there this lets us grind down his health parts and non-existence before the fight even begins thats another boss off our list just a dragon and a skip away and were in the clear Music at first calamity causes us some issues when we try to fight him up close but it turns out hes actually fairly decent to fight from a distance his fire breath attack is punishable but getting caught in it is deadly however by switching out our leather chest piece for the basic knight chest piece we have enough poise to roll out of the breath if we ever get caught in it after a long arduous 15-minute battle with the black dragon we finally claim our victory with a poetic headshot Music after we grab some elizabeth mushrooms we head down to the firelink altar and deposit our souls its time to finish this with the elizabeth mushrooms we regenerate our health quickly but gwyn still hits pretty hard even through our armor thankfully gwyn sometimes tries to dodge arranged attacks even after its already hit him in a surprisingly close battle we finally take out the lord of sunlight and just like that we have officially beaten every single boss in dark souls with only archery this challenge surprised me i knew it wasnt going to be that easy but it definitely gave me a run for my money at certain points bosses like smoth ornstein and gargoyles gave me much less trouble than i expected while bosses like kalameet and seath were a much bigger pain in the ass nevertheless it was a fun challenge and i recommend anybody whos thinking about doing a challenge at home to give it a try speaking of you guys next time we are going to be one of yalls suggested runs the armor of thorns new game plus challenge im already in the planning stage and ive got a bunch of cool strategies and ideas in mind so you definitely dont want to miss it i wanted to make it as a thank you for us hitting the 100 subscriber mark but by the time i get the challenge out who knows what the number is going to be at you guys have been supporting the series like crazy and i seriously cant thank you guys enough from the bottom of my heart thank you for all the support you guys have shown this series so far in the meantime if you guys enjoyed this video then give it a thumbs up bop that subscribe button and ring a tingling that little bell to be notified whenever i drop another video you can also join the discord server and hang out with me and other people in the community by clicking the link in the description below and as always thank you guys so much for watching and i will catch you gamers on the flip side Music Applause later Music you steaming beets how long Most playthroughs, players will use the bow as a strategic tool. But what would happen if you were restricted to ONLY the Bow and Arrow? This is the Dark Souls Archery Only Challenge.---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Join the Discord Server, The Arcade! Outro Song Feel Good by Syn Cole: The Series: mario kart like game on steam best steam games to buy on sale trumpet game steam battle royale games steam free steamed fish near me