Steam Deck - Can I get Elden Ring to Run at 60FPS???

Good games on steam for freesteam 2022 replay DARK SOULS™: REMASTERED steam Music hello everybody its van berman here welcome back to another steam deck video so theres a bit discourse on one of my previous uh videos around how what was the best fps we could get out of olden ring effectively i think there was some discussion over 50 fps which admittedly i thought sounded a little bit ambitious but i guess when you hear of 800 p inverted commas running at high you probably think yeah okay its probably doable so i took it upon myself to try and replicate 50 fps in eldon ring no um so yeah effectively dropping everything down fsr on 800x600 um resolution everything linear um even with the linear scaling as well or whatever its called the one that makes it really small um yeah was not enough to save it unfortunately i mean as you can see right now were getting in the mid-40s ish but its not really that consistent enough um and basically there was nothing i could do in order to help them so i dont really necessarily think that you get that much of a better experience dropping everything thats my personal feeling on the matter and you know there is some stuff about loading and loading back in to refresh the resources and whatnot so i went ahead and did that but yeah you could see from that even just in uh you know one of the first areas lots of uh grass and not really probably many um difficult assets so yeah youre probably thinking thats surely the end of it and of course it is effectively i would probably advocate for medium or high 800 p and you know run it at that either lock it to 30 or let it run free from 30 you know so you get 35 36 something like that you will of course get dips you get dips in this is in this mode as well i think it is just not very it doesnt scale very well i think thats the thats the issue there is a certain minimum amount of you know performance that youre going to get out of it and it doesnt go that much above 40 really particularly on the steam deck anyway and you know it doesnt necessarily run all that great on my super fabulous pc either so yeah um but you know thats just the trade-off i guess um for playing such a brand new game on eldon ring so i decided i was going to leave it there you know thats the end of the video well move on everyone go and have a cup of tea etc so instead though what i decided to do is i must surely be able to find a way to run alden ringers 60 fps so my thoughts were you know im running it through the through my capture card as is anyway so theres no power being diverted to the screen um i figured we can lock the gpu core um megahertz so lets whack that up to 1600 keep it there so it doesnt divert diverge or try and you know come down um lets turn off the wi-fi bluetooth everything so i ran it in around the game without um the online features on at all it was just perfectly plain i even went as far as stripping down my character as well just to reduce the amount of assets i mean i dont know whether that would necessarily help or not probably didnt um and i have found a way that you can run elden ring at 60fps so right near where the first church is as youll see here there is a path going up to the to the top of the rocks and if you point your camera straight towards the sky in a uh north westerly direction you will be able to achieve 60 fps in eldon ring on the steam deck incredible absolutely incredible um i didnt honestly think it would be i was starting to think it wasnt even possible as a joke so with that in mind of course it is a joke but can it do it yes it can with basically every compromise available looking almost 100 at the sky with the only other asset being your character is bare ass model i hope you enjoyed the video today its been interesting for me to do i always enjoy testing out eldon ring and hopefully you found the funny side of it but in all seriousness you know if you want my advice play it and play 800p medium and leave it uncapped i think thats probably the best way youre not going to get a huge amount of hours out of this on battery anyway so you may as well enjoy the few hours that you do have two i think to be precise anyway ill leave it there thanks for watching everyone see you next time bye for now Music Music you can uplay games be added to steam Please feel free to check out my Website for Photos, Blog Posts and Exclusive Content: As always dont forget to: Like (If you liked the video) Comment (If you have something to say) Subscribe (If you want to keep up to date with my latest videos) Join the Discord.... Just because : Join this channel to get access to perks: Fancy a vanburman T-Shirt? No Well look no further.. No really stop looking... oh okay here it is: Thank you for watching. Twitter: Also have a look at my second channel for more (very old) content sell back steam games steam stopping download detroit steam game unlocked steam games game dev tycoon key steam