Remastering the Dark Souls Remaster in 2022!

Couldn't connect to the steam networkamerican steam engines DARK SOULS™: REMASTERED steam yo what up guys this shade just chilling at the firelink shrine in dark souls remastered recently i felt like playing the game again and i checked online to see what mods or a compilation of mods could i use to enhance the game visually at least without changing the original tone essentially i wanted to remaster the remaster of dark souls and so thats what i did and im gonna show you guys here what mods i used and how you install them and also some optional stuff that you might or might not want and that might get a little away from the original tone but ill let you know and also please remember that this being a youtube video you know details in the textures and stuff like its not as easy to notice through the video because of compression and whatnot but the game itself looks pretty good the entire game just has a higher visual fatality now like the everything just looks better the colors look more natural the lighting is where its supposed to be the metal in your armors looks like metal but theres subtle changes which was kind of the point so you know its fine except for except for that thats not yeah this is one of the optional stuff anyway starting with a tutorial so the base for this remaster is going to be the dsr 2020 textures but for that were gonna need the sr texture packer and then packer which is the only way of changing texture files in the sr so lets go into files and just download this thing right here after that were obviously gonna need dsr2020 textures as well go into files and you have a lot of different parts but youre gonna need all of them and these are some i mean relatively big files so you know it might take a while but this retexture changes bosses npcs a lot of the scenery the waifus lets also get this dark souls visual overhaul this messes a lot with like the lighting of certain areas light sources as accurate as possible and it just helps bringing that cinematic feel to dark souls anor londo better distance textures i mean this mod just does exactly what it says the the textures in the distance of an orlando like the areas you never get to they just have better resolution 2k estas retexture i mean do i even really care about this i mean this does its pretty small like its a pretty small item you barely notice it although it is an improvement you know it is an important no  __  lets get it i will leave links for all of these mods in the description below you you just gotta go in there and just download everything and then the first optional mod that im actually pretty excited to use is the dark souls remastered metal soundtrack although unfortunately this doesnt actually change every single boss strike since mortal shell came out without rotting christ ost ive been craving some metal in my souls this is optional you dont have to do it but something else thats optional but im gonna do it is the wasted death message from gta and while were still on the topic of audio this mod right here changes a lot of the sounds it has a more like realistic vibe to it and it definitely adds to that like new game feel but it also changes a lot of the iconic soul sounds like the berry and stuff like that so you know beware but definitely give it a try and for that ill kinda consider this optional and if you wanna install it you just open up your own sound folder inside dark souls remastered folder and you drag and drop from one side to the other there you go now after you download everything we mentioned before you should have all of these files this is my dark souls remastered install folder were not gonna mess too much with the install folder itself but im gonna take this texture packer and unpacker and drop it inside the install folder just for the sake of organization you can do this wherever you want but anyway so inside the texture packer and unpacker folder we have this texture override folder and this is where were going to pretty much just dump our textures in and im probably gonna start to the dsr 2020 textures so lets take this maps one and just drag it inside texture over right this is gonna take a while all right now maps two right here lets again just drag and drop into texture override alright now were gonna take objects npcs and enemies its got two folders right here again just drag and drop into texture override and finally we need the update file winrar and just again drag and drop now we have female face hair and texture overhaul pack i personally play female characters so although this does a female but it also affects the textures for males so it goes both ways not just open up select everything and again just drag and drop into texture override evs esters thats our 2k esters flask just open up come on and just drag and drop now this is optional you might want it or not but i will install the wasted that message from gta because its something you see a lot i i just wanna you know some i just want some visual change something i forgot to mention though is the new interface icons remastered i mean it changes a lot of the hud icons but it looks very colorful i like it a lot thats his new interface icons main version just drag and just drag and drop into texture override and uh anor londo better distance textures again just drag and drop into texture override if youre asked to replace it is replacing over the 2020 textures but i will use these classic armor pack changes the textures from the remastered version into the original dark souls textures where metal actually looked like mata lindo like scratched up and stuff its weird why the original textures actually look better but it is what it is so just download it open up grab everything when hard lights me and just drag and drop the texture override and im not sure if this will actually overwrite dsr2020 textures because i know it changes some like boss armors and stuff like that so were gonna have to see yeah he wants me to replace but i will actually just ignore these files and i will keep the 20 20 textures there and hold up because i just realized this mod was a thing but bro look at these freaking shields bro this thing is insane by the way these are all re textures right like there are no new shields being added by this mod these are all just retextures of the original dark souls shields but god damn yeah give me that just open up the folder and drag and drop everything again into texture override now let us jump back into the dark soul remastered install folder thats where we are right now and get this dart source visual overhaul open it up come on and uh yeah put this inside all right param you just drop it inside your install folder and replace when it comes to the dark souls remastered metal soundtrack all of these files go straight into your uh sound folder which is in the install folder of third souls it will ask to replace just say yes wasted death sound they they dont say where it goes but im sure its gotta be on the sound folder as well yep yes it is now back on the texture packer and then packer folder open up the app first thing we have to game directory right thats im gonna have to look for my game i think i put it on f i believe which is my external hard drive steam common uh dark so yeah its right here all right i believe all you have to do is just repack it right yeah yeah all right if this gives you any error about like memory or something just try lowering the threads and then running it again or run it as administrator which is advised all right its done it took a while but its supposed to i guess we have a lot of high resolution texture mods but anyway lets go into steam lets also disconnect from the internet because were using mods and you never know and lets see what the game looks like Music Music Music so so uh throat foreign buy steam digital gift card With this Video i will help you making Dark Souls Remastered look a lot better and more visually appealing with a Fresh Coat of... Texture...i will guide you through the installation process of these mods I Left Reshades out of the Video because there arent a lot of them made specifically for the Dark Souls Visual Overhaul wich messes with the lighting but feel free to install one yourself and Tweak it to your liking :D Main Mods: Texture Packer and Unpacker: DSR 2020 Textures: Classic Armor Pack: Anor Londo Better Distance Textures: Female Face and Hair Overhaul: Dark Souls Visual Overhaul: New Interface Icons: 2k Estus: Shield Retexture Pack: Optional Mods: DSR Metal Soundtrack: Wasted Death Sound: Wasted Death Message ( GTA Font): Enhanced SFX: Shaydi XL Dark Souls Remastered #darksouls #soulslike #darksoulsremastered steam game prices in argentina peaceful steam games swat 4 download steam best horror games on steam to play with friends how to steam clean microwave