Can You Beat DARK SOULS 1 With Only Weapon Arts?

Steam corn on the cob microwavebest duo games on steam DARK SOULS™: REMASTERED steam hey its lemon welcome to the backlogs dark souls has made a lot of changes to its gameplay over the years one of which was adding weapon arts and dark souls 3. personally i enjoyed the idea it made every weapon feel a bit more unique gave it some character you know but what about dark souls 1 well while not entirely fleshed out this game actually had its own version of weapon arts as well specific weapons when used properly had unique attack animations that used durability instead of a mana bar definitely a lesser system to be sure but hey it had to start somewhere so in celebration of that mechanic finally finding its feet and making its way to what will hopefully be its magnum opus and elden ring today were going to beat dark souls 1 using only weapon arts lets go over the rules first we can only use weapons that have a weapon art if a weapon has a skill or attack that costs their ability to use then it can be used in this run second we can only use weapon art attacks to cause damage third no cheating or exploits and fourth we have to attempt to beat every boss in the game simple enough right well then without further ado lets get into it is what i would say but weve actually got a sponsor for todays video and its raid shadow Laughter no im just im just kidding actually todays video is sponsored by uh me god im bad at this no wonder sponsors give you a script anyway heres a loading bar in case you want to skip to the challenge run but im just here to announce that starting today for the very first time backlogs merch is available for purchase introducing the official backlogs pin designed by yours truly this pin is sure to make all of your friends family and co-workers say ooh thats right now you too can show your support for the channel by pinning this little guy onto your favorite bag tote or pillowcase maybe not that last one but you get the idea a link to the store is in the description down below and the first 15 orders can even upgrade their pin to have metal clutch clasps quantities are limited so buy yours today Music is is he gone who was that was that me anyway lets get into it i started as the bandit because i wanted as much strength as i could possibly get youll see why in a minute then made my way through the asylum obviously theres no way to get a weapon with a weapon art this early in the game so im going to have to punch my way out riveting after what felt like years the asylum demon goes down easy enough but lets make sure we never have to go through something like that ever again after taking velkas taxi service i arrive at firelink shrine where i immediately dump all of my souls into levels what levels we choose is going to be very important for this run since we have such a wide variety of weapons were going to want to use to start i just want to make sure i have 10 dexterity and as much strength as i can muster i head on down the elevator use my master key on blighttowns back door then navigate my way to the bonfire did i lose you what about now yeah you know where im going dont you i make my way down through the trees collecting some stamina regen as i go then pass free willy who has seen better days just hasnt been the same since his movie debut into the dark we go until we find our new best friend hey hey you can i borrow your tail oh yeah sure fam im not using it how about it wait really are you sure yeah itll grow back after another century or so its cool after several minutes of punching and i do mean minutes i was starting to wonder if it was even possible to punch off the dragons tail so as a sign of good faith i decided to devote myself to the dragon pro covenant my life for his sword seems like a fair trade and wouldnt you know it thats all it took tail removed dragon greatsword obtained nice but our new weapon isnt without its drawbacks the weapon art is on the two-handed strong attack which means im going to need 34 strength before i can even start to use it not exactly ideal but nothing a few poppables and some soul farming cant fix before i forget i make sure to grab the repair box while it wont be our only method repairing our weapons itll definitely carry us through the early game i also made sure to double check and see if the weapon art works if you dont meet the requirements i think we can definitively say that it doesnt god its my first t-ball game all over again using the master key yet again i head on down into havels tower out into darkroot basin and back into the undead parish from here its as simple as dodging past all the enemies unlocking the ladder shortcut and repeating the dragon grind technique ad nauseam unlimited souls ripe for the taking excuse me for a moment would you Music okay so got the strength required just need to get used to the moveset uh yeah yeah i can get used to that now something worth noting is the uses those of you whove seen my crystal ring shield run know this is going to be an issue and for the dragon greatsword its much worse this weapon arc can only be cast seven times before the weapon breaks which means about five of those casts are going to be at full damage while the last two will be reduced not great so with that in mind were gonna have to push ahead as fast as we can and get some more weapons to make up for our limited casts i decided to test out the damage against the taurus demon it doesnt look like enough damage but i actually missed with half of the attack the weapon art actually does huge damage if you hit with both the blade and the shock weight i just had to aim better thinking i wouldnt give him the satisfaction of killing me i rolled off the edge apparently he had the same idea though oh god what are you doing no why why did you do that oh man does that count considering i could have gone back to get the drakes tail sword and considering my damage was supposed to be much higher with the greatsword its safe to say we could have beaten the tourist demon pretty easily i also really dont want to restart the run so speaking of the drakes tail sword lets get that real quick there we are this weapon gets 12 casts in total with about 9 being full damage so that should help with both weapons in hand im feeling pretty confident in my damage output lets give it a real test shall we first the drake sword its surprisingly long reach and the damage is nothing to scoff at either with the drake sword alone i was able to almost finish off the first gargoyle i probably could have killed him with the reduced damage but better safe than sorry after equipping my greatsword i reduced the first gargoyle to bits then finally get my aim right and hit the second cargo for 887 damage uh okay i i guess thats what it looks like when you hit with both parts of the attack anyway thats one bell down one to go at this point i was feeling pretty overconfident and someone in chat mentioned how cool it was going to be when i finally got grant the giant holy hammer and in my hubris i had it in my head that you could get grant before you place the lord vessel the leroy invasion is outside the lord vessel fog wall after all and besides its not like pinwheel is going to put up much of a fight thats the real one there it is ow ow ow what the hell come on what is this what is this run then in another volley of poor decision making i decided to rested the bonfire in the tomb of giants you know just in case and after becoming human and mentally preparing for leroys invasion i made my way over to the fog wall paladin paladin buddy youre youre embarrassing me in front of the people oh no  __  thats not good well  __  yeah paladin leroy doesnt invade without the lord vessel or something new today but hey at least theres nothing too difficult between me and firelink Music okay after about an hour of getting rick rolled to death i finally made it out of the catacombs moving on the camper demon fight isnt too bad the trickiest part of the whole thing was finding the time to actually get a cast off eventually i realized that being naked wasnt exactly the best idea and with a little luck was able to take out the dogs with one swing after that it was just a matter of hitting capra with shock waves until he died good quinn its not even fair is it i dont know why they even bother resisting at this point i goof off with the titanite demon for a little bit then make my way to the moonlight butterfly while the butterfly is probably not going to be that hard its important in a different way the butterfly actually marks the first boss weve encountered whose soul can be made into a boss weapon later on a weapon that has a weapon art i might add but considering weve already tested that weapon to death in a previous video i think well pass on that one so moving on i try my hand at water skiing  __  then sprint my way through the rest of the depths until i get to the gaping dragon this boss is significant not because its hard but because it has our next weapon and its a good thing too due to some sloppy aiming i actually ran out of durability for both of my dragon weapons hows the damage yeah yeah its pretty good well might as well keep moving on i do some minor panicking while traversing flight town grab power within while simultaneously testing out the great axe a bit more then get to work on defeating everyones second favorite spider lady looks like were finally starting to hit the damage fall off took long enough this isnt a simple problem to solve either for those unfamiliar with the dragon weapons many players call them trap weapons for one reason they do great damage in the early game but dont scale with stats they also arent easily upgraded since they require dragon scales were not quite in the danger zone just yet but its definitely getting closer but with quail egg out of the way thats both bells rung time for sens funhouse but before we go lets make sure weve got everything prepared so we dont have to make a long trip back from anor londo as some of you are probably already commenting the iron golems soul can actually be used for an axe and acts that is a weaponer youre picking up what im putting down so to make sure were ready for said axe i make sure to get some large titanite and upgrade my axe as high as itll go i also make sure to demolish this mimic for the lightning spirits hiding we cant use the spear but we can downgrade it into a spear plus 10 and eventually turn that into a spear we can use wheels within wheels but with all my preparations out of the way its time to take on the iron golem yeah for gods sake why do i even bother with this stupid sword between the great axe doing significant work and the great sword of finishing the job this boss never stood a chance if boss doesnt move quickly i could smash them to bits pretty fast good thing all the bosses stand still am i right reaching in orlando i show the painting guardians what a good time looks like silently reflect on the fact that this bonfire is lonely without solaire at least hes safe then make friends with the local golem so that we can get some new weapons made a few popped souls later and voila golomax acquired ive never used it before but hopefully it lives up to the hype a level or two into strength and we can use it i mean it looks strong guess we better test it properly and what better way to test a weapon youve never tried before than against some of the hardest bosses in the game oh i guess i should actually have it equipped first oh okay would you calm down honestly can i have one minute of peace before you murder me okay round two ill be honest the damage not bad not great by any stretch but considering it has some decent range i think we can work with this that said maybe this wasnt the best fight to learn how to use this weapon hornstein and smoe already dont play fair so theres no real reason to handicap myself further this fight probably wouldnt be that bad if i could just murder ornstein first but unfortunately for me ornsteins soul can be used for weapon arts and crafts and ive already poured a bunch of levels into dexterity to account for it some cost and all that cant give up now eventually i decide that attacking smoke with the greatsword is the way to go since it gets him out of the way as fast as possible and now that hes dead i can take my time relax and why do you hate me not gonna lie this part took quite a while to figure out between some wonky hitboxes my weapons slow attack speed and my rapidly depleting sanity i just couldnt get past this fight and the few times i did get past the first phase super ornsteins loose definition of a hitbox always knocked me back to square one if i could just use my greatsword the whole fight wed probably be fine considering how much damage it does but unfortunately i didnt have the foresight to grab some repair powder before coming to anor londo and its not like im gonna walk all the way back okay got my repair powders got my sword now i just gotta get rid of this  __  the nice thing about having repair powder is that my greatsword is now technically a ranged weapon pretty helpful that combine that with a slowly developing understanding of this weapons timing and the proper times to counter attack and this fight is finally over blah blah blah just give me the lord vessel damn it got a reputation to restore oh before we go i also made the dragon slayer spear god i hope it was worth it lord vessel placed two of giants revisited and with just a hint of frustration there he is paladin leroy in the flesh you sir made me look bad in front of a live audience prepare to die um please tell me i get his weapon if i reload the game well  __  yeah whatever im over it oh while im here lets test out our new spear i put 15 levels into decks for that well in case it doesnt become increasingly obvious weve finally hit that point that point that seems to happen in all of my runs where the scales tip hard in one direction or the other usually the skills tip in my favor but not this time with the weapons i have at my disposal im pretty much stuck with how well they do almost all of them scale poorly or not at all and every single one requires upgrade materials that are a bit hard to come by combine that with their slow attack speeds and youve got a pretty bad time on your hands i was starting to feel a little defeated if im being honest so i took a minute to collect some easy wins the straight demon moves nice and slow so thats him out of the way and gwyndolin takes their sweet time to get out of the way of my attacks as well so thats another easy boss down and after tenderizing the undead dragon for his scales i took the fight to priscilla with some aoe slams whats up girl she may not be an actual dragon but we may as well let this weapon do something useful god im writing this script like two weeks later and im still salty about the damn thing unfortunately thats all the side bosses i had left so we have to return to the main story line again neato was proving difficult so i decided to visit hogwarts instead and see what uncle seats been up to show of hands how many of you have tried to get seats tail before now how many of you have failed miserably crushed under one of his stupid tentacle limbs yeah me too but wouldnt you know it of all the runs ive ever done this is the only run where i was actually able to get his tail drop on the first try turns out letting him smash his own crystal then doing upwards of 1200 damage to the tip of his tail works pretty well who knew dark souls couldnt let me have that win of course and immediately cursed me but hey moonlight greatsword worth it lets pick up the pace a bit i cured my curse did some quick grinding in the tomb of giants set some boundaries with seath and bam first lords soul got that wasnt so bad i decided to make my way into izalith next but rather than walk my boy ceaseless off a cliff like i usually do i decided to give actually fighting him a try its pretty boring if im being honest but it was fun learning how to quick equip my weapons so that i could actually roll away in between attacks its the little things in life you know i mean hes the largest enemy in the game so that doesnt really apply here but i continue to make my way through the boss gauntlet clearing out the demon fire sage followed by accidentally cutting off the centipede demons tail i actually forgot that his individual limbs turned into their own enemies so weird but hey got the lava ring early needless to say this fight becomes trivial once the threat of being forced into the lava was removed another boss down its a shame the ring doesnt protect your eyes from the lava though wait hold up a ring that adds a filter to the game carl write that down i bully the last witch of izalith a bit come on get up you can do it then to really add some salt on the wound i decided to kill the bed of chaos with my most worthless weapon one two three four five nah  __  that wasnt technically a weapon skill but whatever close enough and with those souls combined with a bit of grinding we finally have high enough stats to try out the moonlight greatsword while the damage isnt great since i have bare minimum intelligence to use it it is worth noting that sword has not one but two weapon arts thats pretty neat though you can definitely see why this weapon makes an appearance in literally every fromsoft game ever made but before we go after the four kings were going to need a few things the abyss walker ring for one but i feel like my estus flask could use some boosting as well quelan is the easiest to reach maybe she can help me out there we are what what did you think i meant why you monster Music might as well continue with the despicable axe goodbye sweet pupper sorry about your dad all right got my armor got my ring got my big boy slams lets do this okay not gonna lie this fight was an absolute mess locking onto the kings themselves is worthless because any time i do i miss the shockwave attack and because im taking so long to get the job done there are now multiple kings running around who like to take pot shots at me every now and again very helpful thank you the frustrating part i almost got them on the first try had i just rested at the firelink bonfire beforehand i would have had enough healing to tank my way through the fight no no no no no alright round two no chances taken this time around got my estus buffed up got my humanities on the hot bar i even did some mental gymnastics and realized that much like priscilla using an aoe attack instead of a line shock wave is the better choice here it takes some time but eventually the kings go down and then there was one you know had you asked me which of the four lord souls would be the hardest to get earlier theres no way i would have guessed it would be neato but as with all things patience and experience go a long way with all my new knowledge combined heavy armor aoe attacks and a buffed up estus flask this fight goes from being one of the hardest times ive had to an inevitable victory over time adios bone daddy thanks for the mental exercise and with that last victory its time to challenge the dlc normally these challenge runs tend to die in old lord ran due to the dlc bosses having immense health pools aggressive tactics and increased resistances but i dont know got a good feeling this time around take your lumps the amalgam of black so yeah dlc bosses still hit hard but after all the struggle busting i did on this boss with previous runs ive learned a thing or two about this guys patterns even nab me a tailwind so thats neat a few solid hits and lucky dodges later and the guardian goes down easier than he ever has before a promising start next up is artorias the abyss walker and run killer this man has been a thorn in my side for the past several runs time to end that uh next time next time we end that funnily enough i really do take it to him on the next try turns out this little spin rush move he does here is easily punishable by my greatswords weapon art which means so long as im patient and waited out we can beat him with minimal risk and wouldnt you know it i do just that man that feels good its been a while since i was able to see the rest of the dlc i wonder if its as great as i remember oh yeah just like i remember after grabbing a few necessary odds and ends i tried to make my way through the town key word there was try guys please come on you took my lunch souls already can you just let me through i even took the time to fight this thing though ill be honest i still dont know what the hell it is luffa are you manus luffa but after several embarrassing deaths were finally here the father of the abyss himself lets do this much like artorias this fight is all about finding the one or two moments where its safe to perform an action finding the few seconds between animations to heal or repair my weapons was critical and learning which way to angle my weapon for maximum damage also took some time considering its been a few months since ive actually fought manus i died quite a few times still surprises me how much range he gets with that googly arm of his another problem i found myself running into was that i was doing too much damage to him during certain combos if i went in for the attack it would knock him immediately into his next attack animation which predictably resulted in pain it took a few tries and a couple dozen deaths but after about an hour or two of attempts i was able to finally put it all together one more dlc boss to go the last boss before gwen himself kalameet i decided to give go the honor of softening him up a bit for me damn nice shot thank you then go after the black dragon itself the damage isnt too bad i think well be all right in all honesty i probably could have beaten this boss on the first try but my pride got in the way i wanted that tail give me the tail not uh not exactly what i meant i think we both know how it all went down from here i tried to get the tail calamie played hard to get and i lost several hours of my life trying to get a weapon that id only be able to use on a single boss it took longer than id care to admit but eventually i realized i was just being stubborn and decided to end the fight probably wasnt that great of a weapon anyway for being honest what do you mean you can buff it with resins ah well cant be helped now time for gwyn the final boss hows the damage look oh holy  __  and a stagger oh no its consistent too oh you poor soul well not exactly the most climactic final fight in the world but as any dark souls player will tell you thats kind of the whole point and with that the run is over thats a nice change of pace not only did i get to use a bunch of weapons i normally wouldnt touch but i got to see some animations ive never seen before too i have to give this run a try throughout the rest of the dark souls series but until then take care of yourselves stay safe and ill see you all again soon Music Music bye add gamepass games to steam AW, YEAH, WE GOT MERCH! 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