TRUCO / GLITCH para MULTIPLICAR ALMAS y HUMANIDADES en Dark Souls Remastered 🎮 (2023)

Steam starfieldhow to move games to another drive on steam DARK SOULS™: REMASTERED steam Very good, all of you friends, welcome to this video where I am going to show you a trick to multiply souls and humanities in dark souls remaster. Before we begin, I want us to clarify some points and it is important that you listen to this first. Dark souls has three versions. original that came out for playstation3 and xbox 360 the prefer today version and the remastered version which is this this trick is exclusively for this version the second remastered this trick works on all platforms on xbox on playstation and nintendo switch and on pc including the new ones console generation a few days ago i bought the game to do it on playstation 5 and it worked without any problem third this game does not receive updates since the year 2018 so in case you are having problems with the cheat it does not mean that I have already patched it for this same as I am simply saying to see the video that the steps are good and it will come out go and fourth there are people who may have the doubt that if doing this trick they can bathe you and the answer is no since we are simply taking advantage of a game error anything that arises around this trick check the description of the trick there video if something happens there I will notify you well once this is clarified we are going to start with the preparations to do the trick what we need to do is say with a character who sells us arrows it can be anyone I am going to go with this one who is practically at the start of the game but it can really be any blacksmith or character who simply sells us arrows the idea is to buy 999 arrows and they are quite cheap but for example here we have these wooden arrows we bought 999 arrows and they are less than three thousand souls in case If you do not have this amount of souls you can obtain them by eliminating nearby enemies and it will not take long to obtain them the following prep Arative that we are going to do before starting to do the trick is this we are going to go to the menu and the soul or humanity that we want to multiply if we have more than one we release the others to keep only one and be able to do the trick with the remaining ones and so when we finish doing the trick we take those again we keep one and we start from step 1 that I am going to show you next step 1 in the inventory we are going to scroll to where the arrows are and we are going to drop the 999 arrows and then We are going to take them again step 2 in the inventory we are going to reorganize and we are going to put the soul or humanity that we want to multiply in the first place, as I am going to do next, we will reorder until it remains in the first position as well as Step 3 is displayed on the screen, open the menu and go to the configuration section using the button that appears in the circle, depending on the platform you are on, is the bot What is going to appear here we move to where it says brightness and I need you to pay close attention, you are going to do the following, you are going to press the button that I am marking for you in the circle and practically immediately we are going to press this other button that I am marking for you Here they are not at the same time, it is first one and then the other like this in the order that they are marked and if they do not do it correctly it will return them to the inventory screen when they achieve it this screen will appear and we will realize that it came out correctly because the letters look like this, you can see that the letters will be like claps and this step may take several tries step 4 we are going to press the button that is marked in the circle according to the platform that you are playing and here something very important if they make a mistake here they will have to start from step number 1 what we are going to do is press with the little arrows that we move in the menu here they can see it on the screen the buttons are marked in green we are going to press left and down it has to be at the same time if they do it wrong the trick will not work out I suggest that you use one finger to press each of these buttons and if it is more easy to press them at the same time here I am going to do it and here we press the button to the right by default and press the button that appears in the circle if it works out well here it will appear use object we press it downwards so that 999 appears We are going to accept and the trick works in the event that you appear to drop an object instead of using an object, it is because in the part where you had to press the two arrows that I told you at the same time, you did not do it correctly and you would have to start from step number 1 we can pick up the objects that we drop on this side if we want to do the trick again with those that we have left over, we are left with only one, drop the others and repeat We scam the procedure from step number one in case you are a pc player and you are doing this trick I leave you in the video description an alternative method of this same trick that is exclusive for pc and you decide which is the easiest and in In case the trick has been difficult for you, I leave you in the description of the video a method to form souls and another to form humanity, I am sure it will be useful to you. If this video helped you, you could give me a little thumbs up and I would appreciate it. a lot and if you want more dark souls content subscribe to my channel I have many videos that can be useful see you in another video steam vegetables recipe En este vídeo te enseño como multiplicar almas y humanidades con un sencillo truco de 4 pasos en Dark Souls Remastered.Funciona en: Playstation 4, Playstation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series S / X, Nintendo Switch y PC. Nota: Este truco solo funciona para almas y humanidades, NO FUNCIONA CON ALMAS DE JEFES. Checa estos vídeos 👇 - Te dejo un método alterno de este mismo truco que es EXCLUSIVO para la versión de PC: - Método para farmear almas: - Método para farmear humanidades: - Farmear titanitas: - Consigue humanidades matando NPCS: - Guía para terminar dark souls remastered en MENOS de 4 horas: Dale 👍 y suscríbete ✅ 👉 Canal de Twitch: steam drift game loco boil fry steam kit steam deck buttons not working ww2 game steam steam how to gift