Dark Souls Remastered PvP Is Oof

Custom steam skinswin a free steam deck DARK SOULS™: REMASTERED hey there my sequel databases what is up its your boy quotation mark semicolon dropped here with you lately Ive been hearing a lot of talk about how backstabs of Dark Souls 1 are really broken and just zapped all the enjoyment out of the PvP and just sort of ruin the experience for everyone involved and theyre completely right its a serious problem but were not going to be talking about that because today Im gonna be showing you guys things that are actually more broken than backstabs so uh here we go Music Music Music Music extermination you had one job to do Music thats the best thing all right I think my cup time thats all I needed right there that is the correct way to respond to someone tumble buff stonesaur you Music did you know that pursuers and homing crystal sole mass are completely invisible to other players if you cast them before they summon in yalitza its pretty cool it cool isnt it the only thing more balanced then insta-kill dark magic is insta-kill dark magic that you cant see and hey heres another one did you guys know that upgrading your armor does not increase your weapon matchmaking so you can max out your armor and then go invade the bird and well do some quality PvP I imagine it oh and if your goal is to troll new players theres nothing quite like getting a great shield and just sitting right here with the block button taped down theres basically nothing they can do to stop you so have fun guys oh and uh heres a cool little glitch that will allow you to kill people in coop and now we must find out if we have time for bonus me hey guys do we have time for bonus its time prepare to be epic Leone new Music Ill get you ah  __  oh no oh no not spawned out Applause jump game steam Dark Souls Reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee- Glitch Details Ultra Mega Super Karmic Justice : Cast Karmic Justice then equip the Tin Crystal Catalyst in your right hand slot. When the spell triggers it scales with whatever is in that slot. The TCC with 32 int will deal about 1500 damage. Use Crown of Dorks, Ring of Suns Firstborn, and RTSR for extra boom. Spell Swap Buff : This is a frame perfect bug. It will take practice to be able to do it at all. Stand on a ledge and have a spell set that you cannot cast like SLB. Try to cast SLB with a pyro flame, and while your character is doing the failed cast animation hold down forward, swap the spell to a pyromancy that you can cast, and toggle one of your weapons. When the animation ends you will toggle and fall down a few feet. On the exact frame your hit the ground press the button to cast the pyromancy. If you do it perfectly the spell will swap and do the wrong animation. Make sure the ledge is about the same height as the ones I use in the video. if its to high or to low it wont work. Tranquil Walk of Death : Using the above Spell Swap Buff on a Stone Sword makes the R2 kill people on proximity and makes it so they cant move or roll. Oof. Friendly Fire w/ Trident : Using the Spell Sap Buff on a Trident makes the R2 kill friendly boys. It does pretty low damage (only about 150 to 200ish) but if they are AFK or you time it just right it could kill them. Good luck out there my cancerlings. games like mario on steam steam not launching games windows 10 how to steam in instapot steam game streaming over internet bissell vac & steam