Steam deck cleaneroculus link steam games DEAD BY DAYLIGHT - SADAKO RISING CHAPTER music mamba power youtube roots to the sides on the roof music music well, guys, all of you about and recently we have released a new chapter called sadaka gaisin, in general, everything is like a cue ball, in principle, small changes and a little added skin of of, look, let’s say they added a survivor, and a scientific expedition and, more interestingly, they added a skin to the sadaqa itself, rotten remains, and I think I’ll make a reviewer for the next series, but for this skin, this is a dog that has lain in a well for a very long time, she has a sean one skull is visible here and a little bit of hair left, the legs are just full of holes and mud flows from it, but in general, this is sadaka from the well straight from the well, I propose to play us by the river on the survivors one card at a time and pumped you a little maniac made mu and here is this here is a modest build 2 and the skill turns out to be one artist, well, I hit it, lets see how much autolisp the scoop will feel it, the main thing is to feel it the axis in words, it’s just maybe one thing, it shares everything differently, we’ll play for an hour to test, let’s see what’s better, what’s worse, and then we’ll go to Surovikino, how many we will have at the end, so guys, do it back x will be a body skating rink for everyone to enjoy watching . Beckhams kindergarten spleen year from here to incarnate oh what a feast its gray wait there was no such thing to keep the figure is visible so okay well we cant be heard in theory lets go to the main groin and here I am so well very unexpectedly the maniac still remained the same in in general, how unexpected it was left it’s cool it’s very cool so everything went first so not only they threw it back she suffered so wait for us and not no on the TV higher than the problem she doesn’t see me she just didn’t see me until melted she goes to this ass looking as if everything still doesn’t see me clearly now, but someone is walking music and for this I saw auras because they filmed it’s her own skill and since the reverse barbecue, so to speak, is not when you hang it and when it’s filmed, that is, according to in fact, and even better than a barbecue, because the infa is given late where did she go back or did she run from it is served later on the idea music so okay come back then wait we weren’t after all the TV I don’t st ala climbed I climbed in the wrong place but there are TVs there maybe there is no one here music paula chuga is immediately empty you wonder how the prince will howl seriously he is not from the offer I hope not I hope that he is around the corner I understand lets go after him so all the stevies caught up let’s hang up shortness of breath until music prepare to teleport it’s cool but there are no TVs here, yeah there is but for some reason it was not visible again, so it’s a dick and she doesn’t know the accumulation plan at all I don’t see a change of some kind as it was impossible to accumulate and in principle, in my opinion, some kind of game is really a TV, and so, but I don’t know that part, and what the fragment heeded, do n’t come here music I managed music no well gave me a triangle there it will work very well not for I don’t understand how to accumulate well I don’t understand it doesn’t work at all well just doesn’t applause I don’t know th oh now yes the bath is secant music and applause we crawl out they offer me to roll at first so few things don’t start wait a pancake they took it off I didn’t see who is around at all not nearby I didn’t see anything in no hurry no hurry silence so two are already on the shacks personally so she the last resource, come on, after all, here music is gorgeous in general, well, everything rolls back perfectly, it remains only to wait for them, and as if there is a movement on it, she baited the community, the law is watching, and you, well, it’s great if I didn’t see anything, because I’m not completely ki came out I had a flicker apparently I ran to put up not so she didn’t notice me even cool music it ’s not only about heard applause omarovna were so and where and it’s not clear but for so it’s important to replace the guys themselves mentik can let s go lets go lets go lets go lets go mi mente and everything can no longer be replaced and you can no longer see red it was time to chase the husband of the theater to see if what she really doesn’t feel there was red but disappeared so all our genes dressed up because for the first time she hangs with us she 4 sur of these jim from the darkness saw her here we have stefan then we will prove from somewhere running we drove while there is time we need to draw up I want to shoot young people or run a bunch really that Lucy is shown in a crowd here again you can notice now you can’t but what the hell and why and how what kind of nonsense is finally some kind of hat so dishonestly so things about control out of control should not be hotkin at all music look steve can now be __ they are transparent the pike rolls back so cool bandit wonder where we have steve pangu I saw let him sit there and swore apparently okay grandson music when to find out where he went the plan of the rink we have a very long life I say if it wasn’t for the ace triangle, everything would have been different, it would have been completely different, but on the street that the lions took it and already music it seems like it’s in that house upstairs, as I understand it at the box office that one he tied up but if you were here he would have jumped the hatch ok but he almost guessed it music almost guessed it but not a single type and didn’t notice there was a queue very often on the stevie a red mark weapon but I didn’t know where he was very often in Hellas, but for some reason it was dropped, I didn’t understand the chip, maybe it meant that I had very little left, I don’t know, I just knocked me down, I thought that I had saved everything, but when the clown had the ground about the whale, the mark immediately turned white why I don’t know how it works write who is in the know and they are in the know I suggest going on cheese for centuries 2 drops we and you fell in love with everything so far with the help of a triangle us on the list 9 wasp whom I took him the gift of the theory of darkness which they didn’t really change in my opinion they just added and how it works three seconds after leaving the radius if I’m not mistaken correct me if I’m more precisely mistaken correct those me and the empathic connection you heal other higher ones ten percent faster injured the survivor see your aura for this I took my teeth here there the skill up to this very lyon which does not betray me sat down to the former soundless we become to da he lim si and ah must and took time well, to withdraw and also by the way news for nurse lovers forgot to say another nurse is now available guys see the killer nurse here she is open to full access who wants to win us center you can safely take it in the bottom in the update it is already available it has been opened for everyone I suggest going to sura for centuries so lengow chased for in the junkyard junkyard of the hell on 9 ready for battle and so its pinhead this cube right here at the entrance they banner verso but its going okay already let s go pick it up for sure I wont by the way took it already or what are they that white picked up egypt from the street to we you and witches and said he would attack then I would burn that next to me I would put a totem chik would put some kind of n I would have put a totem if I had found it, of course, but it’s bad, but I didn’t have time to figure out the eunuch epta was banned so the cube was picked up perfectly I understand everything seems to have gone everything is fine ago and also we are doing what we are doing what we are doing I hear the gene let’s go start it and I hear the maniac formally go and normally and by the way chasing mecano obsession because what is the pursuit for so we start the gene a cube appeared I think it won’t find it then just 1 cube was a very strange primrose miracle actually it was easier to find it so let’s stay a little oh right next to it and I’ll start the best gene than I’ll pour the wounded there so perfectly you opened the box by the way, the font was changed a little, it was thicker and the captions changed a little Bolin where to find the totem and otherwise I can’t go in the right places watch it’s generally not where it goes to it can come to me like that, and over there, chasing someone, it seemed that his face rises here at first, so here’s another gingrich no one turns him on strange, by the way, we can solve the cube here, but we can solve far Crass to build a colosseum where you can run around in a year music ho-ho oh music applause hello throw off nafig case I don’t want to risk running further damn it I raise my hand here quietly quietly quietly quietly and I don’t know I’m alive by the way, you can see it’s flying, by the way, it’s high and very watered inanimate tar to quietly cut off yes ept personally cut off with my bald head the flight on top I see him applause music leaked it’s mine anyway, it’s still quite a lot of time it will almost go to control over 6 and he’s spoiling the toy, we ’ll find the totem for the clock in this way, we’ll find it apparently so, but in general, the dude saved me from the shack to give go there is extinguished sitting something running running this is doit we have a dwight dont know if there are coins in me to heal come on and I see a pinhead music dont know if he will dos yes yes wai, so she hears him, as I understand it, if all the main thing is that he had time to settle in and then the convicts run oh I don’t have a Weasley at least we start a pancake, he turns away cheaply, it’s not so easy to blind another hell you’ll understand when the chase, but he raised his right hand and by the way I found one totem near the chaga, it stands perfectly on time, but it’s impossible to bless it, it’s generally a continent along the way, yes, it’s a pint of the ment, in general, apparently, I can’t restore it, so it’s with a cop’s back toy, yes, it’s a good assembly, I understand, but not good enough, let’s be honest, here’s one more this is already an ordinary totem that has not been restored, lets put a new share here, if, of course, I have time to do it, because because he walks here on this, it’s not a fact that I’ll have time for a woman, so we run the other side, in general, the opposite, I saw him again after me zid so much yes shish you need then they are in that direction, I ran so well, okay, where is the experience, damn it again, the same situation, the same way, I fell seriously last time for nonsense kapets damn it doesn’t let me put it later found efi where music and protect ken and why are you protecting the totem you last gene left you turns on the last two genes but I mean one last me on two different genes and he protects the totem you understand the link to this in general something with something, yes, use the box that you are wandering around here, running with boxes, so out the gate that has been preparing for months, they will take it off, eat sleep, I don’t know why he runs with a box, he wastes time, but this type of wounded, he runs, he won’t save, that is, it’s all nice that right now I’m sour, and it’s very big, I’m still checking with three children to run around with a box, I just don’t know what’s wrong in my head, but it’s a joke really running around with a box in my hands, just for some reason and it doesn’t save anything handsome, the prize sold me cool fellows green tee green tea but in general guys something like this, go and write a proposal about this I can record a video with new skins 9 and with a new skin ultra rare attachments I don’t know it will already be voiced there Therefore, if you want to continue, be sure to write about it, thank you very much for watching, you want to see the story from sadaka and milk, and why I say kosadaka yamobura and yuichi wasp someone, you can follow the link in the comments there, I wrote down the story of these two guys, so dont forget to like and write a comment on a big thanks to everyone see you all bye bye transfer steam games to origin Привет ребята, а у нас 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