The Sadako Rising Chapter (Ringu) | Dead by Daylight

Ubisoft releasing games steamnekopara steam DEAD BY DAYLIGHT - SADAKO RISING CHAPTER okay so we got azeroths versus the new killer i still dont really know what all these new perks do but uh jeez that is thats freaky oh my gosh okay this is pretty cool i dont know how fast the new killer moves oh my gosh okay good moves were down animation oh look at that that actually looks pretty cool look at the tv there i think the killer can teleport to tvs kind of like freddy can teleport to uh generators oh ive got hexplay thing some oblivious look at that thats cool oh we can retrieve a tape okay i dont know what that does okay lets lets see what this aura does over here i dont know what it does insert tape okay what does that do okay so i grabbed the tape then i inserted a tape thats the new survivor relax pal yes leader shes on her way what is that its interesting that grabbing the tape doesnt you know you dont have to like drop your flashlight for example i think thats a good thing you know what lets uh lets bless this totem up here i think that our perk oh never mind we cant bless it yeah again i still dont know what this does or retrieve the tape and well go put it into this vhs machine look at that uh on the bottom left you can see we have the tape in our inventory will she teleport through here can she okay oh hi try nerd yo hopefully we do a little bit better this time oh that play thing really messed with me big spins little spins okay shes chasing me as freaky man this musics pretty cool still chasing okay uh do i have anything to play with here okay shes still chasing there must be a palette here my gosh good job yeah im uh im getting outplayed here that pickup animation is pretty fun dont dont go on me yet man okay i guess theyre done nevermind dude oh my god tunneling face camp oh my god toxic yo big mind game id never play this properly we have a palette here i wasted that i think with that new perk though look at that i dont leave any blood or scratch marks and i uh Applause no grunts let me put the tape in Music okay yeah i dont know what that does oh is it samari Music yo can me dude okay this has got to be it right oh my god here we go we got a mooring oh my god Music oh my god thats freaky dude my teammates okay slats around versus the new killer playing the new survivor i hope you enjoyed steam joi games Be sure to check out my Twitch streams. I stream every Sunday, Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Twitch | Please like, and subscribe. My socials are below! TikTok | Twitter | Discord | Affiliate links: Any purchases support me Sony ZV-1 | Lume Cube | Use code thecroshow15 15% off is steamed rice healthy oculus quest 2 steam game what is a steam wallet best anime steam games steam games that came out this year