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Titanic game steamsteam punk fabric DEAD BY DAYLIGHT - SADAKO RISING CHAPTER review so apparently theres a new s tier killer in town at least according to the kill rates because here everybody thought unreal was bad but according to these numbers uh she do be killing it basically Loma Anaheim are according to this do you know what I kind of want to try my hand out as this new s tier killer God of slaying survivors but honestly I kind of want to try to use that dumb play style that Ive been seeing everybody do where they basically just run every videotape and then teleport around like crazy and try to get everybody condemned I know I did a video like just in the past a long time ago but Ive been seeing it a lot a lot more and I feel like it just looks kind of fun so this whole build Im not gonna go into too much detail but basically we have a bunch of gen kick perks and then we have a bunch of slow down perks and then we also have iridescent videotape which makes it so that hitting a Survivor within eight seconds of manifesting turns on the last four TVs turned off by you teleporting so basically I can teleport a lot thats essentially what this means I can teleport a lot ring drawing makes it so that when someone heals somebody while theyre condemned they pass a condemned stack to the person theyre healing and were also going to RPD because it seems like a pretty decent map for this but its also not like the best so I dont really feel like Im being cheesy but it still feels good so lets do it lets play it a few moments later uh oh come on not again oh come on oh my God we got in oh we got in okay cool cool we can we can actually play hell yeah okay so I think the second map I actually wouldnt do this anyway but especially after this whole debacle now Im definitely just gonna go to a random map for the second one because I kind of want to see how this does on like a map that isnt kind of customized for it right like I feel like you only ever see this on maps that are like good for it like I usually see people do this on midwich and theyre like look at how good this strategy is and its like well it only if it only works on midwich is it really that good you know like I dont know maybe it doesnt really work on midwich I have no idea this is gonna be my like tryout game or like I kind of at least just like test it out a little bit you know what I mean so like for instance there should be TVs around here right like I know this guys below me but Im gonna teleport to this just so that it gives it to the to the people that are below me it also gave it to bill which who I dont even know where he is which is interesting like I really dont even know where Bill is but I gave him a stack which is interesting so he must have been somewhere oh here he is hey bud I was hoping to throw that that actually be really good oh oh okay well that was really good nice nice nice nice nice um so I want to like hes running into there I think this might give him a stack From Below Im pretty sure I gave him a snack from below I think I just heard someone kick a pumpkin was that a outside maybe huh I gotta be careful because I dont want to like lose gems right like messing around too much Im gonna pour it around to the gems a little bit just gonna check on him you know hey well theres somebody its the engineer thats interesting now again if she goes like out there I can port to it shes not shes going in here theres really nowhere for me to Port here to give her Stacks because we use the one that was up above we gotta get a hit to turn it back on good fake good fake good fake okay we probably should do this sooner if Im gonna go here shes probably gonna go to the palette right right below so yeah I think that gave her a stack the basers want to give people Stacks as much as as much as we can and as often as we can I really need to get a hit though like I need to get a hit when demanifesting to basically turn my TVs back on thats what I need to do right now uh we already use this palette its like I might be able to get her here shell have a pout in here but itll be really really bad foreign okay there we go TVs return back on Wow we did lose this gen though this is like the one I didnt check on kind of a shame I I honestly probably should have checked on it I do have like overcharging color Brian to kind of just go around and kick Jen so that they hopefully fail skill checks on them and kind of puts pressure on them to like I dont know hopefully give me information and hopefully also regress them so I should have probably checked on that and kicked it but you know its cool dude HQ its cool were still doing our Irish coup all right I just heard an explosion there so Im gonna teleport below it looks like I gave a stack to Fang there um looks like Bill also has a TV which is interesting or not sorry not not not a TV he has a VHS or whatever what the  __  is this whered you just go whats happening all right that turns that turns some back on Im also not gonna full commit to this like Im not gonna like literally just go for this like in a previous video I did I literally didnt even hook people and I only went for a condemn and that was it like I like basically refused to hook people but I dont want to do that this time I do want to hook people let me check up on this gen not really been out here yet at all nothing whenever does this have progress no whenever they unhook I can teleport to it and then like instantly give her plus the next person Stacks is she calling herself on hook is that whats happening do you want the struggle I think there was people behind me but I do want to give them some sacks here shes yeah yep playing dead by daylight in current Year brother praying and playing dead by daylight and current a Year brother why why does anyone do it why does anyone do it man like its clear that they dont want to do it but they just do it anyway you know its clear that like any killer in any map like bro Im on Rio dude like look I know I have like a 65 kill rate or whatever but like I dont think Im actually that op okay I think its mostly a meme like I dont know how actually strong I am I think its fine dude you probably got dead hard right hey well she did she didnt use it in time well just occur again I mean we havent really got anybody stacked were kind of just killing people so so far not great I mean I mean so far its going great in terms of like us winning mostly because that guy just gave up but so far were not doing great in terms of getting people Stacks although I do think giving people Stacks is gonna be easier as we get down to less gens like I did kind of give up this gen in order to go back and give those Stacks a minute ago um nothing here lets check up here nothing I mean door sounds like theyre coming out here so Ill teleport out here Maybe hi Bill let me kick this with the old call of Brian a price or the old call of Brian overcharge because why not wait Bill whered you go oh bill you stinky  __  um what gen are they doing though like wheres the wheres the Fang thats what Im curious about like where the hells the thing because Im not sure what Jen is being worked on you know is there a gym being worked on I just know gender being worked on hi Nia I didnt really want to chase you again like that ones not being worked on this one Bills here thatll give me some TVs turned back on like the one up here above like hell run out here I think I can give him snacks from above right like I think even him being here I think this will give him stacks right lets look at this little portrait thing it looks like it did oh theyre actually doing that Jen oopsie dont mind me just gonna apparently fall down and not actually do anything oops I dont think he realized where I was thats fine I hear the knee out here doing this Jen so Im gonna go harass her actually it kind of looks like shes leaving did she go in in oh she went up up like this might give her Stacks from down below right that looks like it might be close enough to give her snacks I think it did I think I just saw her thing Flash okay I need to get back up in that library though Im pretty sure the fengman is doing a gen up there so I really want to get up there and kick it with the old the old overcharge column brand hey gamer I could also turn on some of my TVs real quick by hitting her so easy peasy well get some TVs turned on we should be able to continue the harassment what was that dude  __  was that are they below me Nia has a TV is that her is she going to this TV you think shes kind of likely right Maybe I dont know I cant tell where shes headed to this one oh oh oh oh oh its like a dead heart though I didnt really realize what was going on until it was too late but I was actually a pretty good that hurt okay oh theres another one oh theres another one oh that was good that was good it was a good little transition  __  the other guys way too far away from me do anything about it and hes also full health but like oh man I think I  __  up there I dont think she actually saw what I was doing but I like kind of let her have it no damn I really thought she involved that what oh this knee is in my brain oh shes in my brain that she played that so well dude she was in my brain right there she played that so well we got the eyeball though baby we got the eyeball uh we didnt actually Kill Bill with it but like I feel like we pressured him enough with it that I feel like it probably did the job anyway oh the TV is actually oh wait yeah he he took the tape out of the library one I think thats what happened damn it did that Jen huh interesting I think so I think he took the tape out of that one which is why I couldnt teleport to it which is kind of unfortunate because thats where I thought they were but they were actually outside so we gave a vagina there but thats okay see this would have been interesting had we had a fourth player but I you know  __  dead by Dylan and current year trying to get an actual four view on his goddamn actually impossible because of all the goddamn baby raging  __   __  goddamn giving up every time one thing doesnt go their way you know what I mean like  __  on Rio dude Im an on-real man like I get a DC against a goddamn onrio dude is it is this how I get my 65 win rate its just from people  __  quitting is that what it is Im telling you man Im telling you hey whats up gamer how you doing are you going gamer oh both gamers are here uh oh okay I guess well chase you I was trying to keep an eye on where the bill was going to um I guess if she goes upstairs we can Port up there she goes outside to the right we can go up there okay were gonna put here this will give her a stack for sure oh we can also just kill her okay I mean  __  the stacks we can just murder you know Murder is also good too Im also down with that see the thing about this is I feel like what makes Maps like this so good for this is the fact that you can really abuse the like the like elevation right The Upstairs Downstairs part of it the fact that you can abuse the  __  out of that makes this really really good and I feel like if you couldnt abuse that as much as you can then I dont really know how good this would be you know what I mean well it seems like Bill was here because this was being worked on the where he is now I dont know he probably like stealth away out here maybe I dont know bill maybe he dropped down I dont know hard to say lets just teleport here and see and see if he gains a stack I didnt see his portrait light up Im pretty sure their portraits light up whenever they get in stack Im just gonna Point her around and see if I see a portrait light up nothing there although I dont know if they gain Stacks when theyre in a locker they might oh I think a sport should actually just lit up right there right I think was that the was that like the the queue I was looking for I think maybe that might have been it I dont actually no I dont know now Im second guessing myself all right whatever well I will look for hatch Im not gonna wait you guys Im not gonna make you guys wait out this end game uh Ill just cut to the end game screen and youll find out then if he gets out or not so TGs well all right boys that was it ggs uh he did get hatch and uh I mean thats fine I guess thats fine like the guy kind of gave up anyway so what are you gonna do did you use voice that was actually not too bad I kind of like that that was pretty fun this place sounds interesting but again I feel like Ive only ever seen this play style done on like indoor maps where you can really utilize the elevation so I really want to try this build but again on like a map that doesnt have all this benefit Im just gonna let the map be random or actually maybe I should burn maybe I should burn like a more standard map maybe like a Mac Miller or like a farm or something Im gonna burn something like that and then were gonna go to like one of the original Three Maps Im gonna see how it works on those Maps because those feel like very standard gameplay Maps so Im curious to see whether it works or not there plus then we dont have to wait through  __  10 people dcing in the in the loom screen you know so that it sounds better in every way lets go duties perfect I burn a MacMillan Boone I was kind of afraid Id get cool Tower because cool Tower is a pretty small map Im sorry coal Tower but this is like a bit this is like the biggest Mac Miller map right probably Id say probably the biggest Magnolia map um so I feel like if there would be a map that this would be hard to do it on this would most likely be the one right like this feels like this would be the challenging one to try to make this work on so thats why I really really am had Im really happy that we got it because I feel like that will actually this will actually tell me theres no gents back there thats really interesting that is really interesting that theres no gens deep in that like huh theres two down there and then none down there thats so interesting all right Im gonna pour it here just to give her Stacks because shes gonna make that no matter what that didnt give her Stacks oh she had enough distance to give her sex  __  all right I definitely gotta put it over at least to here will this even give them stacks on that gen yeah it looks like it theyre not on the Gen oh oh well you see Mr tofu turns out the survivors are not actually on the generator theyre down here all of them are what they all ran past like four gens go down to this one thats some psycho Behavior what the  __  thats some absolute crazy  __  Im literally just gonna pour to this again just just to give this guy more sacks just just to give them some Stacks you know at this rate I just wanted to throw the pallet because this this this jet or this palettes really strong I know Im not gonna get a hit here so just getting the palette phone is actually pretty good for me Im just gonna do that and Im just gonna keep porting Around Just Gonna Keep porting around and see what we can find just keep all important around where is the oh is that is that the TV for that one that actually sucks quite hard thats actually quite bad um no ones here seems like they healed like Down Yonder hey gamer hi Im actually right here now yeah hi Im right here now hello oh yeah Im actually right here now hello good to see you hi okay see you man are they all here though yeah it kind of looks like it well lets give them snacks or is this too far away uh I think I think that might have been too far away  __   __  hell God damn it all right gamers are here this might give him a stack from the hill but I might have been a little bit too slow on it now I definitely gave him a stack I saw this thing light up um theyre now running this no I should go to the one on the hill no thats not rushing to go at all oh I was trying to go to this one right there but I overshot it wait it gave Kate a stack anyway its okay and she died so its actually worth super worth Mega worth dont worry andreo just just just back that ass up and they cant Palestine its okay there you go easy peasy nice theyre over theyre over there now too apparently from the looks of things theyre gonna be all over the map though Nia got a thing thats interesting whered you get a thing from I cant tell oh shes right here she has a tape she might be going over to this one to put it away Im gonna port to it she cant have that many stacks right theres no way I just gave her some more though but I think she was coming over here to put them away so she should have a lot I think honestly she might this might be her tape like that like her tape that might be like where she gets rid of her sacks and she might be at like five right now so when she gets unhooked I need to make sure I pour it over there because she might die she definitely might die honestly I also need to go kick some gents though like that needs to happen for sure like I I dont have any ports over to this gen I know that one has some progress but it like barely has any I think I want to prioritize these ones that might have more yeah like this one has way more progress I need to get an unclog kit that way I can uh okay Im gonna wait a second and Im gonna Port deep into there hey wait did it go away right away wait oh it was that TV no wait really I thought it would be the really far deep TV no I had it too oh Im not like this I even but I had it oh man thats so sad I literally had it all right lets just give me a sex face then  __  it man what a bummer I literally had it too like they were literally like at full stacks all right Kate has none but we just gave a stack to her and also the Fang I believe so theyre gonna have at least some now Kate should die here I believe oh wow thats that hard I was honestly looking at the Fang and kind of paying attention to where she was going but its okay we can give her more stacks plus we can maybe murder whoevers here nobodys here just kidding were not murdering anybody its alive I lied to you Im a  __  liar lets go here theres there might be people in this gym perhaps not never mind theyre not on that generator I lied to you again how about this gen doesnt seem like it well kick this one though anyway you might need to head back here Nia got a tape again wow these are really close Kates here we just gave her another another stack but shes getting fat stacks on The Daily out here all right Ill leave that blind I dont mind at all Im not gonna get this hit either am I  __  balance man not like this okay Im gonna go kick this generator I yeah okay Im just gonna pour it here see what we can get probably no one here but figure it might be worth a try um like the problem now is we need to get a d manifest hit so that we can uh get our TVs back on the problem is that like Andrea is so bad or something oh sometimes just getting a demanifest hit can be hard but there we go theres one now we can go back here where we heard some explosions we just gave that fanga stack were gonna kick this again okay its an interesting like I feel like this is like a its such like a control play style right like I feel like instead of being like a direct just like chase people and kill them I feel like this is this feels like youre playing control you know maybe like maybe Ive just been playing too much magic I think Ive been playing too much Magic the Gathering lately and maybe Im thinking of builds like you think of decks or something I dont know I dont know whats going on in my dumb brain here Im gonna hook her here this is actually theres two TVs like both right here so when they unhook I maybe could just like I can teleport to either one of those and probably get them on somebody you know cool Ace boy Ace boy me Bob Ace buddy hey hows it going man hey looking a little uh looking a little infected there are you bud looking at tea weensy bit infected huh condemned I guess I dont know what the word Im looking for is I mean I was gonna see what TV tries to make a move for then like teleport to it when he before he gets there right um I mean I could just go around here I think this doesnt really do much of anything as a matter of fact I think your body I think youre sandbagging him youre kind of sandbagging them youre sort of kind of sandbagging them Im just gonna Im just gonna hit you now because  __  it it doesnt really matter um yeah I mean hes not gonna make it anywhere theres no way theres really no way theres no way he gets anywhere with this oh someone else is full too the Kate the problem is that shes definitely just gonna be able to be okay right and she will 100 be okay but thats okay as long as I kill this Ace its kind of worth I dont think this Ace has even been hooked yet pretty sure this guys not even been hooked so this is like extra strong just because hes not even been  __  does Kate even have a TV or a a video I dont think she does right it doesnt look like it right am I wrong no she did its honestly hard to tell whenever they uh arent full because its just like a little line in the middle and you cant really tell all the time yeah Im gonna step into a double Vault but she did not honestly we can maybe push her into uh we can push her into this TV maybe and give her some more snacks like this yep that was some more Stacks we also gave the Nia stacks the fattest of stacks okay theres no TVs here this is really not worth that was a good fake I dont think she even faked I think she just ran but either way that was good on her part um we can maybe go harass his knee on this gen no shes not on the Gen okay okay okay Kate has a TV again whered she pick it up from oh she just put it away over there no no Nia just grabbed that one mans it this works similar to the way that like Freddy works right where like itll give you the furthest away like like she should be going to that one back there probably right like I think it gives you like I think the where you deposit no I guess not because you just put it in that one wait what okay I thought the way that it worked was it like it always was like the furthest away TV thats what I thought it was kind of like how Freddy like with Freddy when you fall asleep with Freddy the the alarm clock that you need to use to wake up is always the furthest away alarm clock from like whatever from wherever you are right and I thought thats how this worked too so I thought it would like definitely be the one down here as a matter of fact fang man just grabbed the the one down here and she and shes running with it somewhere but I dont know where so like is there really no way to know exactly which one theyre going to maybe not oh maybe it was this one though that turns on some more TVs for me oh fang man buddy uh oh uh oh friend look out friendiman youre in trouble the problem here though is that shes full health so if she gets to wherever she needs to put it away before I get to her then she can like take a hit and then oh if I hit her though I gotta get him where Kate does oh shes gonna go its up there yeah its up there its that one for sure Music so Catherine no I dont think so you guys are always gonna die for this huh youre really just dying for this huh theyre like no dont give our friend the eyeball dont dont look at her  __  me dude wow okay so this actually just like kind of works decently I feel like like I feel like it doesnt even matter what map youre on like this this worked out pretty okay we actually had like a full four man too that didnt like leave like in two seconds in like a  __  and this still worked even without having like the elevation of uh uh abuse or whatever right so thats actually pretty cool this actually just feels like a pretty good play Style again you guys probably know this I know people have been like doing this a lot more lately but you guys gotta understand Im not like you know I dont watch a lot of DVD content so I just hear about stuff like this from people but this is like I just kind of went into it trying it out without really like doing any research first and this was you know actually quite good Im pleasantly surprised very interesting I can see why shes the number one kill rate killer in the game baby I see it I see it God tier s tier killer Im on board Im converted I now see the light I thank you guys so much for watching if you guys like this video give it a like sub as well if you guys like the stream and uh Im also live on Twitch over at show tofu Im there like six nights a week super late at night for EST Gamers so feel free to come by and hang out thats it for me thank you guys for hanging out have a good one so you go Ill take care its like a uh talking about a dirty Music pancakes Music how to play steam games on xbox 360 According to kill rates posted by BHVR, it seems as though we have a new S tier killer in the mix. Sadako/Onryo seems to have a crazy high killrate across all MMRs, and even remains high in the top 5% MMR stats too. So we test her out a bit and see what all the hype is about. Thumbnail render made by Ev3ntic! Check her out here I stream Dead by Daylight 6 nights a week over at Twitch - Catch me on TikTok here - Also hit up my socials here: Twitter - Discord - steam games on smart tv origin vs steam steam stats halo infinite how to delete steam game saves vagional steaming