DBD Chapter 27 Character Leaks | Dead by Daylight #dbd

All steam games with cd keyssteam free games sale DEAD BY DAYLIGHT - TOOLS OF TORMENT CHAPTER review foreign ERS and if youre new to the channel I am old head gaming and of course were all excited for the ptb to drop for tools of Torment after the trailer just dropped and we got to see the skull which we now have referred to on this channel is the corpse of Corey Hart but I think there actually might be a lot more going on here and what were going to do is were gonna take a look at a few things that might flush out what we can expect on the PTV first it was brought to my attention well go big screen right here so you can see it now this is of course dead by Daylights actual Channel as you can see here is their official Channel 986 subscribers now whats brought to my attention of this thing right here and this is the tags for the video dead by daylight DVD behavioral interactive nothing too weird here bvr slash game survival the skull Merchant so that looks like the name of our new killer that is as we refer to as Undead Quarry heart felita Lyra Renata Lyra tools of Torment they have three different names here as we said before skull Merchant seems to be referring to our killer but two survivors has only ever happened for Resident Evil that is the only time weve ever gotten two survivors with one killer now heres the thing that makes me wonder the DVD has had a really really really bad time with leaks and of course now that seems to be subsided with the subsequent death of DVD leaks and Im wondering if these two survivors are mother and son and were supposed to be Sarah and John Connor and the skull Merchant was supposed to be the Terminator but maybe they pulled out because of all the leaks and they didnt want to be part of it so this became an unlicensed chapter that is now terminator-esque this is just a theory I have absolutely no no no information that is the case but these tags are officially there from dead by daylight these are character names that they have officially attached to this trailer it makes it very clear to me that we might be getting three characters on Wednesday at the ptb rather than just one Survivor and one killer this to me is kind of big news and this is something that was just brought to my attention I had to verify it for myself as you can clearly see in this video I am on dead by Daylights YouTube this is clearly tagged that they have attached that they have let out there and uh it makes me wonder if this is what was supposed to be Terminator if not it could be completely different but if they think if its mother and son as the two characters its very possible because Selena would be a female name Renato would obviously be a male name it makes sense to me tell me what you think though in the comments below or do you think were gonna see two survivors in this do you think this was probably supposed to be Terminator tell me what you thinks everything even the writing looks like Terminator on the choice for tools of Torment even the logo we saw on that dossier looks very Skynet esque even though its definitely not the Skynet logo but Im excited to see what we have coming out of this for tools of Torment on Wednesday tell me what you think in the comments below as always thanks for watching and later mates best offline games steam deck #dbdchapter27 #deadbydaylightchapter27 #skullmerchantIt looks like BVHR may have inadvertently leaked their own characters from Chapter 27 Tools of Torment and we break it down!DBD Official YT- discord - 0:00 Intro 0:33 Tools of Torment Character Leaks 1:58 The load screen and gametypes 1:20 Terminator? 2:02 Final Thoughts bayonetta steam key steam deck pokemon fan games steamed bone meal steam my games folder standing steam roof