Dead Cells: Return to Castlevania - Official Richter Belmont Gameplay Reveal Trailer

How to open steam games on second monitorsteam free games june 2022 DEAD CELLS: RETURN TO CASTLEVANIA game hi Im Matt the marketing manager for dead cells and Im here to show you a little taste of the loving care that weve put into our tribute to the Granddad of dead cells the legendary Castlevania in our upcoming DLC youll stay hoods of the undead with classic weapons such as the vampire pillar as you progress through draxs Castle on a quest to Vanquish the powerful vampire alongside Rick to Belmore aduka and many other famous characters so how did we get here well Castlevania was one of the main if not the main Inspirations behind Deadpool thanks to Konami who had the once in a lifetime opportunity to pay homage to all that we love from the series that captured our imagination years ago the team has strived to capture the famous Castlevania Vibe drawing inspiration from every game to Pepper instantly recognizable rooms characters scenes and music throughout the entire DLC thanks to this drive we have poured our passion and expertise into crafting a Castlevania experience that we believe that everyone can enjoy but especially one for all those original fans out there foreign Music thats right if you manage to find this secret level you get to play as Rick De Bellmore using his original Symphony of the Night inspired music as you break candles on Albania moves and earn new weapons in a full-on Nostalgia Overlook if thats awakened your inner vampire Hunter then check out dead cells turn to Castlevania emerging on the 6th of March foreign fall guys steam and epic games The next DLC for Dead Cells, titled Return to Castlevania, is out on all platforms on March 6. As one of the developers explains in the trailer, though, this isnt just an homage to the granddad of Dead Cells. Its also got a particularly awesome Castlevania-y surprise lurking within that youll see in this video. steam game bar best laptop for steam games 2020 brotato steam epic games vincular steam the room steam