Dead Cells | Return to Castlevania DLC Overview

Get my deck steam deckwatch dogs 2 steam deck DEAD CELLS: RETURN TO CASTLEVANIA review welcome I am psyche and this is an overview about the newly released dead cells Castlevania DLC in this video as someone who has made dead cells content extensively over the past two years Im going to cover my first impression to almost everything you need to know regarding this DLC what it adds to the game how you can access the content a quick walkthrough to get you started as well as a sneak peek at a secret level where you play as Richter one of the NPCs in the update and finally ending it off with a discussion on whether or not you should buy the DLC without further Ado lets get started return to Castlevania adds three new biomes its technically two but well get on that in a second its just a little bit complicated and it also adds two bosses into the game the new biomes will replace the second and third levels of the game as well as the second to last biome so it adds both early game and late game content the early game biomes are the castle outskirts and Draculas castle then you fight death as a mid-game boss after that the end game biome is again Draculas castle but this variant is a little different you then fight Dracula as a final boss however you can only access one of the DLC areas per run so if you go to the early game biomes you will not be able to access the end game biomes in the same run in order to access Castle outskirts you just have to find an NPC in the prisoners quarters saying how you should help him settle a score with a source of evil thats plaguing the world in Castle outskirts most of the puzzles are pretty self-explanatory but at one point during the biome you will find a cat-like creature that bounces around across platforms if you manage to catch it youll then find an NPC later on that thanks you for finding the cat upon leaving this NPC however be sure to interact with the pet on your way out as this will unlock a new pet to Your Arsenal later on youll enter a lore room where youve awakened Alucard who states he needs someone to stop his father at this point there is a hidden little pocket to the right side of the lore room in interacting with a shield will unlock alucards Shield make your way to Draculas castle and at this point I wont spoil too much with a surprise for you but once youre at the end of the biome your character will be dragged down at the very last second before the Masters keep to fight death which is a mid-game boss after finishing off death you will meet Alucard saying how he needs some time to figure out how to make your way to Dracula at this point you can either restart the run to see the next part of the DLC or continue on with the run just note that you cant access the end game DLC biomes in this run Upon returning to the beginning alucar will meet you again and state how you need to go to the clock tower to access the new end game content make your way there but most importantly do not go to Castle outskirts again as that will lock you out of the in-game DLC area after defeating timekeeper you will be able to access Draculas castle again now structurally I didnt find any changes relative to the early game variant but Dracula this time around will occasionally show up and try to stop you his attacks include launching Fireballs spawning some bats turning an enemy into an elite and at one point even turning your screen upside down for a brief moment make your weight into a lore room where you will rescue Richter this time around you will need a petrified key to access the blast biome explore around and you encounter a medusa-like minibus defeat it and youll get the key when making your way to Masters keep this time instead of getting dragged down to fight death youll actually be able to access the final boss Alucard and Richter will meet you right before the final chamber except they state that they conveniently cant help you in the fight so yeah youre on your own face off against Dracula but just be warned this is one of the more gimmicky and chaotic Final Bosses in the game he is not going down easily now you might be wondering about how to access that hidden level when you play as Richter thats shown in one of the teasers well after you have refrayed Richter from Draculas castle in the end game buying once in a consecutive run if you return to Draculas castle in the end game go to the same lure room where you rescued Richter and youll find an empty cage upon interacting with this empty cage well enter you into Richter mode where you play as Richter now this version of the game is slightly different than than the usual dead cells you often find that the controls dont exactly match up to the way the beheaded works as jumping on dashing all seem a little bit different of course this is really just to stay true to the Castlevania Vibes now the level itself is fairly straightforward and you probably wont find any trouble with it one tip I will give is that try to hit the blue chandeliers that are hanging around as destroying one will give you a heart and by expanding four of them you will be able to unleash your skill some food even drops from walls as well as the chandeliers so youll probably be fine on health as well at one point during the level there is a hidden Outlook to the right side of a wall now Im not sure if this level generation is going to be the exact same for everyone but if you find the secret area youll see a glimpse of yellow car flying off and then youll get the secret blueprint Alucard sword at the end of the level youll face off against the same medusa-like creature that you saw in Draculas castle defeated and the level is complete and you will be able to return back as the beheaded with the secret blueprint in tow now a point of discussion I want to end off this video at is whether or not return to Castlevania is a good purchase if youre debating about it now Ive stated in my video regarding dead cells DLCs that beginners should prioritize DLCs that cover early game content to buy first if you dont plan on buying any of the bundles the reason being that the extra content is available right away you just have to make it past the first bile that being said this DLC is double the price of the previous ones weve had so far so while it does add a lot more content into the game just know that half of it may not be as easily accessible if youre just starting out now a word of caution all this information is gathered based on my own experiences with an early copy of the DLC seeing how there is a lot of small Secrets such as the final boss Dracula reacting differently to a lot of the beheadeds outfits I wouldnt be surprised that more secrets will be revealed in the weeks to come so thats going to be the end of this overview of return to Castlevania if you want to see Showcases of the new weapons that this DLC had to offer there will be some showcase videos on my channel in the following weeks thanks for watching and enjoy the DLC game called steam Welcome to the new Return to Castlevania DLC from Dead Cells. In this quick debrief, Im going to show some content that will be added to the game, as well as some secrets and other info that may influence you from purchasing this expansion.Timestamps: 0:00 – Intro 0:35 – What it adds 1:18 – Quick walkthough 3:50 – Secret level 5:23 – Should you buy? My anime channel: Join the Discord server! #roguelike #pseychie v1.0 mercury steam steam free to play games with trading cards go board game steam free vr steam games steam friends list is black box