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Best free steam offline gamesalton brown steamed eggs DEAD SPACE™ 3 steam welcome back to inside games the only game of new show brave enough to make an episode thats not dunking on anything well sort of the breakout success of Hi-Fi Rush has invited some not so friendly comparisons to other recent releases that have honestly missed the mark So if youre just itching to hate on forespoken just keep watching I feel like everybodys itching to do that uh yeah its the thing for sure but the success of Hi-Fi Rush is actually really great news because its evidence that great games still sell and this economy I cant believe were gonna do a positive economy story but here here we are I feel like we need to have an economy buzzer go off every time we use that phrase hey shook uh whip us up something special Ill set you up can you believe were forcing our editor cram in a gag for us in this economy youre killing it took a really really great job uh well worth 30 bucks and speaking of being worth 30 bucks Hi-Fi Rush the latest release from Tango Game Works has come out of basically nowhere to be a top seller yeah literally nowhere uh Xbox surprise released the Rhythm action game as part of their developer direct conference on January 25th yeah right away folks praised it as the complete package great writing fun characters interesting new mechanics and to top it off a very friendly 30 dollar price tag on top of being immediately available through Game Pass yeah you love to see it when a great game just takes the World by storm dont you yeah it gets even better though steam DB listed HiFi Rush which is again from Microsofts Tango game works as number eight on its top selling games by revenue for the week ending January 29th thats an uncommonly fantastic sales performance for a game that isnt a sequel and had literally zero marketing up to its release compare that to forespoken oh no uh the big budget AAA Adventure game from Square Enix I really just didnt even land on the steam top 10. I know I know and again even worse Hi-Fi Rush was 30 dollars compared to 70 for four spoken so at less than half the price Hi-Fi Rush is apparently making substantially more Revenue than a game with the presumably much bigger budget plus uh for smoking had a substantial marketing campaign and Hi-Fi Rush didnt had literally nothing got that reveal last week at the Xbox presentation and that was it yeah and while thats bad news for Square Enix its a resounding victory for reasonably priced well-executed original Concepts yep and while the next game may not be original uh its certainly well executed the Dead Space remake that also sold well very well the Remake from EAs motive Studios also got off to a very quick start and entered the UK physical retail charts at number one this week yet again this invites some not so friendly comparisons to other games that didnt perform quite as well so some early data we have shows that Dead Space remake is absolutely stomping you get it the Kalisto you get it because Callisto protocol uh last years sci-fi horror action game made by some of the talent as the original dead space and widely considered a spiritual successor cluster protocol not a bad game no not bad uh some folks werent very happy with it they pointed out some performance issues though and a lack of gameplay depth and so yeah a comparison is just going to be inevitable you if its termed as a spiritual successor its gonna get compared so comparing Peak player counts on Steam Dead Space has an all-time peak of nearly 29 000 players versus about 15 000 for Calista protocol thats uh just about double as for critics the PS5 version of Dead Space has a very impressive 89 on Metacritic versus a much lower 70 for kalista protocol interestingly though as noted the Dead Space remake sold less than half of what the Callisto protocol sold during its launch week last month thats physical retail yeah its a weird data point how can the game game be so much more popular on Steam but move so many fewer units in physical retail well there are a few contributing factors that cliche protocol was also available on more platforms than the Dead Space remake including the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One and obviously the Dead Space remake was not uh plus cluster protocol released during the holiday shopping season which always helps literally every video game when it releases in December thats a huge yeah obviously Grandma goes yeah I want the kalista protocol for my grandson yeah exactly EA I did run a digital promotion where it pre-orders on Steam got a free copy of Dead Space 2 a game that still sells for 19.99 so that could have goosed digital sales quite a bit so hang on well well see the final numbers uh whatever the reason the Dead Space remake success is yet again good news for the state of the industry and its developers are already discussing doing more with the Dead Space IP which I cannot wait for yes thats good news thats how you know it it did well in an interview with GQ EA motive senior producer Phil Duchamp and Creator director Roman Campos oriola discussed the game Ducharme said hes open to quote exploring Dead Space more Campos oriola added quote theres interest on my side and I think on Romans side you can see a smile in exploring Dead Space more there are ideas thats for sure so there you go Hi-Fi Rush is raking in the cash Dead Space might be an active franchise again in this economy well what are we doing Brian what are we doing here baby so these are all kind of kind of surprising developments giving given all the economic Doom and Gloom weve been reporting on lately here on inside games yeah weve done uh stories on it in this channel weve asked the question recent episodes is the games industry Recession Proof were seeing Mass layoffs in the tech sector inflation General fears of a recession what does this mean for games video games have long been thought to be recession-proof due to the fact that its a relatively inexpensive hobby relatively the industry even managed to weather the so-called Great Recession of 2007 to 2009 yeah but we have been seeing some signs that this time might be different all three console makers Nintendo Microsoft and Sony reported that their revenues declined in Late July or early August of last year they also all missed their revenue expectations so thats not a great sign and the research firm impaired analysis projected in November that the entire industry was expected to shrink by 4.4 percent year on year to 182 billion thats a lot 4.4 thats thats quite a bit yeah it is uh but that could be a mix of post-covered retraction because video games just absolutely exploded in 2020 when everybody had to stay home and play video games um but man yeah I mean were not sure maybe folks are only buying two FIFA Ultimate Team packs instead of the 10 they bought during the pandemic when you know they were getting uh economic stimulus checks and stuff like that thats true Ive only been able to play 10 hours a day of video games instead of 12. so its its its contracted here too right yeah the takeaway though I feel like from the performance of Hi-Fi rush and Dead Space seems to be that good games will still sell regardless of the economic conditions surrounding them thats great news for folks that play games that arent FIFA uh EA Sports FC what whatever theyre calling it now sjn insights consultant Sam naiji walk through the economy of Tech versus games and came to a similar conclusion in his games op-ed title quote job Cuts in the games industry happened more because of decisions in art not technology yeah basically the idea is that the revenue structure for games means that its mostly underperforming games that lead to layoffs and reduction in payroll that cycle is dependent on the quality of games rather than the economic conditions in the investing Community surrounding them this theory is likewise validated kind of in our eyes at least by a Bloomberg report claiming that Sony has slashed its shipment forecasts for psvr 2 in half from 2 million to 1 million and thats just based on the weak pre-orders that psvr2 had thats a lot though yeah by half thats a ton thats a ton yeah yeah thats a million yeah uh and and I think folks seem to be plenty able to carve out you know 30 bucks for a great game but 550 bucks for a VR headset in the current economic climate that might be a bridge too far Ryan you didnt say it in this economy in this economy this late in the video we cant even put anything on the screen saying that we cant afford to put anything on the screen uh this really does check out against our Theory though if its the games that sell what games has Sony really shown off for the VR2 other than the horizon call amount that doesnt count um people love Horizon but I dont know that they love it to spend another 500 on top of their PlayStation another 60 no brainer 550 I I gotta check with some people first I gotta check with my family exactly exactly all right so heres our question were going to open it up to you the audience and of course Brian do you want more surprise releases like Hi-Fi rush or do you think it would get passe after a while if the games industry wasnt marketing and just like bang heres another game I I love surprise hits like this I it feels like organic it it seems like oh this is like new thing new mechanic something we havent thought Rhythm action is not new obviously but like it reminds me a little bit of stardew Valley back in the day like nobody thought a a remake of Harvest Moon would like set the world on fire but it did and so to me thats thats something super special about video games so I love it when a surprise game like this just takes off and and really takes the the AAA industry by surprise uh Brian I love it too um unfortunately we both agree uh I its one of those things its one of those things where I think that uh since games are so marketed and so theres so many leaks and we everyones got all their you know their hype is so far up for like games like cyberpunk whatever imagine if cyberpunk we didnt know about cyberpunk until two months before our minds would have been blown we would have lost it yep yep yeah we would have lost our  __  and its like its one of those things where like um I I talk about this a lot on stream but uh we all start believing that on this video game is going to be every everything to everyone like no mans sky and its not theres no such it doesnt doesnt happen theres no such thing so uh the less time I have to get excited about a video game the better really honestly for me because um even if the games not very good at least I can be like wow you know like its such a cool surprise to get it I remember Fallout did this with Fallout 4. uh obviously we knew about Fallout 4 for years and years and years but Todd Howard came out and he said the games gonna be out in like three months weve got a fallout shelter a little mobile game for you to play while youre waiting uh bang theres Fallout and I really liked the way they did that back then Nintendo does a great job with that too uh in in most of if its not Metroid Prime 4 but everything else if they announce it its out in a month or two and I think thats thats the best because dont dont let our squirrel brains work on it for too long just a month or two and and then well be well be happy to see it thats exactly right uh heres a bunch of patrons that dont have squirrel brains uh Lord War Gypsy Nova uh sketchy on patreon Ian McGee and not gak thank you for being so smart yeah we love you all Talia monochrome Jared Watkins Kita white Tito 007 and pit strip thank you all very very much also uh one quick note Lawrence is actually sick so thats why we havent revamped the patreon thats why hes not in this on this episode but he is working on it uh at in between bouts of over and then getting well so were all praying for Lawrence no Lawrence is fine dont worry hell be okay I 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