DEEP ROCK GALACTIC | Steam Early Access Gameplay! - A Very Fun Co-op Game!

Steam mortal kombathow to sell a game in steam DEEP ROCK GALACTIC - SUPPORTER II UPGRADE gameplay all right whats better one plat finder here joining wait hi its funny how this guy actually looks like you in real life what I cant even see myself wait the hell are you going now copyrights its not why did you just initiated your box I dont I dont have no okay can you just start the mission by bliss but yet theyre playing it deep rock Galactic a game that is in early access and me and I pregnant ago mine yeah what the hell are you go are you really gonna reset the time or every  __  second I cant god damn it man so hyper is gonna be the miner and Im gonna shoot things look you look ugly as hell oh but yeah this game is Id know how to explain it like minecraft slash left for dead there is something because youve mined  __  and then you get attacked I mean to see how this is gonna go how hyper you need to upgrade your computer man my face is just froze - did you religious crash know what nice to see some  __  here nothings happening and well you left me in divine alone yeah oh thats so loud can you just get back in how does one join no God you just join on me Ill hyper mean to extract more kite what its some mineral oh here you are whats this no are you literally gonna look at your sensitivity no no  __  off did you say my says aim acceleration  __  what the hell is this thing Oh what did you I just tapped on a rock got killed are you ready literally burning me now can you revive me hi dude spit destroy me with the paper can you revive me Oh Prezi hold it oh boy oh my god playing something with hyper this it is like the worst thing possible oh are you burning mine are actually too far yeah there is steam Kalon oh youre absolute potato ha ha ha ha dude we need to extract more kite like 60 FPS lag in this game whats this this is our inventory dude how are you burning here you know you need ammunition right so f is flares remember that are you literally throwing explosives now oh youre absolutely where are you going oh how do you plan on get out of this  __  no Im  __  oh why do you walk behind me because I need to get out myself your dog wank you go like can you just find the way out I am oh my god Kevin this game is not considered challenging man we just need to extract more kite can you just get the  __  out Music uh-huh whered I go here I dont know buddy  __  the whole way are you going okay what you know what does the map say where does a  __  map what da  __  to press em whatd he pull them you need to go up hyper up I guess Oh what are you digging now what did the hell did you go oh youre here need to go up I guess oh youre on oh good job man oh where are we know what hyper the  __  did you just dig the hole we were down there before wait were we yeah you like burnt me the freaking whole way down whats that whats what do just like digging everything was that you can do the control thing and just scan it it says it what it is  __  theres Oh hyper-religious go oh I just got punched up in the end oh you can go on these or you absolutely do did you kill us both oh my god that was the best you get you saw yes in the pod I want to  __  this oh god oh yeah Laughter where did you go yeah how are you like outside ah  __  nobody gonna be outside now with rody next to you thats creepy huh okay for real this time oh okay its the same mission so hyper dont destroy the things that are smoking out bad idea okay just what the  __  is that we can go like up on top of this loot bug  __  get the  __  off my planet its not a planet its a  __  mind wait you said on this route this hyper is down what a surprise oh I can see your sorry ass just hold on can you just stand still Oh cant even move will you look sorry you  __  talk wink I know I kids killed it doesnt even do anything what whats that wait whats what you can scan things its a calm in the rock scratch that oh youre absolute  __  can we just go find what we need to find why are you killing useless as rocks Piper its you where this mushroom did you just drill it yeah Oh Piper look if there is dirt there is something on the other side get your sorry eyes up here I dont see any dirt mind this  __  oh  __  mining office I mean that works also got one as well you know I just wasted my why you were standing in the middle of my stupid-ass c4 you didnt tell anything you saw the gauge dad oh yeah co-op games with high but I exactly just just throw the word co-op and then there you go are you shooting me I get  __  okay just mine thanks everything that glows you have to mine and then you press C warm can you stop shooting you wank okay press C and you call up this guy and he comes to ready are you shooting over on the inventory whats a deposit you deposit things that you mind aka the red stuff are you killing me again go away were talking wine you know you can mine minerals Oh Mike Laughter can you stop punching me man Im not punching you they sure look this should that or or pickaxe it to that it works fine oh yeah now pick this stuff it let out yeah its a mine of course its gonna be cold it was on there okay at least you know how to throw flares thats something you know well okay anymore its mushroom study you have like three and then Italy slowly recharges it yeah you need to kill that good what this way Oh Julia  __  healing aspired yeah oh my god this game well we got some  __  here hey did you just fold on not yet but can you stop drilling me okay that sounds weird oh can you kill this spider okay at least at least have some team play capabilities what simply I dont know I mean like no I should get what you dont need to aim you have a huge s-cross said its bad dude just kill the spiders whats that  __  glowing whos glowing oh oh do it this thing where are you whered you go huh Im here where oh youre below wait what do we need to mine oh wait this thing what think that glows selwyn no Im just minding my way through the stuff that will actually need to mine do it this thing we need to mine got that more kite I for this thing that Im mining right now can I Drive it you can drill it yeah thats the whole point of your Carrington think so I believe I mean youre only gonna find different things for your character Im a slow thinking there I dont know what you doing can you so theres a water mill oh that thats not anything thats shooting him today dont know okay Im gonna retract the mule thing here because I need to deposit it did you get any Ill get what I think Id probably oh thats a lot of spider deciphered and you know theme durability go go go are you cheating on the spider do it kill him go oh this game man was that okay just deposited  __  Ill wear when you got 39:54 its on the top left top right I mean ah we only need to do that big freaking diamond thing  __  the other ones like the secondary mining with hyper happy soda oh god this game its not actually that bad lets go play minecraft  __  this game oh thats a huge ass  __  when whoa wait what does game go what did you even see anything go oh god what the  __  sure them did you  __  sit down eat my things what now yo theres something wrong here we need to mine thats my focus more keep whats that this stuff we already mined what did you mine for  __  lost okay can you get up to where I am why is it lagging 160 F yes what is so far away can you get your ass on the flare I dont have him Im like my way can you get up here dude you know we need to get like back here as well right what back your backers like this Mitchell thing nitro leave that  __  there that stuff because we can use this to get like resupplies and  __  is useless how is resupplying useless oh no you Im just going yeah just get down here oh wait what the hell did you go oh where did you literally go okay to do its mining down there I cant even find anything there is a spider behind you oh ok at least you know what were doing thats a good sign  __  wank ha quick just get all the more kiting a sworn detective the patient yet we need to do something theres gonna be a lot of spiders oh sit down  __  eat that eat my cheese Jesus what the  __  is that Oh what the  __  things cute you call that cute yeah bring it yeah of course you would like I think that ok Ill watch it ok if you die here I cant revive you thats the world of the story so dont dont unlocking problem maybe Im gonna die no  __  theres wrong get him let me get all theres nothing to spoil them oh  __  man I have to mine this  __  yeah oh yeah water to the wine you dont mind go go get over here what do you care home theres a spider there are you out of ammunition yep idiot ha ha ok Im gonna call in the resupply pod Oh spider dude the supply pod ok oh oh thats a huge fight oh no no no no no no no no no no did you kill him what the  __  just go resupply so we cant ammunition how does going to supply you proceed and hold it isnt save me what do you mean oh oh I have the flame no die okay I think this sort of zone hopefully hi Oh - lame you nearly died oh you will literally pick axing to do it yeah but thats why I needed to do this because you were team killing me with your flamethrower I need to UM kill you Oh what the  __  behind oh thats a lot of them still Im mighty hit you did your  __  yeah a little chili goodness its a co-op game your support oh where the hell I wanna die because youre in the poison there is a closer okay thats fine ah something pukes on me yeah I kill them okay I think we need to go down here yes did you literally just jump you a dish and theres some something called being careful right hey whats that to not go and jump down a cliff flare did you just throw the flare over right through the flare you got warm over there Kevin oh did you just okay just break all the  __  out because we all the Nitro oh let me know Oh spot them on guys just collect all the  __  you can Oh whats this why Piper pick this  __  up help no this should just up to me  __  off okay there is some  __  we need to mine up here lets go theres something behind you it was like oh but can you kill it though no well Im not its just like warning me and youre not even shooting him oh theres others fine Im going my way oh theres another one what thats you okay just pick this  __  the heart is wide yo you just say artists wife you forgot some oh I didnt do anything you just threw me off the cliff oh no literally nothing throws freakin grenades at my ass good shot bad  __  okay I need to deposit things and now I need life because of your sorry ass I didnt actually win this how can we win that you need to tell Jeff and then you have to go back to where you began began playing with hyperman coke what does where the hell are you were you in rough okay theres something of them just search for down can you just search for them and what does that do it maybe to deposit my  __  oh no kind of mind shrooms you can pick them up I think okay is there more kite to life oh my things dead Oh jump ok did nice ok got held finally cuz of your sorry ass youre my king is dead I cant I cant mine whats dead book does mark theres something glowing over there oh it doesnt spin he doesnt spend it doesnt spin look what Oh or your absolute potato mine well okay thank god this is not on it oh yeah nice nice idiot Oh what do you mean yes what there is a swabbie  __  Im drama oh wait we have our in supply port okay we do thank Christ for that yeah place that in the middle of  __  spiders yeah what are the hell am I supposed to posin gonna be everywhere nah bro oh god hyper please okay kill the big dude show them for the head Ill let youre gonna leave them then yeah I know how to supply you cant three supply ones there is like spiders on your ass oh yeah I can I kill the big one no Im for the little ones oh god there is a lot of them I put a dipstick I kill them not me Im killing everything Oh give hyper a flamethrower thats like the best thing you can possibly do no mo your ammo Miami there is two for two you absolute  __  a walking drill again  __  yeah lets go oh I fell into your phone now nice oh Im gonna die  __  Im not well did you go back up my cave its a co-op game yeah it is supposed to scalp me here the swarms over lets go great stuff man absorbed oh just left lets go mine go go then and dont follow him again okay please okay theres  __  shoes or a song it is a dude up top rocky go on what they do the job well just give me swank this case what oh that is the big dude cant you insure them I for objective why am i dying there is the  __  thing here what are you shooting oh dude hyper over there where then - on the other side big Jesus just imagine playing this without a miner be so sad pickaxe and go buddy takes for Owen no look its fast is that fast yeah whats up there is nothing what do you mean there is nothing theres a  __  hole wait stand the  __  back oh did you legit okay you didnt I thought you were going down oh okay just remember where we came from okay what do you mean no its not okay okay we formed another area thats cool oh hi they are whats a human told us something to mind no thats a deuce to kill Im not Ive missed his thing Chucky hes dead oh Im dying from nice what is that more kite thing is what this shaded mean to collect okay at least we got nitrile alone jeez realize how long widow its gonna be Im gonna cut cut these for  __  yeah but I cant upload  __  oh I can yeah you sir I can yeah just mind everything that looks shy oh we got okay I think we have enough here maybe dude I think we actually might be this you sure whats this crop okay okay what is this guy okay deposit wait how much more car they got its not enough really yeah boy okay we need just a little kid there it is Hyper we got it we got it oh hes fired are you doing what the  __  where am i oh youre getting sucked up by dude okay going oh saved your sorry ass is killing me no more what okay if we both get sucked the games over right unfuckin oh okay we got more kite man we garden is here yeah I already got this  __  but what is that can you go away theres gonna be a lot of Spideys okay - possible  __  Oh wherever you go when you stupid my name here we go we dont need to mine anymore its over we just need to get back now oh but just dont press the button what was on the inventory do it okay and youre gonna go and press the right thing whats that what does it do it initiates the job then you did we have like five minutes to get back to where we started nice should we go yeah okay follow  __  are you mining what do you mind gets its done but I like to mine I mean we can get some gold so we can upgrade  __  now lets go for that Oh My Jesus go go go go go lets go home Im Im hungry look we came from here okay just follow the flares backwards and very good with what the Qunari Im here wait wait oh wait you already opted all going back I didnt even see that you went past me mine okay if you fall down Im gonna actually kill you man no come on what if I fall down as well well youre dead the information is gonna be sale this is that ow which is blew up he got worm from over there are there achievements in this game nope useless game would you need achievements I want achievements its an early access game achievement it came out yesterday nice Oh what with this your tunnel thing parkour okay nice core what night oh okay whats this hole its a thing dude your mind is just so bad because of me we got to the other side so shut the  __  up you chose the minor idiot oh you never blew up this thing as well dude theres gonna be more things to kill and you just wiped out my whole health thanks Mike how do we get out ahh with what is that oh mule thing hes back there okay just watch out for the spiders thats all you need to do this Wharram just go back what do you think Im doing standing down there wanker your dick off Jesus Christ wait Im just gonna initiate the dude and then we can just go back but first we need to destroy the swarm cuz I dont want to die right now all the little things so many of them hype kill them oh where are we I have no idea I think we came from here right no yeah this is where I told you to get your sorry ass up I think were pretty much at the beginning right ow ow ow spider web throwing to its did you get them No oh there is things stop burning me I can negotiate this dude okay lets go well Id no wait its gonna show us word oh oh its a hundred and sixty up top nice theres no Spartan thats inspired wait is it really that far up oh no its coming down be more of the blooms yeah yeah go go go go oh its sick forty meters up top okay were heading in the right direction anyway maybe youll get the blooms I have no blooms get him its just the secondary objective doesnt matter would you oh there is a spider it close to my eyes and hes going for your mind we did one more bloom there is a blow-up spider behind me  __  the spiders gonna do there are no blooms Oh God Oliver what the  __  is that youre not falling but I got nothing and there is no more I dont think there is any more where is the thing to put the  __  in its here on the side of these things get over here oh this  __  deposit oh  __  okay we can go up just just get your sorry ass up here Wow Oh kill where the hell is the web throw into it you need one more bloom there are no blooms we wanna bomb dont you want a balloon go in why because Isis has three minutes on a bloom dont oh yeah good job get in here Oh I mean that took longer than the church for all they know its cool really Oh missions elated oh  __  it all oh I did oh we got to load - good job man oh my god this game complexity length what this game so hyper was it fun rated from 1 to 10 microns better thanks but just trade it I give it a solid I give it a solid eight I give it a two point sixty nine barrels oh but yeah I do have a key for this game of anyone wants just write something in the comments Ill pick someone at random just okay for those of you who are watching to the end just type in the comments hyper-organized okay if you made it this far into the video and if you want the code for this game didnt be sure to comment suck your man yeah boy and Im gonna choose the winner tomorrow and then Im just gonna put it in a message you and thats it but yeah I hope you guys enjoyed this hyper I think hes just enjoying bernals a bit more than mining but yeah I hope you guys enjoyed this let me know if we should do more of this  __  and yeah see you guys next episode adios how to play free games on steam Today we decided to play some deep rock galactic. 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