The Average Deep Rock Galactic Solo Experience

Best pc strategy games on steamsteam squash and zucchini DEEP ROCK GALACTIC - SUPPORTER UPGRADE steam what do I choose oh  __  I am never drinking ever again Music stop stop rewind rewind now how could I possibly start a video without explaining what deep  __  Deep Rock Galactic is well Deep Rock Galactic also known as Australian simulator is a horde based cave raiding game that usually is played with four people however since none of my friends want to play this game with me Ill have to take on these caves by myself alright continue with the video all right guys heres a hot juicy Benny tip if you see compacted dirt that means someone is getting a divorce oh oh its rushing me trigger warning trigger warning dont watch the video oh dare theres spiders I feel a swarm coming I just feel it in my bones Im really not oh Magic oh no give me this give me that Music run out lets turn this difficulty down oh this place sucks I just feel like this is just a normal Minecraft lets play nothing bad is gonna happen I havent built a base I dont have enough resources Im just a man exploring the jungle biome you know theres nothing wrong with that foreign that genuinely scared the  __  out of me oh fuzzy its fuzzy night what is this Im approaching seven hours in this game and the comment section is open flame me protect me that is not protection that is not protect theyre shooting come at me we dont have to collect 200 more cards we have to collect 225 ball kite I havent seen  __  one strand Im gonna need this because Im gonna be in this cave for like the next two days Im just going up and up and up is that what I think it is oh yes it is watch this little trick shot ready Music buckle up now thats what you call a trick shot oh theres more more card here youre not gonna collect it youre not gonna pick it for me at least pick it Im so scared for another swarm Im not ready no no no um I have a hundred bullets left please leave me alone oh yes take me up victory a dragon we got this oh no Im hitting with my pickaxe Im just getting the crumbs of morkai Im just so desperate nope nope nope nope nope silverfish silverfish a lot of aliens no no please I need ammo quit oh no thats a big boy mud crabs stronger than you now where are we mining this one oh that is a huge strand over there that is fantastic oh Ive already been here this was just the Ive gone around a circle almost dealt with thats good thats good thats good also known as Australian simulator is that it shouldnt be a swarm for a while so that should give it oh were getting Health from this oh thats so good um actually blue Ben you should have actually already known that grab that more kite Bosco or should I say Costco youre dropping the more card all over the ground please dont spill it Music this is not a good idea to be in here Im lighting this place up that was sick I love this game if youre an owner of Deep Rock Galactic and you have not yet purchased the supporter pack to support these wonderful Developers I will tickle your toes and call you Gregor oh what a play I think were good no were not no were not whoa candles finally all the Caps have been collected oh I see it I see it I spotted it get it raining more guys Ill get out of here so far away no please please please dont get up get oh no oh no Im too far up foreign Music foreign Music how can i refund a game on steam Welcome to Deep Rock Galactic! Also known as.... Deep Coc-Help support the channel: the discord: What is Deep Rock Galactic? DRG is a cooperative and solo :( first-person shooter video game developed by Danish studio, Ghost Ship Games. The game features badass space Dwarves, 100% destructible environments, procedurally-generated caves, and endless hordes of alien monsters! Please support the developers by clicking on the links below! Also Happy New Year peeps! Thank you for such an awesome year. Bring on 2023! --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Purchase here: Purchase Supporter Pack here: Terraria OST used: Music used in this video is by the fantastic Epidemic Sound: #deeprockgalactic #drg hanger for steaming clothes true and tidy steam mop ddc steam where can i purchase steam gift cards steaming hair