Lets Play Desperados 2: Coopers Revenge Part 8 1/1 (Blind) - Merry-Go-Round

Outward steambest fish to steam DESPERADOS 2: COOPERS REVENGE game oh all right yes oh yes its time to start a new chapter or episode I dont know what they call it so lets play so well accomplish something new and fun so alright extra oh yes lets get down and I kept them all I probably shouldnt have done that I could just knock them out over you at least but I didnt know what I was doing so sorry about that yes throw away the bottle Sanchez and grab the Catholic yes I dont know what just happened protector settled us the bandits want to wipe out the settlers make sure he will make sure they dont succeed remember not a single cetera cetera settler can die you stuck to healed miss Ernest between your waves of attack oh boy I dont like that split up theyre coming oops I wanted that one what a useless weapon what are you going this is stupid let me restart this Im sorry damn here come even more off huh well  __  yeah ah more of the sons of  __  David long for me I cant shake them master coach all right that was terrible sorry for not talking crap Here Come more are those bastards Wow damn here come even more ah more of the sons of  __  they belong to me oh right like gesture I cant shoot them like this but I have to mr. B - cant be good at all Wow split up theyre coming all right Im ready kiss time well not that crazy Oh try again lets try it Gatling gun again damn oh here come even more ah more of the sons of  __  David long for me ammunition ish gel crap Here Come Maura those bastards he should be good split up theyre coming yeah come here you sons of  __  and there we go here again well I I catch him to fight to me damn here come even more Highfield if I think thats why theyre the colorist no such as it is yes Im going to lose Ive just got to restart and I need to think about Jessie if I play a stock and I would be able to carry these split up youre coming with me for Qi yes yeah sure heart no didnt oh all right no I didnt crab split up youre coming no Im standing in the wrong spot wait a minute I I have an idea whoops try again maybe knocking two more ouch next lie underground split up theyre coming yeah this is pretty hot yeah well maybe I just trust me on this patch mr. Cain thats thats probably watched is crap Here Come more are those bastards split up theyre coming I guess its I have the best anklet from here I say and I only hit one right this doesnt work get down dont just dead yeah like a shooting dog whatever it is you say here it come hey ten damn here come even more ah more of a sons-of-bitches David uncle me alright oh but you might if I saved after the second wave of enemies because thats where it gets hard for me and I guess you dont want to see me play it over and over because Im just parroted because maybe I can use a drink on you  __  yeah yes I can use the cutting garden salad wait you have enemies I cant seem to hit him crap there come Nora those bastard Oh someone is hurt damn here come even more more of the sons of  __  David uncle me why dont get just like cows underground Oh God right parks right on yes it might be a dam here come even more quick away jewel me crap here come more are those bastards become split up theyre coming I dont see how this is going to help since you youve all children didnt it Souter to here serving us between the waves well that just went surprisingly well and Im going to shave now Im trying to help her why watch you wait Pablo Pablo Pablo split up theyre coming yeah come here you sons of  __  see thats all youre doing well I dont know if that sounds ugh but I dont know Im sure they go to a check from another site some at some point damn here come even more Im ready from this site and try again I wasnt standing in a good spot so go check Church which was a good spot I dont remember was it canceled - we will see damn here come even more ah more of the sons of  __  yes they wish here and kind of going back here I wonder how many circle to throw at me Im ready damn here come even more actually Im going to shave Oh No look thing I saved right Oh try again I get it well yes next mission and Im going to end it thats it problem solved were saved pays the Lord you are good thank you can make your own way from where my friends and I are writing to Fort Wingate maybe well be able to stop Clarks evil needs God protect you that oh that was hot hi 19 Im sorry I havent said so much in this episode or in this part I Ive been I dont know I really dont know why pardon me better that youre riding through the wrong gate you have to go to the post station on the other side of the for do you really want to send me back out into the wild no youre right neither accompany the lady to the post station sir yes sir tell me mr. Miller is that in India looks to be one maam oh man this guys annoying that cant be true maam stay where you are dammit come with me maam little charm a pinch of beauty powder and it kick in the nose then youll see fiery lips mr. Miller all right she I could barely hear J what Kate said talk to you later thank you for watching bye-bye best strategy game steam deck Round and around and I am getting dizzy. shark steamer floor cleaner multiplayer games for steam xbox steam link best cheap games on steam how much to rent a steam cleaner