X-Play - Desperados 2: Coopers Revenge reviews

How to install game from steam on different driverun windows steam games on mac DESPERADOS 2: COOPERS REVENGE gameplay we all enjoy reenacting Americas first civil the fratricide the lack of antiseptic buying and selling human beings as though they were property but for a slice of fun from another corner of 19th century America heres our review of desperados - Coopers revenge hey watch your mouth this is a family show yeah yes Cowboys Desperados - Coopers revenge for the PC is here to show us how the West was lost you stink little man hey dont shoot the messenger its not our fault your game states hell take control of John Cooper a hard-boiled gunslinger whos out for revenge after his brother is killed by a bad guy who named Angel faced his best regards from angel face no to angel face angel face is not a cool codename angel face Coopers joined by Kate OHara your sexy lady friend who you never hesitate to put in harms way its all right Ill take care of it go in there and distract him but sex appeal can only carry you so far thats where dark McCoy youre constantly grunting rifleman comes in huh she has a bit constipated the main challenge in Desperados too is figuring out how to overcome each mission by using all of your characters special abilities correctly to see each member of the team has particular powers that the others dont John can shoot people and stash the bodies Kate uses her sex appeal to distract guards hey sweetheart impale blow special power is his ability to be an offensive hispanic stereotype hey lets give the guy a break hes playing the game characters have that people dont want to play unfortunately youll spend most of your time struggling with the awkward interface before you figure out how to do what you want not gonna happen at least this game gets the spirited tone right Desperados - feels like a pulpy old-fashioned Western Ill be damned especially enjoyable or dark sniping levels I can do this all day if I were the Beltway sniper but back on the downside the artificial intelligence is a serious letdown are you telling me that these bad guys can hear John announces every move finally and be warned if you leave your characters alone for too long they start to get antsy damn when is it gonna continue patience my friend walk tough theres going on we could be done already hey were done when I say were done okay now were done Desperados to Coopers revenge gets it two out of five in gains cowboy times seem like all sorts of fun well with the guns and the horses and all the women being prostitutes but I have to imagine all those horses and prostitutes were less fun when people only took one bath a year steam free game codes A Old West game which unfortunately stinks more than cowboys eating beans by the campfire chinese steamed fish with ginger and spring onion steam cloud out of sync islanders video game steam steam games crashing windows 10 free steam co op games