Desperados 2 (VORSCHAU - Heft 12/2005)

Best sim games steamold bay steamer DESPERADOS 2: COOPERS REVENGE gameplay desperados 1 fans will surely remember this level remember this mountain fortress this is eagles nest the fortress of sanchez one of the main characters from the adviser 1 who is also used in paradise 2 hello and welcome to our desperados 2 preview des beratungs 2 comes with a very interesting innovation, so it uses a 3d engine we have just seen it here we can rotate the camera we can pan the camera we can also zoom the camera as far in as you can see here that we being able to look over our heros shoulder and even being able to aim the crosshairs at the enemies himself this is right now were sending to see that its one of the characters from the first part also in the second part with his character demolition master and hes leading us now impressive here yes here we see the quick action in action ion at the bottom left in the middle left she is sneaking up there and cooper comes into the picture at the top left and the two will now coordinate the three opponents who are standing in front of us leans and of course he shouldnt go in so now he unpacks his glass again to stun the two forward straight and couperin lets go at the same time and throws his knife at the mexican in contrast to part 1 this time we can do up to five actions at the program quick actions for each individual hero and then trigger them at the same time lets see how its programmed fiction worked wonderfully and the nice thing is the game also offers a replay function so we can still see particularly successful actions from a particularly dramatic camera perspective take a look and if were going to do that here, I have to say something very briefly m say the status of the game you can definitely already see it in the animations and also in the user interface these are of course all still placeholders, especially the character portraits and everything that can be seen at the bottom edge of the picture and the user interface that can sometimes be seen at the top left that is everything was taken from part one the animations are far from final but ill say something about that now right now lets follow cooper through a nocturnal western town and look at the dynamic light effects while were at it weve always stopped by the sheriffs office now were going stop by here in the saloon and have a look at the folder, which is also very nicely made, here are the walls and the people standing around them, but we can always look out and look at them from the classic desberatungs 1 perspective, next well look at the character the most developed is the sanchez that has synchronous lip movements and a very detailed face and while hes speaking Id rather not say anything unfortunately schünemann planned tiago the game is already relatively far along in development the makers at spellborn are currently busy with the subtleties such as motion capturing and the rector system still to be installed kate who is walking through the city here already has the motion pressed movements on it the other characters are still animated with the animations from part 1 so and here they are now walking into the salon in daylight in cuba and banging their fists in face a gentleman at the counter its time to look at us but he sees stars we opened it and finally were going to look at the new character in the game all the other characters you will have noticed it already existed in part 1 this is here hawk-eye the indian armed with bow and arrow and a tomahawk the opponent he rather turns off in a quiet and discreet way. have fun steam games günstig kaufen PC-Power Play food steamer machine steam profile customization steam star citizen dwarf fortress steam adventure mode cook steamer clams