Destiny 2 - MONTER RAPIDEMENT 1810! Day One, Soft Cap & Max Puissance avec 1 Perso

Eternal card game steam chartspremium steam key games Destiny 2 and hi everyone so today we meet for a new video on Destiny 2 to get to max power easily and quickly and if this video helped you a little like its great fun share it since it can obviously help other people and subscribe so as not to miss the next videos on sites we left the current maximum power is 1800 in power of equipment must clearly differentiate power of equipment and the total power which counts the power of your equipment plus the power provided by the artifact the one you see directly on your emblem or in your inventory you can see the power of your equipment by hovering over it as well as the power of your artifact in DCI 2 three years ago power caps saves it up to 1750 power cap 1750 to 1800 and prestige cap 1800 to 1810 differentiation helps you know what you need to train p uring your rise in power here is how you must do to go up to 1810 in not even a week knowing that I am currently 1807 I believe then that I climbed completely hard and that I concentrated a little bit on the end obviously this technique can help you to be 1810 in a week but is absolutely useless for people who do not particularly wish to do the next day one of the raid just enjoy the game if this is your case advice provided by this video for still serve you when you start the game you will automatically be 1600 since power to reach the backup is 1750 you can absolutely do anything on the game what you want to this forgotten sector event absolutely all the available everything will give you power power to go up and reach this level of 1750 see you if you do the campaign in legendary difficulty you will have at the end of this this one a whole weapon and armor stop at 1770 or more 20 on the soft cap and you will have at the same time a small power boost by recovering the exotic of the end of the campaign a helmet or boots if you do not have the campaign you will be 1750 you will have to go directly to the next one by being 1750 or 1770 you will go through the farming of powerful angles it is generally quite minimal giants or that of the various NPCs who already ask for contracts in the tower allow you to climb without destroying your prestige milestones which will be extremely necessary for you if you want to reach 1810 quickly one of the things to know is that Laurent of the NPCs and one of the most broken things in the game since these will give you a powerful engram with plus 5 from 46 up to 1800 potency just because you played in the activity and rank up more when you do for example looping assaults you will collect equipment ts which will also make you go up but in a very light way however you do nt have to do this at least for people who have the DLC since you can simply do the various iPhone quests dodging the exotic ones of course and which generally guarantee a prestige weapon and a given location this is not very optical the technique of the ranks of a faction is much better and certainly more effective over time but it is a solution add to all this you must learn to balance your stop, that is to say that forming an activity in a loop hoping that a piece falls by the will of the Holy Spirit will be nice for two minutes but if you have to do it 50 times you will quickly take your head for this you will concentrate the faction engrams in the piece of armor that you are missing by the way when the DLC was released for unknown reasons bunchy had not reset the faction engrams e t so you could use them directly to increase in power and I imagine that this is always the case so take advantage of it there is also the possibility of going to the Bundy site and recovering an item from the previous smuggler and not only the latest you can recover absolutely all the items from the previous passes with an extension that I only use during these grind periods these areas do not do and if you go directly to choose the equipment that you are missing to climb and which is therefore at the trolling I also invite you to use Jim to know where you are and balanced your equipment enough once you have no more powerful gelant that you have balanced yourself and that you arrive around 1800 it is time to train prestige gear but not in any way because this could allow you to progress more quickly indeed I invite you to train between two and three prestigious milestones e max and then to balance everything by forming perfect engrams or by using the loots of previous seasonal dough or even by doing forgotten sectors guarantee you to farm a piece of armor in a specific location so why not take advantage and take advantage of it especially since since the power cap in PvE even if it is written 1830 you will know whatever happens 1810 inside not important never forget to use the exotic quests at your advantage that is to say that if you have one of your weapons which is late and you are in the prestige part 4 this will be like a sector loot Sapwood a loot guarantees a given location for example your heavy is late you farm the exotic quest which will give you a heavy as well as the challenge of the eternity challenge which will only drop weapons dont forget it once you balance your stuff you redo one or two prestige milestones and you redo once again a balancing if obviously you were lucky to go up to the max that you can either as soon as you no longer have any prestige milestones available by doing all this and with a single character knowing that from my side I had absolutely six loot in a row prestige in arms I climbed 1804 on my first character so I think that you but vary the pleasures and therefore that you have two other characters by doing exactly the same thing and transferring your weapons on the other characters you have the possibility of rising much higher in power than the first character in general between two and three points more than 4 if you are very lucky obviously you do this you take the weapons of your first character you recover engrams faction at the vanguard the pvp or gambit and you balance your armor you go to the campaign to collect the armor at 1770 and normally as soon as you arrive on the second th personal you may already have 1790 power at the end of all this if you have a little success and you are careful not to delete equipment that increases your power as well as the game that gives you some loot where necessary you can easily reach the maximum power of the DLC you 1810 obviously redo all the manipulations that I was able to tell you about the second character and the third on this site we will let ourselves go I hope you enjoyed this video that it will be useful to you if this is the case as usual a little blue thumb it s great fun tell me in the comments how much power you are and do you have the DLC it can be useful to me if not we say to the next video on destined where we stream on all my slasher TV in France take care of yourself and take care of the others pissaloby Music Music can uplay 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