Destiny 2 has Competition... | The First Descendant Early Access Gameplay!

Verified games for steam deckhow to dock steam deck Destiny 2 game foreign we have a really exciting video what youre seeing is exclusive Early Access gameplay for the brand new next-gen looter shooter the first descendant so huge thank you to Nexon for including me in this event and guys for this video I just wanted to do an overview of this game because as someone whos been in the destiny franchise for the last eight years obviously I love looter shooters but unfortunately whenever one comes out the destiny Community gets all weird about it like some people are like bro this is gonna be the destiny killer I swear when this game comes out Im never touching Destiny again and then other people become crazy Fanboys and they like wish for every other little shooter to fail and constantly crap on them even though they dont play them just so Destiny can be the only game available I hope a lot of you guys watching fall into my boat which is I want Destiny to have some competition to be honest right now it seems of plunder the middle of the Season theres nothing really going on Im bored I would love another looter shooter to invest my time in during these mid-season lulls and then hop back into Destiny when things are bumping again again I think a lot of you guys watching would agree with me there so Im always excited for fresh New Life indie looter shooter genre so lets go over the basics of the first descendant right off the bat this is a free to play game which is a huge deal I mean Destiny became free to play and when it did it removed a huge barrier to entry do you know how much easier it is to convince your friends to try out a new game if its free and we are really seeing a lot of huge games Apex Legends of course like fortnite all this stuff going the free to play route and getting massive success because of that now of course its not all pure upside the free to play games do often have a little bit more grindiness and certainly the first to send it another key feature is that this is a hero shooter as you can see theres several different Heroes you can select between they all have different abilities Im going to be showing off more in detail later in the video but it did seem that the route to unlock these new characters uh was pretty tedious and time consuming as to be expected with a completely free to play game thats not to say you cant do it its just gonna be an investment now another feature that Im sure youve all noticed is that its third person Im coming from a mass effect background so I have no problem with this and it does make sense from a hero shooter perspective you want to show off those unique characters as much as you can but I do understand that some people prefer first person shooters especially in a looter where youre literally holding the gun you just got in your hand thats a very cool experience however you will switch to kind of a first person perspective kind of looking down the scope when you are using Precision weapons like sniper rifles and so on now I mentioned this was a hero shooter so lets take a closer look at said Heroes when you first start the game you have to choose between lepic VSA or Ajax so Ajax is kind of similar to a void Titan youve got like a barricade type ability youve got a bubble type ability very defensive supportive character now for viessa youve got that stasis basically you know you have ice powers you can freeze enemies stuff like that and then for lepic you have grenades uh kind of a simple character to play with a really good passive that just keeps you alive when youre supposed to die perfect if youre a trash player so obviously I went with lepic and yeah using him as you can see youve got these different grenades just kind of a normal explosive grenade youve got a Grenade that sucks in enemies and then you can combine that with your normal Grenade on top of that or just shoot them Etc and the person I was playing with was using Vanessa and weve got very different skill sets later on I was able to unlock another hero called bunny this character was built around constantly running and then building up electricity and as you can see you can actually set up like a combo where you were using the Super Sprint ability where youre running really fast generating electricity and then you have another ability that just does waves of energy around you to damage enemies and you literally just run around them constantly damaging enemies without even shooting I was clearing waves in this like wave defense game mode and then the third character I was able to play as was Sharon who has an active camouflage skill which is just as good for survivability here as it is on the good old Night Stalker Hunter so honestly I was pretty impressed with the diversity of these characters like all three of the characters I played felt very different from one to the next which is obviously a very good thing but moving on what about the world youre playing in well its a pretty big world as you can see from this map here theres a lot of different locations these locations are pretty expansive like you can see theyre actually massive and theyre gorgeous gotta give it to them there however in my experience playing a lot of the base missions youre doing to kind of get through these World areas and unlock new areas were pretty boring like it was a lot of very similar objectives over and over again go and collect this and then kill a few enemies that spawn and go and collect something else and then youre done or maybe go stand this one area and get to 100 and then youre done like it really wasnt too engaging so in our experience the most fun Parts was finding these specific things around these large areas that did offer you a lot more to do um right here you had the option to enter into this wave based survival mode that got very intense at the end and that was a lot lot of fun like the enemy density here was great you also have other things you can do that arent just exploring the world like these big Colossus fights Im gonna explain these a little bit more later so if you are bored with open World stuff that I definitely was there are other options but then what about the Looting this is such an important factor in the success of any looter shooter out there and in the first descendant you definitely have a lack of weapon uniqueness when compared to a game like Destiny like you can see here you have a little bit of different Rarities you have some random stats but you certainly dont have any sort of random perks and youre gonna get a lot of the same weapon over and over again just one might be a better Rarity or a higher level and then you put that one on there was some decent diversity in what you were finding in terms of the different weapon types like there was sidearms SMGs normal assault rifles tactical rifles burst rifles uh beam rifles there was a lot of diversity there but again in those different categories its often like the same weapon over and over and over again in addition theres no armor in this game your character is your character you cant go and loot a different helmet for example but there is a ruin system and this is pretty interesting so first of all you have your descendant ruined like this is your character ruins and these can change your health regen it can give you more Health more defense certain ruins will give you positives but also negatives for example itll increase your Shield by quite a bit but lower your max HP so like do you want to invest in a huge Shield or do you want to invest in huge HP huge defense like all of that stuff is available here and then you have all these different ruins like you have a storm ruin a torrent ruin wave ruins Thunder runes and Haze ruins all of these are for specific types of weapons so you can see right here storm ruins will affect your submachine guns assault rifles and handguns and then you have torrent ruins and those affect machine guns tactical rifles and beam rifles and the diversity here was again pretty impressive we werent able to see any like goal old Rarity weapons perhaps those are unique similar to exotic weapons in Destiny 2 but we were able to see gold Rarity ruins and as you can see some of these I mean this one right here a chamber load on weapon change rounds not consumed for five seconds so for five seconds you have unlimited ammo so depending on the type of gun this could be very very powerful you have another one that gives you a 10 boost to your running speed on a hit you have another one that on hit the enemy defense goes down kind of like weakening them and it even Stacks you have ones that increase your own defense for getting kills and stuff like that so not only are these pretty diverse but you can stack a lot of them the system is that each of these ruins have a certain cost that you can see in the top right corner and you have an overall ruined capacity that you can see right here so you know if your ruined capacity is 35 right you can have three that cost ten and one that costs five right thats it so youre trying to balance like putting on these powerful ones that cost a lot and then some more minor ones to fit in some extra ruins but this whole system I was impressed with you could get some pretty cool variety and you could really affect your characters power with this ruin system now it doesnt make up for a somewhat lacking weapon system and no armor system thats up to you but just letting you know how the loot works but then what about end game well we didnt get to experience too much however we were given access to level 40 characters with some sweet Loot and the activity we were given access to was these Colossus fights which is what youre seeing in the background gameplay and this by far in my opinion was the coolest and funnest thing about this game so you have these very different colossuses like fighting one to the next they have completely unique boss mechanics they all share some similarities for example they have like weak points youre trying to go after but yeah they are pretty intense and they all take place in this kind of unique Arena here uh it is a little bit different I think for each different Colossus but in this Arena you have destructible environments that the normal like World environments dont have so thats like pretty cool like youre hiding behind cover then suddenly the Colossal will just shoot a beam right through your cover and youre like oh my God youre scrambling to get back into cover you do you have to communicate with your teammates quite a bit to get this done honestly in fact this can have one to four players you know the entire game and definitely playing it with more people was substantially more fun also difficulty wise it did kind of seem like if youre playing this Solo or in a Duo it was pretty difficult at certain times within four players a lot of content with a was a breeze so thats kind of an aside the difficulty spikes in this game may need a little bit of work to be ironed out but this is still you know a very early uh build so Im not going to hold that too much against them but back to these Colossus fights again they were extremely intense and we failed a few times but when we did and went back to the social space the team would reconvene and we would talk about Loot and switch things up I remember putting on a tactical rifle and then adding a bunch of ruins that increased weak point damage and that really made a big difference and that gameplay Loop of like changing your loot getting everything just right improving your build to overcome this challenge thats exactly what you want from a later shooter with that being said something I really hope they change is that these bosses were so intense that at the level they became available you really couldnt beat it like if one is available at level 13 and you went in there at level 13 with level 13 gear youd get stomped so youd come back with level 20 gear and beat it but then all the loot that would drop would be level 13 loot like it drops way lower than what you already are because you have to over level to beat these things so as long as they change that and just make the Loot drop more similar to your actual level I think these uh would be a great end game activity aside from that again we did do that wave survival mode and certainly getting to the very end of that seems like an end game grind and stuff like that but once you are through these colossuses how much more is there the in the end game Im not exactly sure and that is always you know a careful area to consider because the end game is where a lot of these little glitter Shooters fall short theyre fun fun and then theres just nothing to do thankfully with these colossuss fights and there was like hard modes and everything like that you do see at least an attempt for an end game to be built out and clearly thought about right but again how long will this keep your attention thats really unknown for the moment but at the end of the day honestly I had fun playing it especially when playing with friends now its not perfect the open world missions are pretty boring the loot system I would say isnt quite as good as Destiny 2s and I can see where the free-to-play grind might get annoying but you cant be as harsh on the first descendant as other games because again its free to play right like how is it not worth spending 20 minutes of your time an hour of your time trying out a game like this if you dont like it thats fine you only wasted the time you invested if you do like it you have an awesome new game to play you know when the seasons dry out for Destiny 2 for example so for me Im very interested in this game and Ill definitely be playing it when it comes out guys hope you enjoyed found this informative and if you did please remember to help me out by simply rating and especially sharing this video if you want to see more first descendant content let me know in the comment section guys if you want to keep up to date with the channel follow me on Twitter at Red Cactus thats Linked In the description down below again I hope you enjoyed the video and as always have a good day the complex steam Thanks to Nexon for giving me Early Access to the BETA of their New Looter Shooter Game: The First Descendant! 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