Destiny 2: ROOT OF NIGHTMARES RAID FOR DUMMIES! - Complete Raid Guide & Walkthrough!

How to connect xbox controller to steamlinux run steam game from command line Destiny 2 game foreign what is up guys its your boy Rick caucus and today we have the complete root of nightmares raid guide for dummies showcasing every single mechanic of every single encounter along with tips tricks Loadout suggestions and more to help you overcome this brand new raid just added to Destiny 2 within the lightfall expansion now guys if I can teach you an entire raid I can teach you a lot more things and I upload a ton of Destiny 2 content including builds news God rules and more so make sure to hit that subscribe button additionally check the play bar because I have time stamped every single encounter so you can find exactly where youre stuck on and overcome it alright now lets get started here with the very first encounter now initially guys when you do load into this raid there is a decent amount of traveling and killing enemies uh before you actually get to the first encounter youll know youve gotten there when you see that rally flag Circle but right next to that we have another Circle and our first mechanic so you see what almost looks like a traveler figurine floating above a zen garden Circle and then surrounding it is like a glowing Aura now if you shoot the traveler figurine henceforth referred to as the light ball from outside the aura nothing is going to happen but if youre inside then as you can see you get a new buff field of light however this will also start the encounter and then youre all gonna get a debuff sweeping Terror so if sweeping Terror gets to zero seconds your entire team will wipe and youre gonna have to restart so this entire encounter you are under the clock however you can actually extend this timer so around the map theres going to be a cathum of nezerac its going to look like a Tormentor however I dont think youre able to Blind it or strand suspend it Etc now if you kill this guy as you can see time will be added to the sweeping Terror clock the buff wont go away but youll then get more time to accomplish your other objective so what is your other objective well if you go and shoot the light orb and get that buff then you may notice theres actually a beam of light coming out of that light orb pointing to another kind of Zen Circle so you head over there and as you can see youre actually able to essentially unlock another light orb in this pathway and then that light orb is going to point in another Direction so you head in that direction the light beam is pointing to unlock another light orb on a new location now theres a little bit of a complicated way you actually need to accomplish this however you may not see that these directional light beams point out of these orbs if these Scions are up so two different shielded Scions as you can see will spawn around this Arena and you need to go and take those down to to unlock the ability to tell the direction in which to unlock these light orbs so to accomplish this guys you need to divide your team into two different tasks what we did was have four people on ad clearing Duty these people are keeping on top of all of the cabal as well as taking down those nezerak tormentors to extend the time and also whenever they saw these Scions spawning they would go run into the shield melee them or shoot them whatever to take those guys down the remaining two people are on the light ball connection team so lets talk about that now what you need to do is actually get the buff and then you can actually go and activate only one extra light ball because as you can see it will take away that field of light buff so another important thing is that you dont want to get the buff at the same time right so if two two of those people both get the field of light buff they run forward one person activates it the other person is trying to go to the you know next third one its gonna screw up its gonna say that the connection has been broken theyre not going to be available to shoot so here is the order in which you need to do this and this is very important because its going to come up throughout the entire raid you need to have one person standing outside of the aura and the other person inside the person inside shoots the orb gets the field of light buff and then they go to the next Orb location they shoot it they activate it and then that person standing outside they then go in and get the buff for themselves and they essentially Hopscotch so theyre gonna skip over that person on their new orb and go to the next orb in the chain where that new orb is pointing to theyre gonna activate that third one and then the person that activated the First new Orb location they need to go back to where theres a glowing Aura shoot inside to get a buff again and they go to the next location in the chain and then you know the other Personnel the odd man out heads back gets the buff and continues forward so youre constantly like going and activating one of these orb locations while your teammate is then getting buffed after youve done that and going to the next one when he gets the next one you get buffed and go get the next one and it keeps going like that the one thing that may throw a wrench in this is that theres actually going to be changing locations of where you can acquire this buff so its not always going to be the very first starting Orb location thats going to have the glow eventually it will move to another location in the chain so you have to be aware and look around where the glowing orb is thats where you need to head to get your field of light to then go and activate the next orb in the chain but once you guys do this and you just Hopscotch through these different orbs then youre gonna activate all I think theres five or six in this first location and then the sweeping Terror debuff will actually go away and youll be able to kind of move up to the next set of these orbs and you do the same thing all over again you kind of set up once the First new orb in the chain starts glowing youre gonna get the debuff again and add clearers keep add clearing and the connectors keep connecting now now again the complicated part about this mechanic is the whole like you have to wait until your teammate gets the buff and goes to and activates one until you can get a buff to go and activate the next one and then they have to wait for you to activate the next one before they can get the buff again you really want to avoid two people having the buff at the same time if theyre both connectors right now importantly though once you activate a new sphere you actually dont need to stand in it youre going to see us doing that in the background gameplay because were just learning the mechanics but once you activate that new sphere you see it like come up and it glows and youre good to go you can dip you can go right over to where the glowing location is and just wait nearby ready to snatch that buff as soon as your teammate connector is done activating his orb so you can accomplish this a lot faster if youre having trouble with timing now as for a Loadout suggestion for this encounter Vault arounds especially because of the absolutely free seasonal artifact perk you can have Vault arounds all the time with your Void weapons stuff like machine guns Id clear like crazy and volatile rounds will pierce barrier Champion Shields which you will also encounter within this encounter however guys once you do make another bunch of connections its gonna move forward and then you make another bunch of connections then I think you make one more bunch of connections the whole while killing ads and thats about it the encounter will end and then we move on to the second encounter however as youre making your way over you can actually grab a secret chest now first of all you might need to kill these aspirant of nezerax yellow bars along the way like theres one kind of here theres a second one obviously uh right here in this location and then a third one right here and then when you move up and youre almost ready to go uh to this new location youre traveling on these uh tendrils right here you see a bunch of doorways on the other side of this big wall well you head into one of these doorways as you can see this one uh right here there is a back passage connecting them then youre gonna have one more uh Nazareth guy a Tormentor you kill this guy and then as you can see it will unlock this chest to spawn so again potentially you may need to kill those other aspirants uh then this guy before you unlock this chest but there it is now moving on from there youre going to continue making your way kind of up until you hit the second encounter and this encounter flag is out in the middle of this kind of floating Rock here and you can see theres essentially two halves of this Arena split up by this giant chasm so on the right you see the same thing you saw before its the light sphere but then if you look over on the opposite side the left side theres actually a glowing Darkness sphere now if you go inside this Aura and shoot the darkness orb you get a different buff called Flux Of Darkness however it operates mechanically identically to the field of light that you are used to so you need to split your team up into the two different sides three people on the light spawning side three people on the darkness spawning side and importantly you have to go across this Chasm over and over again because thats how the connection is made zigzags once you activate the very first light one for example I need to immediately yate over thanks to this man Cannon and land on the other side and activate the next orb so again these man cannons are what you need to use as you can see you shoot this certain Darkness object and it launches you over keep in mind theres going to be multiple as you go forward throughout this zone so theres like one in the left one in the middle and one on the right so youre probably going to need to change your location and change which man Cannon you use to make sure that the journey is shorter because guys you are down to like the wire here you have to be you know pretty perfect in order often to come back get the buff jump all the way over avoid and potentially kill ads and then activate the next orb so at a base level that is what youre doing its pretty much identical to the first encounter with the teams you know getting the buff going and hitting the next orb then saying all right I got it the next person grabs the buff hits the third orb then the next person Hopscotch is back gets the buff and gets the next orb and you keep doing that the way the encounter Works remember and what we did is you start on the light side one person is jumping back and forth constantly the other person can just stay there because theyre activating the other half that always spawn on that side however while youre doing this theres a couple more things going on first and foremost you have a debuff called imminent expulsion and its counting down and it it does exactly what it says once it reaches zero a giant goop will push you off into the chasm and everyone will die so you need to be accomplishing these links in the allotted amount of time also guys theres going to be as you can see enemies that have either light or Darkness Shields and if you have neither of these Buffs theyre immune if you obviously have the non-matching one theyre still immune you have to have the matching buff so if you see a guy glowing white with a light Shield you have to have that field of light buff to take that guy down so these teams of three and three two people are focused on making connections the third guy is also kind of getting buffed in order to take these enemies down however keep in mind the light shielded guys are only going to spawn on the side where the original like light orb starts and vice versa for the dark shielded guys so you can also do it so that the person making the connections on the original side who isnt jumping across theyre the ones taking down those Shields because they have extra time they just need to walk a little bit forward they dont have to jump across a the chasm and by the way for these well first two encounters theres no bosses so stuff like a machine gun ad clearing weapons those are going to be phenomenal for this encounter and the previous encounter however guys once both teams the light team and the Darkness team have made all their connections theyve jumped across the chasm many times all the orbs are complete then its actually gonna unlock a new man cannon that is on the furthest away side from where you started as you can see its going to shoot you up into the second level and then you do the exact same thing you just did you start on the original orb with the aura around it you start making these connections jumping back and forth across the chasm and once you have connected all of these orbs then youre going to be shot up to a third level and its more of the same just making these connections dealing with the shielded guys all of that stuff guys there you have it thats the mechanics and eventually you will complete this encounter now once you do its actually going to put you in this area here and youre gonna see those light and darkness orbs again and actually to progress to the next jumping puzzle you need to complete this puzzle and its the same thing so youre gonna have to divide into those same two teams uh youre gonna start the darkness orb with one team start the light orbit the other team and then just go from location to location activating these orbs with the end point being this kind of middle floating object once thats done then uh the sphincter is gonna open up and you can go through here and continue to the next encounter however again we have quite the jumping puzzle here so this is a little bit of a different mechanic here and it only kind of comes up here where you need to pick up the light buff first because that is going to let you pick up the darkness buff in this location so if you go straight to the darkness buff and you stand inside you shoot it you cant actually get it and thats because as the light Buffs are always glowing and the Darkness Buffs are not now importantly these Darkness Buffs here are actually called like Darkness refuge and you actually do take refuge from this giant pulse of Darkness energy as you can see that will wipe your team so you kind of need to time it right so that you have this uh Darkness Refuge while that ginormous wave of Darkness energy is going over you because as you can see if you have the buff while it goes over you you will not take damage so you just go forward through this location getting light buff then dark buff then light buff then dark buff if youre really fast you can kind of keep it so that you constantly have both of these Buffs uh but definitely it is a little bit tricky and Im doing my best to show you guys the route you go in the background gameplay there is going to be enemies along uh this as well I think theres a secret chest here but we didnt find it and that is going to eventually lead to this kind of big door here guys now importantly you will need all six teammates here to open the door and progress so that does mean that if you do make it here you need to run down to the nearest light orb and then run back to the dark one and then run to the light and dark and kind of like juggle back and forth until the rest of your team comes in here and you can actually progress but then youre gonna progress into more of the same as you can see theres like this giant staircase Causeway where you are just doing the same mechanic youre getting light and then youre getting dark uh trying to keep up that buff to avoid the wipes youre going to continue moving uh forward here until eventually you climb all the way up uh to this area here and its the same thing youre gonna have to wait for the rest of your team uh to get here before the door opens and you can continue so juggle it until they do and then finally guys when all six people are here uh the door is going to open and youre gonna enter the third encounter her and once you do youre presented with a planetarium in front of you and a boss in the back of the Arena what the heck are you doing here well youre aligning the planets properly so before youve actually started the encounter you can see that two of these planets are not the same as the rest one is glowing with light and the other is very clearly like the darkness Planet the light one is the left side the darkness is the right side essentially you need to put all of the light planets on the light left side and the dark planets on the dark right side but how do you go about moving these planets well very importantly lets go over the layout of this Arena because it matters quite a bit so youre gonna have platforms off to the left and off to the right so you have two triangular platforms to the left and two triangular platforms to the right these triangular platforms have three planets each one above each of the points of these triangular platforms and this is important because once you get all of the planets on these triangular platforms correct like if theyre all three light then as you can see the middle kind of pillar here will like shoot out with either light or darkness and it will be kind of glowing above it saying hey youre done this platform youve done a good job so thats important to know but again how do you align these planets well youre gonna have to kill ads off of the start now importantly you want to look out for these yellow bar centurions because once you kill the one associated with your triangular platform then youre gonna spawn the terrestrial Lieutenant right on your platform and so make sure youre not standing where he spawns because he will stomp you and probably kill you now once you kill the terrestrial Lieutenant this big guy whoever actually dealt the final blow will get a buff called planetary insight and as you can see it lets you look at the planets on your side I can clearly see these planets that once looked like normal planets they are now glowing either light or dark so Im on the left Light Side so Im looking for the odd Planet out Im looking for this Darkness Planet so this is the one that doesnt belong here so what I need to do is go to it and as you can see theres a little glowing orb underneath the planet and you can activate it and its called planetary Attunement so the same thing is happening with my partner on the opposite side so Im partnering with amateur here he is killing the terrestrial Lieutenant on his side hes getting planetary insight and he can see the planets immediately around him which one is the odd one out but hes looking for the light one because hes on the dark side so theres gonna be two darks and one light for him so again weve partnered up right the other two people on the bottom triangular platforms have partnered up and then the last two people are on ad clearing Duty so youre gonna activate this planetary alignment and once you do as you can see guys you get planetary shift and its actually going to Decay over time so you need to accomplish this before the bar is all the way done and essentially we just switch a route so again me and amateur have partnered up we are gonna go and activate each others Planet so you need to actually either look or call out specifically which Planet you activate I activated the darkness on mine he activated his lightness one so we need to go and activate the exact one that each other activated and then as you can see the planets will switch positions they will swap sides so now my side has all three light his side has all three dark and the same for the other two triangular platforms uh below us then you have to go through the process of killing ads killing those centurions spawning the big lieutenants killing those guys because that will give you planetary Insight yet again but youve already aligned the planets to the proper side what are you supposed to do now well now youre looking in the center of the Arena as you can see theres three more planets that you werent able to rotate previously that are in the center so in this example here we have two light up at the front and one dark at the back I have switched so Im now at the darkness side and Im just going to align any one of these three planets it doesnt matter with the darkness Planet because youre switching the darkness plant from the middle onto the darkness side youre switching Darkness with Darkness youre not trying to mix up uh Darkness and Light right and so two people from the Light Side align the top two light plants so once I get the darkness one and thats the hard one like the odd one out is the one you want to do first because then anyone on the other side can align the planets you dont have to have planetary insight to actually do the planetary alignment mechanic its just obviously important because you can actually see which one youre supposed to do so technically you could just guess and get it right but I wouldnt recommend it then in the center of the Arena youre gonna see these planets kind of collide above your heads if everything is matching light on light and dark on dark youve aligned everything properly and that means the damage phase is about to begin then the boss as you can see is actually going to shift his Focus now importantly guys hes going to get a random Shield that might be light it might be dark look at him and see if hes glowing white or orangey or whatever darkness is and then you need to head to the platform that is associated with what he is glowing so in this example hes glowing white we head over to the right side that is the light platform and you DPS the crap out of him now we did find rocket launchers were very good so one person using galahorn everyone else using hothead or whatever the best DPS rocket launchers you have are we also did have one person on Divinity in order to get the amount of debuffs you need if you have more hunters and you have like three tethers you can tether just one set each of the platforms instead of using Divinity potentially but thats what we used for damage also we had some Starfire protocol warlocks Fusion grenades like you wouldnt believe but guys after really not too long he is going to shift his focus and then hes going to be immune and get a different kind of shield and it seems to always be the opposite guys so if he started with light and this example he did hes always going to become dark and so you just head to the darkest one DPS from there then he shifts again and hes back to light so you go to the third and final plate and finish the damage phase here after youre done and he is immune you do the same thing you just did align the planets on the correct sides align the middle ones to enter into another damage phase now keep in mind guys again you do not have a lot of time on each of these plates so its really just a waiting game uh to when he first changes his Shields you go to that first plate and then you know whatever his shield is youre headed to the opposite kind of plate next so like plan your Escape Route because you need to be there as quickly as possible additionally guys really make sure to not accidentally step over one of these plates or float over them because it can deactivate them apparently we did have one where we went to the plate and he was immune the whole time because probably someone just stepped on it so keep that in mind however guys once youve done enough damage to him as you can see he has a final stand mechanic so in this case it seems like all three of the plates start glowing orange and then you just need to burst him down as quickly as possible you need to do as much damage as it takes to actually kill him or the team will wipe so another big tip here guys is that if youre running low on ammo and youre getting close to that final stand its probably a good idea to stop damaging this guy back away do another rotation to try to get ammo like put on some Special ammo finishers um the Aeons to try to get some heavy ammo stuff like that and then you can go back do a proper damage phase finish off the sliver of Health before Final Stand and easily take him out in Final Stand but then guys moving on from there we have yet another uh puzzle here to open the sphincter where you are doing the uh Darkness and Light orbs so just do that same thing again open up here and then youre going to make a pretty long journey here until eventually you are going to get to the actual boss fight this Arena here and so we start the final encounter against the Big Bad final raid boss nazarak himself so if you look around the arena youre gonna see on the right side you have a starting Darkness orb on the left side you have a starting light orb so you have to split your team into groups of three but more realistically its two groups of two like a Darkness connector team and a light connector team and then the other two people are mostly going to be on ad clearing Duty so you just do the same mechanic youve done a bajillion times before at this point so you run up like I get the buff I go to the next one I say okay got it my teammate in this case my connector amateur he gets the buff he goes to the next one I wait for him I go to the next one and you just Hopscotch as usual keep in mind guys the order is gonna be random like its gonna go to the same first one and its gonna have the same ending point but pretty much everything in between is pretty randomized so just be aware of that keep your eyes peeled for the little floating orb where youre supposed to go now connecting these wouldnt be so bad but the entire time you have a ton of ads so stuff like grenade launchers volatile rounds just to take care of them if you have a Divinity guy he should be running machine gun in order to bust down these ads as quickly as possible Additionally you are going to have the big Lieutenant guys those are great because you can get heavy ammo finishers on those guys if you have Aeons on which is probably useful but also youre gonna be booped up into the air thanks to nazarak and thats because while youre trying to make these connections guys youre gonna get a debuff called nezerax hatred now its just gonna randomly happen to certain members of the team and it is going to essentially constantly like Scion Boop you into the air and it can be very very annoying however you can counteract this because if you have the buff you can actually shoot nazarak in the chest and then hes going to egg roll on just one person so one person can kind of take the heat for everyone else so they can accomplish the connections and the one person can kind of take the hatred for themselves and try to DPS nazarak as well because once you do shoot nazarak to have his attention focused on you hes gonna drop down off of that elevated platform and then hes gonna actually have more weak spots to damage like on the shoulder and so on and at this point you have two options because you can either just finish up the connections on each side fast enough if you dont he will wipe your team so if you need more time theres actually a mechanic involving his shoulder weak spots that will extend the duration before this white mechanic so what you need to do is someone needs to shoot his shoulder weak spots one of them and youll actually see a blast of energy thats released that will be either light or dark so itll kind of blast out with a glowing white blast or a like orange Darkness blast so if it is a white light blast what you need to do is that means someone with the darkness buff needs to come over and shoot one of the white completed orbs not the white glowing orb where youd get the buff but like a further back completed one and while youre doing that your entire team needs to be on that node and all of you guys will get a shelter debuff which will save you from that white mechanic its kind of similar to the previous jumping puzzle where you need to get light first and then dark and then light and then dark so if you see a Darkness blast the opposite is true you need to get everyone to go to a Darkness node and someone with the light buff shoots the that Darkness node and then gives the shelter buff to the entire team there and guys Im gonna keep it real with you we never did that not once in our completion we just went fast and honestly especially when contest mode is over its really not going to be hard to get those connections done fast especially when youre used to where theyre spawning and completely ignore this extension mechanic now with that all being said once youve established the connection youve gotten all of the darkness orbs on the right and gotten all of the light orbs on the left then all of the places youve got those orbs are going to shoot up pillars of light or darkness and nezerak himself will take like a beam of energy as you can see and then he will become available to DPS now as for where you want to DPS from as you can see you can go to these elevated platforms and you can shoot them from here hes gonna smack the ground and do all this stuff but he cant really damage you especially if youre in a well youre gonna take whatever lingering damage he throws at you easily so we did start with our DPS phases on this really high elevated platform right here but it was a little bit tricky at times and if he becomes available to damage like in the center of the map and youre way over off to one side as you can see its not ideal so we actually ended up actually getting the completion on this like middle platform right here and this was a lot easier again youre taking very minimal damage from nazarak they cant get up here and you just sit in a well and absolutely lay into this guy with rockets now a tip here Rockets are definitely great for DPS but I was running the arbelist at first for a little bit extra you know DPS and ranged Effectiveness but oh my goodness we got so much more damage when some of us start switching to Fusion rifles right I put on the no composure with its high impact reserves and did a lot more damage because nissrak is like right in front of you right in Fusion rifle distance and those rapid fires especially when you have a Divinity bubble can do a lot of damage not to mention being void means it can trigger bricks from Beyond the seasonal artifact mod that gives you more heavy ammo and thats very important you do absolutely want to have someone on each of the sides with the ability to make heavy ammo via the Aeon exotic gauntlets right because if you are especially in contest mode able to get this guy down youre likely going to be pretty much completely out of ammo so you need to be able to go around and collect a few more bricks and guys yet again this boss will have another final stand mechanic so as you can see we got him low and once you get to that point he does become immune for a few seconds so make sure to not shoot your rocket in that like one second of immune phase then he kind of teleports back down and you have the chance to damage him you have to do enough damage uh in a short amount of time or he will wipe your team so the same thing applies if youre lets say on your second damage phase youre getting him low but you dont have a lot of ammo bricks around youre running out of ammo its probably a good idea to stop leave him at a sliver before that final stand mechanic do a whole extra phase try to get some ammo and then you can actually finish him off but guys in any event there you have it the final chest is going to be up on this elevated platform go ahead and pick it up as well as interact with nezeraks weapon to purchase an additional piece of guaranteed red border raid loot at least the first time you do it on a character so absolutely guys uh get that done hope you enjoyed this video found informative and if you did please remember to help me out by simply rating and especially sharing this video If you guys want to see more Destiny 2 content similar to this dont be afraid to slap that subscribe button if you want to get in touch with me and keep up to date with the latest Channel activity the best way is to follow me on Twitter at Rick cakis that is linked in the description down below again I hope you enjoyed the video and as always have a good day clothes steamer cabinet The Complete Guide to the new Root of Nightmares Raid, added to Destiny 2 with the Lightfall DLC during Season of Defiance! 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