Steam decjcolonization games steam Destiny 2 game Music hey lord of gambinand I hope you are well its nice to have something new on Destiny 2 with the new big eclipse expansion available on February 28, 2023 on PC PlayStation and Xbox you can also find all the movies of the franchise organized in chronological order in the Destiny Universe playlist have fun especially since there are episodes of the saga that no longer exist capture on PC in 4K and 60 fps go end up the other place in the game I I just have to wish you a good viewing and if you like it dont forget to buy the gamekisses the witness the person responsible for our first fall is on our doorstep once confused with darkness the witness actually reveals himself to be an entity that uses this same darkness against us he spoke to us through our specters and offered salvation against our submission we refused we are unaware of these true intentions but we assume he wishes to complete what it started with our fall our resolve was tested when its gonna turn the deceitful goddess of the hive posed as one of our best keepers osiris she accessed our secrets but in return osiris also had access to his own its ok all did not rebel against the witness and undermined our only chance to defeat him on the planet Neptune when the former emperor of the kalus cabals and his loyalist warships joined the advancement of the witness on earth but we made unexpected alliances with the daughter of kalus the empress kayattle and mitraxes the leader elixne of the house of light together we united against our common enemy in an unprecedented move the traveler has left the earth to face the witness this conflict was initiated long before our existence but we are the ones who will somehow end all units repel the enemy and protect the v traveler at all costs Music Applause what is it is the witness whatever it is we dont care everything to eliminate it Music Applause you know what must be do the right thing they have found the veil we ca nt engage the enemy we have no choice time is running out osiris wo nt die reach the veil before caius and please stay with he only has one life left I check our position we were driven to the outer giants in Neptunes orbit and his reason the witness sent kalus to find something hidden here guardian I didnt expect to run into another stowaway kalus looking for an artifact on neptune the veil i signed him make a plan to stop him but for now pray your way in this ship Music the resonance spiral protects from hut another weapon of the witness our alliance with the witness share delicious fruits together we will devour the solar system with the support of the witness who knows what he has in store for us Music of the witness the shadow legion one step ahead try to damage the cabal fleet to gain time should regroup urgently but we may be able to disable the ships processor I have located a terminal in the area and I have sent you the plans of their ship I have just received them localization in progress its good we aint processor right i keep telling myself we should have stayed to protect the traveler and our people and what we did right to follow osiris the whole system will be doomed all of our men will be dead we never experienced a threat of this magnitude even if you had stayed you could have done nothing against the witness we had no chance this mission is our only chance to survive witness the fruits of an unholy alliance between the witness and kalus and im afraid he has more surprises in store for us heart of the whole ship communication navigation deployment im sending you my position get to this ship we need to find a way to surface i think i know a method to achieve this it is hesitation that I perceive in your voice impromptu stratagem between an excellent success rate hurry to join me look we will soon be admiral of causes he is heading straight for the surface what do you think of management wins i make you a great mood when we meet in the queen we have to hurry to join at the Iris he used to do things his way it looks like he hasnt changed even after except now he only has us to cover his back okay heres the plan destroy the engine of the ship where we are right now im not we have to end this invasion Ill do everything I can to stop the witness so if youre not counting put leave me alone but hey we blew the engines from altitude rendezvous escape pods avoid hurry reliable it cant be is- what is Neptune there is a city here an entire civilization the scenery will find it you on the road identify you are you with the invaders we are guardians the last city in battle the same enemy we are here to find something thing called for the moment but we thought wed have it soon and keep your head fro there are too many always thought that we were the last survivors the vanguard is not going to come back but this is not the time to think about that if we dont stop the London Legion the city will disappear im up there the kabbalah will spot whats going on outside im detecting an anomaly on my sensors well go take a look as long as the way is clear ill just point out that i m a little cramped here for energy its amazing you can use it your time cant handle such power at vital signs are in the red welcome back to you Music you work fast we dont like to waste our time so much the better not a minute ago we regroup at The Watchtower you dont understand me we have to access the veils I understand the stakes Lightbearers much better than you we dont all have spare lives Music with my inner beauty i should be grateful when she the power came to live in me we should toast you cant find the veil is before us but it stay out of reach my forces are locating it right now the neptunes and their technology that the great poses no great threat the final form awaits the veil and our next step is with you ez all you desire emperor find the veil so i can end my god Music so here comes the lightbringer listen i dont think i have a particularly wild imagination but when we render with tales of immortal warlord we expect shield with hairy torsos and you land this weather in all directions attacking the bad guys with your green thread I had never seen anything like this but anyway enough about you I am Nimbus I am part of Neo Mounas false clouds the false clouds have protected this city for generations without a guardian but it seems that we have the same goals or at least the same its set Juan asked me to be your kit at least for now and I will do everything to protect the veil and all the inhabitants were giving to the mill at the base i hadnt planned to babysit and lets just say it was clear in my mind in short you know the veil is in danger i know where the wicks go ants so its time to play the heroes my vision was right even after years of speculation no one would have guessed that the digital collective had arrived here and built a city as for Luce its hold on the city remains strong but these full clouds seem to be succeeding in keeping him at bay for now at least his quest for that vitally important item the veil if he finds it first hurry watchman we cant fail Music you Earthlings know how to do it your entrance I am Rohan you protective cloud of the city of neo-monna welcome to Neptune its funny to say that I always believed that I would fight the Lightbringers if he came by chance we are in the same body in any case I hope we will find points in common or enemies you heard Osiris we must reach the veil before capus and his London legion lets enter the city I will open a radio channel a vec ma puce Music citythe archive Music dont get distracted get the veil back before she us and our priority dont waste time at work guardian precisely of barriers between you and your goal that could work on the barrier if you are looking for others but you can start with a ask how long does it take a bus Music Music the shadow legion really roughed this year most of them are corrupt Music as long as it doesnt waste us more time the forces of calu are already occupying too much of your life in the direction of our studies the shadow legion pyramid technology and saw that complex open see that i forces the system Music its just me I give its okay its a complete system its ok Im just a little tired Music can consider himself lucky if the witness has not already recovered the veil after all this time you s you still so dead being funny is not my priority when he is with all the power that contains the veil I think he can stay alone a little longer I have to reach the light-bearing veil and we closer closer i feel weird something i feel some of our powers are gone what is this device looks like some kind of disruptor by to causal i will look for its weak point but for now continue ez we are too late they have the see keeper i dont something the veil its worse than before much worse Music we have captured the veil minus the area around the veil it is buried we will need time to access it and plug in the head let it go without counting the presence of the enemy we know who is here the protectors of the system does not prevent it must not be destined to come true establish the connection of matter and avoid under them away the final final form in deliberation Ant r hey me it was but way more powerful this time i feel bad like i should nt be here stay in one night osiris and nimbus need to be told the veil is saved for now i ca nt say that in your language so stay by my side succeeded in destroying the veil how to say it is directly linked to our arch cloud and to all the noses at Mounir no need to explain to you why it would be a disaster you understood your friend Osiris will rush and shoot in time and my faith I rather agree but the old man finally the other old my old man finally literally but in short he is not convinced that it is the right decision but it does not matter I remind him that you were the experts that you mastered this witness story for much longer than us we can take a step back and trust others good you have our destiny in your hands but it could be fun author of light a dangerous mission waiting for you the assault on the fortress of kalus will not be a cakewalk in normal times I will have more information before a direct attack the guardian has faced the unknown and he has always taken the upper hand he is up to this task the radial antenna is in the ship of kalus if you strike quickly we can eliminate the threat before it reaches the veil enter the fortress of kalus find the radial antenna and destroy it a roll out the red carpet Music of the evil ones he placed his doors to them with the powerful to protect their radial head and well something strange here also an intense concentration of light energy I have a bad he leaves because of it could be the antenna radiale the shadow legion block corridor even if we rushed into the heap they would have time to put the radial antenna in safety must exist another way to the radial antenna wait I send you all the readings from our sensors you want them to take an indirect route we cant afford to waste time Music I dont have all the necessary data but Ive calculated an alternate route through the ship less cannon i thought this is our best option guardian you see that its this weird dark energy again the shadow legion has to use this gravolift to move equipment and troops around the ship it should allow us to ad forward i dont believe my sensors could the radial antenna really be an artifact of light what is the antiendradial capable of how affecting such a one sees it there and what the witness is up to excellent question but well answer it when we will have destroyed the radial antenna and save your city i know what is at stake the people of london is clearly equipped for the siege look at all these ships reaching the s Cryo capsules the number of victims will be catastrophic we should be able to help you we just have to overload his energy conduits Music except that you still use high explosive energy because it often happens Music right on c is already a concern in me improvised but effective diversion and the people given to the mills will be safer for the moment at least to your liar there Music Music Music you have arrived at the radial antenna no but we n its not far I feel it well they havent moved yet we have time left focus on the path that remains to you guardian youre almost there its strange I thought that by sinking we would see more signs of the old cabus but how much has the witness changed Osiris is having difficulties but I dont know what can be done to help him or if there is a way to help him if the angles are correct this gravitational elevator It leads straight to the Radial Antenna were almost there youve surely seen all the guardian obstacles this is no time to falter look at this place all these shadow legion soldiers theres an entire army here an army ready for all buildings and all citizens to the last it wo nt happen if we stop something in time this door this open all alone i have a bad feeling stay alert monument must be the radial antenna the undeniable you will say light energies welcome entertainment tonight volume show me your legendary strength of a probably the great talks of caduce this is the time destroy the radial antenna assured Re a champions performance becomes tasteless without an opponent coming if you dont believe Music guardian accept your wife whats going on wait im getting a transmission these are coordinates in this stop thats all the chosen ones need s of the traveler are able will eventually cause your father but not today when I see you very very one last time yes were leaving you dont bother its okay you destroyed the radial antenna collapse we have to get out of there last time we arrived late kalus appropriated the veil and now its the radial antenna that rushes back grannies if you fight the river it rises in it will carry applause dont let du bread the lapse had to be refined by an almighty emperor it is a far more dangerous creature a hungry and desperate beast once he controlled the Empire shack and all that wealth and consume it as he pleased he said joy was under purpose and his strength that to anguish for studies and enemies was a weakness nor in his eyes see Terror he knew that his pleasures were soon to end it prevented him from seeing the coup detat coming I would have had to kill him on the spot and i thought exile was more suitable i thought he would wither and vanish into space and instead he saw something of the opportunity to become more important than he had never been he took this opportunity on the hunt like a beast on a bloody trail abandoning honor healing he was ready to sacrifice everything for his own salvation and when the witness presented himself to him what did you have __ he spent all his time running away if we dont stop him hell stop at nothing to destroy the world and empress kayak strength we ll help fend off chalice its all been a loss things are not like they used to be I was just thinking about your recent performance with her parakoso sons to see if there would be ways to improve it was uncontrollable we did our best we have to do even better we dont know what we want calu is the witness but this this is gonna affect us all i ca nt let that happen i still have to think about his daughters you should check the cloud mobs to think about what we can do next Osiris its ok ghost its ok go ahead talk to my heart titan lol its something I believe in us and if really my greatest joy is to do something Juan would find it extremely reckless he ran his head and pulled out his favorite phrase that he could beg come back empty-handed you have to l have heard in summary and stop trying to do everything solo we are not partners for nothing ok and if I screw up and it goes wrong and well we will fix it together the archi cloud remains vulnerable by playing on the energy a reset like that should get everything going again but the reset is in vexed territory and thats where you come in Osiris and Roanne may well talk about their differences while drinking defermented if it pleases them we are going to protect the people of neomona not a great idea your children from directly we must analyze the situation as a whole if we want to protect the veil we must above all protect the archie cloud Juan all that is still a little confused for us what exactly the cloud ark is its the rest our people tell us its all up to him and there to see the turtles accessing the reactor of the chinese and we take care of the central power board when you will have cultured the system we can relight the reactor lets be clear if the archi cloud is destroyed will it come to neon oh you see so its not an option cut our energy pocket we should go throw away a deal last time why did it work last time it looks like you are pulling on invisible strings these sources appear to me as a concentration of energy coming from the same place it has to be the v oil its a kind of magnetic field that encompasses every nose at Mouna trying to find other sources and almost reached the central power board its upset this short circuit of voluntarily you see you have to get rid of these tears upset before accessing the reactors we had never seen this kind of behavior compared I hope you are taking notes from a bus the first time I see that I dont know the power of this station is incredible even in the golden age the earth was still decades away from such technology as I have already told you we will have what it takes to take back the veil all help and welcome Music Music how does it look Roanne it must remain a green influence it will be back to normal it will feed the architecture something clash it was a little too easy you too have to get out of there first I have a map to get out from here Music were in core at the heart of the action well it detects bombs full of bombs always bad data inside Im looking for another way we have to get out of there and quickly I found a way out were going to get high Music Music left left left left left left left left left left left left left left left left left left left left higher now right Applause it was really cool as you saw how cool it was not bad Laughs he worked perfectly thats a really powerful asset you have there in the right context not a keeper hes just disgusted to pass fueled again great job everyone thats what I call a well deserved win para-causal superposition like a magnetic pole you havent been idle well we have long believed that light and darkness were antagonistic to be the champions of good because we s using light if light and darkness are not moral forces of opposites when his father at base the traveler is a Terraformer a gardener he generates natural life physical transformation at the molecular level on entire planets that should have been our first clue the domain of light and the domain of the physical world darkness is multifaceted dreams nightmares emotions pain my memories the nature of philopscur confirms this theory darkness is totally distinct from light it is a union part to causal uniting intangible conscious realities linking disjointedly and from the river yes its a cointe story to children about neptune a nursery rhyme somehow since the creation of the world there is a river of history some try to but nothing can stop it a lot of people believe that in the water you either drown or learn to swim its not the case no because theres a twist were the river and obviously it gives you power you know i think i know a place i talked to osiris hes kinda like stuck volunteering in a museum but its hes a nice guy when youre face to face he got me thinking which is a very rare compliment i give around here theres a place you might be helpful with the dark stream i find you the coordinates about compliments you will never stop surprising me you know and that we are attacked its not good bravo and suddenly what was attacking us head on doesnt attack us anymore and it you continue as if it was normal the first time Roanne paid me a compliment I no longer hoped for it and besides I didnt really need it anymore I think he did it on purpose but anyway I promised myself that I will do differently once his place the old man must believe that the compliments go to your head but if it helps you wire obscure eliminate chalice as much as it goes to your head to shoulders to knee everywhere present if the dark thread is another aspect of darkness why have we never noticed these sources before i said it was a similar by-product to use a different analogy if we are all part of this river of souls how can we direct the flow of the river there other sources of philosophy and well what do you expect in interconnected consciousness we might need a break so much learning to master the scur pilot you can no longer back we cant train effectively without pushing our limits that we have no chance of winning if we dont master this power we just have to find another way its not are oracles access points versatile to the Nexus he has to absorb as much philobscure data as possible what happens when you give them too much Applause thats wow so much the better now the real training can begin were at a dead end with tools obscure the side effects are starting to pile up i dont understand i had more power and more training Music here we go again remember give it your all Music Music Music Music Music Music Music Music Music this is no time to slow down I believe you dont realize what youre asking of her Music you and let her run you through its like that its a tough fight but you got through it that said we cant afford any weakness against kalus you should be able to use the dark thread effortlessly were still missing something but what i have to think well fix it lets learn later what is this phenomenon will be could you analyze its true I bother you Roanne Ive been thinking about the parakoso effects of the veil on the spectrum I know I havent been another easy one in your town the pain n is not an obstacle it only reminds us that we are still breathing that we are still trying to establish the link we must stop them hi Jean-Pierre on the veil the activation of the radial antenna is imminent if the veil is compromise neo Muna will be destroyed and all the rest of the solar system will soon follow the dark thread will be our trump against kalus the guardian is ready to use it at least I believe believe me we are with you in water without be quiet he lets share the head grave again this suppression field ca nt use all our power come closer this device is of pyramid origin designed to suppress our powers of known power hi this is not prepared for the dark wire ut Use it to overcome their area suppression field searching from the dark to rise from the dark has never been higher your training has prepared you for it the dark pilot roams you as he roams the world and the guardian I got my hands on still uterine schematics it was occasion safe landing zone in my files aint the formation wanna be free Music space to nothing and we got reinforcements from Cahus at a distance for the moment we wo nt definitely resist weve almost run out of time Music Music Music Music slowed down how far are you from the radial antenna were almost there remember the the radial antenna must be stopped before it can establish a connection with the veil be the enclosure of the fingers the Bearer of Light and me we can take care of it Music no its a dead end we will have to shine a path l the radio antenna is in tra in to activate i will buy you time beware of the king even you you will not be able to contain it for a long time there must be a way to destroy it guardian when i manage to hold the line the radial antenna cannot be the link Music the radial antenna cant be destroyed with conventional weapons otherwise maybe not taken the dark wire account need dark wire to overcome the force field give me a minute Music Music now carrying light destroy it now we ca nt make it so its no choice one of them we meet on the other side Applause Music Im dead fake clouds I want need it there was S your father Music we know the suffering our goal is to end it you have no reason because you are afraid you need it fear and your failures i fed this strength a pressure as vicious as brutal collapsed the s walls of our enemies and seize our lavish reward and why because i wanted to you hold the universe in your hands and you only think about what you can do with it secure the veil we create the bond apologies the veil its yours it will be done Music thank you for the heart when we accept this job we receive the improvements and all that the countdown is on lets say it may seem short to you but if we make good use of it its worth it I dont know of any false clouds that disappeared before its expiration date we have much bigger ones right now we need to put Neo Mounas defenses back in place I have reports that the Shadow Legion attacks the Aix network directly I dont know why except to take advantage of the splendid view with the current inclination of the axis but lets not wait to find out it looks good to me plan no thats what he would have no it doesnt matter you and me were going to e n occupy is when you want to keep a my forces tell me that units of the shadow legion are turning their attention to archduage thats probably why the hopes that our technology retains all its resistance is -what is a corrupted infection the shadow legion is pushing corrupted into this pocket made portal dude got cleared following his corrupted and lets get them out of the system the weird pan of nightmares and hes tough but not a penephael dont save impossible maybe we Music get rid with a little force Music and pain this i Im going to consume them a calf is this the voice of your speak the citizens brief but for now we have to spot the access point and prevent everything Music here is the access point and the minions get corrupted before they open a way to China Applause were back and you think are function again either leave again s the city guardian we must complete our preparations to make sure chalice defeat the reason between the two it will break thank you need me power i am pain i am terror i never have eh guardians i hope you have gained confidence with the dark thread because at the irises yes I asked him how they were doing with the green threads just to tickle him he corrected my words and presented his theories to me with all the details without counting that he came out with a lot of important names I only listened with half an ear but he seemed passionate thats what counts I made an effort to refocus and he said you still had to find a way to master the dark thread I think Roanne would agree like me not because I always agree with the dead but hey hes not really in a position to contradict me either eh me daradanous full cloud of Neo Mouna I think that thats a good idea stem on and 80% of defenses operational i crave revenge she has an army and you have the green smagic threads we are not ready to face kalus we dont even understand the basics of this unpredictable power it is time to remedy this kayatole we will need your troops Mabus please load as many turrets as possible during this time Osiris will help me untangle this dark thread when we want to control something powerful we can easily imagine that it will take racing Music of determination a strong will but I learned that we cannot control every aspect of nature Music instead of tightening our grip we must let go accept the flow and denial let go of grief Music in all its forms it is by wiping the failures and the loss that we can overcome the impossible Music Music we are on the edge of the abyss so well in our conflict with kalus than in our learning of the philopscur but we are missing something we will find this thing together the aspiration may come to us when we least expect it live the dark thread or lead you the time has come the experimentation the people of the shadows to be without a doubt a siege in place let s take advantage of this to prepare ourselves battle will soon be ours but the time has not yet come we have never faced such an evil time we now know what nimbus took from us all the products of the spirit are bound in darkness we obstacles and our purposes are contained within and they merge they only do with us and with our enemies perhaps that in trying to master this power to control this conflict lets swim against the tide from the beginning there are no more obscure threads the moment is well chosen to put our theories into practice brute force and not very fruitful my is careful execution paves the way for greater power how to say Roanne who rushes always comes back empty-handed our imposing comrade perhaps understood this power better than he realized it himself think about it when did you start making progress with the dark thread when we helped the neo-monians get the powerhouse going again but what a connection to the dark thread our perspective changed as did our approach to combat we took a step back to see the bigger picture and we used it to move forward so what is it to prepare you more carefully or to carry them by the river we must apprehend the obstacles as the details of a global portrait and use this portrait to overcome them excellent it was slow it looks like youre on the right track the right instruments are needed to correctly observe the phenomena of light and darkness an appropriate perspective Heres the key I think weve found it look for more obscure threads and find out what this new perspective has to offer us even with all of this it seems like the guardian energy is still stable maybe that was it change of perspective that we did not miss this moment it is the product of humble training many failures and a steely determination but you will only master this power when you put these lessons into practice under duress i believe that i see where you are coming from i have a challenge for you the vex network contains many pockets used to test new subroutines there is one not far from you it would be perfect for discovering what you are capable of with this power we are guardians remember let yourself be carried away by life and well what are you waiting for Music Music Music Music Music impressive Paris that we could start again right away candidate the shadow legion has started another time so youve largely proven yourself kalus has no idea what hes waiting for keeper all of our training and all of our losses have gotten us to this exact moment we must prevent canus from reaching the veil and establishing a link with the traveler he could be useful to us I recommend the greatest caution with the untested technologies of Ishtar my dive it does not look like me today the reign of the Shadow Legion will submit he will go crush under my box the TV forces Music get rid of their weapons Music of Ar my whole guns are neutralized my forces are mocking and we are going to need a shortly you have almost arrived at the Guardian Veil every lost moment brings us closer to disaster it takes a little longer planned he has not been with the routed Empress Legion this may be our last line defense finally this weapon no destiny it wasnt such a bad idea its almost ready i think its good keep the turrets under control they are crucial for our defense dear enemies are heading your way on a mission for the weapon untested digital Music Music it always happens more what are we doing the age of the shadow legion here the rightful sovereign empress of the huts you chose to you go with a traitor black venerating in your eyes we are capable we devour mountains if you have11 tons left bring us at least a battle worthy of this this Music Music Music Music is funnier fall back in height fall a more easily defensible position over here keeper will protect the body below you from do you have to reach the veil before the shadow legion do all you can to stop them from making the link does that give you a moment of respite to find the wood in front the shadow legion dont waste this opportunity according to the legends the veil is deep deeper underground very deep whatever you find keep going down watching the surface because there is she regrowing callus at the moment but she is outnumbered i send you feedback visual we need your help to guide us incredible its in every way if to access the Ishtar terminal like any other it must be the veil its huge I feel a little weird I dont know how describe causes almost the same sensation as the traveler it makes no sense does it not lets continue i held them off as long as possible chalice is coming your way its up to you to play the guardian give him he deserves huge s of shock in the trunk the emperor is reducing this place to honey hurry up guardian he will arrive before you France Music Music you feel that you wont run away anymore Music its over Music here we are finally whats wrong with the Iris the finality is taking shape look at the link being created the Music Music Music what happened we lost Zala answer the universe transforms us all into a victim and you more than the others you have known that be free the missing traveler must I be touched by such a sacrifice that he can no longer offer light to our lost enemies without a God in whom I placed my trust no what gnaws at me is human earth we have seen so many people die for this war and yet these losses have given us a vision and a common bond we have more allies than ever before awakened human helix even the cabals arriving in the last quoted i admired the sky for the hope that the traveler gave us today i see there the hope that we have built for ourselves Music guardians the traveler is gone but here we are it may seem to our teeth but circumstances make it important despite your success against the former emperor the witness has transformed the traveler and he has gone where we cannot follow him the loss is our lot and i have known for a long time that the world does not obey the laws of poetic justice even if we would like it otherwise Music it would be easy to falter one looking at the sky but no we must use the time we have and make sense of our losses Neptune and our best track in fact is the only one collaborating with the crowds clouds learn what will be possible for you on the veil step by step little by little we continue with or without the traveler Music what a huge thing its gone and the veil is safe I dont really know what the next victory will look like and this one is ours that of Neo Muna its funny Im no longer a novice now Im a nimbuste fake cloud its weird like I jumped through the window his Skyboard it gave me confidence to know that someone else was in charge when i met Roanne i felt like he was going to handle everything it was easy for him i guess it will be for me a day Roanne will soon be inducted into the pantheon of heroes you join the party it s going to be great Queen will say something a little boring a little will say it a lot there might even be a few whistles for a little laugh but I think he would be honored by your presence Music it makes no sense we are still alive Music the witness was only interested in the veil he seems to have created a bond using the spectrum and the veil the convergence between light and darkness to open a door tail but to where we should focus on the veil and the trail the witness may have left behind if you need a moment take it but know its just a losing battle dont give up today today we honor the placeable Roanne his service his valiant sacrifice protector of neo-muna he was also a veritable cloud crowd he ended his existence prematurely in order to ensure the survival of humanity and preserve its future we are suffering today today to be able to live tomorrow Music Music autumn steam sale Montage film 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