Winterbite & Grand Overture Enabled, Sythoceps Nerf, & Trials SMG Rolls (TWAB) | Destiny 2 Lightfall

Steam remote play overlay not showingdoes walmart sell steam cards Destiny 2 game patch notes thats into hotfix activities seasonal exotic activity animation changes made to the data collection boss encounter and the variable exotic mission that had the potential to cause issues with photosensitive players now player Journey increased drop rate for exotic armor in Legend and master lost sectors when playing solo interesting werent we supposed to have like some other path to obtaining Exotics this season like something outside of just lost sectors now fix an issue that prevented the Vex incursion countermeasures weekly bounding from resetting at reset we actually noticed this yesterday guys a number of you even said it on stream you werent able to do the mission because the weekly Bounty never reset for you now fix an issue were players on their alternate characters could not progress the Hall of Heroes intro quests after interacting with these statues early any players who ran into this issue may now progress normally now some UI and ux changes made an adjustment to how the return to orbit option is triggered after completing a specific Battleground previous implementation enabled mistakenly skipping end of mission cinematics when returning to orbit from the Commendation screen now gameplay and investment armor its an issue where some artifact mods were not properly procking anti-barrier capabilities Hunters fix an issue where volatile rounds were not granted by equipping the girth Falcons harbrick exotic chest armor blocking void weapons from anti-barrier capabilities oh wow so I guess because of the double Synergy there it would actually mess it up armor scavenger mod fix an issue where yon would get unintentional boost in ammo particularly in PvP with the solar scavenger mod equipped on a players chest armor what on a players chest armor put the toaster down all right well I dont know if thats a typo or something or if thats supposed to be like a resist mod regardless though yon is re-enabled and you shouldnt be getting extra ammo now weapons fix an issue where the winter bite exotic Glade was doing more damage than intended to targets for the love of God Im gonna continue reading this but please Bungie please do not Nerf the melee portion of winner by just the projectile damn at times the bonus to Glade melee damage granted by exotic synthetic islands has been reduced is against both commands and enemy Guardians thats it worst expansion ever we will be testing this later this evening if the damage is substantially worse if it is we will be holding a ceremony over on our stream just a few minutes there to mourn our beloved winter bites slash said the sep combo also fix an issue with the light fall versions of The Inquisitor and mindbinners ambition shotguns had the incorrect magazine perks fix an issue where Grand overtures blinding effects applying to other sources of Splash damage now this is exactly why I got disabled and no line we were going to be using Grand overture in the day one right it turns out though everything could have been used in the day one raid well because you know why toxic now abilities strength increase the internal cooldown of the threat of ascent fragments from two seconds to now four seconds ah this is actually the fragment that grants bonus airborne effectness and handling after activating your grenade ability I didnt think this was like busted but I guess money wants to take care of it before trials launches tomorrow were moving on strand fix an issue were after a player grappled to a throne tangle the Berserker Into The Fray aspect with failed to activate and further Tangled detonations oh I didnt even realize that again destroying a tangle with that aspect or even casting your super Grand swoven male for nearby allies so something about this interaction stop that now another strand change fix an issue where the suspending damnation from The Brood Weavers mind spun invocation aspect was not properly stunning Unstoppable Champions oh so no Nerf guys Weavers is still going strong my fellow warlocks you can continue consuming die grenades and stunning champions in the process now solar fix an issue where the radiant effect was not increasing the damage of strand weapons also another strand change fix an issue where the threat of generation fragment would stop functioning after a silk strike super deactivation when either the shackle or threat grenade is equipped oh that is wow and elaborate by the way threader generation is low-key busted but nobody say anything everybody just shh Now power and progression Guardian ranks to more closely match the goals of Guardian ranks we have reduced the required Commendation score to complete objectives across all Guardian ranks also Guardian ranks rank 8 objectives require tier 3 difficulty are higher and fix an issue where only tier 4 or higher applied towards rank progression combinations players can no longer offer commendations to others following a failed Mission activity oh boy guys theres a reason why we put out videos like our Commendation Farm guy not that you need it but you got to jump on these things fellas I mean jump on them fast call the old lady tell her you got to work late bring the PlayStation and Xbox to work with you and get that grind on now in general fix an issue with guardians and their weapons were not rendering properly effectively making them appear as invisible when in game also the twitch gives sub Bounty reward now correctly appears in the Krypton oh good so the invis bug is fixed and thats actually the whole reason why Bungie didnt launch iron manner this week because they wanted to avoid having people going invisible while playing Iron batter and this got fixed just in time for trials with Cyrus this weekend but next week we are getting iron better now to the twop another week boys and another twab this weekend Bungie weve been raiding non-stop did you participate in the world first race have you finished with your clan mates already how about those new raid armor sets and were you lucky enough to already get your hands on the new raid exotic we hope the Psychedelic panoramas created by The Clash of line dark were a pleasant surprise were already deep into the season of defiances third week so lets keep this intro short so we can all go back to get some of that amazing awoken themed gear heres a reminder of what we talked about last week a sneak peek at the upcoming season the D Quest trials Osiris is back this week Iron Man Returns on Tuesday new Prime gaming rewards vendor we also launched a new player guide but this week we have congrats to the worlds first race winners art of line fall developer inside video updates to combination and guardian ranks have you played the new exotic Quest Trials of Osiris is back this week updates from the destiny player support team and our movie of the week now starting with they are champions my friend theres no stopping the Champions that won the root of nightmares world first race congratulations one more time team hard in the paint with us curious about the team how they worked together to finish first and how they play the game go check out her interview with them it doesnt matter if you played along and try the best the best of the best or if you prefer to relax and watch a few streams to enjoy the experience and earn some cool emblems Ray launches are Unforgettable for the studio and this one was extra special as we broke our viewership record on Twitch we hope that players more than 190 000 of you who beat the final boss during contest mode are feeling good right about now time to go complete some challenges if you want to improve your chances of getting the new conditional finality exotic shotgun yeah big shout out to the day one winners now the art of line fall art what a concept isnt it amazing how humans transforms thoughts and ideas into literally the most stunning and inspiring stuff youve ever seen from creating brand new characters to designing a metropolis in the post collapse world of Destiny 2 life Falls art was a very special challenge for our team theres a lot of work behind strands identity and a design of neomunous buildings Billboards lines and that very specific Neptune neon Vibes not easy making something that looks cool and feels unique now guys if youre interested in the Arts starting from Concepts and wearing it up feel free to check out that developer insights now moving on to updates to accommodations and gordium ranks this weeks update brings some welcome changes and quality of life improvements to the game including an increase to the Exotic Ingram job rates for completing Legend and master law sectors and more on Tuesday we also reduce the combination requirements for Guardian rank 7 through 11. to better fit our player goals for the feature even with plenty of data and experience its tough to predict social system behavior until its in the hands of our community here are the new requirements rank 7 for 60 was 750. rank 8 790 was 1250 rank 9 12 90 was 1750 Rank 10 1530 was 5000 and rank 11 1800 was 6 000. by the way this is a substantial change by no lie that 6 000 score was scaring me were not done making changes to combinations and guardian ranks and well be updating you all with more information soon on whats the con for example moving the Lost sector objectives to higher Guardian ranks so fewer players are stuck at range six oh boy actually guys were gonna be talking about Guardian ranks here pretty soon I have an entire video and weve got some artwork for it I really want to dive into this topic because its a big deal like really for a core player of Destiny Guardian ranks changes the game and I want to dive into that a little deeper now good work assistance we hope by this time time youve had a chance to play the new exotic Quest node overload Avalon if you havent you might want to visit The Gulch in the European Dead Zone take a look then a second one and you might start noticing those fancy white cubes literally hanging around well leave the rest of you but lets just say theres several of them find your first completion your fire team or just you if youre brave enough will be awarded the very cool exotic glaive called Excalibur its a special weapon and not only because of the special ammunition and fires its perks allows you to build a replenishable void overshill and you can also craft and enhance it now in order to do the latter you have to wield your fans new glaive while exploring the various angles of the Vex Network that this Quest opens use your head but also your glazed Shield to go further each week then grab your personalized version of Excalibur and make an old friend proud although theres no Lady of the Lake in the story if you find yourself in front of a certain ready lorian pool do your friend a favor and assert your authority over whatever repurpose mine you might find around we actually put out a guide on this last night for the triumphs its really weird guys I actually think somethings bugged but the new intrinsic for Excalibur is still not unlocked yet like we we tried everything which makes no sense because the intrinsics unlock each week similar to that of the countless like literally the same thing from revision zero but for some reason this week the intrinsic for this glaive has not unlocked now the same awaits Trials of Osiris is back a week earlier than initially planned but were certain youre all more than prepared the reason for this change is already known seen in last weeks drop it has nothing to do with Saints well deserve pay time off nor vallus is forced tight schedule but with an issue were fixing the day hence the invis glitch first an important notes fire team matchmaking is now enabled in Trouse and as such we have removed the freelance note we have been analyzing 3v3 data in the competitive division this season without freelance in place and were confident fire team matchmaking provides a solid experience more details soon so Trials of Osiris is back and there are new rewards on the menu first we have the immortal which is a brand new 900 round per minute strand legendary submachine gun that can roll with some crazy Parts such as Rangefinder and killing win then theres Astro Horizon a kinetic aggressive frame shotgun returning with some new parts right not slide shot and surplus as well as opening shot are still there but I would keep an eye out for shot swamp or Elemental capacitor if I were you and dont forget that the trials of Osiris reward system has been slightly changed to work the same way as other Tower vendors so instead of carrying your urn ingrams with you theyre gonna stay with same 14 until you decode them now apart from the currently featured ones theres the option to focus weapons and armor sets that are no longer in rotation for a certain number of ingrams and resources trials ingrams from previous Seasons cant be used in this new system and must be decrypted at Master Raul so trials is back Im excited to try out the new SMG and hopefully its going to be the reward tomorrow considering that Bungie is literally bringing it up right now Im sure it will be well actually be playing trials over on Twitch feel free to join us now Iron Man returns next week weve previously announced that we will be running iron Banner three times each season again starting in season 20. as a reminder we also increase Iron Man reputation gains from winning matches starting in the final week of Iron Man in season 19. adjusted the balance of multipliers between challenges and gear and significantly increase the multiplier for wearing an emblem now in season 20 players will be able to claim this emblem at range 16 on the first reset of Iron Man so more players will have a chance to equip it and start earning 50 more rap now the iron better modes weve launched over the past three seasons ripped eruption of Fortress have performed well and while we have more ideas for interesting variations on existing standard modes were going to take a breath before introducing more Iron Man emotes well share more information on these game modes in a future blog but in the meantime well be running three different modes one each week and next week will be the old favorites Iron Man control week 6 will be eruption and week 9 will be Fortress but what about rewards weve got two Legacy Iron Man weapons being added to the loophole in season 20 which is drums claw a pulse rifle and bite of the fox an aggressive sniper No Lie guys by the fox one of my favorites drums is pretty good but well have to see other than that guys we do have a number of known issues and I mean a ton including things like Reservoir burst explosions with subsistence failing to activate certain heavy weapon archetypes are not benefiting from equipping a dark Reserve mine weapons can Mark targets Through Time barricades this is obviously a shot of the New Strand exotic sidearm final warning I guess thats not an intentional function threaded generation stops functioning on hunters for grenades that arent grapple after using their super now as a final note here and were done here Amigos for those of you looking for Saints approval tomorrow best of luck with your matches and your rewards for the teams fighting to finish the raid for the first time or the 11th time go for it you got this those of you looking to get max level with the best builds its okay to min max every drop but dont obsess over it theres plenty of time and if youre just chilling under the Ironwood tree hey we like that too hassle away go br1 so guys that is your 12 today as well as your patch notes let me know in the comments below what you think and again well be live later this afternoon testing out the glaive seeing how bad winterbind actually got nerfed and seeing if it still synergizes with certain parts well also be live tomorrow for some PVP stuff we actually need to start making some PVP builds pretty soon with trials hitting this week and iron Banner coming next week and yes weve got some juice to share with you feathers and ladies thank you all for coming and watching and as always unlike your mama told you right Music sodapoppin steam This week at Bungie, lots of Bugs have been patched including invisibility in pvp, & Winterbite dealing additional damage. 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