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Verify game data gta 5 steamgods will fall steam Destiny 2 game we are here with another episode of before you buy that show or I give you some straight-up gameplay and my thoughts on the latest games releasing as usual it is me your guide Jake Baldino and today were talking about destiny - I mean listen thanks for waiting a few days for this video I had to play a ton since this isnt really the type of game you can rush so thanks but its an interesting game for a variety of reasons its a completely polarizing series some people will come to this video automatically I can see it now to comment about how no one plays destiny anymore or its so bad and on the flip side theres a sizeable chunk of community that loved and played the hell out of the original game and all its content so whether its a good thing or a bad thing destiny 2 is definitely for the fans some people were expecting destiny 2 to be a complete overhaul you know to really right the wrongs of what turned lots of people off from the original I know I was expecting that but this game does not do that destiny - absolutely fixes shortcomings that the first game had but in design and structure its a destiny game through and through and if youre the right type of person its a much stronger and better game first off see where Im coming from I played tons of vanilla destiny upon release but walked away as not really the biggest fan kind of indifferent to it I saw the game blow up for some folks having lots of close friends that still play it obsessively so I did hop in after some substantial changes and stuff with taking King and frankly I dont know I just I still didnt get it I dont hate it at all but yeah I just wasnt really for me but destiny 2 immediately pulls no punches and showing its a more story based cinematic experience as time the presentation is totally top-notch with like really actually exciting cutscenes and interesting characters that make everything feel way more fully realized and it gives you a bit more of a motivation for playing staple characters are way more fleshed out here from the original game and some okay new characters help move the story along which is Ill say somewhat standard sci-fi but its saved by again good characters and some interesting world building it also helps that Gaul works as an established villain who shows up more than once and has some somewhat fleshed out motivations theres just enough to chew on with everything here now and it makes all the difference most importantly though it permeates over to the gameplay which manages to stay pretty story heavy end scene based throughout the single-player story missions and all the other activities that you go on the game isnt just bookended by cutscenes theres a lot of developments that go on while you play as well as a bunch of side missions called adventures that are kind of set up like flesh down patrol missions that are still there but it all manages to feel varied and compelling its not as just cookie-cutter go here kill this stuff I mean thats still a lot of what this really is but you know multiple scene changes platforming segments and dialogue makes it feel like a way stronger experience than just a grind the quote-unquote open-world aspects of destiny to feel much stronger as well there are way more reasons to stick grounded to a certain planet not just hopping from one to another through menus that never really getting a feel for any of them you you get way more of a good long feel for each area with more things to find and way more fleshed out random public events that are now trackable with a new full map as well as what I mentioned before with like these adventures and eventually patrol missions to go on to things feel like way more of a slow burn because you dont get a vehicle early on at all which is very very unlike the first game but theres a bit more to do here there are more secret things to find and scan and the open worlds are now populated with NPCs that give quests and sell items which along with a bunch of other tiny improvements make for really good fixes to feeling like no time is wasted here what reviewers call quality of life is much improved here youre not bouncing backs at a social area every time you do something here you do lots more in the director and well be on world way more often than just sitting in a loading screen staring at a ship like in the first game all the time and to me thats a hell of an improvement just right there I just want to point something out though this game is still very much destiny grind youre gonna be shooting lots of enemies over and over and over again and getting lots of loot its either gonna hook you or its not despite lots of additions and fixes destiny 2 boils down to the same things you did in destiny 1 which may disappoint some it does just feel like more slightly better destiny but for those who have a group of friends or built a clan I honestly I dont think theyll mind since there is a strong emphasis on story it can also make feeling playing destiny to buy yourself a bit more bearable its still a lonely grind but like Ive been saying theyre still just a lot more to chew on now whether you are playing solo alone or youre in a party its good though especially because shooting stuff does feel so fun a bungee skillet making a solid console first-person shooter games is on display here as much as it wasnt the first game not much has really changed at all but shooting does feel damn good and you really feel powerful and in control the new lowdown system seems kind of weird at first but it ends up totally working even though the shotgun now is kind of like limited to a power weapon and no longer an easy secondary weapon it feels like youre really using a kick-ass shotgun when you can use it class abilities to feel better than they ever have even if not drastically different and despite shooting a lot of the same enemy types which is also disappointing there are enough new variations introduced to hold you over I guess I wanted a little bit more but they added a bunch of new larger-scale enemies that are pretty interesting for encounters and as you may or may not know completing the story boat is really just the beginning you can get through it in a few sittings depending on how you play destiny is all about that end game and the surrounding content strikes for example filled more grandiose a bit more of a bigger deal with more traversal stuff they feel like mini raids with like a bit more to chew on than just a harder section with a harder boss they feel way more satisfying to play through keep in mind though theres still no full raid yet no iron banner or trials get clan support isnt live and theres still just so much more to decide and experience and really roll out I played tons to get some thoughts on the game but destiny 2 will live on with new content for a long time so its really only scratching the surface in this video crucible 2 is available yet again with a new mode but its another area of the game that will grow over time with the events I mentioned you know the stuff that people really look forward to but games are now 4v4 instead of 66 and while they feel a little less chaotic I think its because map still feel pretty large which seems a bit off to me but otherwise it works fine destiny 2 is a game where the more you put into it the more you get out of it and theres a good amount of stuff to get out of it well it does feel extremely se me like I keep saying it still is fun if this is your thing Bungie did a really good job of honoring players to who played through the original destiny in the opening scene it was a really good way to like soften the blow of starting completely over with no gear I was really disappointed though to see that despite the potential character overhaul the character creator is really as layman as simple as it was in the first game I mean seriously guys also it is worth pointing out that new one-time use shaders as it stands right now is a total buzzkill it sucks destiny to has some small bit of microtransactions as the original game did which most players really didnt seem to mind but the switch to potentially farming for shaders is rubbing some folks the wrong way and I get it but really the bottom line is destiny 2 is more destiny its more much better destiny that has a lot of love and work put into it but in fairness I cant sell you on destiny at all you kind of have to sell yourself and if you are already sold this will be a satisfying package for you but thats destiny to keep in mind this will be an ongoing conversation over time but I want to know after day 1 or so what you guys are thinking because you know I gave you some pros some cons some personal opinion of mine but now I definitely want to hear yours down in the comments how you feeling about destiny did you finish the campaign and get over level 20 have you discovered anything that you havent seen any other players talking about and what kind of player are you where you burned on the original and youre satisfied here or youre still skeptical whoever whatever type of player you are I want to hear from you down in the comments Ill be answering any questions you have but if you have any more for me you know where to hit me up Twitter Facebook and Instagram at Jake Bally no but thank you guys so much for coming around we got a lot more destiny videos coming out especially if youre a newcomer and you should know though clicking the like button helps us out because we put the stuff out all the time but for subscribers new and old just know thank you very much well see you guys next time roller coaster game steam Destiny 2 (PS4, Xbox One, PC *October 24) seeks to improve upon the original. 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