All your Glaive Builds just got Fd (Synthoceps Damage Testing) | Destiny 2 Lightfall

Buying a game as a gift on steamdetective games steam Destiny 2 game I missed it having worlds first attempt go uh we got like second am I upset about the Nerf I I win I wouldnt say upset it would be different if I like use the glaive like every day you know itd be different if I had three different loadouts saved that were all centered around glaive and synthesept combos it would be really different get good find a new build says the Warlock mate you know what when was the last time I heard a warlock get their nerfed huh youll have star class youll literally do nothing but stand in a riff and throw grenades we know everybody at Bungie sandbox team is a warlock and like three Hunters no Im not upset guys Im really not first up fiction issue where the winter bites exotic Glade was doing more damage than nintended to targets so this is a this is a Nerf all out to just win and buy secondly and I dont by the way I dont know if this is projectile because remember you would shoot the projectiles and it was just like instant melt bosses so Im not quite certain if this is targeting just that or if the melee is included were gonna know here soon secondly Titans the bonus to glaive melee damage granted by exotic synthesept gauntlets has been reduced against both combatants and in the Guardians obviously this this was never really an issue until winter bites instead of Bungie coming out and like toning down winter bites individually when it synergizes with synthesps they came out and just nerve synthesps and glace which is super unfortunate because this means that beautiful kilgarath build with close to melee that you were rocking in previous Seasons that were still doing fantastic damage that has essentially been nerfed were going to see to what degree everything has been nerfed but I do want to pull up some past data on what we accomplished in our first damage gesture alright so 922 710 damage and that was with us popping a bubble and and simultaneously um taking advantage of synthrops so were going to do two things today were gonna first were gonna pop a bubble do send the steps see where our damage sits base again block while youre mailing it speeds up it speeds up the glaive melee and then were also going to see if close to melee actually works here with uh with winter bite because Bungie did not say anything about that and then were going to get into that if you dont know what were talking about essentially though you could proc close to melee with another glaif and then swap to Winter bite and the buff would transfer despite the buff not being present on the bottom left end of your screen all right Karma get ready to do that thing okay were popping all right nobody nobody kill ads let me just try that one more time please tell me please tell me this is a lie and Im not actually seeing these damage numbers hold on hold on maybe bionic enhancements wasnt getting proc no one killed the ads above okay popping God yeah yeah yeah yeah oh baby we cooking we cooking doing like a hundred percent less damage not only that guys Im swinging the glaive and holding Shield I think Bungie I think Bungie messed with that I dont feel like let me just see let me just see well just see if its going faster or not maybe just because Im inside the bubble all right all right guys watch me swing tell me if Im swinging faster yeah Im just looking fast okay no no they didnt mess with that so blocking and glaving is still good all right all right now Im gonna show you the damage of just a regular just a regular legendary Cliff with close to melee this is the ritual glove this season I very much like it calgarath is really good as well because you can get this with enhanced close to melee but lets just see this Im Im gonna show it without close to melee and then were gonna do it were gonna do it with close demand okay all right so it is doing more damage but oh my god dude blades across the board got shot on glaze across the board got every Sunday build just got wrecked hes trying to tell you something though Carlos theyre trying to tell you to go back to your main which is warlock this is what I think theyre trying to tell you wheres the kick button wheres wheres my boot Button all right Im gonna try close to melee this time guys its not looking good thats an understatement not not good is a huge understatement those patch notes should have been like we Uruguay built and we hard there are now okay the best I can do this is rough guys Im pretty sure with calgarath last week let me see what we got up to Im pretty sure what kilgarath we got up to 500 000 damage were gonna try procking close to melee with winter bites and see if this works and see if it still transfers ball camera got hit too oh my God wait a minute are you sure the bonus to glaive damage granted by Exotics and the Seven gauntlets have been reduced against both commands and enemy Gardens are you sure is that or is not just glaze surely its just glaze all right it could be a bug popping now right whats my damage here guys is it twenty six thousand or twenty thousand twenty six thousand okay so close to mainly is working 46 087. it is working all right but its still so shite last week we just bought a convenience three two one now we just bought enhancements and winter bites we were doing 40 133 damage per melee hits before we knew the interaction with with uh close to melee we were doing 40 000 damage we just sent the steps and just winter bites 922 710 is what we were getting last week were getting nowhere near that even with close to melee like with close to melee how much of how much of a buff is close to melee guys 30 dude we would have easily cleared a million because hes got a grave build doing almost a million damage without even close to melee go ahead and pick it up kirpa Im gonna shoot the projectile down low Im gonna see how much damage I do with the projectile you want a little bit uh yeah all right do it now cover okay the damn it oh my God the Templar doesnt even know what to do right now I probably could have got actually another shot off this is salvations grip 2.0 to me you know I mean I guess its really nice that it could be it could freeze a bunch of different things controlled defensive weapon now but thats yeah its not its not a damage now Im gonna look at uh Vex caliber because again this weapon this may be the best glove Vex gallimer may actually be the best claim now because um you get the overshield proc 428 000 the best we got with vexcalibur I remember it being that good yeah okay we were doing 32 107 per hits with with Vex caliber yeah 32 107. doing now 16 000 damage dude 32 000 to 16 000. this is much worse for energy glaze than the winners bite yeah more pointless than winners by this killed every clay build and I I dont know of anyone complaining about glaze were glaves a meta problem I think the infinite amount of you just dont have to use ammo but I have to do good damage think about Grand Master knife Falls though less when have we ever used any Glade bills last season there were times that you I completely agree with you but Im looking at it from Bungies perspective thats probably what they think and I think its pretty freaking ridiculous they nerfed this before Starfire or well overrated thats like that thats really bad but you do have a point you dont really use this in end game content but it is infinite ammo to do damage but because you were on everything even under leveled by 20. you were destroying everything with infinite M but it shouldnt have been nerfed especially this quickly it looks kind of ridiculous well if anything just hit winner bite I dont really understand the synthes up you know what I mean you again before winner by no one was really like like saying that glaze or op because they werent winter bite is definitely in the the standout but you came in you hit the steps across the floor so try it without synthesps okay do it cobra okay all the damage oh my God all game breaking somebody stop me hold me back thats depressing someone said on Reddit that just sent us up melee is doing more damage yeah I read that earlier no way no way okay yeah yeah yeah now you obviously cant melee that fast the glaive is faster for sure the point is like where your base melee is now how does how does solar times work can can someone here feed me feed me a hammer is that still a thing I think so you can still do that well if youre under him and you just keep throwing it at him hell get it back no yeah but youre gonna get bit less Kev I need a well to keep me alive throw thy Hammer at my back all right do it now oh my God hahaha Laughter yeah roaring flames uh plus bunk Im pretty sure that out damaged even even winter bite with close to melee then the steps didnt get a Nerf overall though right its just the glaive interaction correct yeah let me just make sure Im gonna pop on strand super we have damage values for this let me pop on the Strand super we were procking damage or we were testing damage numbers on uh with synthesps which increases our super damage let me just make sure this didnt get nerfed okay pop it okay thats still this time perfect guys this still is still 41 000. Im not in exactly land the most optimal but its still that 41 000 and if you want well go look at it right now yeah 41 930. Okay so again someone came in a second ago and said that synthoseps got nerfed across the board Im not seeing it at least for the super damage side of things I need to go compare where it is in terms of other melees but its my understanding from the patch notes that the only thing that was nerved about synthaseps was its Synergy with glaive melee damage thats it now with that being said glaive melee damage with synthesps was significantly Nerf this is painful were talking like a 50 Nerf across the board and then winter bite also got singled out and got nerfed its very obvious to me and I dont really know why wouldnt mind even shipped so strong for Bungie to pull back this hard because what got it but got it banned from the day one raid was not um its melee damage it was it was the projectile damage that projectile damage was was just melting bosses because it was like his shadow damage was glitching the game um so I dont really understand I felt like Bungie was okay with the melee damage but obviously theyre not here um and they nerfed the piss out of it alongside everything synthesept Enclave related and before somebody saying one guy caress understand worm God caress also got a massive Nerf I want to say a last season remember the season before but it was like a 7.5 multiplier and I think its a 3.5 now on top of that worm guy Chris doesnt last long enough so its a double whammy across the board glaive exotic Synergy something that we were so happy for when Bungie first announced that we were going to have more Synergy with our melee based Exotics and and our glaze it has been killed pretty hard right here warm God is just not worth it guys in my opinion its just not worth I mean Ill if if you want me to guys I will I will try it right here and now let me pull it up I think five people worldwide cared about glazed energy be real Banner or what about mods just need that guy right there Ill give him a timeout because hes a sub okay this is the pay to win champ all right we have worm God caress dont ask why this things not upgraded I just havent invested it um but medic has increased melee damage for a short period of time this is extend duration and crucifix youre about to see some crazy damage Im talking game shattering damage it would ethic but it just doesnt a lot I mean guys five seconds is just not long enough carp were going doing now okay popping yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah oh baby the damaged we got up to 50 000 when weapons of light but its just hard last week we were doing 40 000 with little to no setup so okay oh guys thats all the testing Im gonna do um well have a cut up of this later kill the arm your favorite glaive builds just got Music Music thank you Music how to transfer games from bethesda to steam Today Bungie Patched Winterbite, but Synthoceps got caught in the crossfire. 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