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Sims 1 steamsteam evil dead the game Destiny 2 game . Budi! - Simon! - Why is Game Two #132 so entertaining? Ghost Recon Breakpoint! - More! - Destiny 2: Shadowkeep! - More! Column about graphics! - More! - gags! - More! - News! More! - Lamp! - More! - Tree! - More! - Somersault! Well break our bones for you! * Title music * The following user comment is traditionally found under every game trailer, garnished with many exclamation marks. looks like __ - But then everyone makes love again because... - Gameplay is much more important! But when is good graphics really important? Well find out. When? - Now. Hello. To all haters: Yes, gameplay is more important than graphics. Shut the door, I want people to hear me. But Micha, when are graphics really important? If it significantly affects the gaming experience. So my talk today: Technical and graphical game changers. Think, for example, of Super Mario 64 when we were allowed to hop through ugly but totally three-dimensional polygon gardens. Or the huge 3D city in which we were suddenly able to riot freely in GTA 3 . Or the groundbreaking Havoc physics in Half Life 2, which enabled a new kind of gunplay. Or think of the open 3D role-playing worlds in Gothic or Morrowind. A genre template that resonates to this day. Well, do you notice anything? All examples are __ old. Hence my bold thesis: Graphic and technical game changers no longer exist. - That is not true! - But. - Noooo! - But! What about the countless modern open world games, for example? In addition to character and landscape details, the credibility of the giant worlds has really increased. Cyberpunk 2077 will definitely go a step further. Above all, an open world game is often referred to as a milestone. - Witcher 3 flashed me away graphically at the time . Because I still came from this Skyrim world. This ultra lively city with 1000 details, these people working in the city in awesome animations. Its the same size as Skyrim, but looks 10,000 times better. -The pinnacle of open world madness was Red Dead Redemption 2. Realistically sluggish animations, dynamic footsteps into which rainwater runs for the first time or horse testicles that shrink in the cold. That was a realism rage that not everyone liked. - Beautiful, so lifelike, the first few hours, with the snow, the animation of the horses, the whole gang. But everything is so sluggish and clumsy and so pseudo-realistic that you forgot to think about the fun of the game with all the beauty and obsession with detail . - Of course its a matter of taste. Of course, theres no denying that open worlds have evolved. But didnt the small and vibrant world of 17-year-old Gothic 2 feel similarly immersive? So I would rather speak of evolution than revolution. From my point of view, this can be applied to almost every other aspect of video game graphics in recent years. Faces are becoming more believable, cinematic game sequences are becoming more cinematic, car paint is becoming more and more shiny, zombie hordes are getting bigger, strategy games are getting busier and explosions are more explosive. There are hardly any big surprises. Thats sad. Do they really no longer exist, the technical revolutions? Anyone else have an idea? nope Then I have a suggestion: the total destructibility of level structures. Unfortunately, no developer has really grasped this yet. Crackdown 3 was supposed to make this possible through cloud server calculations, but failed miserably. In Battlefield there is at least a small amount of destruction, but the basic level structure is retained, apart from a few scripted skyscraper falls. Imagine you could flatten whole rows of houses on a city map of Battlefield . And all the rubble would remain, which would then change the entire level architecture and thus your tactics. Or imagine a GTA in which you can permanently devastate entire districts, which then influences the course of the game and story. But I suspect game designers and storywriters hate the idea. The implementation of these freedoms would be incredibly expensive. So its probably never coming. Are there any other examples of technical revolutions? - Lets take Last of Us 2 on current occasion. Id almost say all Naughty Dog games because they really fascinated me when it came to facial animations. That you really believe you have a real person sitting there. - The graphic finesse that is at the start of Last of Us 2, which I find leads to the fact that one is much more affected by the depiction of violence. - Real emotions. Good point. Behind this is the age-old question: Is the much-touted photorealism in games perhaps within reach? This would blur the line between the game and perceived reality. So perfect worlds and deceptively human characters that we do nt want to shoot for moral reasons. Lets look into it. There are already a bunch of mods for GTA 4 and 5 that come close to photorealism with new texturing, lighting and color filters . And all the graphics demos! A former Dice developer recently caused gamers to flash with some sick rock and leaf porn on YouTube . It will probably be playable soon. But the whole thing shouldnt be more than a forest walk simulator . It remains questionable whether this noble look can be transferred to complex, large, real games. Behind the optics is a technique called photogrammetry. For this purpose, real objects are photographed three-dimensionally and put together. This technique was used in parts of Star Wars Battlefront 2, The Vanishing of Ethan Carter or Death Stranding. So theres an existing technique for more photorealism that upcoming consoles will arguably make even better use of. If you look at the next Flight Simulator, which generates its landscape from satellite images and cloud data, you can see where the graphics journey can go. With PS 5 and Co., the much-praised ray tracing technology is finally coming to consoles on top. As can be seen here, this ensures natural light scattering and correct reflections. An almost photorealistic GTA 6 could theoretically be feasible. Also claims Take 2 boss Strauss Zelnick. But: For the initially defined game changer, the characters would also have to move graphically. Unfortunately, photorealistic faces are a bottomless technical pit. Complex pores, pimples and hair cant seem to be rendered from the hip. Another problem: the more real a face looks, the more disturbing imperfect facial expressions are. This Uncanny Valley effect has already caused ridicule in some games . - Theres the perfect example, and thats Mass Effect: Andromeda. Which is known to have pretty much hit the wall when it comes to facial animations. I think that spoiled the fun for a lot of people and put me off playing it altogether. - Well. Facial expressions are difficult. Even Commander Tarkins CGI visage in Roque One, pre-rendered for days, doesnt arouse any empathy in me. I would shoot away. Conclusion: Human-looking faces in video games are still a long way off. Any other suggestions for technical game changers? - Technically for me one of the most impressive games recently is No Mans Sky. Even as I watched the trailers and you saw that you can fly seamlessly from space to a planet that keeps getting bigger, you get closer and closer and you can land on the surface. Of course, the world was only procedurally generated. Thats why they didnt look pretty. But still very impressive. - Sharp analysis, Trant. There could be something to it. I ponder Hm, the approach of No Mans Sky was correct. But only the swanky penny grave Star Citizen consistently implements this idea from my point of view. There are no longer any artificial limits or loading times . You start on foot on a space station, climb seamlessly into your spaceship on which you can walk around freely, fly through an open space, make a steep flight through a realistic planetary atmosphere without interruption and then fly over a completely modeled planet including a fat SciFi metropolis. After landing, you walk through a highly detailed planetary base populated by NPCs, including the metro, shops and other knick-knacks. How to fill the whole thing with content is another discussion. But the feel of the game changes enormously due to the limitlessness. And thats actually... a game changer, so theyre still around. So my initial thesis was stupid. Oh man. Lets come to the next point, which I noticed after intensive research . I call it: The Explosion of Artstyles. Especially in the indie area, tons of unique looks have sprout from the ground in recent years, which are undisputedly essential for the gaming experience and make earlier video game eras look almost identical. - A low-poly look, for example, theres a game called Bound. I loved that. Then you have the reduced look like Limbo or Inside. Its also awesome. Pixel art, I just played Blasphemous there. Thats always what fascinates me the most when developers discover a new art style for themselves. I found that stylistically Journey was one of the games that flashed you the most. To merge an art style and a game concept so awesome that it results in an awesome work of art. - For me it was Cuphead. Here you have both technically and stylistically a total counter-draft to Battlefield and Co., which still has a total right to exist today and where you would say, no, that would nt have existed in quality 10 years ago. - Well, I have to admit I was wrong. There have also been a few optical and technical milestones in recent years. But, in my defence, they are very small. So, PS 5 and Xbox Scarlett: __ me in the future. Destiny 2 is now free2play. Yes, all for nothing now. Only the DLC Shadowkeep costs something. But its interesting, this is the first DLC after the separation from publisher Activision Blizzard. The really big hope: more creativity in the content. Only Markus worldwide knows whether that worked. What, why that? - I dont know! We have 100 people here, and you send him there? Do you have to ask Markus? One thing is certain: if the leaves are falling outside, the fallen are falling inside. Translated: Its fall and we have a new Destiny 2 expansion. With Shadowkeep, Bungie is breaking new ground, and that means Free2Play. From now on everyone can play Destiny 2 for free, just like our Matthias. - Wow cool. I can play the full game just like that now? - Good question, young Matthias, the answer is a bit more complicated. As a New Light player, as the free version is called, you get the complete main game of Destiny 2 including the expansions Curse of Osiris and Warmind and the Season Pass consisting of 3 other updates . This includes all missions, the big raids for 6 players and other activities such as gambit, menagerie or the forge. In addition, all planets can be visited and all PVP modes and maps are also playable, even those of the new expansion. Oh, and seasonal events like the Festival of the Lost at Halloween time are free, too. - OK, thats a lot. But I also want to play the new Shadowkeep stuff! - Then youre in luck, because you can also play part of Shadowkeep for free. The biggest and most important innovation is already there: Armor 2.0. The fact that Destiny likes to tweak the armor system is nothing new. This time, however, one can speak of a core renovation. All pieces of armor now have a random distribution of 6 status values, which finally use numbers to show how high your mobility, strength and Co. is. - Well finally. The space clothes also no longer have fixed abilities. They can now be used as desired in the form of armor mods to put together your dream guardian . Thats how the goat does it. At least as long as you can find something good. Since each part has a random element and only mods of the same type can be plugged into it, the search for the desired armor quickly becomes a hell of a grind. But well, thats what most Destiny players are into. Leveling up is a little less nerve-wracking , you can now find significantly more loot that really brings you something. There is also a new seasonal artefact that constantly collects experience and thus increases your own power level without a maximum limit. At the end of a 10-week season, however, the artifact disappears and with it the bonus levels. - Its all very nice, but I also want new areas. What about the moon, is it new? - Well, so half. The moon was one of the most popular areas of part 1. For Destiny veterans it s a dream come true, here a lot is like before. Well, this chasm and some others may not have been there before. But makes sense. After all, the Hive raged hard here, digging many dark new cave systems and raising a huge red fortress. Thus, the moon consists of around 50% old and 50% new areas. A good compromise for everyone. Because Free2Play players can also explore the moon. - Cool! What else can I do? - You might enjoy the new finisher moves, for example. If an opponent has a glowing dot above their head, it means: Looks pretty cool and also has a purpose. With the appropriate perk you can, for example, heal yourself and make yourself invisible. But it also just makes you want to punch an ogre in the face. Also free: The two new Strikes Destinys replayable premium missions. They are impressive and should entertain for a while. - So, everything mentioned so far is also playable for free? - Yes. - Cool, then I wont miss anything. - Well, not quite. If you buy Shadow Fortress, you get a little more on offer. E.g. the new campaign on the moon. Our three-eyed goth friend Eris Morn has dug too deep again and discovered something horrific. The Hive have conjured up a huge red fortress out of nowhere, and a strange pyramid has also appeared, throwing defeated enemies from our Destiny past as nightmares around our ears. Typical for Destiny, the new story shines with exaggeratedly meaningful dialogues: - Did the traveler throw it off? Or left on purpose? Its up to us to uncover the truth. - And warmed up areas and opponents. A clear step backwards, because the Forsaken expansion did a better job. As is typical for Destiny, the story also plays a supporting role. Much more important is what happens after that: the endgame. The new raid is part of it. After a week we were still too tired for it, so we did nt make it very far. Instead, we witnessed the buyer-exclusive Vex offensive. At the start of the invasion there were a couple of fat robot bosses that fall out of huge portals all over the moon and an arena mode with a shallow tactical component, but little replay value. In the next few weeks, another dungeon will be added, a multi-stage mission that you can fight in threes. Completing everything will increase your Season Rank, which unlocks plenty of special rewards for DLC owners . In addition, the coolest exotic armor and weapons in the expansion are reserved for buyers. - So, I should pay 35 euros for the few story missions, the raid and the dungeon ? I just want to shoot something! I prefer playing Free2Play! - Well, at the start there are still a few server problems. This is not surprising, in addition to the DLC and Free2Play launch, cross-saves were introduced between platforms and Destiny moved to Steam. Thats a lot of construction sites and probably also the reason why Shadow Fortress is very much behind the Forsaken expansion in terms of content. The moon may be cool, but its half recycled. Except for a few wow moments, the new story is dull and full of revived sections. The circumference is also narrower than expected. Still, were happy with Shadowkeep. The many changes like the armor system 2.0, the level-up mechanics or the season rewards make Destiny a better game overall. In the future, it will be up to the player to choose whether to pay for the content offered or whether the extensive list of free options will suffice. Thats a good thing. - How touching, anyone want a hug? No? Good morning! Because Krogi is on vacation, Ill do the news today. Lets start with hot information about the next generation of consoles. In a WIRED exclusive interview, Sony Interactive Entertainment boss Jim Ryan and system architect Marc Cerny let the cat out of the bag: The new console is officially called PlayStation 5 and will be on sale for Christmas 2020. Confirmed is a 4K BluRay player, a ray-tracing capable GPU and a new controller with haptic motors for more realistic feedback. Images of the devkit have been floating around the web this week. Whether the PS 5 will really look like this or something similar was not confirmed in the interview. The first PS5 game already: According to their own statements, the makers of the Shadow of the Colossus remake Bluepoint Studios are working on a big thing. CEO Marco Trush did not want to reveal more. We bet on a remake of Demons Souls. Enough PlayStation and technology babble, Blizzard caught a __ storm this week. Hearthstone Grandmaster blitzchung sided with human rights protesters in Hong Kong last week. In addition to a one-year tournament ban, he was also stripped of the prize money and his grandmaster title. This incident not only drew wide circles in the community. As has become known, Blizzard employees are also said to have gone on strike at the company premises this week and Brian Kibler, Hearthstone pro player and commentator, retired from his work with the Grandmasters until, quote, Blizzard changes something. They refer to their own tournament rules, which prohibit political statements. It is rumored that Blizzard does not want to mess with the Chinese government so as not to endanger the sales market. # Hearthstone. - Watch out, a sinister fellow. # Hearthstone. - Hes really getting on you. # Hearthstone. - Now you need every trick. # Its tricky. - The time that ticks. # Play sent now. Hellish waiting time: Instead of the previous release in November, fans of Doom Eternal now have to wait until March 2020 for the release of the game. Just too captivating: A class action lawsuit was recently filed against Epic Games in Quebec, Canada. The accusation: Epic would not have warned enough about how addictive the shooter Fortnite is. The two underage plaintiffs refer to a judgment against a tobacco company from 2017. Huge western epic: The PC release of Red Dead Redemption 2 is scheduled for November 5th. Implementation for the... - PC Masterrace. -... doesnt exactly turn out small. The game is said to occupy around 150 GB of hard drive space. Call of Records: The mobile game Call Of Duty Mobile was downloaded 100 million times in the first week. Competitors like Fortnite, PUBG or Apex Legends only managed a quarter of the number in the same period. News in Azeroth: In addition to smaller expansions and a new 12-boss raid, there will soon also be new things to play for World of Warcraft. The upcoming 8.3 update called Visions of NZoth will add the Mechagnomes and the fox-like Vulpera as playable races. If you only ask yourself: - # What does the fox say. Last but not least, something about Google Stadia. In 2 years, it will predict which input you will make next and thus, quote, produce negative latency. So again: Google supposedly uses artificial intelligence to calculate how you play and renders the game before youve even done anything ? No plan how to do that. Vice President of Engineering Madj Bakar said so in an interview with Edge. OK, bye. * speaks deeply: * I am a wolf, born to be alpha. Ah, step by step Im climbing up the food chain. * speaks deeply: * Why are you talking so funny? Because in the new Ghost Recon everyone talks like that. At least in the trailer. - Real? - Yes really! Yes really. Ghost Recon: Breakpoint is condensed America ooorah badass __ . Everything is heroic, stoic and board-fucking-hard. Here they roll around in ice-cold mud as if it were a body wrap, unemotionally tying off bloody wounds and roughly and furiously kicking through the air. And this one... *laughter, cheers* in the thick of it. - Ouch. Ouch. Didnt hurt at all, Im fine! - Ironically, Game Two soft whistle Sebastian is to face the tough military supershooter Ghost Recon Breakpoint. If you ask me, a clear case of miscasting. - Oh Ingo... - Youre probably wondering where the rag slipped in there. Game world Auroa is a failed paradise that was violently taken over by a militant splinter group. Blah blah, you know, you know, you know. A squad of tough super soldiers was sent to clean up the mess. A pack of hardened __ with red-hot lead running through their veins . A collective of rock hard testosterone steamrollers. And... - Uaaaah, the heli crashes, were all going to die! - ...hes there too. ow! __ day - As in the direct predecessor, the highlight of Breakpoint is the open game world and many different solutions. You can give the roaring front pig with a burning barrel, except Basti. - Brrrr, ouch ouch! You can kill opponents unseen like a ghost, except Basti. - Whats the nipple doing on the grenade? wow! - And attack from the road or from the air thanks to various vehicles. Except for Basti. - Hahaha. Oh oh. ow! - Since Ghost Recons clearly has its roots in stealth, your super soldier in the hail of bullets is little more than a flighty cardboard companion. So there is also something Basti in your hero, whether you like it or not. - Say, whose side are you on... ouch! - See. As a result, the game urges you to use some tactics even in Rambo mode. Send out your drone to scout enemy bases and tag opponents. How you proceed is up to you, which is a great thing. Stupid, however, that the opponents act on the smartness level of clay pigeons. And ask for little more than a twitching trigger finger. - Well kick some ass! Thats great! - The tired mission design ca nt change that either, which mainly lets us rattle off waypoints and rivet everything on the way there . And again... and again... and again. And... Oh! Look, change! We need to investigate, research, and... push a button to unravel this and then... * gunshots * - What a shitload. - A lot of looter shooter noise that was thrown over the tough military number wants to provide motivation . Everywhere you will find treasure chests with clothes and shooting clubs of different quality. In principle, this works, even if the loot carrot is waved in front of our noses in a very calculated manner. Your progression is very linear: It doesnt matter whether you take out a fluffy village soldier or a high-level super mercenary, both drop the same loot. Breakpoint also maintains a certain level of realism: headshots are always deadly. If you meet. *gunshots* - Bam, boy! bam! hits, did you see? Ouch! - What an idiot. Where was I? Oh yes: the fact that headshots always work is good for the sneaky approach, where you want to eliminate opponents quickly and silently, but demotivates when collecting loot. Why do I need The Gun of Ultimate Shattering +3 when the old Knift from the starting area will do? What particularly bothered us about the looter shooter approach was that Ubisoft stuffed a lot of microtransaction junk into it. Not only are there always flashing hints that are supposed to lure us into the Ubi Store with point bonuses, we are also constantly touted about the in-game store, which you can use to quickly secure game currency, weapons, vehicles and other stuff with real money can. For a game that costs 60-180 euros in its confusingly large number of editions , thats pretty cheeky. - Man, we really grabbed the toilet. - Can the lovingly designed, spacious and lively open world distract you from this? *crickets chirp* Nah, she cant. Even if the game world can be very chic, especially from the air and in different climate zones , it unfortunately seems empty and lifeless otherwise. Ghost Recon Breakpoint has a real monotony problem in its structure and especially in the solo mode . This can also be seen clearly in the case of editorial nulpe Sebastian, who out of boredom prefers to do this instead of sneaking... - Watch out, Im coming! Ha ha, Ill mow you down with the rotor blades! - Instead of spying with the drone, it does... - Boo! boo! Full in the face. - And the fuse just blew at some point. - Hello, you are now my new best friend! We will have great adventures together! - Yes, its about time he got a helping hand from a group of real experts . * Music: Metallica - Enter Sandman * - Theyre a bunch of tough dogs, tempered in lead and fire. No mission is too dangerous for these ice-cold warhorses , no crisis area too hot. They are Markus, Micha, Kadett Robin... and Sebastian. Theyre here to kick ass, save the day and... - What are you laughing at? - I pushed Robin down the hill. - The war on Auroa is over before it really begins. And the population can sleep peacefully again. Our heroes, riding on the wings of the steel bird, rain lead on their enemies. - Ive never flown a helicopter. Oh! Ah! - Dude, oh god! *laughter* Well, maybe helicopters arent their forte. But they are a fearsome, indomitable force on any battlefield. - Im with you, Robin. Oh no, well be seen! *laughter* Lets just skip those. Argh! *laughter* They make up for their shortcomings with unbridled camaraderie. Even the sharpest blade cannot separate this bond. - Fine, Im running. - You could have climbed the back. Where are you, Ill get you. Im coming! *laughter, music* Alright, um... - Help?! can someone pick me up - OK, what the heck, theyre all idiots, except for Micha, who we want to make look somehow heroic to great music. Honestly, the boys should be decommissioned and disarmed. - __ , Im dead. - Me too. - You have to save me. Attack! Help, help! Yes, 5 seconds. He drove over it. Ouch, ah, youre riding on my leg! It is too late. - What?! I healed you! What, no, the seconds had run out. - Dirty game! - Well, this task force also left its skill at home. On the other hand, this inability is somehow metaphorical for the whole game: Ghost Recon Breakpoint wants so much, but does so little right. It hides role-playing systems, classes, skill trees, tactical options and survival elements in the confusing dirty menus, without really being serious about any of them . For the survival mechanics advertised in advance, you only have to suck on a canteen from time to time and put on bandages, thats it. There are also regular bugs, soapbox driving physics and a story that scores points with Punisher actor Jon Bernthal, but otherwise bobs around at this level. - The energy flowing through this island is out of balance. This disturbance will cause the land to rot from within. - Uh... - With friends by your side, Ghost Recon Breakpoint is also fun thanks to rich gunplay and playful freedom, but it falls miles short of its potential. Its nothing half and nothing whole, not really stealth and not really looter shooter and does nt make the fans of one camp or the other really happy. Friends, this mission has failed in our eyes. - Spectacular. - Whoa, awesome. Oh oh! - Hey, now its only 10 km. did you jump *laughter* There was the floor already?! Thats it for Game Two. Delivered. That was worth subscribing to, Id say. Just subscribe and ring the bell. Here are 2 more videos, one is from funk, the other from Game Two, both are... not sure. Probably good. reunion. - Clean up. Subtitle: ARD text commissioned by funk (2019) oven steam cleaning Ubisofts Open-World-Geballer TOM CLANCYS GHOST RECON BREAKPOINT schielt auf Multiplayer- und Loot-Shooter-Fans. Unser Review klärt, warum die pathostriefende Söldner-Spektakel für Playstation 4, Xbox One und PC leider gar nicht mal soooo gut geworden ist. Mit DESTINY 2: SHADOWKEEP läutet der ehemalige HALO-Entwickler Bungie eine neue Ära für die SciFi-Saga ein. Der Looter-Shooter wechselt nicht nur den Publisher, sondern sattelt auch auf Free-to-play um. Zumindest in weiten Teilen. Ob die Investition ins neueste Update SHADOWKEEP trotzdem lohnt, klärt unser Test. Und dann stellt Micha noch große Fragen, die wir uns wahrscheinlich alle schon mal gestellt haben: Wie wichtig ist Spielegrafik fürs Zocken? Welche grafischen Innovationen haben unsere Spielerfahrungen maßgeblich verändert? Und vor allem: Sind im Zeitalter von 4K-Gaming und fotorealistischen Texturen überhaupt noch optische Innovationen zu erwarten, die auch das Gameplay verändern werden? Viel Spaß wünscht eure Crew von GAME TWO!Die Social-Media-Kanäle von Game Two: ► Facebook: ► Instagram: ► Outtakes: Unseren Montalk wollt ihr euch gemütlich als Podcast reinziehen? Dann hier entlang: ►iTunes: ► Spotify: ► RSS-Feed: ______________ Wir sind Teil von funk! 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