Playing DESTINY 2 for the FIRST TIME

Steam is not working on macsteaming pots tampa Destiny 2 gameplay flying I have never in my entire life played Destiny 2 which you think would be a big deal because theyre made by Bungie the people that made my favorite game of all time Halo 3 and 2. I heard its a its a little a little bit of a grind right I made a whole poll by one point by one vote were going Hunter oh and I connect my face red Ill be like Darth Maul out here yeah Im actually doing it destiny 2. youre live Im alive what oh the double jump thats so clean what the jump towards this light military system check frayed wires oh okay so I wasnt okay I see it I wasnt supposed to do that ah okay my bad pick up a weapon nice okay persecute a toss a grenade okay oh damn is it hit fire good in this game or no collect loot nice so I got an energy weapon oh shoddy too hotty out here huh oh thats one dead thats oh yeah okay then then oh easy easy is I have to use my super ability oh its a  __  oh man its High Noon over here what is this look at that lets go I need a friendly signal here fine they may be able to help do you guys want Destiny 2 for noobs because I think Im gonna make it because this game is pretty fun I need to locate my team before theres nothing left to find got it also look at this look at his shoulder pad being like a skull thats so clean this far I totally talk okay so Im running a pistol Im about to go off with this thing goes for my jump ship how accurate is this thing this thing is uh pretty damn accurate man this gun is nutty oh no hes gonna be a pistol Maine is that a problem like op or something oh in the air lets go yeah oh this is fun oh okay so I put the r charge in and it destroys the uh the barrier thats cool oh who Do You Think You Are I Am if you dont get that reference youre not a bowling fan foreign were keeping the hive at Bay I feel like youre not supposed to bring the car in here but Im doing it theres a wife about the car this is why I brought the motorcycle in here telling you this car is op I wasnt gonna just leave it I wasnt just gonna leave the car outside oh no immune its immune to car damage Im sorry we were too late oh no I was too Cass I couldnt get to him in time oh Mission ended oh wow is teaching you how to fast travel by forcing you to do it no matter what I guess thats one way to teach people how to do stuff into the Cinematic even the light has limits it kind of looks like me low-key Destiny 2 The Witch Queen get it now oh does it cost money oh it costs money doesnt it Ah thats how they get  __  Ive learned a lot today meditate oh wow I have to just sit here and wait what is my goal you will find light Wells of light assimilated I need to assimilate three Wells of light okay here we go that Nate is nuts that Nate is like actually nuts its time oh come on bro dude its so dark in here this Destiny music is kind of nuts okay I see I see I see okay were alive we did it wow what what are you doing here bro oh oh no oh he wasnt ready for this you werent ready you werent ready oh my God flying hahaha why are they all just flexing on me its because Im so low level yeah thats a good gun that was all my ammo hope you feel good Barrel stuff Barrel stuff I know you want to die so bad yep there it is whoa power weapon what is this foreign man oh another rifle baby lets go I required my first legendary weapon no no were all co-opped were all together what is going on we got teammates here at least Im like very confused man like they just they clearly know what theyre doing wow wow I got the cup Bearer thats a power weapon hey yo I should add the jellyfish jam to this dance Music the Shadows pretty cool though look at that shadow here we go okay we should be good we should be good oh man Im scared always feels like something crazy is about to go down respawn restricted no kill that wizard youre a wizard Harry youre dead now Harry this gun is so good dude I see why Everyone likes it you are literally the biggest ogre Ive ever seen looking like a BioShock Big Daddy Mission ends in the eights when do I get multiplayer now is it is it after this look at this Sparrow baby it doesnt have guns but can I run over people I cant even remember people let me see nope okay theyre gonna keep dodging lets see okay they just they just dodge it theres no guns and theres okay Im just gonna run away then after that oh New World Disneys going a copyright My Stream you guys really think youre gonna shoot me like that huh why do you even antagonize me bro do you just like they just their their lives mean nothing foreign you think just because youre invisible I cant see you I got a freaking Scorch Cannon what are you thinking bro what are you thinking the actual audacity to think that I wont Scorch your ass brother man respawn restricted are you kidding me dude use the golden gun on her if I got to oh they did a little bit maybe this will do a lot of it oh they didnt I kind of missed I kind of moved come on come on come on come on come on come on come on come on come on come on come on come on okay were good were good one of these theres something on one of these oh damn it right when I oh shes shes mad the vote is gone no come on I definitely was gonna win that 100 whos this sure sure you fought her off yeah Im the freaking go bro unlike you shot getting captured little dweeb that was a fun mission man time to go to Colorado I dont see no buildings whoa the last City welcome wow I finally looked like Darth Maul after all this time many times over the years dude this this world looks beautiful I recognize that voice thats the guy from John Wick but you have much to learn the conflict with the darkness that voice is so silky smooth dude oh I did have to go down after all this stuff oh oh okay I just feel like that elevator went before I had a chance to think well no elevator why werent you there did you get some new grenades lets go my ingredients already really strong though I love that grenade oh man should I get a new super I dont really like my super or I can upgrade the super golden gun marksman triple jump I think triple jumps nuts dude this is so cool grenades lets open the grenades the swim grenade it seems nuts but these some people say theres other good really good names healing grenade oh that ones really useful where my teammate at do we have a third teammate its just two of us dude why are there so many of them at least I have a team Im glad I have a team what a little slice and dicey action yeah oh youre dead my guy thats so cringe imagine dying gonna be me all right lets go oh no that was a mistake after I just called the guy cringe for dying wheres the witch at wheres the witch go holy crap did you die is she dead oh my God we actually did it I got the most kills and the most assists but not that many Precision kills ah ah quick play Okay so lets see how this works oh my God were Landing in here we go Pacifica title anchor Titan oh cool wow everyone looks so drippy everyone I look so lame in comparison look at these guyss outfits God damn I have no heavy ammo thats mean I have to find heavy ammo or something oh I killed one oh killed another one I killed two people so far and I have not died kill three people so far oh come on oh damn it I ran out of ammo I ran out of ammo dude oh damn that gun that gun kind of bopped oh he thought nice got him well I killed one of them lets go two of them oh my God oh my God I love it oh my God Im on a five kill streak what the hell is that like ultimate I have my super now let me use my super oh oh my Iceland bro oh my God oh my God I am the sweaty oh or me and Average Joe are doing really good we won wow and locked a bunch of just for that thats so good its hot fragged dude 23 kills Acadia 3.29 too not bad that was my first time ever really getting deep into Destiny not even just Destiny 2 but Destiny in general I knew mostly about it I knew what the core gameplay was I mean this has sauce man this game is sick it came out in 2017 and it feels like a modern game still I mean obviously its smart they switched to a live service model and its smart because it still has people paying for like different campaigns and stuff and also paying for like cosmetic things while a ton of other people are just playing for free and having a ton of fun as well because theres a lot to do even for free it may feel a little repetitive if youre on the free route but overall I genuinely had a really really good time playing this game man yeah that was my first time playing Destiny 2 and it was super fun Destiny 2 for noobs definitely going to be coming out not sure when but I do I do want it to come out eventually so thank you so much for watching thanks so much for vibing if this becomes a video play the outro now foreign Music move steam game to another account Destiny 2 is a very popular game that a lot of my fans have told me I should try. So I finally did, and now I will be making DESTINY 2 ... For Noobs so lets see what my first impressions were of this game!all streamed LIVE @ ►TWITTER: ►INSTA: ►MERCH: ►DISCORD: #destiny2 #destiny #macro can nintendo switch play steam games install non steam game proton steam donkey board game how to set up family sharing steam steam dead by daylight