Literally Broken Artifice Armor Farm - DO THIS NOW! - Destiny 2

Steam card tradingshark steam mop troubleshooting Destiny 2 gameplay foreign what is up guys its your boy Rick caucus and today stop what youre doing cancel your plans call in sick to work if you gotta because its time to grind within Destiny 2 and thats because right now for the duration of this week until the next Tuesday weekly reset there is an absolutely broken artifice armor Farm allowing you to get this end game loot extremely fast and easily and so lets get started now first things first what the heck is artifice armor and why do you want it well as you can see all artifice armor Pieces come with a special additional mod slot with this mod slot you can equip these special mods that give you plus three to the stat of your choosing and cost zero energy so that means if all of your armor pieces are artifice you have plus 15 in armor stats at your disposal which means its going to be a lot easier to get to 100 discipline 100 resilience or whatever stat youre looking to maximize in the build youre designing the thing is artifice armor only drops from Master difficulty dungeons well specifically this week The Duality dungeon as you can see located right here on the moon is the featured a weekly dungeon you can tell this because as you can see its giving Pinnacle gear and that means you can access its Master difficulty which is set at 1840 power level now keep in mind on this difficulty youre going to be put 20 levels under so your most efficient power is 1820 but for this method you really dont need a lot of power level at all so what you need to do is get to the very first encounter there will be some enemies along the way but really not too much to deal with especially if you can form a group but you can definitely do this solo but once you do obviously get a checkpoint so you can just keep loading in on that now once you get to the very first first encounter as you can see youre going to start in this Arena all you need to do is run to this back bell shoot it and youre going to teleport into the nightmare realm once you do immediately kill the two yellow bar Scions so they dont kill you and youre actually gonna do no damage to the boss but what you can actually do as you can see is lure him off the edge he will leap off this Cliffside trying to smack you and then plummet to his death as long as you or another member of your fire team survive the next few seconds youll be teleported back and as you can see youll get your master dungeon Loot and that is the artifice armor farm so at this point if you think you know everything you can leave the video and try that for yourself but were now going to go into more detail about how to survive that process of luring him and then getting back yourself on every single class just because if you are doing the solo youre gonna be the one who needs to survive so first of all before we get lost in the sauce looking for artifice armor remember theres also an S tier weapon thats dropping from this encounter its the lingering dread grenade launcher and this is the god wall youre looking for uh disorienting grenades plus auto loading holster and then chill clip thats right a blinding grenade launcher that can also slow and freeze enemies incredible weapons so be on the lookout for that as well now in terms of general purpose a sword with the eager Edge perk is fantastic thats gonna let you as you can see jump off the edge lure him to his death and then you can whip out your sword swing it and it will carry your momentum back onto the ledge so you can survive another thing I would classify as general purpose is strand specifically if youre running grapple grenades as you can see you can definitely use those to leap off the edge he swings after you you grapple back to safety specifically however the Hunter having the aspect that gives you two grenades and then also having the aspect that lets you grapple and then you create a tangle that you can grapple to again definitely a like grappling Hunter is going to be pretty easy to get this farming strategy down now moving on to the Warlock specifically you may want to look into heat rises for a solar warlock thats going to let you consume your grenade and as you can see you can just float off the edge hell swing at you jump down and then you just casually float back uh to safety now moving on from there for the Titan you could go the grapple hook way because remember you do have the armamentarium to give you two if you need them but also guys the lion ramparts these exotic legs give you significantly more jump on a Titan and these can also let you do that luring process also guys while youre doing this dont forget to go to your ghost and put on a mod to improve whatever stat of the armor drops you want and so guys there you have it good luck with your farming I hope you enjoyed this video and found this informative if you did please remember to help me out by simply rating and especially sharing this video if you guys want to 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