I Present To You The Most Broken Gun In The Game. (DO NOT MISS THIS)

Sell steam game keysps5 steam games Destiny 2 gameplay if you purchase a G1 Thrasher tee youre automatically entered to win a custom G1 skate deck the best weapon in the game probably the Mortal Adept SMG I managed to get the absolute God roll nothing on this I would change like it is a 10 out of 10 perfect with Target lock Rangefinder Ricochet rounds ulbor range Masterwork and Adept range mod this is perfect if youre wondering if this is better than the ikelos SMG the aquilo smashes out at 79 range while this one maxes out at 90 range both have pretty damn good origin traits but this one has technically even more than 90 range if Im doing damage to people and while Im damaging people Im also getting more damage from Target lock because if I stay on the target I do extra damage so extra damage and extra range very very good we all knew this was going to be better than the aikilos considering that it has better perks overall it was just meant for PVP I mean it literally comes out of Trials this is definitely going to break the meta for a little bit and everyones going to be using it if you werent already seeing a lot of ikilos SMGs well get ready because youre going to see a lot of Immortals running around in PvP the gameplay be watching I was using a very bad roll to start out with and then Im going to show you my reaction to getting the god roll be warned theres a lot of swearing in it because I was very very happy but I hope you guys enjoy this thing is an absolute monster you have to get this gun 100 play this weekend please dont miss it lets get into it Im not good the scope on it is really weird though it I mean its its not a bad scope its just strange having that uh symbol for like the things on the trial symbols on this side I actually kind of like it it looks no it looks good it looks it looks uh looks nice its also skinny too dude hes doing trick shots I got one how did he lose that come on bro youre better than that this week well hey you hit him in the  __  neck Laughter Ill do it Im dead oh Target lock lets go baby that is not good for all three one moments are sitting in a corner no thats weatherboard strange another 10 gifted Diamond dont be bragging oh dude they just jumped up to 27 damage what is whats up with that holy  __  I thought I was about a good dude but I realized hes using PKS I got enough oh my God yo look at this oh my God look at this okay oh my goodness he got it yeah holy lets go yeah babe why did you kick me I guess hes upstairs these guys are playing all the way in the back Im gonna beat you okay thats fine did I get them I gotta get out of nowhere dude I just like I never get excited when I get weapons in this game all that much but I know SMGs are crazy so like I just Im surprised that I got the absolute God roll it just it just boggles my mind that never happens but Mr Todd is flying in someone outside actually yeah my ass Im dead oh thank you I thought it was an enemy right here as well trust wait what is he weak hes bagging me hes pissed hey I was doing 28 to the Head what light level is this guy oh my God yeah hes low he just started playing today we need to add more sauce you think Papa Johns is better than Dominos or Pizza Hut I think its better than Dominos in Pizza yeah thats just me though you dont have it then again Ill literally where I live so its like yeah dude the range like I feel like with this gun compared to aikilo so you can feel the range on this I kilos I feel like when I shoot it I mean I have no range on it I dont know why see I just started randomly hitting 30s too him weakness one I gotta use saber saber one two two nine like have you ever been on a pillow yeah thats what it tastes like we got super assassin grab it oh you cant it was a neighborhood I guess one my bad my bad nice good job good job oh my God ones one downstairs youre gonna get good theyre both back pedaling super assassins oh my God they clean McGee oh our teammates pissed nice watch out no I gotta reload nice good  __  Chinese not this killed him so quick it is actually crazy all right Im out talk to yall later all right just behind them oh dude I dont know about that challenge especially with the 120 no I know but this guy the guy with the 120 uh maybe he just didnt have a choice I dont know totally useless you got one see one gets indeed 72 on that guy shes got the Sewell sway Jane so weird to this day seeing a hunter throw a uh lightning grenade yeah like you never expect it you know what I mean nice I have to reload hold on Im sorry dude Im sorry I have to kill you Im so sorry item number 29 how old you are no run good and it doesnt matter because I have an SMG maybe Oh no youre good I just aimed at the wall sorry no why did you stop moving damn guy was so confident with his zantes words wait do you have it yep outside get it in go yo that  __  just sucked down quick look a strand gun or no yeah with the exotic gun if you get a kill with the with the GL mode itll drop uh those things but also if you just tag someone with your melee itll actually drop it too if you killed him it doesnt even have to be a strand gun either shoot me last week I am baiting the  __  out of you and I didnt even shoot either that is bad thank you now at my Discord every time and when you look at the clan like youll see me on dude holy  __  look at this rage right here ones like sitting Diamond Room what a grenade right behind us got him I got him oh my God you you sorry thats why I dont get  __  just kill him hes just crouching okay were good dude I dont know how to explain it like all three out there all right guys look on the right I got two week Ill get this guy yo you sold to charge me like eating like the finest of Cuisines but I just literally wont eat anything bro like it doesnt matter to me where is he were in the back I gotta reload I only got eight bullets or Josh man whats he using theyre outside Im gonna go to our teammate here I think maybe youll be fighting against them ones wide ones wide someone just put a rift down what are you fighting right now yeah still doing Max damage still doing Max damage cool cool do they have spicy nuggets there or no I think so maybe in the US Im saying cat Canada I dont think so some guys uh just challenging me I mean Im in the middle rocket head rocket on our teammate I am actually one shot nice last ones gonna go for res or no Ill pick them up oh lets go The Thorn guy is right around the corner he tagged me damn okay I traded Im good Im still alive ones pushing ones pushing got him oh sounded good like McDonalds and like never mind bro you got one I got one this ones gonna die cut them two stairs I guess one I got one stairs I need tagged him uh flawless flawless yeah sure actually I dont need to you can kick me Im gonna make an intro Ill let you know of any more gameplay as well Music Music steam mobile console I Present To You The Most Broken Gun In The Game. 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