DESTINY 2 LIGHTFALL Gameplay Walkthrough Part 1 CAMPAIGN 4K 60FPS - No Commentary (FULL GAME)

Buy steam game cardssteam game share dlc Destiny 2 gameplay the witness the male effector of our first collapse is at our doorstep once thought to be a force known as The Darkness the witness revealed itself to be an entity that instead wields the darkness against us it spoke through our gifts and offered us salvation if we submitted to it we refused though we do not know its true intentions we can only assume that six to finish what had started during our collapse our resolve was tested when Sabbath Union Ive got a goddess of trickery disguised herself as one of our foremost God healers Osiris she gained access to our secrets but internally Osiris gained access to hers sabathu had rebelled against the witness and hid what might be our only chance of defeating it away on the planet Neptune and his loyalist warships have joined the witnesses Advance on Earth but Ally and kallus daughter Empress catalog Max The Elixir leader of the House of light together in an unprecedented mood the travel left Earth to confront the witness head off this conflict was set in motion long before we existed but we will bring it to an end one way or another there are too many of them thank you Vanguard to Old units keep the enemy away from The Traveler at all cost Music Music what is that the witness whatever that thing is we gotta take it down Applause again thank you they found a veil were in no position to engage the enemy we dont have a choice were out of time Osiris Guardian help Osiris reach the veil before callus does and please stay close to him doesnt have any life to spare thank you Im checking our location we hitched a ride to the outer Giants Neptune orbit Osiris was right the witness sent callous after something hidden here Guardian you did not anticipate a fellow stowaway after an artifact on Neptune the Veil Im working on a plan to stop him for now find your way through that ship Music Music Applause thank you that pyramid resonance is shielding the cavali another weapon from the witness my faithful shatter this is your glorious Emperor speaking our alliance with the witness Bears such as prepare for descent the shadow Legion is one step ahead of us any damage we can inflict on the cabal fleet will buy us time we should regroup as soon as possible but maybe we can disable the ships computer cord Ive located the terminal here and sent you their ship layouts foreign had a key card it should get us through that door thank you I cant help but feel like we should have stayed behind to protect the traveler and our people was it the right choice if the witness establishes a link with a veil itll be over for the entire system all of our losses would have been for not have never faced the threat of this magnitude even if you stayed you wouldnt have stood a chance against the witness none of us would this is our only hope to survive the witness what was that fruits of an Unholy alliance between the witness and callous I feel theyll have more surprises in store together this key card lets us access the computer core lets head there now this is the core of the entire shift communication navigation deployment Im relaying my position to you make your way to this gym we need some way to get to the surface I believe I have a method to accomplish that did I detect a bit of hesitation in your voice no my impromptu stratagems have a high rate of success just get here quickly thank you look down there calluses Flagship hes heading right for the surface when we we have to get to Osiris quick hes used to getting things done his own way he hasnt changed even after now he only has us to watch his back okay heres the plan destroy the engine of this ship the one were on crazy or not we need to stop this Invasion Ill do whatever it takes to stop the witness so if you arent going to help me then leave me alone foreign lets take out the engine foreign just between us Im not a big fan of Osiriss Escape pod plan even for him this is pretty Touch and Go all right Im almost at the Escape pod where are you were being sealed off have to find another way together foreign foreign Music Music thank you this is Neptune theres a whole city here an entire civilization Ive got a ping on Osiriss coordinates lets find it identify yourself are you with the Invaders were guardians from the last City were fighting the same editing were here to find something called The Veil so theyre a little tent down right now well be there soon foreign Applause we always thought we were the last ones left wait until the Vanguard hears about this no time for that no if we dont stop the shadow Legion there wont be any City left oh no Im here hello whats going on out there oh Cyrus Im detecting an anomaly on my sensors well check it out while the coast is clear understood patiently note that it is quite confined in here this is incredible you can wield it Music lets go foreign your vital signs are in the red Music foreign Music remember what do you think foreign Music you dont understand weve got to get to the Veil I understand whats at stick like Bearer far better than you not all of us have lives to spare Music but luck my semblance matches my inner beauty I know what beauty delicious power I should be grateful that such power has come to live in me this calls for a toast does it not Witness progress the veil is for us its still outside your grass my forces are locating as we speak the notorians wont pose much of a threat with their tall and Green Technology is you have all you wanted ever I am glorious thanks to you my witness ES laughs Music Rohan always says battles are one with strength but Wars are one with brains lucky for all of us you have both so youre the light bearer huh look Im not gonna claim my uh Minds Eye is anything special but you hear Earth the Mortal Warlords growing up and you think like round Shields and pushy eyebrows here you come stepping around smacking bad guys with green stringy stuff I mean that was Ive never seen anything like it anyways enough about you Im Nimbus Im the rookie Cloud Strider here in neomuna the cloud Striders have kept this city safe for Generations fans Guardians it seems like we got lots of similar goals or at least similar enemies Rohan asked me to be your Guiding Light for the time being Id do pretty much anything to keep the veil and the people of Neo moon are safe but when I took my oath I didnt think Id be babysitting well then again mines eye not great now you know the Reals in danger I know where those big guys are headed so lets go do some hero stuff foreign Music Mission reach you wherever you find yourself the scepter will rest true in the hands of its wielder but a message comes with no such guarantee in the aftermath of the witnesses attack the Vanguard called for Aid on behalf of the awoken people I answered we now face a war on two fronts one on the far reaches of the system and the other at your home Earth continue your fight against the voice in the darkness I will assist as best I can in your absence but even my Powers have their limits return when you are able your people need their Heroes Music thank you Music foreign Music Music Music even after years of speculation no one guessed the Ishtar Collective made it here let alone build a city we couldnt find as for callus his grip on the city remains strong but it appears these Cloud Striders are keeping him at Bay for the time being at least his pursuit of this object the veil is of dire importance if he gets to it first urgency is key Guardian we cannot fail the earthlings know how to make an entrance dont you Im Rohan Cloud study protector of the city of neomuna welcome to Neptune like Bella never thought Id say that I always figured if lightbearers came here Id be fighting them off Mikey for both of us were on the same side in any case I hope we can find common ground or at least common enemies thank you battles are one with strength but Wars are one with brains lucky for all of us you have both yeah I know youre busy out there but if you get a chance take a look around its a beautiful place Music foreign Music bodies safe we shouldnt get distracted securing the veil before kallus is the most important task do not delay Music looks like all the commotion made the Vex crawl out of their pesky little hidey holes around the city thats the least of our concerns right now push forward Guardian well tiny problem on top of that seems like the shadow Legion put up a couple of barriers between you and your goals I managed to beat that might work with the barrier Ill keep looking around for more but you can start there all right foreign Music Music Music thank you Music foreign Music ERS are occupying enough of your city foreign Music wanted attention the shadow Legends pyramid Tech is more complex than I thought keep them off of me while I override this foreign Music Music Applause Music Music foreign Music let me just take a quick look I got it no big deal its a complex system Im fine I just feel a little off well be lucky if the witness doesnt have the veil in its possession already are you always this much fun fun is not my concern right now with the amount of power the veil has I think it can hold its own a little longer youre a hop skip and a couple rooftops away from the bill like mirror the closer we get the more I feel strange no something is wrong I feel drained some of our powers are gone what is this device it appears to be some sort of pericosal disruptor I should research it more to find a weakness but for now carry on thank you our powers are still being blocked by this energy now lets take this guy down the old fashioned ways thats a lot of Shadow region were too late theyve got the Veil the guardian I dont doesnt feel right the veil its worse than before much worse Music my witness promise progress we have captured the Veil well the area around the veil is into so it will take some time to break through and Link the relay and there the enemy presence yes that was familiar only much stronger this time I feel sick like I shouldnt be here were in this together Osiris and Nimbus need to hear about this hey Guardian got news from the cloud Arc step of them say theyre experiencing some kind of psychostatic Tremors unlocked onto the source nearby I think its Shadow Legion do me a favor and check it out all right so the veils safe for now I dont have an earth warlord translation for this so stick with me if cows uses whatever that radial thingy is and somehow destroys the veil well its tied directly to our Cloud Arc and literally all new Mooney dont think you need a warlord translation for why thats bad from the sound of it your buddy there Osiris wants to go in guns ablazon which hey I fully support but the old man the uh older old man my old man not literally but you know between you and me he is Insurance the right call but dont worry though I reminded him you Guardians are the experts here youve been dealing with this whole witness thing a lot longer than we have its okay if we lean back and try a little trust fall well if you drop us it might be my funeral but whatever itll be fun Music Music good to see you oh yeah I Dare You Have A Dangerous Mission ahead of you storming callus a stronghold wont be easy normally Id have more Intel before a direct attack the guardian has faced the unknown and prevailed every time they are equal to the task the radial Mast is somewhere in kallus ship if you strike swiftly we can remove it as a threat before it ever reaches the Veil enter calluss Fortress find the radial mask and destroy it Music oh youre holding up the red carpet for us all right foreign theres something strange here too a powerful concentration of light energy somethings not right here wait the source of pericosal energy it could be the radial mast the shadow Legion have the corridor locked down tight even if we could fight through theyd have enough time to secure the radial mast must be more than one path to the radial mask stand by Ill send you all the sensor scans we have Guardian do you see that its more of that strange Darkness energy what is it doing here thank you Music looks like a dead end hang on Ill reroute us youre losing valuable time this is exactly what I was concerned about oh yeah foreign has an entire room dedicated to a giant gold statue of himself talk about the body the shadow Legion must use this grab lift to move equipment and troops across the ship it should take us deeper in still cant believe my sensors could the radial mask really be a light artifact what is the radial mask capable of how will it affect the veil and what is the witness planning all very good questions but ones that can wait until we destroy the radial mast and saved your city I know its at stake here Osiris the shadow Legion are ready for a Siege all right just look at all these ships callus is ready to annihilate the city casualties would be devastating overloading those energy conduits should do the trick oh Applause are you and the extremely volatile energy again again Rohan youve got fewer ships to worry about distraction but an effective one and the people of neomona will be safer at least for now tormental up high foreign Music are you at the radial Mast yet no but were getting closer I can sense it moved it yet for some time thank you its strange I thought as we got further in wed see more of the old callus but this how much has the witness changed him thank you foreign but I dont know what we can do to help if we can do anything if my angles are right this grab lift is a straight shot to the radial Mast were almost there you have overcome every obstacle so far Guardian do not falter now just look at this place all these shadow Legion soldiers theres a whole Army in here somethings wrong the door just opened for us I am a bad feeling funny must be the radio Master theres no mistaking thats light energy radiating oh no nights entertain ment together this is your chance to destroy the radial mask Music s youve learned foreign Music foreign oh what could have been yours if only you had accepted my generous author cannot Escape whats going on hang up Im getting your transmission its a set of coordinates inside this Arena your recklessness will be the end of you one day but not today have you come to disappoint me one last time well just show ourselves out is it done enjoyed the radio now we cant the whole ship is coming down on top of us we have to go we were too late once already and callus was able to secure the veil now the radial mask hurts as you fight the river itll sweep you away thank you dont be fooled by his act the callous you face is no Almighty emperor something far more dangerous a hungry desperate Beast once the cabal Empire and all its Bounty was his to command and his to consume Joy was his purpose and his strength he said to angst over edicts and enemies was weakness eyes dread that his Pleasures would soon come to an end clouding his sight from an incoming cool I should have killed him then but I thought Exile more fitting I thought hed shriveled to nothing in the void of space he is dead he caught a glimpse of some some chance to become greater than hed ever been like a war Beast after a blood set he hit that chance abandoning all honor reason there was nothing he would not sacrifice for his own salvation and when the witness colors faced what he had run from all along if we dont stop him hell make sure Music foreign are steam games cheaper in other countries Destiny 2 Lightfall Walkthrough Part 1 and until the last part will include the full Destiny 2 Lightfall Gameplay on PC. 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