WIE fange ich (wieder) mit DESTINY 2 an? | Season 18 + Lightfall Gameplay Guide 2022 Deutsch

How do i get a refund on steamsteam generator for sale Destiny 2 gameplay you want to start or start again with Destiny and dont know where to start then youve come to the right place because today Im trying to answer all the questions that the community has been asking me lately who doesnt know me Ive made many videos since Beginning of Destiny 1 actually made into a game I make videos for many different game reviews and stuff like that, but Destiny is also one of the games that somehow gets shown again and again on my channel and that I still play, so it really worked for 8 years To stay relevant to me Destiny recently announced another major expansion, unfortunately there was a lot of information about it, the trailer and I watched all of that and summarized everything for you. The video is now linked here too look at it again, thats why the interest in the game is of course now also w Everybody has risen and I thought this is a good time to make this video here, it will be about the story, the gameplay, what you are doing and so on, the rough questions that I will try to answer here in this video for others you can also ask questions below in the comments and then we will try to answer them together with the community if you like the video, as always, you are very welcome to give a thumbs up there all these Youtube things do so that they do n’t miss anything but let you know already that yes we know the algorithm godly yes also you can find me on / I stream various games including Destiny but with that enough banter lets get started first what is Destiny anyway well Destiny is the most successful live service game since eight Its been around for years, as I said, a lot has happened and maybe you dont even recognize it cht again when he looks back now after you have taken a longer break but the basics are still the same it is a science fantasy science fiction action MMO you have to say meanwhile because there are many MMO aspects and also many more APG aspects but at its core it is a Game from the creators of Halo and feels like you are on the road with your guardian your player character to defend the last city of mankind against the darkness very poetic fantasy story there are three classes titans warlocks and hunters the titans are the defensive ones who can withstand a lot and yes punch with their fists the warlocks are space mages and the hunters who fall faster fewer Stellers and hunters comparable to villains from other RPGs but that is not as stringent as in other RPGs with Tank Killer and so on there has actually everyone has a bit of options and mostly its just a shooter a fun sho oter with fun space magic abilities and cool exotic weapons this is one of Destinys passions there are weapons and equipment in this game that significantly affect your character image which can be rarer drops and which are really exceptional for example machine guns that cause lightning if you say but also very wild things like bows where the arrows are divided into three target-seeking projectiles its really crazy whats out there now which of these classes you choose is basically not that important at first it depends on the aesthetics if you like it it depends which of these quasi-fantasy types you find cool about being the thick tank, the agile hunter or the space magician, meanwhile, they are also more differentiated than was the case in Destiny 1 or something like that, they can do really different things, but as I said, basically you decide what you really like first tes and if you dont like it then you could also change the character Destiny as a game is divided into different segments, there is the big overarching PvE, i.e. player vs. environment player vs. environment vs. computer opponent mode or part of this game where you either open free just walking around alone on any open world map or on a mission with matchmaking and shooting the aliens together with other players and getting the loot, but there is also an endgame, so there are raids and destiny for which you have to organize yourself with larger groups and also now a kind of mini raid that for me is actually the best content that destin has thats basically three months that means in Destiny Dungeons and what you would normally call a dungeon meanwhile is called the strikes but there are for all players skill level, so to speak, content in PvE and also for all intensity types so you can just as well play the game just chilled after work shoot some aliens or challenge yourself with a challenge like this on the other hand there is also a player vs player part in Destiny that is similar to other arena shooters or like Halo where you just try to outdo each other in different maps with all the funny weapons that you got in the PvE part, for example, and thats just a bit special about Destiny that there s both in there but there are also a mode where its mixed up a bit where you defeat opponents but also other players its called gambert so first of all its a very broad game and I think its important to say that there are simple activities for every type of intensity, as I said, so I can do that in a relaxed way but I can also really challenge myself. Thats what I like so much about Destiny I actually get a surprising number of questions about Destinys business model. I also asked you on Twitter and here on Youtube what your quasi-beginner questions are and thats also one that comes up often, what do I have to buy to be able to do Destiny works like this the main game is free a free-to-play game and then there are bigger and bigger expansions that include a story the missions include new weapons and so on the extra whats the cost is there between these big expansions that come out once a year different Seasons Every three months or so there is a new Destiny season that also has its own story, its own little events that happen and gives you things to do with new weapons and so on. Part of this larger story expansion is always free too so you can check out the gamble a bit in new areas and a part of these seasons is also free so you can get a taste of it, meaning if you dont want to play it you can just download it first and see if you like it at all, those of you who have played Destiny before may know that Bungie started some content from the game at some point taking it out to make room for new content was a very controversial change right now with sadly they announced that the major expansions now in the game would no longer be sent thats what they call it that is if you now shadow keep the first expansion of the storyline where we are right now this light and shadow storyline beyond light buy the second expansion and witch queen that came out this year then they stay in the game for you and dont disappear it will be the same with leitfaul that comes out next year and the tell the big story its about tan goes the saga of light and shadow the seasons on the other hand are temporary content that means the cost is always a tenner if you want to play the paid part there is a season pass that has the paid part but also a free part and a different activity Things that also cost this tenner for three months are told along with stories that fill out the story of the characters a bit and individual story points are deepened thats not 100% essential thats the live game aspect of Destiny Live, so to speak Service Game aspect there is a story that happens that might also change things in the world, but you dont have to have been there, but if you want to experience the big story at least of this light and shadow saga, then you can now join Shadow keep and play all this again and be up to date, so to speak, before that there is of course more in Desti ny universe happened and as already mentioned that is no longer in the game, for example the start campaign of Destiny 2 is no longer in the game as well as the stories about it can also be read in the game there is at the top of the director if you go to this screen where you can see the solar system at the top on the right side there is a dot where you can see a timeline of the Destiny events and at least roughly read what happened when you can also read the stories of the individual seasons there again if you go over it but how Said from Shadow keep things stay in the game and you can get in there and experience it again for yourself from that point onwards, but Destiny is also a game that you can honestly play quite well without this story if you are interested in it you can do that just read there briefly to have the story again exactly could also just watch a YouTube video and always directly with the ak tual content for example with the current season at the moment it is the season of Plunder it has a space pirates theme I think its pretty funny it tells a seasonal story like I said every week there is a new story mission thats all There are new events, but if you want to play Disney with your buddies now, you can just get in there and then later, when you notice you like it, you can, as I said, do it all again directly from Shadow keep In general, my tip is just have a look if you like it, maybe you have friends who are already playing it, then you can participate directly at least in certain places. I would at least recommend you to play beyond light because there is a new one Subclass Stasis or Ice and the Witch Queen expansion that came after that was really good from the Stor anyway y from the campaign and everything that has had some of the best campaign missions that manji has ever done, so I would definitely recommend them to you if you start a new game in Destiny with a new character, then you will also get a guide like this quest line that takes you through the different systems in the game and shows you things like this is relatively new to the game but there are now so many systems in this game that it probably needs its own videos to talk about everything and thats exactly what I have actually I did a year or so ago in this new season system in this new system they made a beginners guide unfortunately thats how it is on youtube the algorithm swallowed it after the time Ive always updated the tags but the content is still there absolutely up to date that means if you want to know dining table how do i get weapons how do i get ic h exotic weapons what kind of mission types are there what about the endgame how do I build a picture how do I use mods I explained all these things in two almost 40 minute videos its a lot of information but Ive just done it before and I have it I now also link here and at the end of the video for you and if you really want to understand what is going on in Destiny systematically, just look at them because they should actually answer most of the questions I would be very happy if we could get them back up in the Algorithm because I think a lot of people are wondering at the moment what they can do in Destiny, but and thats very important quite apart from all the complexity that has now been added, its also just a game where you can load it into the current season can and shoot at alien within five minutes with cool guns and space magic and have fun and i should Do nt forget so dont be put off Destiny is now one of the best shooters, one of the best selection MMOs, I would even say whats here in my opinion and it definitely deserves a chance to get it, especially as a new player, its incredible a lot to do which can also be daunting at first but if you have seen this video and the other two you should be well prepared so lets recap briefly if you want to play Destiny my recommendation first just have a look at one of the current seasons have a little fun if then you like it then Shadow keep and buy the extension up to now later they will of course always be a bit cheaper or they are on sale if you want the whole story if you just want the latest stuff at least take the witch queen with you beyond the light then you have it you the new subclass Stasis and the cool S tory in beyond the light and in witch queen and then you are actually somewhat up to date as far as this current saga is concerned Destiny is also a game that is best played with other people and for this purpose I also have a community discord that I am happy to join there you can find groups for different games find fellow players for Destiny too and I want to expand that a bit again in the near future there is a group search as I said for different platforms different players live a bit from your participation I also want the next bit expand a bit simplify but there are already a lot of people on it if you want to do a raid want to do different things just have a look there but as I said I want to revise the thing a bit soon so you can also help me with that is just an idea also mentioned at this point its just a game that I really has developed strongly over these eight years there have been ups and downs as I said Im still involved although Ive of course criticized and complained a lot over the years but I always think well- founded Bungee has now really made this game the right piece of jewelry in my opinion theres nothing that has made it as far as destiny in the blood shooter genre or live service game thats the great role model for everyone for one reason too not every decision bungie made was great but overall destiny is really a right one now great game and just as i start over now you guys have so much to do and probably gonna have so much fun that i trust it could become one of your favorite games if you like space shooter action like that yeah but thats what i got for this short one Video I hope I was able to consider a few of your yes or clear up questions Im two now too i weeks on vacation I wanted to make this video beforehand because I think its relevant at the moment but unfortunately well only see each other again in two weeks then there will of course be a few Destiny videos a few videos for other games I hope you are then still there and well see each other then like I said likes to do all these Youtube things that really helps me but in any case thanks for watching and see you in the next video or stream its good music can u use steam points to buy games Werbung: ►► Mein MMOGA 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