Destiny 2s new Ruinous Effigy exotic BREAKS the game

Can i play borderlands 3 on steam with epic gamespersona 3 portable steam mods Destiny 2 gameplay spoke too soon this is busted dude this changes the game high 80 hoes ruin my names mr. fruit and welcome back to destiny too and its the best of times new exotic but mr. fruit wheres your Titan III dont understand well this is lucky dog 305s account thank you very much for letting me use your account and the brand-new exotic the ruinous effigy its a brand new exotic trace rifle available as of the most recent update from the many wings of rowan blows a wind that will reshape this dead world ah the descriptions are always so edgy so what the heck is transmutation final blows will this weapon collapse victims and avoid transmutation spheres transmutation what do we need to know the law of equivalent exchange Levin comes with a hammer forged rifling and Laura Peters evolution now check this out this sounds so much fun transmutation screams you create can be picked up and wielded as weapons by you or your allies you can go with a light attack you can go with a heavy attack or alternatively you can guard and/or drain nearby combatants composite diamond I mean a weapon that can create other weapons yes please we also have the completed catalyst whose weapon deals increased damage against targets damaged by transmutation spheres but theres only one thing to be said did the crucible this is personally very exciting this weapon is truly unique dare I say exotic we got fifty shots in the mag its important to note I think the magazine can go up to like a 100 or something oh my god freaking double jump and stuff Im gonna have to get you set okay alright you know just just feelin this one out here I dont know if we have special ammo scavenger or whatever thats probably important that would probably help okay could have probably just use the ruinous FG on him gotten a kill and that wouldve been cool but that makes too much sense lets use no skip grenade and burn okay okay give it to me give it to me I got transmutation sphere was just your oh we got a kill okay and you can see I have 23 seconds 22 now let me drain okay hes dead what is this right now this is incredible and Im gonna Im gonna block okay it only blocked so much good to know hes like what the fudge is this sorcery Im out of here that is a completely appropriate response and I do not blame you but I got another transmutation sphere or did I where did they go wait did someone steal the kill I dont understand I should have I should have had a transmutation sphere Im a destiny Alchemist this is the this is the dankest time line all right how about I yeah like that didnt hit a single one where you at transmutations yes give it to me Oh God the double jump spots disorienting okay I got it Im gonna try and hit him up with a heavy attack this time can I skate with this thing not really unfortunately youre that kid okay Im already gonna say it greatest exotic ever this is hilarious its a gun within a gun the best part - yeah I can make this for my teammates theyre not even using like yeah I got you you want a transmutation sphere on the steward we bet that mercy these guys whats going on here oh you mean my transmutation sphere yes yes okay no no let me Duncan bouche so when you do the heavy attack it completely consumes it but my god is it worth it Oh someone just spawned over there couple people just spawned over there hey please dont kill me please all right no you guys have yourselves a nice day you know what Ill just go to the next guys they had a no soliciting sign on their door I just did I didnt see it thats totally my bad I didnt mean that oh we mercy ruled them this will be just the start of our transmutation journey because here it ah well blade this is incredible this changes the game oh my god what game did they just put me into hey woody just put me into a game that had already been called as a mercy yo sick okay is this match a fair fight like we good what in the chappie lookin son of a alright alright Ill play the obj alright just dont get used to it I think we go for the flight screw it Im not no Im just Im going straight in wherever thine enemy is is where I go which is evidently cool right over there and I missed everything repair the ruinous effigy I mean just listen to the name thats sick alone now Im trying to catch the enemy you know one on one Im not trying to like find a whole whole pack here which is evidently exactly Wow exactly what Im doing it hurts so much oh were getting flanked guys no come here get out whats up enemy up on the rampart shot Jesus I just dont think I have the range for this even my transmutation circle I was like you you cant really expect me to go up there right come on Im draining Im draining hes he just he just backed away from it well played okay evidently it doesnt do much blocking I wanted to see how much the draining would do and it says drain which makes me think it has some sort of a lifesteal effect but you gotta be you gotta be real close so  __  okay that is not the ruinous effigy ah Jesus you know what the fudge oh okay let me burn this dude wait a second okay range aint that bad its a little tough though DPS wise it loses most gunfights it appears but if you can kill the UM here we go oh I see them all coming over here okay hold up Im going in Im draining Im draining get ready its its not Im trying to see if itll go through the wall but a print okay um all right way to use that that transmutation really well there mr. roat we have to figure out are the transmutations a meme or are they worth it I want to say theyre worth it just be IB wife wouldnt like I said you can dunk on people just trying to see the effectiveness of the drain here but I cant seem to find the enemy when I want to drain them okay here we go here we go theyre not gonna theyre not gonna expect this Im the third person peeking drain oh my god hes super big hey would you look at that the transmutation is so terrifying people will super you on sight if thats not worth it I dont know is wait a second weapons of light okay well lets see how this work oh oh youre so dead no transmutation circle oh wait or I scoot get destroyed give me your ammo wait wait Laos reloaded not fair okay throw that just burn you a little bit bow okay transmutation give it to me yes okay and oh okay didnt you have to use the heavy attack now Im just waiting for this guy to come in here so I can just jump well played lets try not like prepare the animation before you turn the corner I can only do so much but we got another one wait where is he what oh behind you me got a live hecklers man theyre the worst yes yes No Oh ladies and gentlemen its that time again rumble jest uh I need a little ditty for the rumble test bit a bit Bam Bam pow pow pow and just ripping from Super Mario I guess Im all alone which means no one can take the transmutations but myself theyre all for myself hahahaha share my transmutations no mom its my transmutation they had the transmutation all day anyone that has a sibling can certainly relate to what Im talk oh I got I got it here I go ready Im trying Im really come here Im draining Im drunk he just kept floating away I was waiting for him to land cuz I wanted to do the heavy and just push down on the ground and see just how big the AoE eyes was oh Im fine Im fine now are jeez you know this time of year what do you do okay heavy is coming up which is important Im literally grabbing it just to deny the eye enemy ID I aint using it I got the ruinous effigy what you mean what is going on down here a wither horde what are you doing just sitting in the corner rascal give me my transmutation transmutation panning down on me transmutation Im coming here we go shotguns around corners got to love it and hes still in close quarters which makes me believe hes doing the exact same thing but whatever you know what Im doing the exact same thing which is push it trying to there you are oh holy that inner accuracy my transmission sir wait a second I didnt even think I would damage him that killed him okay never mind there is no debate about the transmutations that heavy attack is insane thats like would early damage AoE of like fist of havoc what I dont know how oh I had to reload this is embarrassing oh no thats just thats insane it appears though that theyve somehow fixed skating with the the transmutation which theyve they havent because look skrt skrt yeah see ha if you do that in PvP I think that alone would qualify this for a senior discount wait what that what does that even mean gosh what if you do an imagine if a transmutation kill created another transmutation oh could you imagine get away from me yes yes yes Im gonna use this heavy mi was jus bait missile lights up the whole room no no no whats that purple stuff in that room well Ill probably doctor just go ahead find out wow oh I see you yo little rascals but this guy just keeps back stepping so posh this is the greatest thing I have ever seen Ive seen a lot of things in my life make no mistake I was sick leave the strafe I could barely even keep up with my own straight thats how nuts it was oh Im gonna die Im gonna die hes trying to kill me Im gonna die oh I like did it made air this isnt  __  oh come on try me Im not too damn my friend this world like has been a thorn in my side for too long and I just said no really proud to the fact that Im in second place is running around with some transmutations I think I should be first honestly but I think I deserve it is this this one guy does the same thing over and over and you know what I got a respective hes just waiting for it to work and one day it will maybe I dont know oh I have a transmutation serious I cant fight anyway Oh hold up spoke to you soon this is busted dude who knew dunk it on kids could be so much fun but like literally were dunking on kids its the same guy isnt it thats that actually I dont know what this guys doing all right I want to see I assume the light attack is it is a to hit kill Oh is this guy just farming I guess so well Im draining okay so the drain is but wait oh wait oh I can drain from myself oh I see so I can surpass my limits yeah so that option not really viable Im trying to get it okay oh he thinks hes got me Boosh I will take that trade every day say aha he does the corner so we think he isnt oh but I have a sword turns out new I have a space magic or live equivalent exchange look it up dude unfortunately we did lose but did we judging from the scoreboard I would say we want God this is just this is too much fun I have no idea how viable this is unlike PvE but oh my god yeah now I got a grind for this I was already going to but now I need this in my life yeah Im so happy to say this gets a fat pass my friends LaRue FGM more like no I got nothing couldnt come up with anything clever what that said I want to thank you all very much for watching have yourselves a fantastical talk to you in the 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